Crystal Renn, Then and Now

Crystal Renn – Then & Now

160849916_10 - Crystal Renn - Then & Now

Red dress above: former plus-size model Crystal Renn at the amfAR New York Gala a few days ago.

Black dress below: Crystal and her big smile back in 2011.

112790445_10 - Crystal Renn - Then & Now

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112790443_10 - Crystal Renn - Then & Now 112790444_10 - Crystal Renn - Then & Now  160849914_10 - Crystal Renn - Then & Now  160853457_10 - Crystal Renn - Then & Now

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  • Lana

    “Nothing tastes better than skinny feels”… well obviously not… lol.

    • Hazal

      Hahaha 😀 yeah, she looks miserable.

    • Niki

      I love that you said this. I have suffered with an ed for 12 years and I can say, at my lowest weight, I was fing miserable. For the few years that I was at my heaviest, and not exp anorexia or bulimia, I was my happiest. Sadly, however, when things get stressful in life, I still revert back to old habits. But the fact that you said this is so poignant and true.

  • sara

    dont like her either way.. maybe its her eyebrows ?

    • Leah

      i agree, i feel like i should find her pretty but i just don’t, and i think it’s the eyebrows. they just look messy and don’t have an arch

  • Beans

    She looks way happier in 2011, but look at them curves in the red dress, she looks beautiful and statuesque

  • Magda

    Plus size or skinny, make up your mind lol
    Better in 2011.

  • ary

    the red dress suits her. That werid facial expression, not so much :/

  • heathers

    I actually prefer her w more meat on her bones.

    • silvy

      agree and in particular in her face.

  • JaneParker

    It’s one of the many cases where the body looks better at a lower weight, while the face looks better at a higher one. Maybe it’s just the make-up. But she looks happier in the 2011 pics. She probably has to keep a super restricted diet to keep the weight off. I’d be miserable too, which is why I’m trying to set my goal weight at 125 instead of the 115 that would feel “perfect” for me but I know would be almost impossible to maintain and I’m sure I would feel miserable trying, not to mention hungry all the time. It’s best to find a weight that’s realistic and confortable for you to keep,

  • jenna

    Somebody should tell her that the face(s) she makes while posing looks ridiculous. Otherwise, she’s a pretty girl.

  • I’ve never found her attractive, but I have to admit, her proportions look better now than they did when she was heavier. But she looked much happier then – I definitely prefer her face in the 2011 pics.

  • jen

    she’s a hypocrite- who basically became a “model” again byt playing up her plus size imagine and then dropped all the weight which she swears in her book she’s only able to do by starving herself, so….I respected her so much at first, but she stands for nothing now IMO

  • Sally

    this has relapse written all over it

    • ebby

      based on the photos SvC has been posting over the years she seems to have lost the weight gradually. there’s nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight if you do it in a healthy manner.

  • roonie

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen her smiling before, its nice to see. I prefer her slimmer look to the 2011 look. Generally though, whether she’s plus size or straight, I don’t really like her. Her poses and expressions are not attractive or interesting, just irritatingly repetitive. I don’t think she’s very attractive facially either, she’s just not a great model in my opinion.

    • Stace

      Agree 100% with you. She is a cute girl, but not a striking model.

  • Ana

    She looks so much better now! I actually think she looks best thin, it suits her.

  • definitely better now

  • G Girl

    Her face looks so severe but her figure is beautiful in the red dress. I prefer her face in 2011 and her figure now, though I don’t really care for her features either way.

  • Liz

    Love that red dress. I usually think her face looks prettier when she has a little bit of weight on her because it’s so angular, but I think she looks pretty damn fierce in the recent picks.

  • I know a lot of people find her a hypocrite for promoting a book on being plus sized, then losing all the weight and all…
    But I think her eating disorder is most definitely taken the best of her once again. The problem with e.d’s are that they completely control every aspect of your life, so at the time she may have actually been happy with her weight, but the struggles probably continued and she lost it… I feel so sad for her 🙁

  • Rachel

    It makes me sad to see her thin because I have a hard time believing she lost the weight without disordered behavior. Clearly she looks amazing at any size but I admired her courage before.

    • Lisa

      She could be doing it healthily. You’re not entirely wrong to assume disordered behavior, but it’s also unfair to think it HAS to be that. It’s like thinking that every time a former coke addict is going to the bathroom, they’re going to snort something, when all they’re doing is taking a dump. It’s stigmatizing. :\

  • Bee

    She looks way happier in 2011. Maybe the pressure of trying to stay thin and model so much as a thin model is bringing her down ..

  • Nicole

    Looked better in 2011 and I love seeing her smile. Pretty girl.

  • Nikki

    Her face is so much prettier now. Her face is a lot more defined, it really shows off those to-die-for cheekbones.

    In her “then” photo she really needs to sort out her eyebrows, so that may have something to do with it too.

  • Isabel

    Its hard to compare, both clothes are so different and therefore the effects they create. it would be easier to appreciate the changes if she was wearing a bathing suit. From what I see, she looks curvier in the red dress because her waist seems smaller. She looks good, but the essence of what she was -a plus size model- has been lost.

  • annemarie

    She’s probably going to gain weight again in a year or so and then write another book. Ugh.

    • kbaby

      I know right? She reminds me of Kelly Clarkson in regards to her weight going up and down and up and down…and up and down some more. Can she please find a healthy weight to maintain? I can’t imagine what her skin looks like without close on.

  • TonyFae

    Dont care what anyone says, but i think she actually looks better slimmer. My opinion.

    She just needs to SMILE MOREEE…

  • lc

    I think she looks much better now.

  • Mia

    Am I insane for not seeing a noticeable difference between the two pictures?? The difference I see is that she was smiling in the 2011 picture, and is “posing” in the more recent one. Besides that, it is SO hard to compare because the dresses are so different, but her arms look to be about the same size.

    • artemis

      i don’t see a big difference either

  • Sanne


  • Annie

    I wonder when the book about her relapse will be released.

  • Chelsea

    I love her plus-sized, not so much when she is thin.

  • Marty

    I feel like a biatch saying this but honestly…not my cup of tea. Her face annoys. I tried super hard not to write this post. I apologise:(

  • Stephanie

    I love her looks now, I think she looks stunning when thinner.

  • MerryTonberry

    I don’t know what it is about her… but I actually LOVE her. I can’t get enough of her.

  • Courtney

    She looks cracked out.

  • JJ

    Couldn’t afford tweezers?

  • Lisa

    Bwhaha, the blonde woman in the other red dress pictures!

  • nessa

    she’s not that pretty, but she definitely looks better with weight on her and less makeup. the picture with the red dress makes her look so old.

  • serena

    I barely notice any difference in her weight. But her figure looks a lot better in the red dress, for sure.

  • Adriana

    I think her body AND face look better in her current picture where she is thinner.

    When she I thinner she has the BEST cheek bones.
    That is probably my favourite part of her face.

  • Tinkerbell

    I have a soft spot for her either way… such an unconventional, unusual beauty – different yet stunning 🙂

  • Polska Blondynka

    Those eyebrows need to be tamed!

  • anonymous

    She looked better in 2011, she did not need to lose weight. Her face and body looked more vibrant back then. She’s still pretty now (in an edgy way) and she’s not too skinny, but to me she looked better before.

  • Junior

    unattractive either way so whatever….

  • Katz

    I think Crystal Renn has been quite smart all this time, she introduced herself in the modeling business as a plus size model when the plus size niche was starting, she made a name of herself and then she went for what she really wanted… high fashion couture, where there is no place for plus size. Yes, now she’s just one more in a bunch of skinnies, she stood out more when at her beginnings, because it was something different. Now she’s just the same as many more, still a great model.

  • Aims

    She reminds me of selma blair – both very masculine.