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Agata Buzek’s Skinny Red Carpet Appearance

170757209_10 - Agata Buzek's Skinny Red Carpet Appearance

Requested story: 36 year-old Polish actress Agata Buzek is in the spotlight these days after she attended the London premiere of Hummingbird on Monday night and showed off a very thin frame, noticebly smaller than 3 years ago.

Agata and her healthier figure back in 2010:

76552910 - Agata Buzek's Skinny Red Carpet Appearance

More pictures of her next!


170754126_10 - Agata Buzek's Skinny Red Carpet Appearance 170754128_10 - Agata Buzek's Skinny Red Carpet Appearance  170761626_10 - Agata Buzek's Skinny Red Carpet Appearance 170761806_10 - Agata Buzek's Skinny Red Carpet Appearance article-2343700-1A5E8A28000005DC-32_306x683 - Agata Buzek's Skinny Red Carpet Appearance article-2343700-1A5F0D6D000005DC-426_634x890 - Agata Buzek's Skinny Red Carpet Appearance article-2343700-1A600536000005DC-730_306x543 - Agata Buzek's Skinny Red Carpet Appearance

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  • HollyDolly

    Cheeseburger stat!!

  • Tigerlily

    I don’t know who’s this girl, but she’s unnaturally skinny. She looks ten years older than 2010.
    I have to say, not that this make things better, that I really like both the outfits.

    • kati

      The reason of he petite figure is that she has Hodgkin’s disease.

  • Melina

    36! In the last pic she could pass for 66!
    I hate to make accusations, but she looks like she suffers from anorexia.

    • Tigerlily

      It looks like it, you’re right.
      I googled her and she has very petite features, but this is not naturally thin anymore.
      She was very pretty with some weight on, but I know that if anorexia is really her problem she won’t see things that way.

    • JaneParker

      I thought so too, she has the face of an old lady now. Way too thin.
      Also what’s with that outfit? Those look like pajama pants!

    • kateuk

      That’s kinda harsh. She have to be a VERY well-maintained 66. She could pass for 10 years older, though.

      • kateuk

        Oops. I failed to note the last pic. Yikes. I see what you mean now.

    • annemarie

      She’s a cancer survivor. Stop with your stupid anorexia accusations.

      • Liv

        A smoking cancer survivor… sorry but I have no respect for that…

      • Tigerlily

        Uh? Nobody said that she’s anorexic for sure. She went through a dramatic weight loss and I’m sorry to hear this is due to cancer, but the article didn’t report any further information and anorexia is the first illness that comes to mind when you see that kind of body in a young person.

        Didn’t know that supposing someone’s anorexic was insulting.

      • alex

        is she smoking in that last pic? didnt she learn anything? wth

  • retrobanana

    ohhhhh my shes hard to look at

  • sofie kittie

    Wow, so many things wrong here: She looks very old, she’s smoking, she’s wearing men’s loafers, and she’s wearing her PJ’s with a lab coat

  • Pandora

    Yikes! Hummingbird because she only sustained herself on sugar water???

    • Adele

      Minus the sugar.

  • carrie

    wow she really does look older than 36. probably unhealthy diet and not enough fat

  • mary

    agree with the above consensus….she looks ragged and 20+ years older…amazing what unnatural amount of weight loss does to the face

  • Pixie

    Drastic weight loss!! She looks like she’s pushing 60!!! 🙁

  • Mera

    Waaay too skinny

    She makes Karlie Kloss look meaty in comparison

  • Katie

    That’s so sad.

    • HB

      Very sad. She looks ill, in some way or another.

  • KT

    Not well…

  • Candy M.

    Her bone structure isn’t helping her, but she really does look like she has/had an illness. Not 36.

  • Lydia

    terrifying, by far the worst case of eating disorder i’ve seen on this site

  • KissMysass

    Far too thin, her face is quite gaunt. Hate to say it, but this woman looks twenty years older than 36; the last picture makes her appear even older. She also looks like she suffers from an illness.

  • Godiva

    My mouth literally dropped open, and stayed open for 5 minutes!! It is a disorder, plain and simple. She was so beautiful!

  • Polly

    You know something’s not right when not one commenter compliments her figure, or lack thereof. No doubt a heart failure is imminent if she keeps this up and with smoking, oh my. Some people cannot appreciate the healthy life they could live.

  • D

    This is honestly just so sad, hard to look at the pictures… especially seeing how she was perfectly healthy and looking great prior. Hope she gets help

  • wb

    her face definitely looked better before. as well as everything else. she just looks really unhealthy. i liked how she was glowing in her old pic.

  • Adele

    Oh no. I love skinny girls, but I can’t understand how anyone could find this pretty. You can see it from her face how malnourished she is. I hope she gets some help.

  • serena

    She is clearly unwell, her face has that pinched look.

  • kateuk

    Her face has changed dramatically in just 3 years. I agree with the other commentators, she may have some sort of disorder/illness, possibly anorexia, although I shouldn’t speculate.

  • binks

    36? The devil is a liar because she does NOT look no where near 36 but like a senior citizen. I know you are not suppose to gauge people’s health by appearance but she is way to thin and looks unhealthy.

  • Agnes

    You all say that she is super skinny and she looks ugly but I’ve seen worse. The reason why she is so thin might be that she had cancer. At least she was reported to have it. What’s more she used to be a ballet dancer.

  • rye

    this is sad ! f*ck

  • Casey

    She looks very frail and unnaturally thin. Even if I didn’t see the before picture, I wouldn’t think this is the right weight for her.

    For all the people immediately jumping to eating disorder, I recently got a reminder that there are many reasons why a person could become frail.

    There are rumors that she has lymphoma, which would explain her frail figure. Please take that into consideration when you are bashing her. There is nothing worse than being ill and losing your strength and attractiveness and then have it thrown in your face by other people.

    • I agree Casey. She looks ill and definitely frail – you don’t need the before picture to tell you that. She looks to be a naturally thin woman (fine bone structure and a thin neck) in the before photo – but clearly she is unnaturally thin now.

      It must be hard for her to have the scrutiny of a red carpet. If she’s had cancer, that’s very sad and an obvious reason for her frail appearance – it’s also sad that she’s holding a cigarette in the last photo!

      • artemis

        yeah, it’s weird how she smokes when she has/had cancer :/ what the hell. i wanna feel sorry for her but then the cigg comes up…idk, at least smoke weed(tho all kinds of smoke are bad and can cause diseases of the lungs), not ciggs because they got cancerigenic substances.

        she looked ok before, her arms were a bit bigger than what i like but still better than now…

        she has a strange face that looked cute in a weird way but it just looks creepy now…i hope she gets better…and won’t smoke anymore

        • artemis

          in a way, i get her reason for smoking…she wants to relax. i read her disease’s symptoms are harsh. but still, i hope it’s at least a natural tabacco one, no sh*t added.

    • Ggirl

      Than why is she smoking?

      • snoops

        Because it is an addiction? Because it is her body and her choice? Anyway thanks Casey and Erica and a couple other s who pointed it out, she has/had cancer and so it’s unfair to bash this woman’s appearance. As if cancer is not devastating and terrifying enough.

  • Syllw

    Bear in mind she had cancer twice…

    • kateuk

      Oh, really? I don’t feel comfortable commenting on her appearance anymore. That is terrible to have such an affliction and so young as well. I wish her well.

  • kia

    blaah go away! not knowing her(so I can’t have fascination for her as a person), I DON’T wanna look at her..I didn’t finish the row of pics is the first time 😕
    in the purple dress I saw she was quite nice,but the rest is an horror movie. not. attractive/beautiful/bright at all brrrr

  • Sophia

    She looks like Vivienne Westwood!

  • roonie

    Didn’t she have Hodgkin’s? I am ashamed to say I quite like her figure.. Although her face and neck do look awful so she’s obviously not healthy at this weight and needs to gain.

    • plume

      You say that you should be ashamed to admit you like her figure, and I agree that you should be ashamed. She looks like a walking skeleton and it’s obvious she is not healthy. Promotion of this as a good look is pretty much irresponsible imo.

      • roonie

        I don’t need you to tell me how I should feel. Apparently her gaunt look is because she’s a cancer sufferer so I obviously would not expect her to stay like this nor would I ever want her to. I said I liked her figure, but it is not healthy on her.. I can see that in her face and neck. I like Karlie Kloss’ figure.. But in that case it suits her and she does not look unhealthy. That’s the type of look I like body-wise.

  • Ellia

    Effin cancer.

    Good on her for carrying herself with dignity and grace. It takes a lot of energy to get out there. I wish her the best.

  • Lisa

    Eek, my arms look like her 2010 ones.

  • karla

    Scary skinny, she looks pretty old I’m 35 years, I was anorexic I was 48lbs last year in the hospital, currently i’m 5’4and 87lbs, healthy, but models like this lady just make young people confused, anorexia is a hard dissease , sad bad model 🙁

  • plume

    You say that you should be ashamed to admit you like her figure, and I agree that you should be ashamed. She looks like a walking skeleton and it’s obvious she is not healthy. Promotion of this as a good look is pretty much irresponsible imo.

  • Mara

    Ok, she’s very skinny and sickly looking, but I believe she looks worse than she really is, because of her gaunt neck and face. Her body is not looking quite as emaciated – I’ve seen worse, tbh.

    However, I agree that she doesn’t look healthy at all and she probably isn’t. That doesn’t make it okay to be harsh. I agree very much with what Casey and Erica wrote.

  • Kimberly

    Yes, she had cancer but smoking cigarettes is not the way to deal with your stress.

  • Rachel

    36?!! she can be 60! mi mum has 53 and look 20 years younger than her!!

  • Candy M.

    I think it should have been mentioned in the article that she had cancer.

  • sofie kittie

    She should have kept her hair down to hide those cheekbones and neck

  • daga

    SHE IS A CANCER SURVIVOR! STOP YOUR CRUEL COMMENTS!!! Sorry for capitals, but there are some cruel comments about her age, and appearance. She doesnt deserve it, she’s a great actress.

  • Jennie

    I feel bad for her that she’s had cancer. That said, take the cigarette out of your mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I get pissed when I see any celeb smoking, let alone one who is obviously still ill.