Then and Now, Vanessa Hudgens

Bikini Treat: Vanessa Hudgens

FFN_g_51159249 - Bikini Treat: Vanessa Hudgens

Bikini Traeat: Vanessa Hudgens, who looked great in a bikini while having fun on a boat in Italy.

And a Step Back in Time: Vanessa in a bikini in January 2012:

FFN_HudgensVanessa_Swim_EXCL__ZEAPFF_012112_8623550 - Bikini Treat: Vanessa Hudgens

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FFN_g_51159222 - Bikini Treat: Vanessa Hudgens FFN_g_51159225 - Bikini Treat: Vanessa Hudgens FFN_g_51159226 - Bikini Treat: Vanessa Hudgens FFN_g_51159228 - Bikini Treat: Vanessa Hudgens  FFN_g_51159253 - Bikini Treat: Vanessa Hudgens FFN_g_51159258 - Bikini Treat: Vanessa Hudgens FFN_g_51159267 - Bikini Treat: Vanessa Hudgens

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  • Trishana

    She looks great! Great waist to hip ratio.

    • Alyssa


      I like that she is not a cookie cutter actress.
      I’m from Toronto, and I love seeing broader ranges of beauty.

      I think she is super hot and always looks like she is enjoying herself. Oh to be young, rich and famous!!

    • artemis

      It is great, indeed. I just don’t get why she doesn’t pull her bikini top’s triangles further apart. They look weird now. Not as far apart as her friend, tho, she looks like they’re about to pop out :))))

  • Colpnipz

    Healthy pretty normal girl.
    Hate that tacky gold belly chain thing.
    Hair looks crap wet.
    I wonder if she really does practice buddimism, or if that’s just the image she wants to project. Coz I’m not buying it

    • Lea

      hair looks crap wet? we’re even criticizing that now?? xDD ohh man

      • Sign

        Goes to show how a woman will say anything just to make herself feel better, even if she doesnt make sense.

        • Nina

          It’s like the people complaining about Candice’s gummy smile.

          • Blixa

            But Candice’s gummy smile really just makes her face unattractive to me, it completely detracts from her pretty eyes IMO. Vanessa’s hair looks fine though, she’s on a freakin’ boat with salt in the air. The only person silly enough to have perfect hair in this sit. would be KimK who’d probably take her stylist with her!

        • Colpnipz

          Um actually I have been on this site many times and almost all my comments have been positive and appreciating different body types, I called her pretty and healthy. I don’t throw around the word average and I don’t need to put down Vanessa bloody hudgens to feel good about myself, I already do feel good.
          Simply saying she does not look good with wet hair, some people do and some people don’t.
          If I had said she is soooo plain and average then I would understand ur comment, but I didn’t.

          Does picking apart peoples comments make YOU feel better about urself? Coz ur such a nice person right? U would never judge anyone coz ur perfect.

          Bet ur hair looks crap wet too bitches!!

          I challenge u to find nasty comments from me in previous posts-coz that was probably the harshest one to date-and I can admit it.
          (and I dont expect that u will go back and look coz u must have some form of a life)


          • swissmiss

            😀 My hair looks like crap when wet too, don’t like it. And I also realize it on other ppl.

            I think Vanessa looks healthy and fit. But I really hope this belly chain thing goes away soon. Ridiculous!

    • Alias

      Well that’s a very common pose done in Yoga, so I don’t think she’s pretending to practice Buddhism. However, that could be the case. I know for a fact that Miranda Kerr claims to practice Buddhism, but does not actually. So it could be something popular among celebrities to pretend that they’re of a certain religion.

      • Adriana

        Are you the same Alias that use to post frequently. few years ago & was a big Alessandra Ambrosio supporter?

      • serena

        I think Vanessa said she’s Catholic! Well maybe not religious but her family is anyway.

    • artemis

      Lol, the wind was blowing. crazy

  • Carla

    She has toned up since last year, looking good.

  • Pixie

    She looks good. Cute. 🙂

  • Sign

    Super cute!

  • Isabel

    Looks great, but there´s something about her that doesn´t let me consider her sexy. At first I thought it´s the small chest, but Nina Dobrev and Candice also have small chests and I like them a lot. Maybe it has something to do with the attitude, Vanessa sometimes seems like a person struggling between being a Disney girl and being a grown up woman, if that makes any sense.

    • She also never appears to be sexy to me. The cute factor has also passed. This girl seriously bugs me and it because she always has this smug look on her face!!! Smugness just isn’t attractive on anyone.

      • hana

        talk about smug! look at your profile picture! sheesh

        • Pi

          Boom! Hahahahahahaha

          • Laura

            Um, rude, Anna looks nice.

          • Laura

            Err, Abby. Lol. Even online m terrible with names!

  • Katya

    Small waist and womanly hips. She looks great. I find it kind of sad though that most men would consider someone like Kate Upton sexier just because she has big boobs. Do you think you need large breasts to be considered hot?

    • Nina

      Candice Swanepoel and pretty much every VS angel sans maybe Adriana does not have big breasts, yet they are considered physical perfection. Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, Leighton Meester and many other sex symbol actresses also do not have large breasts.

      • Katya

        Yeah that’s true. But it just seems like men are still so obsessed about big breasts. It’s like the woman with the big boobs will always get noticed before the woman with the small boobs.

        • Blixa

          I’d say women are just as boob obsessed as men are. On this site the comments are usually 1)WHR, if you don’t have a teeny WHR you’re just a failure 2)Boobs. most people here like small boobs and hate on the bigger girls. Personally I think Vanessa would look better with a larger pair, but it just might be a strangely shaped bikini top that’s making her torso look odd.

          • KC

            I agree for the most part, except for the boob part. Most people on this site seem to dislike small boobs and large boobs, they only like the in between.

          • serena

            I think it’s all about proportion. Slim girls look good with small boobs, curvier women look good with bigger boobs. I don’t find tiny boobs attractive but I think natural is best. Not to make anyone insecure about big or small chest.

      • anon

        Leighton Meester a sex symbol? really?

    • Leah

      most men consider vanessa pretty hot…

      • Candy M.

        and? who cares

    • mary

      large breasts do not equate to hottness at all imo…I prefer a small to medium size breast as they are most flattering to dress and just look the the moment mine are Ds bc im preg but usually a small B which i CANNOT wait to get back to (though my fiance begs to differ)

      • swissmiss

        Oh wow, did they grow that much? Mine only grew from an A to a B cup. Damnit I wish I had bigger boobs…. 🙂

      • artemis

        ‘though my fiance begs to differ’

        Man, if I was with someone that prefers something vastly different than what i have(height, eyes, boobs, butt, legs, waist, paleness) and found out like that(thankfully, i always find out very very early), I’d ditch him and also feel offended. The only thing missing would be him asking for one or more surgeries. But then I’d also have some dudes give him a good beating.

    • Isabel

      Notice how many men love big breasts, but when there´s something to criticism, an undefined waist and narrow hips come first.

      I have never seen a man insulting Vanessa for her small chest, but I´ve seen plenty of harsh remarks made by man about Kate´s torso.

      If you referred to my comment, that´s why I dicarded small breasts as the reason why Vanessa is lacking something.

      • Nina

        Agreed. Plus, I think many more experienced guys are aware of the fact that very large breasts look bad naked. I was listening to a self proclaimed breast man talk about this. He theorized that the reason younger men were so into large breasts was because they hadn’t encountered very many large breasts in person and were basing their preferences largely on porn. He mainly went for perky Bs or Cs. He said that anything above a DD tends to look bad naked. Of course, I don’t know what band size he was talking about and neither does he probably lol, but I think from seeing real naked women (and not freakish models) his statement is accurate on a 34 band.

      • Emeline

        Lol I disagree, it is the opposite in my experience. I’ve never heard a man complain about a lack of whr, but always about a lack of boobs and/or butt

      • anon

        “but I´ve seen plenty of harsh remarks made by man about Kate´s torso.”

        I say you are making that up. I have never heard man complain about Kate’s torso or any other womans. the only time a man is going to do that is if the woman is overweight/obese. It’s catty nasty women like you who make nasty comments about women’s natural body shape. Obviously your boyfriend finds Upton attractive so you have to make up lies to make yourself feel better about your own insecurities. It’s only jealous, nasty women who turn their nose up at body shapes. Most men will drool if the woman is slim pretty and not overweight.

        • alex

          LOL exactly, not to say that many men would complain about vanessa’s body, but to say that a women as thin and with as large breasts as kate would be turned down because of her “broad waist” is ridiculous and I’ve never heard of it happening

        • Colpnipz

          And anon gets off on commenting on any comment she disagrees with. Gets her all wet.

          I always read comments I disagree with but at the end of the day the point of this site is to show different perspectives.
          How do u know she even has a bf? She could even be gay and love women.

          Hmmmm let’s all pick the shit out of anons comments from now on.


          • anon

            To clear something up, there are more than one anon on here, possibly three, I think.
            Anyway, I have heard guys complain about lack of waist, or thick upper torso. Of course, they can’t really describe it correctly. They use words, such as “potatolike” on top, or looking like a box. I’m not talking Kate Upton in particular, as I have never heard any men say anything about her in person. Just like I have heard some say “having no butt”, or “chicken legs”. Just because men can’t articulate things like that well, doesn’t mean they don’t notice. But I’m not saying that they’re usually deal breakers either.

        • serena

          You don’t need to be overweight to have a flabby gut, and I’ve heard plenty of guys comment on Kate’s (or read it online on sites like barstool where guys discuss girls). Not saying that anyone would turn down Kate based on her gut alone – she’s hardly fat.

        • Candy M.

          “Most men will drool if the woman is slim pretty and not overweight.”

          Then why are you all judging beauty on sex if its that simple and easy?

        • Candy M.

          How do you get stretch marks on your calves?! How do you even get fat on your shoulders? They are even saying how it easy it is so be sexy, but then judge beauty of sex appeal?

        • serena

          So straight men can’t judge beauty, but gays, who are only attracted to the male figure, are authorities on women’s beauty? LOL what a screwed up idea, aspiring to look like a young man in hopes that gays will find you attractive! Using your “logic”, if gays are experts on women’s beauty, then lesbians would be experts on men’s beauty! According to your thinking, gay men drool over other men, just like straight men drool over women, so should we ask lesbians to pick out male models now? (Rhetorical question to point out how flawed your logic is)

          Finding someone sexy is NOT the same as beautiful. I’ve heard guys badmouth Kate Upton but say ‘I’d still hit that’. Just like women want to sleep with men who aren’t handsome. And fwiw, the gay men I know in real life could care less how women look, naturally they prefer other men.

          • Katya

            Yeah straight men can be pigs lol. When they are just looking to get laid, they could really care less about what a woman’s face looks like. It’s so much easier for women to get laid than men.

        • artemis

          wrong and stupid generalization. a lot of those you talk about may be ‘louder’ about their preference, but there are plenty of guys that genuinely dislike big boobs (and more that dislike that combined with a big torso and chicken legs, no butt).

          It’s silly how you acuse women that dislike some look of being mean when you make such mean generalizations and especially that bf thing you told that woman. I say that guys are all different and maybe the majority prefers something in-between at everything, but there are tons of other preferences, big that, small that, fat, skinny, blah blah.

          One just has to choose someone that really appreciates her looks and genuinely finds her the most beautiful girl ever(not just on the inside…or else we could be with millions of people…that’s not true love).

          is it really love when an all-american gf has a bf with an obsession with asian porn but settles for her cause he hasn’t found ‘that cute and hot asian with a sweet personality’ yet(to give an example that has nothing to do with the boobs, but means the same thing-and i’m neither all-american or asian, there’s nothing to make idiotic assumptions about again).

          • Winnie

            by that logic i should only date guys who watch interracial porn, and if i ever catch my boyfriend watching a porno where the main girl happens to be a big-boobed hourglass blond, i should kick him to the curb! *rolls eyes*

    • Emeline

      Eh I think men will always like large/biggish breasts. I know it’s not the case with every man but you can’t deny that it is often the case

    • Mera

      Sexy is a state of mind, not body.

      Many strippers and porn stars are sexy, without having perfect faces or bodies.

      • solaxia

        Mera, I completely agree! Lol Nina, that guy sounds like a douche.

    • kat

      no. iirc according to cosmo most guys like a round but with an average rack…like jlo

    • Kimberly

      I suppose some men would but a small waist and nice rear go a long way. My husband would much prefer Vanessa to Kate.

  • mary

    looks good and workin what she’s got…her weight goes up and down a lot, but she looks best when she is on the slimmer side…i prefer more muscle tone and more shapely legs, but she has a nice figure

  • Nina

    We have similar bodies so I’m interested to see the comments.

    • anushka

      Lucky you.

  • wonderwoman21

    She looks really good.

  • Pi

    She looks really good, she hit the gym since last year, that’s for sure. Amazing legs! I really like her, I know some people don’t, but I find her really happy, healthy and pretty.

  • lc

    Totally blah imo. Nothing that special about her face or figure to me.

  • RachyRach

    She looks ok, but I don’t like her at all. I think she is quite ugly and one of the worst actresses on earth.

  • Winnie

    big improvement from last year’s pictures. nice figure overall, although i prefer curvier hips. probably because i don’t have them myself

    • serena

      Same, I’m a skittle shape like Vanessa, so while my hips aren’t small they’re not curved/rounded. I envy that feature on hourglass/vase women. Grass is always greener… 🙂

      • Winnie

        it’s true! and i also find that as someone to straighter hips i have to be so much more conscious of finding clothes that don’t hide my waist. that happens with Vanessa a lot, i’d never have guessed she had such a good WHR from the photos where she is clothed. whereas i saw a picture of J.Lo in a magazine today and her waist looked tiny in her outfit because of how round her hips are

  • solaxia

    She is a cutie! She def lost some weight, but she has always had an attractive body imo. Very sexy legs!

  • anushka

    Versus, a question. I have been trying to Sign up on the website for a while now, and its not happening. Apparently my id has been banned by WangGaurd?
    Im extremely confused. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Versus

      There shouldn’t be any problem. Let me check and I’ll get back to you.

    • Versus

      What is your id? The same: anushka?

    • anushka

      Versus, I tried it again and it worked, I managed to sign up but have not received a confirmation mail yet.

  • Tinkerbell

    great, attractive, strong figure – love her from the backside especially 😉 the only thing I dislike is her slight tummy.. I prefer completely flat stomachs 😛
    her face is beyond gorgeous *-*

  • Gabriela

    Sorry, but I always thought she was really ugly and she sucks as an actress

  • D

    She looks cute, I really like her body – did she lose a bit of weight from the old bikini shot? She has a naturally pretty face too – but DAMN THAT WET HAIR LOOKS LIKE CRAP! (lol wtf)

    That being said, I hate how she dresses… too costume-y to the point it comes across fake and as if she is trying too hard to project a hippie child image.

  • snugglepup

    I just like her so much, maybe it’s cos I was in the right age when High School Musical came out 😀 The movie is crap but Vanessa & Zach were a dream couple haha. Anyway what’s up with the factitious meditation photo? Usually people meditate hands on their knees like relaxed. 😀

  • energydrink

    Versus, what is her body shape? Is she a skittle? I can never tell with her 🙂

    She is a very naturally pretty girl, with a very cute petite body. Not too soft, not too muscled, just right weightwise as well.

    • Versus

      Yes, I think so, skittle. Sometimes she looks like a vase though.

  • Jacquelyn

    I just think everything about her is so perfect.Wish i looked like that..

  • TonyFae

    The girl is always doing pilates or yoga lol, so im not surprised she’s got that nice toned, ‘pilates’ body without looking too ‘muscular’.
    She’s has the classic “Aphrodite curvy shape” 🙂
    Work it girl.

  • CK

    i think she has a great body, toned& healthy and though she’s thin she doesn’t seem to be on the skinniest end her body can be and i like that, its just that i think while some girls’ bodies look better being on the skinniest end (i.e. skinny but still considered healthy for their body) others look better somewhere in the middle and the others look better at their fattest end (i.e. fuller but still healthy). Feels like too many of us deciding to lose weight always put a goal “the skinniest me” cos its smth modern society&media accepts more&promotes but i think you should always look what kind of weight suits YOU better in terms of health, physical&emotional comfort and your personal aesthetic preferences.

  • Emeline

    Nice body

  • Annie

    She looks heaps better now than in the older shot which I think is from when she was filming spring breakers and had to look as “average” as possible.

  • happygolucky

    She’s no knockout, but still looks pretty good. I was at a crowded pool this weekend and, believe me, compared to the array of “real” humanity that I saw, she’s above average lol.

  • carrie

    looks great! i would guess 5’4 105 lbs:?what do u all think??

    • serena

      Carrie your guesses are always so off, I don’t get it? You thought Miley was 5’4/120 and she is way skinnier than Vanessa who is 5’1, probably 110 is my guess. I could be off but your guesses are all over the place, no offense.

      • artemis

        105 is right. she’s small boned and doesn’t seem to have a lot muscle that would make her weight more than she looks. I’m 105 and 5’3.25″ or 50″ and i guess i have the same amount of fat(tho distributed more on the lower half than her). that leaves a few pounds to count for the fact that she has bigger muscles than me so yes, it looks like 105.

  • rubiii

    don’t find her very attractive but I love her spark, she is enjoying herself, life, everything. it is noticable and it gives her some sort of beauty
    but her body is not that bad at all

  • alex

    Like her body, slightly more boobs would be perfection. I’m around her height with a completely different body type/weight. She’s listed as 5’1 maybe between 100-110. Any other guesses?!

  • siennagold

    I like her body. A lot better than her 2012 body.

  • Katy

    She looks so much to my little sister,its scary.She is definitely thinner now,she looked a little flabby in spring breakers.

  • serena

    Sorry, this was in response to natalia saying only gay men can judge women’s beauty. Not sure why it ended up down here 🙂 Btw the reason some ladies have stretch marks on legs/shoulders is rapid weight gain or loss.

    • Blixa

      or stretch marks can come from adolescence and just putting on height faster than your skin’s ready for. you’d think natalia would like that: precious precious all-important height 😛

      • serena

        True – I have stretch marks on my hips. Basically when I was 12 I magically grew hips overnight. My friend is 6’4″ and he grew so fast he has stretch marks on his back! 🙂

  • Candy M.

    I can tell you gay men go crazy over the models. Lesbians aren’t the best judges of male beauty, yes but there are huge differences between the lesbians brain and the gay makes brain. In studies its been shown that gay men have more of a response in the pre frontal cortex when shown beautiful things than straight men. Its explained in the book i recommend too. “Apollonian virtues accounts for the historical dominance of gay men in science, literature, arts, technology and politics.” The Apollian and Dionysian- originally greek gods, later used as symbolism by philosophers like Nietzsche and academics. Apollo is associated with reason, order, the sun, lines, symmetry , aesthetics, restraint ,math and gay men in particular. Dionysus is earth, feeling, chaos, excess, sexual desire. The things associated with apollo are what beauty makes. Restraint, symmetry, proportions, lines. Beauty is something that makes sense, sex is a chaotic realm. “Beauty is frigid( abnormally averse to sex) war zone”. The Apollian mind is the prefrontal cortex where responses to beauty and rational thought are found. Sex is an animalistic urge found in the older reptilian brain. If they were synonymous why is it that it” is widely accepted that visual aesthetics, namely the capacity of assigning different degrees of beauty to certain forms, colors, or movements, is a human trait acquired after the divergence of human and ape lineages”? I mean everything beautiful could really be categorized as what is considered apollian, gay men also being associated with apollian thinking, it would make sense have a better eye for beauty. Its been said “I think they’re going to find something that causes certain personality types. Of course, one of my theories about gay men is that it’s related to the art gene.” This by an art scholar who teaches at an art school. Its pretty well known how a disproportionally large number of gay men are in the arts. In fact I recall professor Harold Bloom saying that in his list of the Western Canon maybe 40 percent of the writers were gay men. When only 5 percent of the pop is gay maybe, its quite a stretch to say thats a coincidence.

    • serena

      Candy, I respect that you put considerable thought into this, but I find you’re stretching the truth. I’m not ignorant of science – studied biochemistry/neuro in college, worked in research labs, utilizing MEG,etc. I’m ignorant about Fashion though! 🙂

      Gay men are underrepresented in STEM fields like science/tech, not overrepresented as you said. They’re overrepresented in performing arts/fashion but not literature (40% figure sounds bs- nearly half of writers are secretly gay?). Though I realize many hide it due to stigma!

      There is no ‘art gene’ or ‘gay gene’, these are polygenic traits influenced by epigenetics, environment, hormones, culture. I couldn’t find a single study on PubMed re: gay male brains/beauty. But even if I take your word for it – saying that a gay man’s prefrontal cortex lights up in fMRI means nothing. A dog’s will light up when it sees a biscuit – and so? More important is the interplay of specific nuclei (neuronal bundles) in places like LGN, prefrontal cortices, ventral midbrain, parts of temporal lobe needed in visual comprehension. But in general fMRI is a crude way to measure things (blood flow) which is why we prefer. MEG. A gay man’s prefrontal cortex would light up if shown a p.enis, it’s not a sign of beauty lol 😉

      Gay men are wired a bit differently than straight men (interestingly IQ below male avg but irrelevant). But that doesn’t make their opinions more authoritative – they’re not wired to find the opposite sex attractive! They may find masculine women more attractive because they prefer male features. It’s not like ‘gay male responds to X female face – therefore X is most attractive).

      Additionally, why should straight women even care what gay men find attractive? We’re not trying to attract them and vice versa. You’re correct that symmetry, proportion, and health are very important but other than that, beauty is subjective as art or music.

      If we could PM I’d love to discuss this more with you, I think you’re smart. But I don’t want to clog up every thread like a spammer, with long comments because this is a fun gossip site and there are forums better suited for discussion 🙂

      • artemis

        Very interesting post which I agree with. I’m going to study biochemistry too, right now I’m waiting for the results that show if I got in at that college specialization.

  • ellentjie

    She has definitely lost weight! She looks hot!

  • Taylor

    She looks fantastic! I don’t think the bikini is all too flattering, but her body looks toned and awesome! Also, in the shots where you can see her face, she looks very pretty without makeup! She also looks very happy, which is nice 🙂