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At 63, Cher Wears the Same Minuscule Outfit as the One She Wore 17 Years Ago

at-63-cher-wears-the-same-minuscule-outfit-as-the-one-she-wore-17-years-ago - At 63, Cher Wears the Same Minuscule Outfit as the One She Wore 17 Years Ago

Yep, she did! OK, not the exat same outfit, but equally tiny.

Cher is one of the biggest fans of plastic surgery out there… as The Daily Mail says:

She confessed to having a facelift, as well as procedures to improve her teeth and breasts, and has even described herself as a ‘plastic surgery poster girl’.

We can’t know if (probably yes) and how much work she has had done to her body, but the result looks great: she looks slim & fit at age 63 in an impossibly (waaaay too) tiny outfit – she probably gained about 12 lbs in 17 years.

Leaving the comparison aside, do you think it’s appropriate to wear such an incredibly revealing costume on stage at her age or do you agree with her apparent motto: “Flaunt it while you’ve got it!”?

2 more pics of Cher on stage after the jump!


at-63-cher-wears-the-same-minuscule-outfit-as-the-one-she-wore-17-years-ago-2 - At 63, Cher Wears the Same Minuscule Outfit as the One She Wore 17 Years Ago

at-63-cher-wears-the-same-minuscule-outfit-as-the-one-she-wore-17-years-ago-3 - At 63, Cher Wears the Same Minuscule Outfit as the One She Wore 17 Years Ago

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  • Milla

    RESPECT!!!! I LOVE HER FOR WHAT SHE IS DOING!!!! I love all the tina turners, chers, susan sarandons out there, be proud to be women, no matter how old, we have the right to be a woman!!!

  • Ulaaa

    She’s insane for wearing that.
    It’s really disturbing.

  • klara

    haha, its very daring that she wore this outfit when she was 46! wearing it at 63 yet again is just the proof that she flaunts it while shes got it. and boy, she does! seriously, at least her insane amount of operations and fitness has the effect, that she can pull a revealing outfit like this off.

  • sar

    right, that outfit was never exactly appropriate! but i don’t think her age should make the difference. the rest of us should probably dress age-appropriately, but i’m not a performer. 🙂 if she wears that to the grocery store, i admit, i’d disapprove.

    • Ella

      I agree. If someone is young it does not automatically make a skimpy outfit appropriate. I still think overly revealing clothing comes across as a bit vulgar, no matter what age the wearer is.

  • kb

    she looks fantastic!!

  • Kristy

    Haha, go girl. Why not!?

    • Michelle

      I agree. She looks amazing at 63..even if she had help. Live Life and Have fun. Go Cher!

      • Mirabela

        I agree with you! 😉

      • luu

        Lovely words! Thats how life should be 🙂

  • sandra

    if i could pull that look off at 63 i would wear it to the grocery store and just buy a cart full of prune juice.

    • Ramie

      HAHA! awesome 🙂

    • sassy

      Okay, that is hilarious!!!!!!! And I appreciate the sentiment.

      But I still think that outfit is hideous, on anyone, regardless of age.

  • May

    OMG! Her face is terrible! She should stop having lifts!

    • Leanna

      It seems the only way to not look your age is to look like a wax work figure instead. Sad.

  • brina

    she used to be gorgeous int he 60’s and 70’s and then she discovered plastic surgery, but her body does look good

  • jam.

    she looks good.
    ….but really, is it appropriate for a 63yr old woman?? i dont think so. its just disrespectful to her. cover up.we dont need to see all this.

  • jo

    People, she’s not walking around the street, she’s not sitting in a cafe. Shes on stage performing. She looks great. Dont let society dictate your life! Go cher!!

  • Elaine

    Good for her! 63 isn’t exactly ancient you know. She looks great, it’s plastic surgery and a whole lot of exercising and eating right.

  • KairiKawaii

    Hey, this is what Cher does. The woman tries her best not to age! And she does a pretty good job, actually… (I wonder if she’ll still be doing this at 83? …And I wonder what she’ll look like at 83?) ;P

  • Kelli

    She’s still rockin’ those threads. Good for her! She’s always been a fashion risk taker and she’s one of the very few who can actually pull it off. She wears everything with such confidence…the key ingredient:)

  • brittany

    flaunt it! if i looked that good at 63 id still wear minis ect just in a tasteful way. also shes a performer so its kindof her thing. i think she looks awsome!

  • Vera

    Oh my god, that’s the same exact outfit! This woman has always been a joke, but at least she’s in on it. Her body does look great for ANY age.

  • Zclar31

    I thinks she looks amazing and i’ve seen her live, but live i don’t think she looks anything like these photos. oh well still love her.