Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss Rock the VS Runway


Taylor Swift performed & walked the runway hand in hand with her BFF Karlie Kloss in matching black lace lingerie at the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show at Earls Court on December last night in London.

Many more pictures next!


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36 thoughts on “Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss Rock the VS Runway”

  1. That black piece that Karlie is wearing is so unflattering on her body.
    Taylor looks good I guess but I think it’s really obvious that she is trying very hard to look like a model and it’s just not working. Imo she doesn’t have the model look or demeanor. She is girl next door pretty not model pretty.

    • Pretty much all the models in VSFS are girl next door pretty. The brand is very commercial.

      And Taylor looks absolutely stunning. In my eyes, Ariana tried too hard and looked like a joke.

    • Exactly what I was thinking. First I was like “that looks cool, maybe i’ll try that as inspiration for a costume for a show” and then “well, if Karlie looks weird in it maybe I should just don’t 🙁 “. I’m 5″4 with a long torso, short legs and big hips, could never pull it off.

    • I agree. She is tall and thin, but certainly Taylor is not model type. Her facial features are too plain IMO and her posture is terrible. I do enjoy her music, however and she has a lovely slim and long body.

    • She actually does look very modelesque, and runway is the theme for this VS event, so Taylor is honoring the event by wearing Victoria like attire. All the women from the show were stunning.

  2. Taylor looks like such a try hard and like a mouse, she sooo wants to keep up with Karlie. Karlie in the other hand, looks always so effortlessly modelesque.

  3. Taylor was the only one out of all performers&models dressed beautifully, they chose beautiful&flattering outfits for her, also now i’m staring to believe people here who few times before suspected Taylor got implants, i know VS are known for push ups that can make tiny&natural b❆❆bs look “implanty” but before the show Taylor was in a short dress&her b❆❆bs also seemed fake. Karlie doesn’t belong to lingerie/swimsuit runways to me, not cos of her extreme thinness, girls with such bodies also wear lingerie/swimsuits&want to be represented, but it’s just usually lingeries/swimsuit runways&campaigns choose “commercial” beauties, and Karlie’s is not pretty to me at all&she lacks sex appeal, by making her blonde they made her look even more lackluster&average than i’d usually found her, she’s good for HF&editorials, she can pose&her face can is good as canvas for different make ups, but not commercial stuff, imo.

    • Taylor truly must have implants. But I don’t see it as a bad thing and she can do whatever she wants to make her feel prettier and more comfortable in her own body.

    • I posted on another thread that I think Karlie made the Wardrobe people mad. 🙂 ‘m joking…for the most part. But with her mile-long legs and arms, they chose outfits (except for the dragonfly costume you posted) that made her figure look very boyish. That black camisole and black knickers hit her in the worst possible place.

      Also, the outfit with the gold wings–they just stuck her in some cheap white bra and panties (with a black bow?!). Felt like an afterthought. All the other girls in that segment had champagne-colored lingerie that created this lovely overall effect of a bronzed goddess. Whereas the stark white pieces that Karlie wore really drew the eye to certain spots and broke up her figure into pieces. (If that makes sense…you don’t just take it in as a whole, you see her in more ‘separate’ pieces).

      This is not to criticize Karlie–she’s fierce and gazelle-like and I love her look. But you can make someone amazing look less-than-stellar with the wrong silhouettes.

  4. Singing on a catwalk full of thin girls in underwear posing, smiling and looking happy for essentially walking half-naked in front of strangers, looks even more stupid than performing on your own concert dressed in thongs and barely much else.
    I don’t get the VS hype.

  5. Taylor and Karlie actually look alike facially. I still dont like Karlie for VS, she isnt commercial looking enough/not versatile enough to pull off the girls next door look as well.. she belongs in high fashion. Taylor has gotten very slim.

  6. I think Taylor looks so awkward trying to be sexy. Shows you that you can have the height and figure and still be totally unsuited for a model. Her expression reminds me of Rachel Zoe. I know that comparison is not fair, but it’s something about her mouth and that serious look. Probably her attempt at fierce model attitude, but it’s not working.
    But I still prefer seeing her on a runway than that annoying Ariana girl.

  7. Taylor is even skinnier than the VS Models… :O Its starting to age her.. I hope she will gain a few pounds again, she has always been thin to begin with.

  8. Taylor Swift is slowly winning me over. I think she gets way too much unnecessary hate but deals with it pretty well, I’m impressed. I think she’s smart in terms or marketing herself and keeping herself relevant without having to resort to scandal. Still don’t like her music but I’m starting to like her. She looks great in the outfit with the robe too.

  9. anyone find it interesting that one model Jessica hart didn’t walk this year after she bashed taylor…and swift is pretty much bffs with every all the girls, behati, lily and of course karlie…vs probably backs taylor, or she backs them….anyway she fits in well…and im kind of used to her being besties with them all, karlie looks really good, I dontknow if I like taylor in lingere….something im not used to seeing

    • everyone is taylor’s best friend… it essentially loses all meaning. she’s friends with everyone so no one is not her friend.

  10. taylor’s pink robe outfit looks sooo tacky to me and so dated with the ruffles, + her over-tanning cheapens it even more…that 5th pic down she looks like she’s aged 20 years w/ all that bronzer and pushed up boobs

    she is just not graceful…why does she stick her head out in front like that?

    i love karlie’s hair color

  11. OK I think Taylor’s body is better than a lot of the models! She’s lean rather than bulky like so many of them seem to be. And she probably works less hard. Probably eats less too, but isn’t spending hour after hour in the gym, which is just as messed up in my opinion. I think it’s funny that everyone sees muscles and automatically thinks that person is healthier than someone who’s just super thin when the reality is it takes a lot of time, more time than any person should spend, in the gym to develop as much muscle as Adriana, Doutzen, and Izabel. I love Taylor’s lanky frame! And Karlies too for that matter.

    They look like how VS angels or famous models should look IMO- genetically blessed, skinny, gorgeous girls! they aren’t paid the big bucks to look like average SoCal gym goers!

  12. AGREE SO MUCH on her being the MOST obnoxious person, EVER. She is starting to rank up there with the Kardashians to me, and that is saying a LOT…I’d give you 10 thumbs up if I could.

  13. I don’t really follow her besides what I see in this site so I’m basing my opinion in pictures. I’m being really judgemental and I could be wrong. But that’s the impression she gaves me, like those pics of these two hanging out, Karlie looking really relaxed, no makeup, no heels, etc., and Taylor all dolled up and wearing super high heels. She makes me think of some girls I knew back in high school that were really competitive and insecure.

      • Don’t take it personally, I’m not saying it’s wrong, just compared their behavior. I also think she could’ve started losing weight since hanging out with her. She looks really self conscious when karlie looks like she doesn’t even bother.

      • well, except that taylor basically called out the girls who did it in her earlier songs, setting herself up as a wholesome foil to the temptresses of high school…

        she made a horribly mean song about camille belle out of jealousy and insecurity

  14. Kind of off-topic, but tbh I’ve always found Rachel Zoe’s personal style to be a disaster. Her clients are well-dressed so she probably does have a clue, but everything she herself wears resembles a black curtain or tablecloth. The only explanation I have is bad body image. Same as Mary-Kate Olsen. I can’t think of any other reason to dress like that other than that she’s trying to hide every part of her body that she perceives as not skinny enough. And she ends up looking quite off in the process.

  15. Karlie does *not* make underwear look appealing. High fashion yes definitely with her Amazonian frame and poise, but she is not an underwear model. Taylor looks good and has a nice enough figure but she should stay away from Victoria’s Secret as its image has turned cheap and trashy now, plus she always struts around like he’s trying to compete with the models on stage. Haha!

  16. Taylor is 5’10 and probably weighs 113-115 lbs ish. To scale that down, a 5’0 person would need to weigh about 90 – 95 lbs to look like that. Just….remember that. When you’re all talking about 120 and 130’s (or gasp, the 140) these women are really damn tall. Scaling down their weight proportional to height might make you realize how skinny they really are if they were your height.

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