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Catherine Zeta-Jones Looks Skinny in a Bandage Dress (Then & Now)

Catherine-Zeta-Jones-in-a-Bandage-Dress - Catherine Zeta-Jones Looks Skinny in a Bandage Dress (Then & Now)

Catherine Zeta-Jones looked quite skinny at a recent event, where she showed off her thinner figure in a fuchsia bandage dress.

“I find this wave of super-skinny women scary. I’m not going to lie to you, I’ve got to drag myself down to the gym like everybody else. But I look at the red carpet sometimes and it’s like a pageant. I’m quite a broad girl, not at all delicate.

… said Catherine a while back.

Here’s Catherine a year ago:

long-time-no-see-catherine-zeta-jones-needs-a-post - Catherine Zeta-Jones Looks Skinny in a Bandage Dress (Then & Now)

See 2 close-ups after the jump!

Catherine-Zeta-Jones-in-a-Bandage-Dress-3 - Catherine Zeta-Jones Looks Skinny in a Bandage Dress (Then & Now)

Catherine-Zeta-Jones-in-a-Bandage-Dress-2 - Catherine Zeta-Jones Looks Skinny in a Bandage Dress (Then & Now)

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  • kate

    She went way too far with the weight loss. Her body looks almost skeletal in the first pic.

  • dont like that skinny look at all. better in yr ago photo.

  • Her head looks so big on top of her superskinny body. Looks really unhealthy and in my point of view, not so attractive.

  • Paulina

    in my opinion, she looked better when she weighed a little more.

    • Jj

      i completely agree with you. with some weight on her she is stunning.

  • Biz

    why is it that some women look like lolipop heads when they lose weight but others don’t? is it a bone structure thing? like they are just under what they should be ideally? (this is stupid, but i was curious)

    Does anyone know how tall she is either? (as a side pt)

    • shelby

      It’s down to bonestructure; she has a broad frame and as such needs the extra weight. A petite frame can pull off skinny because there is a smaller skeleton. She looked fabulous last year…

      • kate

        Exactly, there are lots of celebs who could be this size and look healthy. But her bone structure will not allow her to be this small without looking ill.

    • kate

      She is 5ft8.

    • amazon

      i think the dress doesn’t suit her figure at all. you need to be a bit of an hourglass to pull it off. It accentuates her disproportion. And her age makes a very low weight more difficult to pull off. I saw a mother and daughter the other day both tall and very slim, the daughter still in her teens looked amazing, her mum looked gaunt and unattractive.
      think CZJ is about 5’6 tall.

      • I agree. I used to think this woman was the most beautiful woman in the world. Well … I guess she WAS. She’s lookin’ hella old.

  • snoops

    I never understoof the appeal of this woman, but she definately looks better with more weight on her, at this current weight her hips look far too narrow, and legs look like they could snap.

  • Nay

    I agree that this thinner weight does not suit her. It ages her face, makes her skin look saggy, and makes her proportions look….strange. It actually makes me very sad when beautiful women such as herself succumb to the skinny obsession.
    Also, what is up with this makeup?!

  • Meko

    yuck! shes too small. her heard looks to big for body and her makeup looks terrible. shes a curvy woman too cant believe she dropped all that weight. she wore a gold bandage dress back in the day was hott!

  • Cecily

    She shouldn’t diet because she will never lose what she percieves as her ‘broadness’. She is an apple shape, and will always have a wider, shorter torso.

    This also means that she has naturally skinny legs. So when she diets, they look positively skeletal- while her top half looks bigger in proportion.

    • mermaid

      I was thinking the same thing. her torso still looks big compared to the rest of her arms and legs now, which look like twigs! it is a complete disaster, because her arms and legs look unhealthy, but her middle actually almost looks wider and, well, thicker or something. at the higher weight, she can look sort of curvier somehow, and it looks so much better on her.

      and even her face looks awful. really bad. she was beautiful before.

  • Lynn

    Wow, she needs to gain at least 10 pounds.

  • k

    It looks like she’s had plastic surgery on her face in the close-up (her husband’s had a lot done).

    She doesn’t seem super healthy or happy to me when she’s skinny or normal-looking.

    • kate

      Probably botox and fillers…that’s the only way her face could still look full while her body is so gaunt.

  • Sydney

    She looks awful. I don’t know if she lost the weight too fast, lost too much, or just needs some sun, but she definitely does not have her usual gorgeous glow.

  • Brittany

    girl no

    • mermaid


  • Kira

    The advertisements with sound are REALLY annoying. Is there any way you can have ads without sound?

    • Versus

      Do they start automatically or only when you move the mouse on them? And where are they positioned? I can’t see them, they show depending on location.

      • Kristin

        They definitely start automatically (at the ones I see), plus sometimes I get multiple sound ads on the same page.

  • MaryBeth

    I don’t understand why a woman who’s approaching menopause would voluntarily lose this much weight. Fat stores estrogen and as your ovaries start to shut down, you will only make yourself look older by being so thin. Does she want to look like a bony old grandma? She has to know this doesn’t look good.

    • Maggie

      I totally agree with your medical explanation…she already looks older than she really is.

    • chels

      interesting, it’s something I’ll look into

  • Purplebunny

    The first pic isnt flattering at all, she looks like a lollipop, like her head is too big for her body..She’s a goblet though isn’t she?What’s the difference between a lollipop and a goblet?

  • ivankanka

    her torso is so big compared to the rest of her body, freaky

  • Lisa

    She looks dead behind the eyes. Rachel Weisz has the same look, yet I seem to be the only person who thinks that.

  • Kt

    I don’t think she is too skinny generally speaking, a lot of girls look fine at this size but I think she’s too skinny for her bone structure, ages her and her head looks too big.
    I think she looks great in the before pic, but somewhere in between the two would look good too

  • madeleine

    she looked better with weight on her….i noramally am all for the skinnies but it ages her and she looks fresher with the added lbs

  • Clare

    Catherine looks awful-ill even. I hope she realises this quick and gains some weight back!! Her beauty is fading fast…..

  • Princess

    For me she was one of the most beautiful woman on earth….but now what`s happening to her? Her body looks more like a skelatal and it makes her looking old. Even the skin on her face doesn`t look smooth and fresh anymore

    • Clare

      Me too, I thought Catherine was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen! Her weight loss had made her face lose its natural plumpness-which has aged her at least 10 years! It isn’t a good look for her and she most definately didn’t need to lose it to get more film roles. I wonder what’s going on with her???
      It must be so so hard to have been as beautiful as her and watch the beauty fade…

  • Mirabela

    I see that most of the comments are about she looked better before. I agree with you.
    She is very thin (too much). But something else surprised me.

    If you look at the older picture, you will see that under arm (axilla and around) she have some plus skin (the skin have less elasticity).
    This is happening with age and/or loosing weight quickly.
    In the second picture it is obvious that she had lost moooore weight. And that skin … it disappeared.
    I’m sure she does a lot of stretching exercises, using creams or professional massage.
    So! … I’m realy curious about what she (and other celebrities) does exactly!!! How do they manage that “skin problem”?
    Because I have lost weight, but my skin it’s two size bigger on me. I look like a Shar-pei dog.

  • Sidney

    I agree with the comments here, she looks a bit skinny for her frame, and i am curious as to her motives to get thinner by such a noticeable amount. But her looking that bony at that size furthermore proves that she indeed is not a delicate build imo. She still doesn’t look tiny to me, just more angular. Not bad though, to me CSJ has that little something that makes me like her.

  • artemis

    her haira nd make-up are so perfect

  • I’m trying to decide if the first image seems shocking just because she never was stick-thin before, or if she really is underweight. She looks good, but it’s just not Catherine.

  • larry

    First of all, Catherine is still beautiful. Second, who are we to judge her anyway? Third, the angle of the picture distorts the way her legs look compared to her torso, it’s just an optical illusion. Her legs are proportionate to her body in real life and if you saw her in person you would realize this. And last but not least, she is working non-stop in a broadway musical and has actually been sick with the flu, so she isn’t purposely trying to be so thin. She’s not as tan as usual because she is working in New York, not California where there is a ton more sunshine all year long! Being pale and thin automatically gives people the inclination that someone is sick, but it’s just not so! So chill out and leave her alone because her husband will not let her waste away and neither will her family!

  • fl4isa

    damn! she looks too skinny! not good at all! i prefer her looks before!

  • m g

    CZJ was a lovely looking woman ..she is now too thine for her frame and it has made her look older than her 40 plus years. With all of her wealth why does she need to work so hard on Broad Way ..what is she trying to prove. She must take time out for herself , her Hubby who is ill and her kids . She is very old and haggard for a 40 something woman .

  • lichinka

    she looks a bit skinny here