Tess Holliday

Tess Holliday: “One Size Fits Hardly Anyone”

AMIRITE?! 🙃😂😛#onesizefitshardlyanyone

A photo posted by Plus Model✖️ Mom ✖️ Feminist🎄 (@tessholliday) on

31 year-old plus-size model Tess Holliday, who says she is a size 22 US, recently traveled with her family and stayed overnight at San Luis Obispo’s Madonna Inn – but the model was left unsatisfied when she tried on the inn’s ‘One Size Fits All’ robe and realized it did not fit. The redhead posted a photo on Instagram with the message:

‘I’m so glad they had a robe my size. #onesizefitshardlyanyone’

… says plus-size model Tess Holliday.

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  • emily

    this is a joke, right?

    • Grumpy

      totally -.-

  • Antonella

    I wonder what goes through the heads of the sweatshop workers in the east when they are stitching her size 6XL clothes together.

    • ule

      They must grow a whole plantation of cotton just for her robe ><

      She's delusional – *hardly* anyone? I don't know a single person who wouldn't fit in a robe. Considering the (normal) width of door behind her, her next tweet was probably "hardly anyone can get through this door".
      But really, how does she get in a car, toilet stall, small elevator? She seems enormous.

      • Grumpy

        lol 😀

  • Agatha

    I have trouble accepting that people this big are being discriminated. If the fact that you no longer fit on a regular sit on an airplane doesn’t encourage you to lose weight, I don’t know what will. Same with this robe. I get heights and body shapes variations and how clothing should be more diverse in that sense. But she doesn’t have trouble fitting in to something because of her body shape or height but because she’s morbidly obese. I wouldn’t complain about the hotel not having something in my size if I was that big. Judging by the comments on IG, at least her followers have more brain to know that and take their own robes instead of expecting special treatment to later on complain.

    I have the cat phone case, haha.

  • CarrieD

    Oh, c’mon. She’s entitled to love herself and her body, obviously, but she can’t be that deluded that she doesn’t see that she’s vastly larger than most people.
    I’m not from the US and here it’s very rare to see someone who is morbidely obese, but I would imagine that even in America (I’m sorry if I’m stereotyping) it’s not THAT common to see someone her size. So obviously they don’t consider that when manufacturing “one size fits all” clothes. “All” means from a XS to an XL probably, not her XXXXL figure.

    Now, “fits” doesn’t mean “looks good”. As a woman whose weight is totally average I dread those clothes.

    • Veronique

      I live in one of the most obese states in the US (in the top 10, I think) and I rarely see anyone near her size! Then again, I do live in an “it” city with lots of wealthy people/transplants from the coasts, but still, even out in the suburbs she’d be an outlier.

      • HB

        I live in a small(ish) town in Georgia and I see people her size MAYBE two or three times a year. She’s definitely an outlier.

    • Grumpy

      so well said

  • claud

    one size fits hardly anyone?! hardly! she must have some serious body dysmorphia to think that she represents any sort of average. sure, you can go to walmart at 3am and see her massive, thong-flaunting dopplegangers waddling about in the frozen section before grabbing a cart to drive them to the xxxxl ladies clothing area but damn, this is not normal or healthy! please stop legitimizing obesity! i feel bad for her son. and i feel just as bad for the massage therapist at that spa that had to massage her fat globules trying to get at some sort of muscle that is so far buried even republicans can’t dig that far with their shovel-heads.

  • MD

    I would venture to say she is more than a size 22. It is sad that she is actually trying to market and promote herself as close to an average woman which is so far from the truth. I would even give her more respect if she was honest and say she was an outlier different than the norm. She really does want to up the limit of what is considered a normal acceptable weight which is wrong. Body positivity aside I think it shouldn’t be a crime to look into a mirror and say you know what I’m fat and need to change and yes that does include young girls. I’m sorry but Tess Holiday really needs to go away…………

    • cheeze.wiz

      she has to be I’d say a 26to 28. She looks So uncomfortable

  • Hayley

    If they made those robes her size, most people would have to wrap them around themselves twice, or they’d look like a child playing dressup in mommy’s closet.

    One size doesn’t always fit all, but it fits the majority. Tess has to know she’s not average. She’s not even within the 95% of people, size wise. If I put 100 random people in the room, she would likely be the heaviest or close to it.

    There’s loving your body, but then there’s delusion.

  • Sarah

    I don’t really understand this body acceptance movement. I agree that we should appreciate the different body types we are blessed with and encourage diversity.
    However, this degree of obesity doesn’t have anything to do with body type, it’s a result of serious overeating. I honestly think it’s quite shameful to eat so much more than you need and waste our planet’s ressources… this makes me quite frustrated actually!

  • s12

    I would be so interested in what she eats in a day! I really wonder what one must eat to get so fat!!!

    • HB

      ME TOO. I would love to see a food diary for this maintenance. There’s a show called My 600lb Life (too depressing to watch; I saw 1 ep and never will again), and if she’s anything like them, she has someone else buying her the equivalent of 20 meals a day of processed crap.

      • Grumpy

        omg i watched the show too, really sad – but at there is always a happy end to the story

  • Whatever

    Woah her shit’s are massive. I bet she craps out the equivalent of a 9 year old kid daily.

    • cheeze.wiz

      no way. I bet she hardly poops. usually poor diet (and I do believe she has a very poor diet) keeps you blocked and makes bowl movements difficult. Healthy diet better poops

      • Haley

        That’s the best part of being healthy!! 🙂

  • Uma

    Must be nice to live in lala land.

  • HB

    …. but it should. It’s a giant piece of terry with a long rope.

  • LM

    She is such a privileged piece of trash. She keeps acting like she’s not an obese outlier in modern society’s sizes. I see some huge people walking around, I have fat people in my family, fat friends, NONE of them are a SIZE 22. She’s so full of herself, even if her gluttonous body wasn’t such a turn off her personality, standing alone, would be enough to turn people away.

    One size does fit all with those robes, Tess is just so much bigger than “all”.

  • Pintmann 777

    that’s an alarm Tess.

  • claire

    i think she looks smaller than usual on the pic she’s wearing the robe… I think it’s nice of her in a way to promote these body acceptance stuff and I think it’s great for her to be confident in her own skin. In that way she might be a reference for obese women, someone who’s famous and looks like this. Even though I think she might be a refence and bring representativeness I don’t think it’s nice at all to promote her image as if she was an “average” woman or simply “plus size”. And apparently that’s hat she does. When I think plus size I think Ashley Graham(who IMO looks great and closer to what many average women look bodywise). Tess Holiday is morbidly obese, I can’t see how she can be seen as a role model.

  • HB

    Ok, this disgusts me. Hotel robes are MASSIVE. My best friend and I both got into one robe as a joke and there was STILL room. I can’t handle these obese people expecting society to cater to their unhealthy lifestyle. That’s like an alcoholic complaining that the pepsi they just bought doesn’t contain alcohol….Yeah, DUH, it’s not healthy or safe and it’s killing them.

  • Hardly anyone?! You are the anomaly. You are the outlier. The average woman does NOT look like you and if they made robes to fit your planet sized ass, it would be a wonderful tent for everyone else. Get over yourself.

  • Rita_7

    this should be a wake up call for her that her size is not normal at all, but nope! she’s using it to feed her ego and BS

  • Rita_7

    to humankind*

  • Snugglepup

    I have never seen a person her size IRL. She can’t be for real with that sh*tty whining.

    • Snugglepup

      If I couldn’t fit into a robe I think that would be a pretty big wake up call.