Christina Hendricks, Then and Now

Christina Hendricks – Then & Now

Untitled-21 - Christina Hendricks - Then & Now

Left: 30 year-old Christina Hendricks in a leggy and cleavagey dress back in 2005.

Right: 37 year-old Christina in a more conservative outfit in 2013.

What do you guys think: did she change a lot in 8 years or… not so much?

More pictures of Christina from 2005 next!


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  • Robine

    Never got her appeal.

  • Alea

    She is 37 already? And no kids, even though she is married? Makes me wonder…

    • C

      Wonder about what? We live in 2013; it’s okay for women to decide they don’t want to have children, yes, even if they’re married. How judgmental and closed-minded of you.

      • eks

        Thank you! Totally agree!

      • Candy M.

        I mean come on, has she ever thought that maybe some of us don’t want children? Personally I have no inclination to ever have children, its not that i hate them I just don’t have any desire to raise one.

      • Emeline

        Agreed. Also I think she said she doesn’t want children

        • lol

          It looks like she has already had about 7 kids. even though she has had none. I know a women who has had 7 kids and has the same kind of body as her.

    • Winnie

      “wonder” what exactly? if she’s a closet lesbian?

    • Loxy

      This comment can’t be real.

      • Ave

        this comment was meant to bait a fight. And plenty of women (and men!) don’t want kids ever. My sister’s 30, her boyfriend’s 39, and neither want or particularly like the company of kids. I’m a few years younger and not quite ready to say “never” just yet, but it’s definitely not in the foreseeable future for me

        • Faidy

          Some people don’t want kids and some people cannot have kids, that is why we never say things like “you are 37 and no kids,? Why?” .because it makes some people very sad and also it’s definately none of business.

    • Hazal

      Maybe she doesn’t want or can’t have children? Who cares, it’s her life & her decision.

    • Snip

      Judging by the part of the world I’m guessing you’re from with that backward attitude, I’m surprised you even have an internet connection to access this blog.

      • Powwow

        @Snip Huh? So lack of wifi = backward? I’m confused because if that’s what you’re implying, THAT is ‘backward’.

        Alea cannot be serious. She MUST be a troll…

    • AnnieC

      I’m sure you do, sweetie – probably while breathing through your mouth.

    • siennagold

      So what if she doesn’t want to have kids. A lot of people nowadays don’t want to have kids.

    • Liv

      Ok wow. I think people are WAY too sensitive sometimes!! I read the comment and honestly didn’t give it a second thought and moved on. It’s not like she’s calling Hendricks a fat wh*** or something.
      Anyway. I think she is so beautiful! She can pull off any weight her face and voice is that lovely. I am addicted to Mad Men!

  • Nikki Nine Doors

    I think she’s so hot. She’s feminine, classy, sensual and very likeable in interviews imo. She’s what I think of when I hear “woman”.

    • Debbs

      I think she’s hot too but I don’t really like her sense of style.

  • sara

    lol weird poses from 4th pic down

  • Rosey

    LOVE her. She is so frickin beautiful & curvy in ALL the right places!

  • gsl

    Wow she looks very youthful. Good for her.

  • annabanana

    i think she looks better in the 2005 pics, but I think its just the hair color and style, plus makeup and dress and maybe slightly slimmer? Other than those things she looks pretty much the same! Her face is so pretty.

  • lee

    I think her main problem is that its 2013 and its hard to find clothes that are trendy, that fit her kind of figure, and don’t look like a period piece from when curves were more popular.

    • Maya

      Celebs have enough money that they don’t have to fit in clothes..they make them tailored to fit them perfectly

  • She still looks great – for 7 years, there’s not a lot of difference. She does seem to have gained a bit to me, but it’s not evident in this most recent photo.
    She’ll always be a favourite of mine – I just like that she’s portrayed and accepted as a particularly desirable woman even though she is at least 20lbs heavier than most other women in her industry. And she has a beautiful face!

  • Sasha

    What on earth is that silver sack in the last photos? It does absolutely nothing for her amazing figure.

    • Sheza

      I know right? What the hell.

    • Ophelie

      Seriously, the silver thing is horrid. Shiny things rarely photograph well.

  • amber

    Her skin is so lovely.

  • solaxia

    I think she is beautiful either way. I love her skin tone and hair colour, her face is so striking and pretty imo. I think she looks a bit heavier now, but not by much. I do prefer her in 2005, but I like her either way.

  • snugglepup

    The silver one makes her look chubby in the waist also those shoes are horrible. The green one should be used in the bedroom. Her present style is much more classy and flattering. It seems like she hasn’t aged at all tho!

  • Emeline

    She’s pretty as Joan, but not as much when she wears her own clothes (or the ones her stylist choses)

  • Hazal

    Really pretty face but obviously her style has always been horrible.

  • kateuk

    In those 7 years, she hasn’t aged one bit!

  • lc

    Don’t get her appeal sorry.

  • magwildwood

    Her face and figure do nothing for me. I do like her voice, though. It’s very soothing.

  • artemis

    so what’s the difference? 10 lbs or less? lol.
    her voice is nice, indeed, and her eyes, pale skin and (dyed) hair combo. and she has pretty lips
    her body on the other hand…nope.

  • D

    Does she deny her boob job? I dont know much about her but she clearly has had them done – she started out with natural big breasts/a lot of tissue so they look more natural when enhanced so can pass for a natural rack despite not being natural. Lucky girl, without them things she wouldnt be where she is today/gotten the hype she has.

  • annemarie

    She looks almost the same, except her breasts look better in 2005 when they were smaller and not pushed up to her chin. Her face and skin are gorgeous.

  • Jennifer

    Every time I watch Mad Men and “Joan” is on, I seriously cannot believe how big her chest is. I would be so self conscious if I had her body. Makes me realize how much I like being really petite and having an average size chest.

  • Snip

    One really attractive feature Christina Hendricks has is her graceful neck. Cynthia Nixon has one, too. Aesthetically, it goes a LONG way.

    • Lisa

      Never thought about Cynthia’s neck before, but googling has made me happy. That is a nice neck! 🙂

  • ary

    She’s a very attractive woman, and she knows it 🙂

  • truwordz

    she has AWFUL taste. all the wrong colours and shapes and eugh.

  • Polly

    She’s so unique, she looks like a porcelain doll. All her weight went to her boobs and midsection it seems, not too bad ! She looks banging in the rare times she wears street clothes. These sack-like dresses then and now don’t help her out at all.

  • mary

    oen constant…her style is TERRIBLE

  • lol

    It amazes me how this overweight, very unnattractive women gets so much praise on this site cos everywhere else I go people find her so unnattractive . Maybe it’s cos she appeals to the so called “real women” people which this site gravitates so much too.

    • lol

      And there is no way she is only 37 either. Looks much older. I think most of these celebs lie about their age.

    • tr

      There is a thing called beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Heard of it?

  • Lisa

    I think her face is pretty, but my back hurts looking at those boobs.

  • jessica_rabbit

    very unique looking girl. that skin, face, neck, hair color, even her cartoonish figure and voice.. i dont see her type of women walking down the streets every day..i dont remember i ever seen someone like her if i did i would remember.

  • Mariah

    The green dress is a bit skimpy, but at least it was cuter on her than the velvet going to a funeral look and disco-koi fish dress.

  • Lee Nielsen

    I wonder if she will ever be in a bond film.