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Baywatch Actress Nicole Eggert in Funny or Die Video on Her Weight Gain

Baywatch-Actress-Nicole-Eggert-in-Funny-or-Die-Video-on-Her-Weight-Gain - Baywatch Actress Nicole Eggert in Funny or Die Video on Her Weight Gain

Baywatch babe Nicole Eggert (37) has put on some weight since her lifeguard days. And since, just like any other Hollywood celeb, she received a lot of “fat” bombs from critics, Nicole decided to make a Funny or Die video on her weight gain.

Watch first and then we’ll talk!

First of all, Nicole is:

1. In a bikini that is 2 sizes too small and makes her look much heavier than she actually is.

2. Filmed from unflattering angles… while running… in a bikini. 3 big “oh oh’s”. And her legs are not jelly-like and covered in cellulite and lumps. They are thicker than they were 15 year ago, but in good shape.

3. Probably at a healthy weight.

4. A mom.

5. A beauty – and the fact that those guys would actually say “no, thank you / pass” is not very plausible.

6. Very brave for laughing off critics and making this movie.

So what do you guys think?

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  • Ms Canna

    She doesn’t look bad for a 37 year old mom! Good for her for having a sense of humor about people calling her “fat.” She is certainly not obese, and her legs are in pretty good shape. This is a normal part of life when we all age, and for most women, have children. Your body changes. Nothing to be ashamed about.

  • dinah

    being a mom has nothing to do with it. i’m so sick of girls using that excuse

    • Julie

      Dinah are you a mom yourself?
      Every body is different, and I know for myself, just aging makes it harder to stay in shape when my diet / exercise routine has always been consistent.

    • hello

      How does being a mom have nothing to do with it? When you’re taking care of a child all of the time, it’s hard to find that “me time” where you can actually go to the gym. Also pregnancy itself has the average person gaining 25-30lbs ( Your body is stretched, your hormones are depleted, and 70% of woman are so anemic they can’t diet for a while after. With your body out of whack, the extra weight, and no free time… it can be very hard and take some time to get back to the type of body that she had during her baywatch days.

      The celebrities that do go back to a nice body pretty quickly are the type that feel comfortable with having a nanny take care of their kids most of the time so they can do everything they need to do to get in shape. Maybe she actually wanted to be a mom and not hire one to do it for her.

      • dinah

        i am a mom and i know several moms of different ages and they all look either very close or exactly the same as before they had children. you just have to put the effort in, it’s not that hard. unless your baby is a few months old, it’s no excuse. most women just let themselves go

        • dinah

          by the way, her child is eleven. i’m sure she’s had time in eleven years to work out. besides that fact, weight loss comes mainly from diet, which requires hardly any time

          • Juliette

            Of course. Why doesn’t she look like all the mothers you know?

            How stupid and lazy of her. She really should come down and meet you so that you can teach her a lesson. Gaining twenty pounds in fifteen years, that is just being a pig. That’s just over one pound a year. Shame on her!

            How dare she.

          • dinah

            im not saying shame on her. a lot of people gain weight. i’m just saying being a mother isn’t an excuse

          • Paulette

            Actually, I think being a mom has a lot to do. Makes you put things in perspective and see there´s much more to life than having a perfect body.

          • molly

            Well said, Paulette.

          • dinah

            duh theres more things to life, but my point is, it’s not that hard to not let yourself go, and people shouldn’t use being a mother as an excuse

          • Julie

            If “not letting yourself go” was “not that hard” there wouldn’t be a multi-million dollar diet industry.

            Oh well, it is definitely your opinion and good for you for voicing it. You just make me feel a little insecure b/c I struggle with weight, and as I age, it is hard for me to stay in shape / not gain 🙁

          • Juliette

            Julie, don’t let some idiot woman who, appears, barely literate make you feel anything about yourself.

          • dinah

            i’m not an idiot, i’m actually very intelligent. i don’t have a problem with overweight people, and i am well aware that many women and men struggle with weight. I’m not trying to say that everyone should be thin, or that different body shapes and sizes are gross. i was merely stating that everyone gains weight for different reasons, everyones weight fluctuates at times, but the fact of having a baby isn’t something you should blame weight gain on. obviously you need to gain weight when you’re pregnant (20-30 pounds recommended by doctors) and if you stay healthy, and don’t use pregnancy as an excuse to overeat or eat junk, you wouldn’t be drastically heavier than before you got pregnant. especially when your “baby weight” is eleven years old. It’s my opinion, as i am entitled to, and feel free to talk to doctors about it if you feel so inclined. i think it is very sad that so many of the commenters on this board felt the need to attack me when i was pointing out that you should care about your health, pregnant or not.

          • Instant

            And how do you know Nicole Eggert is unhealthy at the weight she is? For all we know, she IS eating right and getting a moderate amount of exercise, and is maintaining a healthy weight, diet, and exercise regime. Just because she’s not her “Baywatch” shape/body anymore doesn’t mean she is unhealthy and lazy at her current shape/body. Just as there are plenty of women that can get close to, or back to, their pre-pregnancy body, there are others that can’t, at least not through extreme means which they may or may not have time for in their newly busy lives. She could be one of them. Who cares if she’s a bit “jiggly”? She’s wearing an unflattering and small suit in that video(plus, it looked like she was over-acting the part where she was out of breath, very exaggerated looking), which will make ANYONE look heavier than they really are, and make people question if they need to lose weight. Maybe those women that are “using” pregnancy as an “excuse” to be “unfit” really ARE that way because of pregnancy and are unable to re-obtain their pre-pregnancy body in a safe and healthy manner. I say good job to any woman that realizes that “Hey, I just can’t get back to what I used to be, I should accept myself and just be as healthy as I can, screw being my pre-pregnancy size, I am hot just the way I am!”.

          • dinah

            well obviously she’s unhappy with her weight if she’s going on celebrity fit club. honestly, i don’t care. I don’t care how other people choose their lives. i wanted to make a point and i made it

          • Juliette

            You’re right, you’re entitled to your opinion; and I’m entitled to my opinion that you are indeed an idiot.
            Come back when you can form a coherent sentence. I can’t bother to try and decipher the dribble you keep posting.

          • Paulette

            DUH, Dina, actually, if you are working mom, you arrive home at, let´s say, 7pm, after working all day, you dont wanna wanna be with your kid. THAT is when being a mom is not an excuse. Plus, this girl is not fat, unhealthy, she is just bigger than she used to be. What the hell is the problem with that? What is the problem if a woman who is a mother actually chooses to “let herself go” a little to enjoy other things??? God forbid women who want to eat ice cream instead of sucking on a lettuce!!! You wanna know what the problem is Dinah? THE PROBLEM IS WOMEN HAVE TO MAKE UP EXCUSES FOR NOT HAVING PERFECT BODIES. THAT´S PATHETIC.
            And alexad, if you are gona critize people who “bitch” on others for “speaking up their minds”,be smart enough not to do it yourself. And FYI, I am not a fat mom, I am actually pretty damn -naturally- skinny.

        • Regina

          I don’t know, I have a friend who’s quite thin, but even so, thanks to a 24+-hour labor with her second child, her hips will NEVER be where they were before she had her son. They have permanently moved, and I don’t think even plastic surgery will put them back. No amount of exercise will change that. Now, she’s not fat, but saying that ANY woman who looks different than she did before she had kids is lazy and has let herself go is pretty cold–and just plain incorrect.

      • dinah

        everything i’ve written is completely eloquent. you just consider me “an idiot” because i said something you don’t like.

        • Juliette

          It’s my opinion. You’re entitled to one as am I. Try not to be “eloquently” hypocritical.

          • dinah you did not say anything wrong at all. indeed being a mom does not mean you cant get into good shape again. that is never an excuse. fat people are fat because they dont have the willpower to change it. you did not criticize that but rather said that it is possible to get a good body mom or not. all these “julies” are probably a bunch of fat moms or just like to bitch people out for speaking their mind.

          • cary__x

            Evidently it is impossible for anyone on this site to disagree with someone without resorting to calling them fat.

        • Seth

          Dinah is correct. Dinah, from what I can tell, you are more literate than your dissenter here. I’m not sure what literacy has to do with the discussion anyway. Bottom line appears to be that someone wanted to call you illiterate for saying something they didn’t like. The fact of the matter is that both women and men make up various reasons for gaining weight and don’t want to face the obvious truth that they haven’t bothered to eat right or exercise enough. Generally, hateful comments like the ones you received are from those people who don’t feel like holding themselves accountable.

          • feoa

            here here! I’ve had enough of people who shirk the responsibility of their own body weight. Human beings can achieve amazing things, there’s a hundred weight loss stories to prove it.
            If she’s happy that size, it’s not hurting anyone – but don’t complain about your size and then whine that it’s “too hard”.

          • Jenna

            At what point does Nicole complain about her size or use being a mum as “an excuse” anyway? All I see is a spoof video highlighting the media’s stupid reaction to her weight gain.

            Besides, I think being a mum is a perfectly good excuse for gaining some weight or letting your exercise regime slip, especially in your child’s early years. Of course you don’t HAVE to let this happen so I guess Dinah is right in that it is only an excuse if you let it be.

            However in practical terms it can be hard for mums to find the time to devote to yourself. Your priorities change and you become less selfish so things like vanity and weight become less important than making sure your kids are dressed, clothed, entertained, happy etc. (not to mention often holding down a job and doing the housework.)

            I worry about the fact that so many new mums are more worried about weight gain and dieting than spending time with their kids though. And once again the media are to blame.

  • cusi

    i like her 🙂 not her body, but i like the fact that she did this vid! 😉

  • Bruce Johnathan Fick

    I’m one of her fans. None of us are getting any younger. But I’ve learned some things along the way that make a big difference. By simply working out with moderate weight/resistance training 3 times a week for 20 -30 minutes, she can build 5 lbs of lean muscle mass lost with the decrease of human growth hormone production. That 5 lbs of lean muscle can reverse enough of the aging process to enable her to regain her Baywatch figure.
    Because 5 lbs of lean muscle mass is enough to burn 20 lbs of fat mass as it raises the metabolic level to burn it 24/7 even as one sleeps. Exercise even produces small amounts of growth hormone too. The idea is also to learn how to substitute inferior food choices for superior ones. When you get lots of oil soluble antioxidant vitamins from vegetarian food choices, you maximize your ability to respond to exercise.

    • et moi


  • klara

    her bod is totally fine and defo looking better than this guy’s flabby belly.

  • Grey

    She looks better than 90% of women at any public beach in the United States.

    Nothing to be ashamed of here.

  • Being mom is not an excuse, for god’s sake. Eat less or don’t go to mcdonalds and you’ll look allways fine! :p

  • hayley


    • Bryony


    • KeeperDeAmor

      Give yourself a big hug and pat on the back for me okay?

    • Juliette

      I’m a size negative forty two. I’m so thin that I don’t even exist. I’m a figment of your imagination.

      That’s right. I win, ho.

      • angela


    • Julie

      Nicole is not making excuses. She is poking fun at peoples’ attitudes about her body… which she is clearly fine with. Good for her!!

    • Katie

      Sitting on a high horse and being disgustingly thin isn’t a sport…

      • Michelle

        You are a size zero….As Adam Sandler would say…..Whoopiti Whooo. Does anyone really give a crap? Now If you have found a cure for cancer or helped cure world hunger….you would have something to be proud of. Being skinny? Not even close.

    • LMB3

      who the hell wants to be a size zero? That’s more unattractive then being overweight. No need for fatness? Grow up and get over yourself.

  • Devon

    I still think she looks pretty fine.
    If I were a guy Id totally want to tap that.

    • LMB3

      i agree!!

  • Lois

    I actually think her figure is more attractive now than when she was on Baywatch – luscious, curvy, and natural.

    • Michelle

      agreed Lois…her figure now is very curvy and sexy

    • LMB3

      I agree with you as well, she looks fantastic and i hope she can learn to be comfortable in her skin no matter what anyone says.

  • brit

    that was so funny! and shes still super hot!

  • ccameron

    i wish i had her body. straight up it’s better than mine and i don’t have kids. lool. i’m trying to get in shape though but i don’t think people realize just how hard it is.

    • Melanie

      The problem is that there a many reasons why people are overweight. There’s no one size fits all answer. Everyone reacts to stress, pregnancy, and aging differently. If it were only about willpower there would not be so many eating disorders and forms of depression. People who don’t struggle with these issues and don’t understand it’s different for many others perpetuate the problem and increase the pain of those who struggle with those issues.

      • Seth

        I understand just fine. I am also tired of people not being accountable for their actions. Look I’m about 175. 5 pounds above my optimum weight. Wanna know why? I drink beer. Now, if I decide to lose the weight, then i will drink less beer and exercise more. Basically i have discovered that limiting bad carbs is the way to maintain a healthy weight. I’m not a jackass, but i’m sick of people’s excuses like “you just don’t understand.” Give me a break. There are problems I have that others may not have, but i’m not going to just deflect the blame for the problem by saying “Others just don’t understand my problem.” I blame myself for my problems. I have discovered that blaming myself for my problems gives me more power to solve them.

  • Kudos to her for finding humor in the situation. I’d be really embarrassed if I were her! I’m sure she’ll lose it all and then some, gettin a career boost in the meantime. Follow me at for all the latest celeb news!

    • LMB3

      She has no reason to be embarrassed, she looks fantastic.

  • Kae

    Judgmental moms…stay away from them.

    • et moi

      judgmental AND insecure. . . 😉

      • dinah

        calling me insecure? who’s judgemental now?

        • northenivader

          Who said Kae was talking about you dinah? Insecure much?

  • sam

    haha…she looks sure if she were wearing a bathing suit that fit her she would look better (im not saying she looks bad) i love her for being able to laugh at herself that makes her even hotter and being ok with her body for the way it is..i envy that soo much!!!

  • amanda

    i think she looks fine. and maybe she is happier now than she was in her baywatch days. good for her for laughing at herself. you don’t have to be a size 0 to beautiful

  • skirmute

    She looks fine and actually she looks much better than the majority of her age women. And saying that being a mother is not an excuse is such a nonsense. Remember the fact, that body changes a bit after giving birth, metabolism is getting slower every year and that means it’s getting more and more difficult to stay in shape even though you really take care of yourself. Not everyone can starve oneself and exercise a lot because usually moms have some more chores, not only trying to stay lean and beautiful.
    This woman is beautiful no matter what.

    • Casey

      I don’t think the people that were saying being a mother has nothing to do with it were implying that all mothers should starve themselves.

      I think they were promoting a balanced diet and moderate exercise. Having kids should not stop anyone from doing that, because it’s the key to a long and healthy life and every person including mothers owe that to themselves.

  • samba

    i think she is really awesome for having a sense of humour. having said that- i wonder what the message is really supposed to be? and i wonder what message people are going to take from it? I kind of think its saying how ridiculous stadards of beauty are today. that, even a perfectly healthy and hot woman can not be worthy of anything or attractive enough if she isnt skinny. I mean, she isnt what i would call fat! its the close up, slow motion, too small bikini etc…and lack of airbrushing…i reckon if they put the traditional bathing suit on her from baywatch she would have looked HOT as! they just tried to make her look fat! I just hope girls arent going to take it as ‘this is what constitutes as fat these days’ cuz this is NOT fat. I also hope Nicole doesnt think she is actuallyt fat at this weight?! I read comments on the original site and SOOO many guys talked about how hot she is now…even hotter than she was!

  • Casey

    Eh I’m not liking her body although her face is cute. It’s a bit lumpy for me. I would say she’s plus size, maybe on the border of overweight but not quite there yet. Her shape on Baywatch makes me think she’s just one of those people who unfortunately gain weight easily.

    She might not be something people with my taste like, but I’m glad she realizes there are plenty of others who have no problem with how she looks and who can find security WITHIN HERSELF to poke fun, instead of going on television or magazines and complaining about how everyone is calling her fat (I’m talking about Khloe Kardashian). Good for her.

  • lola

    wow….I admire her for doing that and for not taking herself too seriously.But I honestly think she looks good…(maybe work a little on that tummy and that’s it)

  • es

    I probably look like that too while running in a way too small bikini

  • Jules

    She’s not even fat. At all. And she’s 37. She’s pretty and obviously has a G.S.O.H.

  • machmalow

    I love it 😛 and no, she’s not skin and bones, she’s a 37 healthy looking normal mum, actually she’s really pretty. anyway, I think this video is really good, funny, shocking, and dealing with a real issue.

  • Ayu

    Lo, this video is hilarious. She looks good, especially for 37, but would probably look even better in a one-piece.

  • Jimmi

    I have to admit, I think she looks pretty good, sure she’s carrying a bit extra, but seriously that’s how real women tend to look. I’m a guy that believes curves are sexy.

    • Melanie

      HURRAY for you! There’ hope for mankind yet.

      • Melanie

        That should be there’s hope for mankind 😉

  • afluffyadorablebunny

    She has such a gorgeous face…
    Just beautiful 🙂

  • Hayley

    i LOVE it! shes not overweight or fat at the least!
    it must be difficult for her as everyone will compare her to her baywatch body were she is a lot younger and i cant see a woman of 37 having the same body as they did over 10 years ago . .good on her

  • ccc

    She looks damn good!

  • jammaj

    I think she looks great .. she looks healthy and strong and her face is gorgeous! definitely takes guts to laugh it off publicly though .. props to her.

  • Lisa

    Dinah’s comments are those of a male chauvinist pig and Nicole Eggert looks great!! I don’t even look that good in term of leg muscle and I’m young & have no kids. So… very nice bod!

  • suzushii

    Yeah she looks so MARVELOUS with that distended abdomen…

    Nothing like abdominal fat to make a woman beautiful. Don’t have it? Sorry you’re not a Real Woman (trademark reserved).

    Seriously, this fat acceptance bulls*** has to stop. You shouldn’t be happy for being above average, or average in a nation plagued by the epidemic of obesity. Average is simply what most people are. It does not mean okay.

    Remember the saying “one eyed man in blind country”? Some perspective please.

    And being a mom should make you MORE determined to lead a healthy lifestyle. Why?

    Because kids IMITATE their parents. Telling your kid to eat their veggies while you shove cheeseburgers down your throat won’t work. Lead by example.

    It’s no wonder that fat parents breed fat kids, and it’s got nothing to do with genes. It’s that habits are passed on.

    By being lazy about your health, you CHOOSE to pass that attitude on to your kids.

    And for goodness sake, ENOUGH with the FALSE dilemma fat vs skinny. Fat is bad. Skinny is bad. BRING ON THE ATHLETIC! God forbid you’re one of those mums who sacrifices a soap opera to do some weight training. Or who maintains HEALTHY habits in their house.

    So when you’re 50 you won’t need 10 pills a day, and you can keep up with your grandkids and actually be active with them, instead of dying of a heart attack at 59.

    Yeah, letting yourself go is SOOO much better. You can’t be a real woman unless you gain 15 pounds per decade.

    • Casey

      Agreed on every point. I also think it’s funny that the majority of women support this woman despite being slightly above average, yet any women slightly below average (Tori Spelling) MUST have an eating disorder and is lying about it, despite the fact that she has a ribcage/bone abnormality. What a double standard! At least Tori continues to eat healthy rather than shove cheeseburgers to end the rumors.

      • Instant

        Tori is more than “slightly” below average. She’s 5’6″, 107 lbs.(according to her). She’s “slightly” below the lowest healthy weight for her height, but the average American woman isn’t weighing in at the lowest range of the healthy scale, is she? 😛

        • Grey

          Tori is in the <2nd percentile range for her age & height. Hardly average.

          • jessica

            the average american is overweight. one third of the american population is overweight and another third is obese.

      • Paulette

        Agreed on the fact of leading a healthy lifestyle. But this girl is by no means “fat” or “obese”! She is “average” in terms of healthy weight, not in terms of number of people who weight a certain amount in the US.
        And as you say, habits pass on. Which means if you are one of those moms obssesed with weight and with looks, you´ll raise a kid who thinks looks is the only things that matters. Leading a healthy lifestyle, GREAT. Being obessesed with nothing else than that…mmm..So the key is balance, may be??
        And for your information, the fact that you are active, and exercise does not guarantee you are gonna be skinny! I know a lot of girls who are not moms, they exercise, eat healthy, (oh and they dont like soap operas) and yet would be “fat” for some people on this site. What should they do, eat a carrot a day to fit some people´s “standards of beauty”?
        You are speaking as if Nicole was a case of morbid obesity. I dont think ANYONE here defends that, we defend a body which is NOT perfect (NOTE that, I dont think she has an amazing body) but is by no means unhealthy or obese!
        And KUDOS to her for making fun of herself FOR NOT BEING PERFECT. I know many a girl with so called perfect bodies who are so obssesed with their looks they just cant be happy.

  • Ellie

    She looks fine! The swimsuit is just too small and she was filmed from unflattering angles.

    She looks younger than 37.

  • Naomi

    Don’t really know who she is, but good for her for making that video. It was also pretty funny. XD

    I wouldn’t even call her ‘fat’. Just a little flabby. And a tad jiggly.
    And I don’t get the ‘unflattering angles’ thing, cause that was done on purpose.

    • Versus

      I know it was done on purpose, the small bikini was also on purpose – but I knew that some visitors were gonna jump to say that “oh, she is fat” and I just though that I should “defend” her because I have seen her in clothes and she looks slimmer.

      It was not a comment that regarded the movie, just her figure.

  • dottie

    i am a 58 year old mother of three, and i agree with dinah on this one. with all of my kids i gained around 25-30 pounds. after each one was born i ate healthily and walked my kids around the neighborhood in strollers. yes, after you have children your body changes and losing the weight takes time, but i think she’s trying to say that you shouldn’t blame a drastically heavier weight solely on having a child.

    • Kae

      You must remember that not everyone is the same. People gain weight for a variety of different reasons and some women have a tougher time getting back to their pre-pregnancy shape. I know a mom who gained 85 lbs during each of her pregnancies only to lose it all without diet or exercise. I also know women who do everything in their power to lose weight and they never get their figures back. Everyone is different!

      I think it’s time that we be less judgmental of moms. They have a lot of things going on in their lives and I think it’s healthier to build each other up instead of tearing each other down.

    • Juliette

      That’s the point. Gaining less than 1.3 pounds a year isn’t drastic. It’s more than she probably desires, I’ll grant you that, but people are acting as if she put on 25 pounds in one year or 100 pounds in five. It averages to 1.3 pounds a year.

      She’s almost 40, clearly she’s not going to look the same as she was at 20.

      • dottie

        even if all that weight came on over many years, then it’s clearly not from motherhood. i see you’ve made my point for me. maybe you should get off the computer and go run around the block

        • Instant

          WTF is up with people having to imply that anyone that has a differing opinion from them is either fat, out of shape, in need of exercise, is eating bad foods, is anorexic, or any number of other insults having to do with body shape/size? Especially when that person presented their differing opinion in a non-insulting way?

          • cary__x

            I agree! Anytime somebody disagrees, the other person either calls them jealous or fat or anorexic. The sad part is this woman said she’s 58. That’s too old to be acting like this.

            If I were as immature as dottie, I’d ask her if she had something better to do with her AARP AOL Senior Citizen discount than harassing girls less than half her age on the internet, like stocking up on Depends. But I would never say that. That would be mean. 😉

        • Kae

          Your insult towards this poster only negates your opinion.

        • Juliette

          Dottie, you said you were 58. I’m 21.
          Grow up. Really, you’re behaving like a child.

          I feel sorry that your children had to be raised by someone with the maturity of a 12 year-old.

        • Amie

          Dottie that was uncalled for. Newsflash: you’re on the computer too. Try to tone down the hypocrisy. We’re ALL on the computer, it’s not like we’re beaming these posts with our thoughts…

          You sound like a bitter old woman who wishes she could look half as good as Nicole Eggert.

          Somebody disagrees with you and you can’t take it.

          Next time, act your age and quit attacking everyone. If you can’t handle different opinions, then get off the computer and go run around the block.

          • Casey

            Amie, cary-x and Juliette, I hope all of you realize that you did the same thing you are criticizing dottie of doing. Especially you, Amie, who talks of hypocrisy.

            Dottie I agree with your general opinion, but you shouldn’t have told Juliette to run around the block. This is the internet after all, and we don’t know what one does outside of posting on this website. Maybe Juliette does run around the block but still holds those opinions. And none of these other girls should have told you various rude things and old people stereotypes, some of which are ridiculous and most likely don’t apply to you.

          • Juliette

            Please, Casey. Refrain from lecturing me.

          • cary__x

            Julitte: Ignore her.
            I genuinely think she just enjoys talking down to everyone. It’s irritating and I’ve since stopped reading her posts. I suggest you do the same.

          • Casey

            Pot calling the kettle black. 😉

  • dottie

    i’m not being judgemental. i stand by what i said. i know what i’m talking about, i was a nutritionist for 26 years. so many new moms would come to me complaining of not being able to lose the baby weight, meanwhile their “baby” was 7 years old and they were scarfing down chips and soda with every meal. excuses are excuses, everybody has them. like saying “oh i work long hours, i don’t have time to work out” when 90 percent of weight loss comes from what you put in your mouth. i’m just saying that your health needs to be a priority, lead by example for your child, like someone else said. take responsibility for your weight instead of blaming it on other things. If you want to lose weight, you have to stop making excuses. i’m not saying every mother or overweight person is like this, i’m just telling you my experience.

    • Kae

      You’re not the only person on here with education and experience in this field.

  • jessica

    everybody shut the f**k up! geez

  • deedee_vd

    First of all the video was very funny :)) but I have to say before everything that she is beautiful and her skin is very nice,I adore it.She’s not skinny or thin but she looks normal.It’s very hard to lose weight and keep it that way.But I admire her because she doesn’t care about the skinny models that are trying to rule the world.Like she said women tend to gain weight easy.Her body isn’t fat it’s just normal.If you see a girl like her on the street I’m sure you will say how pretty and what sexy body she has(jeans,tshirt,leggings you name it).

  • awau

    Well, to me she is beautiful. Beautiful in body and, more importantly, in spirit.

    I think its sickening how the general perception is “I’m attractive and men want to sleep with me, therefore I’m more worthy then you”

  • lucy

    i love this video!!!!!! man some of you guys really put allot of thought into it and miss the fun of it ….
    regardless if she is 37 or 20 it’s funny

    • Canna Fan

      Agreed! It was hilarious! I’ve always liked Nicole Eggert. Good for her.

  • joe

    Read Carefully! – Her excess weight is none of our business so long as she is happy with it, and so long as she accepts that by choosing to be an actress it is inevitable the public will comment on everything she does including whether she remains thin or gains weight, and let’s face it the only substantial quality that landed her the baywatch role was a sexy youthful appearance.

    However, there is a lot of nonsense here about it being natural for a mom, someone 37, etc, to gain weight. No it is not, no more natural than for a child to become obese, a teenager, someone in their twenties, etc. It is NOT a sign she has too little time to “take care of herself” like going to a gym.

    There is only one cause. Eating like a pig. Eating too much food. Learn to stop eating when you had enough, it isn’t even what you eat, you can eat cheeseburgers all day long and still be thin if only you stop eating when you have reached your daily caloric requirements.

    Most things in excess are bad for you, food included. Excuses too, for all the people who have genuine diseases that cause them to retain excess water, there are 10 thousand times as many that are just overeating. Gaining fat by the way is not due to any heath problems, unlike water balance fat is only due to eating excess calories.

    The funny part is she will still be a celebrity and a sexy one if she just loses the weight. Some people make all the right choices over their entire lives and stay slim and fit and never get as lucky as she did.

  • Mary

    A few months ago, my 12 year old son said something about my arms……I always thought I was relatively lean but the WORST part of this is that my son thinks you have to be bone-thin, or you’re considered “flabby”. I’m 5’5″, about 105, and have always encouraged healthy eating/ exercise habits (I’m 38). But isn’t it awful when the media affects your children and their way of thinking??

  • fitnessjunkie

    i think she looks really good sure she is not skinny but she is at a healthy weight doesn’t have cellulite
    she looks hot i am kinda shock they made this if she lost 15 lds she be perfect

  • Nola

    She looks fine.
    And as to the motherhood-gaining-weight thing, I don’t think that anyone is using motherhood so much as an excuse as “there are more important things to my life now than staying skinny”. We’re all human…all have different ways of relaxing and coping. Kids and families are stressful. We all put our priorities in different places, and having kids puts a lot in perspective for us. Not an excuse to gain weight, but a shift in priorities. And for a lot of people, eating good food is a way to relax.

  • Stuart

    Good video. I disagree that she is “wearing a bikini 2 sizes too small” I was thinking its too big, check that butt out, the bikini is almost hanging off her.
    Honestly if it was s size smaller it would make her butt look a size smaller.

  • Stuart

    opps, that makes it sound like I think she is fat. I don’t! she looks hot as!

  • Jeff

    All you fatties need to work out more and stop posting on the internet.

  • Natasha

    What are those guys mocking of?
    THEY ARE FATTER THAN SHE IS -.- for god’s sake ¬¬ they all should get a lifeee

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