Gigi Hadid, Then and Now

Gigi Hadid on the Victoria’s Secret Runway – Then & Now

Gigi Hadid Weight Loss

gigi-hadid-weight-loss-7 - Gigi Hadid on the Victoria's Secret Runway - Then & Now

While the Gigi Hadid weight loss post requests still continue, here are a few side by side pictures featuring the gorgeous model on the Victoria’s Secret runway in 2015 (left) and 2016 (right).

Back in October 2015, the model was quoted saying:

Yes, I have boobs, I have abs, I have a butt, I have thighs, but I’m not asking for special treatment. I’m fitting into the sample sizes. Your mean comments don’t make me want to change my body, they don’t make me want to say no to designers that ask me to be in their shows, and they definitely don’t change the designers opinions of me. If they want me in their show, I’m in it; if they don’t, I’m not. That’s just how it is and how it will be.

gigi-hadid-weight-loss-5 - Gigi Hadid on the Victoria's Secret Runway - Then & Now

More Gigi Hadid weight loss comparison photos next!


gigi-hadid-weight-loss - Gigi Hadid on the Victoria's Secret Runway - Then & Now gigi-hadid-weight-loss-2 - Gigi Hadid on the Victoria's Secret Runway - Then & Now gigi-hadid-weight-loss-3 - Gigi Hadid on the Victoria's Secret Runway - Then & Now gigi-hadid-weight-loss-4 - Gigi Hadid on the Victoria's Secret Runway - Then & Now  gigi-hadid-weight-loss-6 - Gigi Hadid on the Victoria's Secret Runway - Then & Now

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  • efay

    I personally liked her body more pre-weight loss and it’s kind of sad that the pressures of the industry got to her.

    • lila

      What I find most shocking is that she is the example of how a celebrity can NEVER get it right.

      Before the weight loss she was criticized for being too “fat” to model and to only book gigs because of her family.

      After the weight loss, she 100% fits the “model”-look and definitely would get booked regardless of her name, she worked hard for this – but now people criticize her for NOT staying how she was before.

      I think her weight now isn’t an issue in itself, it’s more how she seems to have achieved it, because she lost weight super fast and is looking really unhealthy and in most pictures rather unhappy too. It’s a shame and I hope she’s doing okay.

      • efay

        you took the words right out of my mouth, she’s been pressured to lose weight for a long time. i remember on real housewives when her mom yolanda wanted her to quit volleyball (which is what she actually wanted to pursue as a career, not modelling) because she was gaining weight and didn’t allow her to eat cake at her own birthday party because she was shooting sports illustrated in a couple of days.
        & same she lost so much weight since last year and seems like she has a lot going on in her life i wish her the best.

  • Agatha

    She bragged about how curvy she was and how everyone hired her and that it didn’t matter. Bianca Padilla called her out saying if it didn’t matter it was because of her status, but the majority of models do have to fit those standards, unfortunately. Now she’s underweight, so, this shows the industry is still sick. But I don’t feel pity for her.

  • Sabrina

    So much better before the weight loss: younger, sexier, more sensual, curvier, happier and healthier (at least it looks like it) and glowier!

    • Carolz

      she looks like a corpse now… there’s a candid picture of her getting into a cab and she’s bent over, you can see all of her back bones, from down the spine to up her neck… it’s not healthy. She’s been losing weight since her last VS show, it seems like a competition with the other models so she can say “well, I’m skinnier than y’all now”

      • snarkylarky


        • Carolz

          looked and it says the picture was removed form the IG it was posted on, probably due to people calling her anorexic… she was wearing that swarovski Versace jumpsuit she wore at the AMA’s and the photo was snapped the moment she bent over to get into a cab.. I’ll post it if I find it again.

          • snarkylarky

            ah, eek. sounds awful. but of course I’m morbidly curious and want to see it

          • Carolz

            have you seen the latest Gigi post (of her winning model of the year)? There’s a pic of her from that day, wearing the jumpsuit I was talking about! Sooner or later the rest of the pictures will reemerge and everyone will see hos sickly thing she is and how bony her back is, this is probably damage control atm due to people calling her out on her weight loss

          • snarkylarky

            :/ no i havent seen that one,

  • bluepixie

    Looks hot in both, but with guilt I think she looks more amazing now. I like all the definition… Still sad to see her change, I’d probably respect her looks more if she stayed the same. I can definitely imagine guys thinking she was sexier before though. It could just be that I like her lingerie more this year.

  • chr

    No, and its not even that I think she’s “too skinny”, however– look at her arms in the fifth picture- she has saggy skin and her butt looked saggy too. Also, her skin looks grayish and she just looks worse overall.She just shouldn’t be a model in the first place.

    • claud

      agree. nepotism only makes one richer, skinnier, and more haggard looking in the future. i wont be surprised when she and her wannabe sister end up as crazy as janice dickinson (without the cred, of course).

      • chris

        They will never be Janice lol, I love her- she’s crazy but she’s a hoot. She has more personality in one hair strand than Bella Kendall and Gigi combined.

        • claud

          truth! i love janice too. who is a better comparison for these girls… that toothless homeless lady (who smells like birds) in times square with a lazy eye passing out lingerie spreads of herself from 40 years ago? much better.

          • chris

            lol, well thankfully I always manage to avoid Times Square. I just cant think of supermodels in the past to compare them to. The models of the 70’s were Jerry Hall, Janice,Gia, Iman. 60’s was Twiggy, Veruschka, Donyale Luna, Penelope Tree.

            In the past you actually had to be you know, interesting, to be a model. To me the most boring 90’s model was Cindy Crawford, and she is still 100 times more interesting than GIGI or Bella and 10000 times more interesting than Kendall.

  • chr

    Just compare her skin in the first two pics. The first pic her skin is slowing and vibrant, the second it is dull and grey.

  • Vanessa Scott

    I preferred her body before but her hair color looks better now. I also like that he face is more defined now. But I miss her glowing skin and youthful look.

  • WineNotWhine

    She definitely lost weight but it seems like it hit her face the most!

    • efay

      @disqus_e3aoywwBsE:disqus that’s a lie, the only VS model who is the closest to her pre-weight loss size is Rachel Hilbert

  • Tia

    Her face is more structured now, but she was prettier overall before. And she lost her boobies, which were really nice before. She probably lost this much since people were mocking her and to conform. Sad thing is that on the SG forum everyone still says she needs to loose 10-20 lbs. more. Modeling’s such a nasty industry, IDK why she wants to be part of it.

    • chris

      wait, who says she should lose 10-20 more lbs? she’d look horrible, her skin already looks unhealthy and dull. Some women look amazing really thin- Natasha Poly, Snejana O.– that’s because they have smaller frames and strong facial bones that hold up to and are actually enhanced by no fat. Gigi needs to gain 10 lbs and quit modeling. she’s awful at it no matter what she weighs.

      • Tia

        Really? I think she’s a really good model. I’m always curious to take a look when i hear she’s doing some new campaign. She’s much better than alot of the VS girls or her sister or Kendall IMO.

        But I agree she should gain back some weight. The people on that other site are firmly in the “women who hate women” group. I’m writing an article on “social supermodels” and I went there for research and it was not a pleasant place. But hey, it gave me some good quotes to use at least.

      • efay

        she’s mediocre for sure but she’s definitely not an awful model.

        • chris

          eh, when i look up gigi hadid modeling its endless photos of her staring vapidly with her mouth open. not to mention she cant even walk right. look up linda evangelsta modeling or veruschka modeling and compare.

          • efay

            the same could be said for a lot of models since you’re comparing her to supermodels from decades ago. modelling in general has changed tremendously since the times you’re referring to.

          • chris

            you’re right for sure, but there is still Karlie Kloss I guess. but you’re confirming my point, there’s been a huge decline.

  • Helena

    Well, in my opinion she was more suitable for VS last year, lingerie models should be feminine and have some curves (and no i’m not bodyshaming). I have to admit there was just one girl on the runway with a body i admire, Irina Shayk. Most of the looked painfully thin (i follow romee on Insta, can’t believe how unhealthy she looks) and haggard. WHAT happened to Adriana? She is very toned but she lost her shape. They didn’t look healthy or sexy. Sorry. Very disappointing this time.

  • Brigita

    She is not very special to me, but I liked her body much more before weiht loss

  • sharlane

    Sad, Her glow is gone. Hope she’s mentally ok and doesnt have a full fledged eating disorder.

  • Alyona

    And to think – even last year at the VS show she had dropped a lot of weight for THAT show (in the first pics)… forever shrinking! She fit the brand with her initial weight loss while at least having some type of life in her/still a bit of the glow that she had when she initially came out posing for Sports Illustrated and what not when she first stated that curvy girl quote. She now looks old, tired and weak. You can tell when someone is restricting, not eating enough, to be slim VS. victoria secret models who are simply naturally slim as they will generally still look healthy/not weak as they can still eat… lol.. like as dull as she is, Kendall is naturally slim.

  • Bella

    She and her sister have both aged 10 years because of their weight loss.

  • jjj2

    I think she is a lot more sexier now to be honest. She is at a perfect weight right now, not too thin, and nice definition.

  • liss

    Body looks better before but hair and face now

  • Annie

    Such a shame. I liked her figure before, but it seems like there cannot be a healthy middle ground between regular and plus size models.

  • angry_bird

    Her body definitely looked better before! But I think her face looks better now… But could be because of better makeup and hair

  • SexxyManatee

    I think she looks nicer in the face and body in the before photos. But as long as she is happy, that’s all that matters.

  • Snugglepup

    Her boobs and face looked better before, but her arms and thighs were kind of off compared to rest of her body, so overall she looks better now (modeling wise). Though I don’t think she’s particularly good looking either way…

  • snarkylarky

    depressing. she gave into the pressure obviously. no shock there.

  • Monty

    I think it’s sad that the PINK models have to work with VS for years before they can achieve the “angel” title, but Gigi, Bella, and Kendall just got it handed to them..I can understand why the other models might envy them.

  • PressCore

    Gigi Hadid would look good dressed or semi dressed in a burlap bag.
    She’s simply got the schmeckta. But if a picture says a 1000 words, it’s
    obvious she was radiantly happy in the left photo, than 20 lbs underweight
    and feeling too light on her feet in the after photo. We sadly must live in
    a warped & twisted culture that puts brutal pressure on truely beautiful
    feminine women like Gigi to appear as though emaciated to sell lingerie.
    When a woman looses their basic body fat God created to store fat (oil)
    soluable vitamins, they’re that much closer to loosing their health altogether.
    My calling our ” high fashion ” culture warped & twisted is an understate
    ment. Men and women are keyed more to the color of the garments to
    spend their $$$ than to sadism by seeing people suffer underweight.
    Gigi’s breasts & hips were busting out in the left photo. That’s schmecta.

  • AlyssaMoh

    what a message to send to women and girls.
    Congrats VS, this is why your brand sucks.

  • Sherry Wang

    Beautiful in both!