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Isabel Lucas’s Weight Gain: Then & Now

FP_3180956_RIJ_TRANSFORMERS_062209-2 - Isabel Lucas's Weight Gain: Then & Now

Above: ‘Transformers’ actress Isabel Lucas (25) in 2009, looking extremely thin.

Below: Isabel Lucas this week, with a few extra healthy pounds (compared to last year), looking relaxed while taking strolls.

FP_5874995_Lucas_Isabel_EXCL_LRR_101110 - Isabel Lucas's Weight Gain: Then & Now

What do you think of Isabel’s change?

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  • elle

    She looks so much better now!!!! I bet she was sick before…she looked terrible!

  • Elsie

    The weird thing is that she’s dressing like she has to hide her weight in any way. She still looks pretty slim. Her hips seem to be pretty wide but that’s bone structure and she’s by no means fat. Her arms are still pretty skinny and she seems to have nice boobs (not that there’s such a thing as “not so nice boobs”). She should get some fitted clothes that highlight her figure in the best way possible.
    on a side note: she totally reminds me of nicole kidman in that last picture with the flowing skirt.

    • solaxi

      she does seem to be hiding it doesnt she?!

      • bst

        She s just waiting for the “Isabel lucas got fat “comments as soon as she wears a tight dress;)

  • Bonnie

    There isn’t a clear change. Her face and boobs look the same, and the top two pictures don’t show her hips and thighs which is apparently where she carries her weight. Her arms and lower legs are very thin in both sets of pics.

    Here are a couple pics of her in jeans in 2009, she looks the same as in the 2010 jeans picture. http://i29.tinypic.com/xc5bh1.jpg

    I have a very similar body type, I can look like I lost 20 lbs (not good!) if you can’t see my hips/upper thighs.

    • leonore

      Her hips/thighs definitely look bigger now; that´s where she carries all her weight apparently. This just proves that the fact that her face looks skinny doesn´t mean she´s starving; that´s what she looks like even when bigger elsewhere.

  • elena

    i dont like her hips now…

  • love the 1st right-hand pic!:)

  • MNG

    she looks a lot better now!!
    ans she’s 25? Ö, she looks like 20

  • Sidney

    Really hard to tell what her body’s like under all the piles of clothing. At first glance it does seem like she’s gained, but then, i’m not sure. Anyways, the clothes in the bottom pics don’t do her much justice as far as style etc go, but her body looks better in them to me, funnily. Idk. If she’s gained, she looks better for it. If not, i guess it might do her some good to flaunt her shapely hips and legs and cover her skinnier upper body every now and then, if only to play with her looks, changing from looking very fragile and skinny to more meaty 🙂 In the end, i think she looks fine either way.

  • holyvirgin

    she clearly doesn’t feel good about it because she dresses “fat” if you know what i mean. She was extremely skinny last year, but it looked like she felt much better about it..

  • tina

    MUCH better. I hate that most all models say that they’re naturally thin..obviously, and sadly ya’ll are starving. BE HEAlthy, be happy…

  • Mia

    Okay, am I going completely insane or something? I see absolutely ZERO difference between the pictures. What I will say though is that she looks completely un-athletic.

  • Katy

    she looks slightly different, but i’m glad she’s healthier. She tries to pull that natural thin thing, which she is, but when naturally thin people lose weight it’s just iffy.

  • Polly

    No way that was natural for her. She looks to have gained about 15 lbs. and looks amazingly better. She looked like Allegra Versace before, can’t believe Micheal Bay put her in Transformers, I thought he “doesn’t like skinny girls” ha.

  • k

    I’m kind of surprised. Her thighs are bigger than I thought they would be (tho probably look bigger than they are in reality).

    She looks a lot healthier now IMO. I this her face is much more beautiful when its not sunken.

    Hope she likes it, too!

  • rebecca judes

    she doesnt look like she gained any weight!

    • Mary

      Look at her hips now and you’ll notice the difference…

  • Victoria

    I don’t really like ow sharp her face is. She has pretty features but if her jaw line was softer she would be really pretty.

  • nicole

    She stll looks super skinny

  • sinem

    What is her bodyshape ?

    • Versus

      I think she is a very small pear – she clearly gains on her hips.

  • Isa

    She looks a lot healthier now. I won’t assume that she is or wasn’t, but she definitely looks less creepily thin.

  • Am I the only one who desn’t think she looks great? I think she looked a lot better before. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with her now, but I just thought she looked better skinnier – it gave her more of that “modelesque” look that her face already has.

  • formerly Sam

    how much did she gain, like a pound?

  • Casey

    She looks exactly the same.

    She’s always had bigger (and by bigger I don’t mean big, don’t kill me for using a simple adj) thighs than one would assume her to have. In the first two photos they’re covered up. In the last two photos, she’s just wearing a lot of voluminous clothes which will always make anyone look bigger.

    If she did gain weight it’s so negligent that there is no point in even discussing it.

  • Jemima

    She looks so much better now. Healthy and slim.

  • Kimberly

    I don’t see a difference! I think she looks the same!

  • inanna

    Better before.

  • Minik

    She is so pretty, what a beautuful face and frame! I think she looks better with her new weight, so fresh and lovely, before she looked too thin, but now she is stunning^^

  • Lisa

    Whether or not she’s actually gained weight, I think the first two pictures look better.

  • asdfkjh

    are you people blind?? she looks like she has gained 15 pounds. she doesn’t look bad or anything, but you can clearly tell.

  • bst

    Her face looks better,not as gaunt as it did.She looks healthy now.

  • Candy

    She looks much better now.

  • jjj

    She still looks good, but she looked better in the before pictures. She looks to carry a lot of weight in her hips. That’s just her body type and when she looses weight, most comes off her top.