Doutzen Kroes, Then and Now

Doutzen Kroes Is in a Bikini (Then & Now)

FFN_g_51047071 - Doutzen Kroes Is in a Bikini (Then & Now)

Doutzen Kroes had some fun in the sun by the pool at her hotel in Miami these past few days – here she is in 2 different bikinis, showing off her very toned and thin figure.

And a step back in time: Doutzen (before her pregnancy), in 2009:

Doutzen-Kroes-in-Bikini-13 - Doutzen Kroes Is in a Bikini (Then & Now)

More new bikini pictures next!


FFN_g_51045906 - Doutzen Kroes Is in a Bikini (Then & Now) FFN_g_51045907 - Doutzen Kroes Is in a Bikini (Then & Now) FFN_g_51045908 - Doutzen Kroes Is in a Bikini (Then & Now) FFN_g_51045909 - Doutzen Kroes Is in a Bikini (Then & Now) FFN_g_51045910 - Doutzen Kroes Is in a Bikini (Then & Now) FFN_g_51045911 - Doutzen Kroes Is in a Bikini (Then & Now) FFN_g_51045916 - Doutzen Kroes Is in a Bikini (Then & Now) FFN_g_51045919 - Doutzen Kroes Is in a Bikini (Then & Now) FFN_g_51045925 - Doutzen Kroes Is in a Bikini (Then & Now) FFN_g_51045927 - Doutzen Kroes Is in a Bikini (Then & Now) FFN_g_51045930 - Doutzen Kroes Is in a Bikini (Then & Now) FFN_g_51047052 - Doutzen Kroes Is in a Bikini (Then & Now) FFN_g_51047054 - Doutzen Kroes Is in a Bikini (Then & Now) FFN_g_51047055 - Doutzen Kroes Is in a Bikini (Then & Now) FFN_g_51047059 - Doutzen Kroes Is in a Bikini (Then & Now) FFN_g_51047060 - Doutzen Kroes Is in a Bikini (Then & Now) FFN_g_51047061 - Doutzen Kroes Is in a Bikini (Then & Now)  FFN_g_51047073 - Doutzen Kroes Is in a Bikini (Then & Now) FFN_g_51047081 - Doutzen Kroes Is in a Bikini (Then & Now)

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  • xcheshirecat

    Clearly better before. She was thin but not too thin

    • Eline

      I really do not think Doutzen is too thin.. She’s toned! She has a very athletic body, but she is not scary-skinny or bony. And look at that ass!
      She seems very healthy to me!

      • melina

        Her body looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!Her son has fer features and his father’s skin tone.A very nice combination!

        • Linda

          I agree, I don’t find her too thin, but fit as hell!

        • Ginx

          Agree, I don’t know why people find that too thin. Most young women I know are at a similar low BMI (though not that toned) and it’s just fine.

          I think she looks gorgeous regardless, but I do like her body better thinner. I think her current hip-thigh area is DIVINE!

      • xcheshirecat

        it’s easy to see muscles when you have nothing on it. Nobody in a gym would find that athletic

        That is athletic :

        Muscles have volumes, not only surface

        • Mara

          Doutzen obviously works out and has some muscle – look at her butt – but I agree with you, esp with your last sentence. She looks super-toned because her body-fat-% is very low, but the really athletic women I see at the gym have actual muscle MASS.

          I prefer Doutzen’s figure in 2009. She still looks good now, but if I saw her in real life, considering the camera adds some pounds, I’d probably consider her borderline too skinny. And well…please don’t throw stones, but I think her narrow, compared to her 2009 picture she’s looking a little masculine now.
          Not saying she looks like a man, because she doesn’t. She has the prettiest face, though, I think she’d look fantastic with 5 or 10 pounds of actual fat on her.

          • JN1976

            Just like men, women build muscle differently depending on the type of exercise you do regularly. I know LOTS of super-athletic women that look as low body fat and lean-muscular…most of them are joggers…like marathon runners…to me this is quite athletic looking, tho she is quite lean, yes.
            This is my asthetic preference, skinny-fit…vs. muscular-fit which is what Jillian Michaels looks like to me (which I prefer to be than a LOT of things but I pref skinny-fit when done healthily…as DK looks she is to me, v much so)

          • lol

            Mara you are so insecure. Just like your pal on here you get into a tizzy everytime you see a hot woman in a bikini and start hurling insults about them being “masculine” etc. All just a ploy to make yourself feel better.

        • Cam

          Thanks for this comment, I was just waiting for somebody to say that she is not muscular but incredibly thin! I guess she does low weight high repetition lifting or body weight exercises.

      • Kate

        I agree, she looked great before…but amazingggg now!! I had read somewhere before (Vogue I think) that she was a beast in the gym…looks like she just cleaned up her diet to lean out. Definitely inspiration for summer bikini bod!!!

    • Inanna

      Clearly better NOW!! That’s a perfect body!

      • Tally

        I think she looks fab either way! But def not too thin now, and that ass is perfect! There are not enough pictures 😉

    • Nobsnob

      She looked so hot before, now she looks like a man.
      She lost her appeal.

      • Sasha

        She looks “like a man”? Are you kidding me? She looks freaking amazing. If I woke up tomorrow morning looking like that I would definitely not be upset or consider myself manly. She is a babe!!

        • JJ

          I’d cry if I looked like that. I don’t think 90% of men would find that figure the least bit attractive.

    • artemis

      i agree…her lower legs are so frail
      at least she still has a butt

  • Eline

    She looks absolutely georgeos, so fit and lean!!
    And she has the cutest son… Wow!

    I really like Doutzen being so down to earth, not attention-seeking, but just doing her thing.
    By far my favorite angel!!

  • Her son is so cute! And her body looks amazing at both weights. Im so jealous of her butt and abs!

  • Jay

    gosh her butt is amazing! i like her thin but the abs are just a little bit much. if she gained 5-10 pounds i think she’d be absolute perfection.

    • Neri

      Yes I agree – something in between… She’s just a bit too thin now, but perhaps a tad too ‘heavy’ before (NOT that she was fat or anything like that!).

      • Emeline

        Agreed, in between would be perfect. She’s a bit too thin now, but she was to ‘heavy’ before for my taste. Her body was nice before, but the bigger you are, the ‘older’ you look imo

        • PMS

          I was thinking the same…If she only put a few pounds to her current frame she would look absolutely PERFECT!

          • annabanana

            I agree.. her midsection is little too thin for me and her breasts almost look deflated. She’d be perfect with a tad more weight. But of course she still looks great.

          • Leah

            i agree as well. although i do think she looks better now.

  • serena

    This woman looks great at both sizes, she looked very womanly when curvy and now she looks fit and lean…Doutzen can do no wrong in my eyes because she is beautiful.

    • Debbs

      Agree 100%

  • carrie

    looks good-she shouldnt get any thinner though-probably 5’8 130 lbs maybe even 125 lbs.

    • southerngumdrops

      I would say less. The camera always adds pounds.

      Plus, I’m 5’9 and when I weight 125 lbs I looked a bit larger than her. I know everyone carries weight differently, but I would still say she weighs a bit less than that.

      • Kate

        same here, although I would like to imagine I look like her at 5’9″ and 125… and I have not even had a child. She must have a very clean diet.

  • Beans


  • ary

    her bottom half is perfect at both weights. Her torso looks better at a higher weight percentage, i think.

    • Ludivine

      I totally agree. I was thinking that all the time.

  • ingie

    I prefer the way she looked in 2009.

  • carrie

    she may even be 135 lbs at 5’8-she IS toned

    • Heather

      135? No way. I am 5’7, very little body fat, and I have been hitting Jullian Miachals Ripped in 30 HARD for the past month. I am 127. Doutzen is even thinner than me. I wouldn’t put her over 125.

    • mary

      135 in the 2009 pic maybe…now i wouldnt put her over 120…she is incredibly lean and small

    • Candy M.

      If she’s 5 10 than 135 would be a good guess. If 5 8 than subtract 10 lbs, Im fairly sure she’s 5 10 though.

    • KK

      You people are crazy! She’s 120 max.

  • Heather

    A little thin, amazing ass

  • Casey

    I think that’s a bad picture of Doutzen, or with a bad angle. She was never THAT big. From the same photoshoot:

    Overall, I like her body better now than before. Before, she used to be incredibly muscley (that one photoshoot excluded where she was softer for some reason, and looked much better), to the point where it looked incredibly masculine.

    I do like her with a bit more weight…she kind of looks small for her frame now.

    • Sanne

      It’s not. If you look close you can see it’s a different bathingsuit.

  • sarah

    Her body changed a lot in the last years.
    I remember that many years ago she was one of those models who took part to a Vogue event, where many editors and models too were talking about models who lose weight conforming to fashion’s dictats.
    Doutzen herself said that she was feeling the pressure of losing weight by her agency and co and she was very determined to stay healthy and curvy (as she naturally is).
    So what now?
    She did the opposite of what she said;
    I am not saying that she does not have a great and skinny body,but I am criticising her for not being faithful with what she said.
    That’s it.
    Sorry for my english,I am italian.

    • Faiy

      People change. And maybe you feel good at a higher weight when you are 19 but as you grow older you feel the need to be lighter.
      At least this is what happened to me. I could carry very well a few extra pounds when 18, but now in my mid 20s I feel heavy and bloated when that happens and I prefer to keep a lower (still healthy) weight and exercise more.
      Sorry for my english I m Greek 🙂

      • KK

        I know exactly what you mean. My “high” weight has adjusted after I passed 25 — it just looks puffy now instead of soft now that I am a bit older for some reason.

    • Roxy

      I rembember that article. She said she didn’t get lots of runway work because she was too big (in modeling terms). She said she liked the way she looked and refused to lose weight.
      I think she gave into the pressure of the modeling world. She was never this thin until after she gave birth. She lost her pregnancy weight and kept going down. Maybe people around her told her how great she looked and she continued to lose more and more.

  • Sanne dutchy

    First of all, Doutzen is beautiful in any weight in my opinion !!!!
    Although I prefer her pre-pregnancy weight, I get why she is a little more skinny now: she can do way more editorial work now because of it.
    She told in an interview once that because of the lack of weighttraining during pregnancy she lost a lot of muscle and that’s when she got skinnier..
    I do like her body better when she is heavier but workwise I get it..

    • Linda

      I think that could be true, because I was a lot heavier and more curvy before my pregnancy despite hitting the gym more often than nowadays. During pregnancy, I didn’t workout at all and I lost a significant part of my muscles.

  • sarah

    Her body changed a lot in the last years.
    I remember that many years ago in a event organised by Vogue in order to send a message against anorexia in modeling industry,Doutzen revealed that she was feeling the pressure of losing weight and she was very determined to stay healthy and curvy (as she naturally is).
    So what now?
    She did the opposite of what she said;
    I am not saying that she does not have a great and skinny body,but I am criticising her for not being faithful with what she said.
    That’s it.
    Sorry for my english,I am italian.

  • jsbella

    I have a body like Doutzen 2013 but with less definition to the abs and I work hard to keep it that way. My *boyfriend* wishes I had a body like Doutzen 2009!

  • Hazal

    She looks amazing! I’m going on vacation next week and wish I looked like that in a bikini 🙂

  • Me

    Wow she looks amazing now. I had no idea she was bigger a few years ago. I think her body now is absolutely perfect.

  • Miss x

    How do I get a stomach like this? Any advises?

    I think Doutzen and Adriana are the prettiest VS angels ever. Doutzen has a way better butt then Candice.

    • Casey

      Crunches and oblique training, and lowering your overall body fat.

      If you have the kind of body that stores fat mainly around the midsection, it may be impossible for you to have a stomach like that. Notice that she stores her fat mostly in her thighs, and none on her stomach.

      • Miss x

        Thank you, Casey:)

  • Kik

    She is now toned and fit and all, but her body in 2009 was above perfection – just something you have to be born with.

  • Debbs

    Her butt is perfect. I think she looks great then AND now.

  • Winnie

    i like her body better “before” just because she looked so luscious and womanly, almost “curvy” (in an hourglass sense) to an extent. her body now is crazy-amazing, but a bit to ripped for my taste. she still has a great butt though. her best feature besides her face for sure

  • JJ

    I find it hard to believe anyone is calling her body “perfection.” That is scary-skinny, bordering on anorectic. She is pure scrawn.

    • Casey

      Seriously? You don’t get that kind of body from not eating, I guarantee you that. She is lean, maybe too lean for a lot of people’s taste, but she does have muscle (which “anorexic” people don’t), which means she is weight-lifting, and the only way you have muscle when you’re weight lifting is when you’re eating.

      I am willing to bet she eats more than the recommended 2000 calories a day, but just very lean (low sugar and fat, lots of protein).

      • Nikki Nine Doors

        You know, you people can tell yourself all you want that these women eat, and that they just must work out hard, but that’s not the case. Doutzen is a bigger girl in general compared to the other VS Models.. she’d probably been on a strict diet and workout plan since she had her kid. Also, that first picture, she’s definietly not “big”, just amazing thighs.

        Also, I’m 5’10 and 150.. my body is pretty similiar to her heavier picture, and I’ve never ever been told I was fat, people always tell me how in great shape I’m in, and theres people who think I’m too skinny.

        And totally off the subject but I honestly dont believe a word these models say about their meaasurements, weight and even height.

        • juliebean

          I dont believe the measurements either.. I’m 5’11 and about 145-150 with a 28 inch waist and people think im SKINNY like too skinny.
          So how on earth are these chicks 5’10 and 120 lbs with 23-24 inch waists?
          I agree Doutzen looked better before, she’s a little scrawny here, obviously muscular.. but still scrawny.
          She looked hot here

          • Candy M.

            The models agencies all lie. There is NO WAY doutzen has ever been 119 lbs, maybe when she was 12. She would look like vlada skinny at that weight.

          • Ginx

            Yeah, with swimsuit modeling you can get away with lying about your waist.

            With runway though, the waist has to be accurate or the model won’t fit in the dress and then you have a problem as a designer.

          • tdotgirl

            doutzen looks so sexy there in the white suit! lol i find it funny how all the women on here love the scrawny almost sickly look. whats wrong with have a little bit of meat on you? and even in the white suit, shes not big AT ALL. i think in person we’d be shocked at how skinny she really is now.

          • KK

            Bone structure I guess? My sister is 5’11” and is 110-125, doesn’t look scary skinny at all and even has a bit of a belly. But very thin bones like my mom.

          • Liz

            Hi height/weight twin! How different weights look on people varies a lot depending on body composition and frame. I do believe some big-name models fudge their stats (lol @ Kate Upton’s 25″ waist) but that your average workhorse runway model can’t really get away with that. I’m about 31-27-38 with a fairly athletic body fat % and I don’t come anywhere close to looking model thin. The only people who think I’m model thin don’t follow fashion enough to know the difference between a 22″ and 17″ thigh.

          • Nene

            Agreed.I’ve always wondered about these statistics too.I find it hard to believe that someone of 5’10 height would have such measurements(23-24 inch waist).
            Maybe most of these models have small frame cos as am medium-large frame i’d look like a freakin’ concentration camp survivor with such measurements even at my height of 5’6.
            On a side note Doutzen looked better before,somewhere inbetween would be best.
            Amazingly her lack of a waist is prominent at low weight(now) but at a higher weight it’s hardly noticeable and her face looks more beautiful too.
            Maybe it’s just me but her little boy is cuter(am kinda partial to kids),haha.

      • Candy M.

        yeah Im skinnier than I was when I was eating less due to the weight training I’m doing. If you want to look lean pick up the weights and stop the chronic cardio ladies.

      • Mara

        I don’t understand why people assume you can’t build/maintain muscle and restrict your intake at the same time. Ever heard of anorexia in the ballet/gymnastics world? Anorexia in athlets is really not that uncommon and “You can’t get a toned figure when you’re not eating enough” is just plain wrong.
        I’m not saying Doutzen is anorexic. But I really doubt she’s eating more than 2000 calories a day. I vaguely remember once browsing through a diet book (“Model diet” or something like that?) that included meal plans of many not-so-famous commercial swimsuit models. None of them had more than 1600 calories on their average day, most were closer to 1200, calories burned by exercising not counted in.(I’m aware that most commercial models aren’t runway model tall, so their intake wouldn’t be required to be as high as Doutzen’s, but they are also not as thin.

        • Casey

          After a while that sort of restriction combined with strenuous work outs l leads to muscle catabolism.

          You simply cannot build/maintain muscle without an adequate diet.

          I have heard of anorexia in gymnists and ballerinas. Tell me, how many of them are actively building or maintaining muscle? Because the reality is, they start off really muscular due to their athleticism and then progressively lose body fat and then muscle to the point where they look, as the phrase is so commonly thrown around, “anorexic.” None of them are building or maintaining their musculature on their restrictive diets.

          Same with models. I am not denying muscular models go on restrictive diets. But I am challenging that they’re building or maintaining their muscle while going on restrictive diets. Because that is simply biologically possible.

          People also underestimate how many calories are spent doing weight training. I weight-train, therefor I am well aware that proper weight training burns more calories than cardio. I am also aware that improper protein intake means no muscle mass added…or even, lost.

          So again, I believe she intakes more than 2000 calories, mostly protein. It sounds crazy, but her diet is still very strict because she probably is also low fat and sugar, which means there are very strict and specific things she can eat. It’s not like she is eating 2400 calories of whatever she wants.

          • Casey


          • Nikki Nine Doors

            Hmn, I understand about building muscle and how you need to be getting enough food and nutritents.. but that’s what the need.. their nutrients. For all we know, she could be getting all her macronutritients in a form of four shakes a day.

      • JJ

        MORE than 2000 calories/day? Ha ha, dream on! I don’t know any grown woman (other than athletes or the workout-obsessed) who eats over 2,000 calories/day and looks like that. I bet she barely eats 1,000.

        • Casey

          That is insanely warped and inaccurate.

          • JJ

            It’s not “warped.” She has almost no body fat, and no muscle tone. Look at her calves–they are just frail sticks. She doesn’t have boobs and you can see her ribs and hipbones. What IS warped is calling this “perfection” and believing she shovels in excess of 2,000 calories/day.

        • Liz

          This. Even women bodybuilding and trying to get as lean as they can for bikini competitions aim for about 1,600/1,700 calories a day and that’s while getting in at least an hour of cardio and weight training (check out the bikini meal plan on blogilates).

        • mary

          oh come on, so every lean person with low body fat eats only 1,000 calories a day? It is quite possible to eat adequately and still maintain a lean and muscular physique. Doutzen is a little too thin for my taste at the moment, but doesnt mean shes starving herself. she looks like a huge gym rat to me, I see plenty of women who look like her at my gym…

          • Liz

            Who says 1,000 calories a day is starving oneself?

          • Nikki Nine Doors

            It is possible! Just not for Doutzens body type. CHECKMATE.

  • mary

    she looks great at both weights…i loved her legs before, they look a little too thin in the knee area now…but that toned tummy is out of this world!

  • Avelyn

    I liked her much better before, she was so much more unique as a size 6-ish mainstream model than now when she’s just a standard super skinny VS girl

  • Mafe

    I like her at both weights, but I prefer the Dutzen of 2013. Her body is just out of this world!! It is very inspiring, at least for me, since I also gain weight on my thighs. Great for her!

    • Mafe

      + Doutzen Oops 🙂

  • Two cents

    My favourite VS model, she looks great!

  • liss

    She´s perfect! i want that body NOW! thanks:)

  • La la la la

    She’s gorgeous at both weights. Like I just said in the Leighton Meester post, it seems like pears have to make a decision sometimes: Bigger thighs + boobs or almost no boob + thin thighs. I think both are fine choices! I would personally rather be a bit softer, but I see how being small like her is good for her work.

    What I really want to know is how these VS models seem to have no cellulite. There is no way that every single one of them is just genetically gifted. I know it’s their muscle tone and body fat percentage, but what’s the trick? Pilates, yoga, kickboxing, running, biking?! All of them combined? Or is just one type of exercise the best? Is pilates the key?

    • Candy M.

      Well the fact that they are all lean obviously plays a huge part. Also, in candids they do have minor cellulite plus they have access to every beauty treatment under the sun being the top models in the world.

    • Ginx

      Not as much genetics as selection of genetics.

      These women were all chosen for their beautiful features…. but if you look closely, even VS models show some minor cottage under harsh sunlight.

    • serena

      A few reasons:
      youth – they’re in their 20’s
      exercise – workout with trainers daily
      diet – they have low body fat levels
      genetics – they were chosen for their above-average physiques

    • La la la la

      Thanks. I was hoping there was some secret to getting rid of it but it makes sense it’s just a lot of things combined

  • Ana

    She looks AH-MAZING! Love her back! Her face is just not attractive for me but that body, damn!

  • Kelly-Ann

    Utter perfection. And her little boy is beautiful and so sweet. I do feel sorry for her though: there she is, trying to have a good time with her son, and all the time there´s paparazzi in the bushes! And before, she kind of reminds me of Kate Upton (you know, blond and curvaceous). I am SO jealous of her (Doutzen´s) abs and thighs and butt! *puts away cookie and heads to gym*

  • binks

    Personally I like her before body but she still looks good now.

  • carrie

    i still think if she is 5’8 125 lbs-130 lbs she does have muscle

    • justme

      I’m inclined to agree. My friend is 5’7″ with a very similar build (slightly bottom heavy, strong shoulders, delicate midsection), and a little bit less muscle weighs 118-120. Doutzen is reportedly taller, and appears to have more muscle (especially in the booty!). I could easily see 125-130. I think people forget how dense muscle can be!

  • Lea

    @Versus can you do more post on models other than the VS angels like Anais Pouliot adn Marie-Ange Casta(Leatitia Casta’s little sister) please.

  • Polska Blondynka

    I prefer her before body. It’s a lot more softer. She has a six pack… not that there is anything wrong with that, ladies, but for a lingere model… no.

  • Annee

    She looks absolutely amazing!!!
    To me she is so much more attractive than Candice. I don’t understand why Candice gets all the attention of the VS lately. Even in commercials she is the main face and has all the beautiful close ups. Doutzen is rarely used.
    Maybe they are prepping publicity for the victoria secret wonderbra, which I guess candice will wear.

    Anyways; gorgeous kid as well! She seems a devoted mother.
    Over all she somehow makes me proud to be Dutch 😉 ( know, it’s weird. As if I can take any credit….)

    • Annee

      Oh, and I prefer her body from 2009. She looks softer and more womanly. Only the picture on this site is from a bad angle. If you want to compare the two, you have to look at the links other people send in!

      btw: Any other Dutchies on this forum???? 🙂

      • Kelly-Ann

        Yep, right here! From Amsterdam (originally Eindhoven) and proud to be so 🙂 En jij? x x x

        • Annee

          Haha thanks for your reply:)
          Ik woon in Kampen, vlakbij Zwolle! Maar gaaf wonen in Amsterdam zeg. Lucky you..

      • Ludivine

        Hier ook iemand uit Amsterdam. Ja Doutzen is om trots op te zijn.

    • Sanne dutchy

      Haha I know what you mean, she makes me proud to be dutch as well.. She is gorgeous and sincear in my opinion.. She really works hard to be healthy and happy in her job and is very down to earth as a person.
      I’m don’t follow any models but her !
      She is someone to look up to in many ways !

      • Sanne dutchy

        I’m = I 🙂

  • Lisa

    Suuuuper super hot both ways. I personally prefer to have more muscle, but she suits both types of bodies because her shape is so nice.

  • retrobanana

    she is my favorite i like her obth ways exactly the same i sort of miss the old doutzen..because i felt she looked simply sexy and still slim and toned just curvy too…now her body is so hot and chiseled and perfect you cant complain either so i have no complaints and she still has a great butt..doutzen= perfect

  • retrobanana

    i have spotted cellulite on allesandra…and her legs still were sexy

    • Polska Blondynka

      All the models have cellulite. Even Candice. I’ve seen pictures of her cellulite. They just hide it well.

      • Ludivine

        But that’s not really cellulite. Because most models who are still at their healthy weight, which I believe Alessandra and Candice are, although very thin, they do have a little bit of fat tissue. that is what you see. Real cellulite looks different.

  • Megan

    I forgot how good she looked plumper. But either way, whatever gets her the most business.

    Her son’s water wing turtle is adorable 🙂

  • Sasha

    Before – stunning! Also something between before & now would be nice. She’s a bit too thin for my taste now.

  • Ophelie

    I thought I preferred Doutzen thinner but that 2009 picture is perfection. I still like her thinner figure though.

  • Cara


    • Ginx

      I’m not sure how she would be fighting for equality with these pics.

      Unless you mean “emaciated” – and even then, look that up. It doesn’t apply here.

    • KK


  • Andrea

    She looks amazing! I could look at pictures of her all day. Infact, I think I will lol.

  • coldnipz

    how is her face so perfect??? I WANT HER NOSE!! i think it is to die for. i wonder if a plastic surgeon can recreate her nose on me? hmmmm
    shes just so beautiful it makes me sick.

  • lc

    I think she looks waaaaay better now, I am obsessed with her current body. It is just…amazing. I LOVE it. <3

    • Adriana


  • urss

    Doutzen Kroes Is Perfect (Then & Now)

  • Desiree

    Average. Cute girl, decent body.

    • Candy M.

      Under no stretch of the imagination is this woman “average”. I don’t know what planet you live on , but In my life Ive seen very few people as beautiful as her in person.

      • Desiree

        I live on the same planet you do. I don’t find her as stunning as I find Emily DiDonato. We simply have different preferences, and that’s okay!

    • jenna

      i’m with you – i don’t get the hype. she’s definitely a pretty girl, and her body (before & after) looks good, but i just don’t see her & have the intense love reaction that so many on here do.

  • I think, like so many models today, she looked better earlier in her career between this weight and the heavier one. She used to be a little soft, but still obviously toned and slim – now I think, for me, her body fat is too low. She’s never had a super curvy figure – she looks curvy from the side, but not so much from the front – and I don’t think that has changed much with her weight. I think her face looked prettier when she was a little heavier too. She’s still very attractive and not worryingly thin or anything, I just don’t like this very toned look.

    • lol

      “I think, like so many models today, she looked better earlier in her career between this weight and the heavier one. She used to be a little soft, but still obviously toned and slim – now I think, for me, her body fat is too low. She’s never had a super curvy figure – she looks curvy from the side, but not so much from the front ”

      Do you and Mara ever post anything new? Yes of course you always prefer people “heavier” but she was never “heavy” and stop telling everyone who is considered “curvy” and who isn’t according to you, you can only be curvy if everyone looks exactly the same as you. It’s funny how you always have so much praise for the likes of Christina Hendrick, yet turn your nose up at anything smaller than a size 8. every comment you make is too feed your own over inflated ego.
      Nobody else will tell you that of course in case they come in for a grilling from your clique on here. But many think it believe me.

      • lux

        Why do you find it necessary to insult people who have a different opinion than you?

  • Adriana

    I prefer her 2013 body mostly because of her slimmer hip/thigh area but also because her current buttocks is what I would call perfection!
    When it comes to her mid section I don’t find it too hard or manly as others have decribed it. I mean it’s not like she is sporting an 8 or 6 pack. BTW I don’t find muscle manly, to me they are just muscles. Even so I can barely see Doutzens abs. Just a toned tight stomach.

    • brebre

      Completely agree! Her 2013 body is my ideal.

  • kate

    You can never win. If she is soft, ppl criticize her for not working out enough. If she is toned and fit, people say she is not womanly. FFS

    • Polska Blondynka

      It sucks. Everyone has their opinions. You just have to listen yourself not others. If you think you look good toned and muscly, then go for it. If not then don’t.

  • anushka

    I adored Doutzens body before, especially in that one post where she posed for nude lingerie. Her body was so curvy and womanly.
    She still looks good. But i liked her more before.

  • D

    She looks good both ways but I like her better softer because of her overall shape/wider ribcage as the softness makes her shape more feminine

  • tr

    Such a BABE back then! Lovely thin, curvy AND toned legs: a beautiful and rare combination indeed! Now she looks like every other generic model: dull, super thin and boring, IMO.

  • KK

    OMG her son looks JUST like her! Adorable.

    I like her better before because she was unique and her face looked better, but I am a hypocrite because I personally aspire for her current weight.
    I must also say that her waist looks impressively defined here — she always seemed so straight-up-and-down to me.

    • Observer

      You’re kidding right? Her son looks nothing like her, if I saw them in a crowd I wouldn’t think they’re even related. ???

      She’s shaped rather upside down triangular, and she’s never had that much of a defined waist, though it was more pronounced when she was at her earlier size. To me, she DOES look straight up & down to me.

      • Observer

        **didn’t finish that, should’ve been….”To me, she DOES look straight up & down from front

  • retrobanana

    i agree shes def 120

  • happygolucky

    She love how toned she is and especially the shape of her thighs. However, her knobby shoulders and knees, and practically non-existent calves 🙁 make me think she is somewhat underweight.
    Her little boy is so sweet!

    • happygolucky

      * I love –argh

  • jessica_rabbit

    before. she was so sexy. but she stil has a nice butt.

  • Hara

    DAMN. There’s not one bad angle of this lady. I think I need to get one of those ruched bikini bottoms if it makes my ass look half that good. But damn she’s doing something right. Speculations on her diet/workout?

  • Pixie

    She looks amazing! Perfect body and great booty!! 🙂

  • AHHHH LOVE HER BOD!!! But I never got her appeal facially (to me, wayyy too horsey) so I guess I love her from the neck down. Impressive definition though; masochism at it’s finest!

  • kat

    wow she looks perfect

  • vanessa

    I prefer her body before. She looked so curvy and sexy. and womanly. Now she looks like every other stereotypical model. very skinny very blonde. For some reason the curvier softer body looks 10x better.

    • Indigo Lace

      I agree.

  • Adriana

    I prefer her 2013 body however if I was being really picky the one thing I would change if I had her body would be adding a tad more muscle to my arms but thats all.

  • Hayley

    She looked gorgeous in 2009. Wow, I am very jealous! Her body looks very blah now to me – not saying it doesn’t take a lot of work to achieve/maintain (I bet it takes more work than her 2009 body to maintain), just that I don’t get the “wow” factor since I prefer a little more softness.

  • Observer

    She looked better before & I think that was her more natural weight. She must’ve undergone a rigorous routine to get to her current size, & I do think her torso is unnattractive, especially when paired with her broader-than-hips shoulders.
    Like I said before on her posts, she wanted slimmer legs so dieted away & it affected her upper half…I see many girls like that who thought they could have a quick fix to weight disproportions.
    Her legs look fine but they’re just not natural for her body type.
    She never wowed me as with everyone else here..she -like many other VS models- just looks too artificial to me, like a factory made product and not natural looking.

  • AS

    I realize I’m going to get completely chewed up for posting this, but just wanted to share my two cents..
    Firstly, I’m a model. Currently I’m signed to Ford. I’m 28,5’11” and weigh about 128-130 pounds. Measurements are what matters in the industry and mine are at this height and weight 34-25-36.. after having a kid. I’d imagine Doutzen is somewhere in this neighborhood, but for her it looks unnaturally thin. HER frame is more curvacious. Everyone is different, some people are built to be thin and some aren’t. I do run 5-6 times a week and lift 3 times a week and do on the whole try to eat healthy.. probably under 2,000 calories but I don’t really keep track. I guess I just want to put it out there that not all models are anorexic, not all thin people have an underlying problem.. some just are naturally thin and a healthy diet/workout program make them even more so. Having been anorexic and bulemic when I was younger it really bugs me to see those labels thrown out willy nilly.

  • cameron baum

    She looks good but I like her pre-baby body more.

  • Natalia

    Very pretty face, not gorgeous but very pretty, hair very natural looking and pretty….she has a good body, great looking butt in that one pic, but I just can’t get past her thighs, which always I seem to want to thin when I see her, …needs more muscle definition, more sculpting too. But still better looking than your average woman. Like her.

  • ss

    Her legs have lost too much weight..she has mentioned in past interviews that her thighs are considered big for a model..well they still looked better with more weight on them..this doesnt look natural :/