Giuliana Rancic, Then and Now

Giuliana Rancic – Super Skinny in a Little Black Dress

167236433_10 - Giuliana Rancic - Super Skinny in a Little Black Dress

38 year-old Giuliana Rancic stepped in front of the cameras yesterday at the E! 2013 Upfront event held at the Manhattan Center in New York, where she wore a little black dress that showed off her very thin frame.

And here’s a picture of Giuliana from 2005:

52001406 - Giuliana Rancic - Super Skinny in a Little Black Dress

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167225396_10 - Giuliana Rancic - Super Skinny in a Little Black Dress 167225398_10 - Giuliana Rancic - Super Skinny in a Little Black Dress 167236427_10 - Giuliana Rancic - Super Skinny in a Little Black Dress 167236430_10 - Giuliana Rancic - Super Skinny in a Little Black Dress

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  • retrobanana

    id bet shes as thin as victoria beckham she makes fun of her but its clear she admires her

    • Deli

      To me looks likes she’s trying to look like Olivia Palermo or hire the same stylist/hairstylist! And yes, she was thin but now she’s super thin, she went to the limit of dangerous!

      • My instant thought when I saw her was VB wannabe….channeling Victoria a bit too much

  • Joanna

    Omg, I knew she was obsessed with her body and weight but now she is officially reached the on-the-edge-of-grave-look.

    • cloud9

      i feel sorry for her, look at her eyes, she looks exhausted. maybe from not eating, or something else. I think she’s really sweet and does what many actresses and celebrities do, not eat. i hope she’s okay 🙁

  • Pixie

    She’s always been super slim, nothing new there. I luv the shorter dark hair on her!! I’ve watched a few episodes of her reality show, and I find her and her husband to be very genuine and sweet. 🙂

    • Dani

      Umm, have you seen the second picture? Yes, she was always thin, but there is a BIG difference between how she looked then and how she looks now! Look at her face!!

      • Pixie

        Idc, she still looks fine to me. I usually prefer a slim with curves figure, but she doesn’t look sick, just super thin.

      • jjj2

        Very true.. She got older!

        I’d have to give her credit, she has always maintained around the same weight. She looks great. Good for her!

  • Sarah

    This woman is too much. She came to BR and spoke at LSU at a sorority event. I’ve seen some pictures of the event on my facebook. Next to pretty, slim 18-22 year old sorority girls, Giuliana looked so skinny and unhealthy, like she was about to break. It’s kind of a shame 🙁

    • Chloe

      Small world. I’m from Baton Rouge and graduated from LSU, though I live in Fort Worth now :-).

      • Sarah

        Chloe– calling Baton Rouge! Miss my old LSU days. Was walking around the lakes and saw the sorority house banner advertising Giuliana’s meet and greet, so had to check it out.

  • retrobanana

    yeah a lot of people admire her i know shes been throug ha lot but whenever she talk i jus dont like her she comes across cold and superficial to me andits car shes obsessed with being thin…she seems so phony i hate how she interviews celebs too..she makes it about her.

  • fructify

    Haha the girl in the back on the last picture is feeling so fab

    • samra

      Hahahaha Yes. Great photobomb!

    • Emmy

      thanks for making me look lol

  • Sanne

    Huge teeth, hollow eyes. Fab.

  • Jaime

    She has always been skinny, she works at it.

  • happygolucky

    She looks like Jack Skellington.
    Clearly too thin for her frame.

  • serena

    Looks much better with brown hair, the blond/ombre thing was too light to look natural on her. Very skinny, but looks healthier than she did at her smallest – I think she had cancer ,that could be the culprit.

  • Stace

    I’ve always thought that she has the oddest face. She would probably look better with a few pounds.

  • D

    I dont understand how people are saying she has always been this fragile/thin. She has always been slim but she was slim and healthy looking before, now, like I stated – she looks fragile and weathered as this isnt a natural/come easy weight for her. We all know she starves herself though… she was the one who posted her kashi-bar-a-day diet on her blog for everyone to read lol.

    • Fatme

      actually she has always been this thin, she has never looked healthy. She had a little more meat in her body, but she was still considered thin. but like you said now she looks thin and unhealthy, the haircut suits her though.

      • Aafje

        Are all the people saying “she has always been this thin” completely ignoring the 2005 picture? She clearly has a fuller face and thicker arms.

  • arinna

    she has this bulimic dead eye thing going on…

  • Missjasmined

    She looks like an ant from that Disney movie Antz.

    • mary

      OMG she totally does! lol!

  • jenna

    WOW – the picture of her when she’s 33, she actually looks like she’s a pretty, fresh, youthful 33 year old. Fast forward a few years, and now she looks like at least ten years older than her current age. I thought she’s 40-something for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shows what happens when you’re trying to be too thin for too long. Sad, because she actually looks cute in the BEFORE pic.

    • mary

      she also has breast cancer. that ages you. all things considered, she looks good.

  • Nikki

    She looks gorgeous, I really like her hair/make up. But her eyes look too big for her head, I don’t know whether that’s cause she’s so slight though.

  • LaliD

    ok so idk how many of you have seen her in person, but I use to work over at E! and let me tell you, she is soooo thin,her head is HUGE compared to her body. In pictures it doesn’t show as much but in person, oh man it’s pretty bad. On top of that I’m not a fan of hers, i don’t think anything about her is cute/pretty. just my opinion.

    • Sandy

      I always suspected that was the case. She looks positively emaciated.

  • Sophia

    And I’m just sitting here, eating my ice cream.

    • Arianna

      haha that made me laugh out loud

  • She is definitely not this weight naturally – she’s been on a very restrictive diet (and has talked about it publicly) for many years. I think her style has definitely improved and she looks really chic in this latest photo – but it’s blatantly obvious she is very thin and much thinner than she used to be. I’m sure she’s healthy, but she’s definitely underweight and works hard to keep herself that way. It’s up to her, but I know I, and many others, think she would look better if she went back towards her previous weight – she also seems a little too wrapped up in her weight and appearance, which I don’t think is a psychologically good thing for the most part.

    • JaneParker

      I agree with you on everything except maybe the “healthy” part. She may not be fainting all the time (for all we know) but if she’s working so hard to remain underweight then she’s definately not healthy – at least mentally. It really bothers me to see her recent pics, her head looks huge compared to her body, her dress is so loose on those tiny arms. When people talk about women having the body of a 12 year old boy… This is it for me. Not trying to offend anyone who is naturally skinny but this woman cannot be naturally THIS small and it looks… wrong on her. Not attractive at all. JMHO…

    • AnnieC

      I don’t believe for a second that she’s “healthy”. She’s experienced both cancer and infertility – very strong signals that she’s not healthy at all. Sadly, there’s a high likelihood that her cancer will return in the absence of a nutrient-dense diet. And that’s not how she eats, by her own admission. Clearly her appearance strongly suggests that she’s lowered her caloric intake tremendously.

    • Megan

      I remember her diet blog. She wasn’t even hitting minimum ****essential**** nutritional requirements. I could count her daily grams of fat on my fingers o_O

  • mary

    Dont care for her looks or straight up and down figure, but she works it.

  • sea330

    What kind of plastic surgery has she had on her face? Fat taken out of eyelids? Something in her face is different, and not based on weight.

  • Emilia

    probably anorexia purging type.thats not healthy and look at her head it seems so big compared to her body. awwwww man why do they do this!

  • TonyFae

    Her arms….O_0

    LOOK at her freakin’ arms.

  • cameron baum

    not a fan of that hair style on her

  • snugglepup

    She looks like she’s just really petite, but the before pic tells otherwise. I don’t think she looks too skinny.

  • Kelly-Ann

    I thought she was told by her doctor to gain some in order to become pregnant? I don´t think that will ever happen. Obviously, she´d rather be thin than a mother… *the mind boggles*

  • Kelly-Ann

    Then again, as an afterthought: how in hell did Victoria Beckham ever conceive???

  • Sara

    She has just been through treatment for cancer, though, so it’s natural that she looks thinner and a little reduced.

  • tequilla

    she looks better with this haircut. i feel sorry for her. someone should tell her that butter and good oils are not the devil and if she eat them somethimes her skin would look a lot healthier and younger.

  • vanessa

    she has NOT always been supper skinny. If you see pics of her from early 2000s she was definitely around 135. even in the old pic she isn’t super skinny. I think she let hollywood and joan rivers voice get into her head. She’s almost forty but she looks older. and when you don’t have any fat on you it makes you look older.

  • lc

    She looks good.

  • Personally I prefer super thin women (if they’re healthy) so I would say that I kinda envy her BMI here. She does have great style!

  • dancer

    Her face looks much cuter in the 2005 pic because of the extra weight. She’s not healthy physically or mentally.

  • Rianon

    She is definitely not naturally thin. Her bone structure isn’t meant for it, she looks like her skin is stretched over her bones. From what I’ve read about her diet and exercise habits she seems like she really has some disordered eating…

  • Candy M.

    I do hope she healthy, but her face looks a little tired. She’s obviously restricting but the question is how much. Ten lbs, even fat which is something i never say, would work well for her,

  • carrie

    wow-LOVE her hair!! I think she looks really pretty. Yes , she is obsessed with staying thin and weight, and she could afford to gain 10-15 or even 20 lbs but she has always been fairly thin. i just hope she doesnt go any further for her health and mental stability-obsessing over weight can take a toll on your mind

  • wow! she is way too skinny, her head stands out the most

  • kelli

    just what i would think if i was this thin after battling cancer – i would think something is killing me! she is so unnaturally thin that i hope she’s making sure that she’s doing this on purpose and it doesn’t have to do with her health.

    yuck. i love thin and very thin, but this is just…sickness? whether it’s anorexia or something else, it’s not attractive to me.

  • Truly when someone doesn’t understand after that its up to other visitors that they will help, so here it occurs.

  • London

    What the hell is this??? Alien?

  • Jennifer

    I feel overdosed with super-skinny…..between this post of Giuliana, the Alexa Chung post, and even the model post….whew…..lots of skinny. At least the model looks naturally thin and healthy at her low weight. Giuliana and Alexa look frail and sick and I hope they aren’t celebrated celeb figures.

  • Polska Blondynka

    Way too skinny, girl! Her face looks so HARSH now. She’s going to disappear soon. That point of thin is just unattractive, imo.

  • Sasha

    Damn, girl, can you spell ANOREXIA? She’s way too skinny, and i guess that the whole body covering is due to a lot of bones showing

  • siennagold

    My gosh she is so thin and skinny, she might fall down if I poke her with my little pinkie. lol.

  • Natalia

    idk…….to me, she doesn’t look super skinny in the first pic, part. from the waist down. But compared to the other pic, she looks thinner. Average hair, face, height, body – the body, hard to say b/c you can’t see it in the black dress, and that’s where I’d like to see it, not in the one below, where she obviously lacks definition, the before pic. I think she probably is embracing her natural body type, and the minimal weight loss is probably due to healthy changes…impossible to say for certain, I don’t know her, don’t even know who she is. And she looks healthy here.

  • kudo

    and head looks bigger…lollipop

  • ghost

    I love Giuliana. I think she is funny and sweet. However, she looks really unhealthy and sick. I think she would look so much better a few pounds heavier. I feel sad for her, I hope she is alright.