Teri Hatcher

Teri Hatcher Posts Swimsuit Pictures on Facebook

Teri-Hatcher-Posts-Swimsuit-Pictures-on-Facebook - Teri Hatcher Posts Swimsuit Pictures on Facebook

Teri Hatcher Posts Swimsuit Pictures on Facebook… but unlike Demi or Lisa, Teri has a purpose in mind: she prepares to compete in a charity triathlon. From Daily Mail:

The Desperate Housewives star yesterday posted photos of herself looking svelte in a low cut swimsuit in preparation for the swimming section of Sunday’s Nautica Malibu Triathlon.

The 45-year-old actress also wore a sign with ‘Sophia’ written on it, underneath the slogan ‘This one’s for you.’

Hatcher revealed that she received a letter from Joel Rothman,  the father of Sophia, a two-year-old patient at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles – an organisation which will benefit from the event.

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Teri-Hatcher-Posts-Swimsuit-Pictures-on-Facebook-2 - Teri Hatcher Posts Swimsuit Pictures on Facebook

Teri-Hatcher-Posts-Swimsuit-Pictures-on-Facebook-3 - Teri Hatcher Posts Swimsuit Pictures on Facebook

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  • Ciillss

    Finally someone who’s doing it right
    +1 respect for Terry Hatcher 🙂

    She looks really good IMO!

    • Ciillss

      Especially body wise

    • b

      She looks great! Has gained and her figure looks AMAZING. Her face looks healthier too.

  • Princess

    She`s really looking good and that`s a nice thing to do,the feeling you get when you help others especially kids with health condition is very emotional and satisfying

  • Nice of her to dedicate her time but…

    what’s with the weird poses?

  • she is a beautiful woman,both facewise and bodywise(actually my favourite DHW character lol)..But lately she has been trying a little too hard about her image.First she posted her after-shower/with-towel photos and now this.. I hope she is frank about Sophia case,I mean sometimes celebs wanna seem sensible to gain public favours and it really bugs me.They had better do it secretly..In my country we have a phrase”don’t let your left hand hear what your right hand gives”.It emphasizes the importance of secrecy on charity stuffs..
    Tough,I don’t know what she really feels inside,maybe she is being really sensible and sincere..

    • amazon

      i know what you are saying, but also do agree that a lot do use their status to raise awareness of different causes, and thus hopefully money. the sad thing is some get more attention for doing charity than they should while others who are genuine don’t. but then mags are only interested in their own sales.

  • She looks good, but the muscles in her thighs look like they’ve almost atrophied?

  • good for her doing something for a friend. Raising some awareness, right on.

  • Nicole

    she used to nauseate me when she was all bone thin and constantly in photos – i find her much more endearing now, woot for her

  • I wonder what her body shape is?

    • amazon

      i think she is top heavy, wide shoulders quite big boobs for her overall size.

      • okay agreed, so lollipop or goblet maybe?
        @versus can you please tell us how to differentiate between the two??
        I know both relatively mean top-heavy, with large breasts + long legs

        • Versus

          A lollipop doesn’t have broad shoulders, while a goblet does.
          A lollipop has a slight waist definition… while a goblet has a very high waist and the area between the high waist and the hips can be rounded, giving it the impression of a definition, but not always. Goblet’s torso is wide, its upper bone structure is big, while a lollipop almost always has a small frame.
          Furthermore, goblets have narrow hips – while the lollipop’s hips are not really curvy, they are not as narrow or straight.

          • excellent, thank you!

  • size0??

    Her skinniness always looked really forced. Does anyone agree? I think she looks great.

  • Steve

    Teri Hatcher looks great, because of my work schedule, have not seen her since ‘Tommorow Never Dies’ with Pierce Brosnan. I think she looks fabulous.Obviously with time span, Sophia thing eludes me.

  • Joe

    I think she looks absolutely stunning. If she was any prettier then I would have to learn how to crawl into my computer and look for her. Beautiful eyes, hair, smile, terriffic shape, and a walk that definitely could stop taffic. If I had a choice between Terry and Brad’s wife, Terry would win every time. She’s beautiful!

  • Padme

    The only time you should be in a bathing suit on facebook or Twitter is if you are actually out swimming like this. Never in your house in front of a mirror lol.