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Karolina Kurkova’s Weight Loss – Then & Now

Karolina-Kurkovas-Weight-Loss-Then-Now - Karolina Kurkova's Weight Loss - Then & Now

Former Victoria’s Secret model Karolina Kurkova (26) was once in the celebrity body gossip spotlight for being in the ‘too fat to be a model’ club, according to fashion experts. Back in 2008, Karolina revealed a curvy, healthy sized figure on the runway – well, in 2010, after giving birth in October 2009, Karolina looks super thin while walking her super tall figure on the catwalk.

Obvious, expected question: Which Karolina do you like better?

Karolina-Kurkovas-Weight-Loss-Then-Now-23 - Karolina Kurkova's Weight Loss - Then & Now

One more skinny pic after the jump!

Karolina-Kurkovas-Weight-Loss-Then-Now-3 - Karolina Kurkova's Weight Loss - Then & Now

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • I think she looks so much sexier before! I dunno why the fashion industry INSISTS on being a size 0-2. Why can’t you be a 4-6?! You’re still slim then, but at least you don’t look like you’re about to blow away with a gust of wind.

    • SO TRUE!!!

    • Kate

      I agree. She looked better before.

    • Ashes

      Yes, yes and YES!!!! She looked great before and now she looks very generic to me!

    • Jemima


      • the before picture was taken in a fashion show here in Brazil. And I remember by the time she arrived people (the swimsuit company) were really dissapointed that tey hired an international super model and she was a bit overweight. As for me I really think she should find a weight in between, and I really like her face, so unique!

        • amanda

          I don’t think that you know what overweight means. She’d still be under average weight for a woman in the first picture, and comments like yours are what probably led to this weight loss. Don’t support annorexia by making shallow, stupid, and uninformed comments like that. Healthy should be important, not skinny.

  • Brittany

    She looked a million times better before. She had a great body. I’m sure she probably ate healthy and worked out before but wasn’t obsessive about it. She was beautiful, but she looked as if she was a comfortable weight for her. Now she just looks like another skinny model.

  • hays

    i like the one where she actually has a belly button better.

    • snoops

      lol! yeah ur right…what happened to her belly button?!

      • snoops

        oh well i googled it out of curiosity and apprantly she doesnt have a belly button as the result of an operation as a child. If you look at close ups of the previous pics and other old pics of her, she doesnt have a real belly button, just a dent in her belly, which I guess by losing body fat and having tighter abs, it disappeared! lol!

  • Sheridan

    She looks good in both. But i read that the had a thyroid problem and that’s why she gained weight for a while

    • ellentjie

      yea thats what i heard everywhere too and she said she got it fixed which is why she’s lost all the weight

  • mel

    She looks good before and after, although somewhere in the middle would be ideal. I’m not saying that she was in any way fat or needed to lose weight, but I just think she would look better somewhere in between.

    • nhana

      I agree on that! She is too skinny now – if she could find a weight in between it would be ideal!

      • sara


        • gaby

          agree. somewhere in between is perfect. i wouldn’t call her WAY to skinny now. but she sure is skinny.

  • snoops

    she looks good in both but honestly somewhere between the two would be ideal I think.

    • Ali

      Agreed, I was thinking the same

    • agreed!

    • b

      AGREED. Her face looked lovely before. I think she could use some toning up–even if her size wasn’t smaller, if there was more definition–but don’t think she needed to get skinnier.

  • Stephers

    She looks strange in the current picture. I don’t like the way her face looks. It looks.. odd. I can’t describe it. I think she looks great. She was more voluptuous and curvy before, but she’s still got it. I don’t like what she’s wearing at all in the new photos. Ick.

  • Kayla

    Where’d her belly button go? lol it isn’t in the skinny pics.

    • She’s never had one, she had some sort of operation when she was a baby. She just has an indentation there – it just looks more pronounced in this first pics because of lighting and/or photoshop.

  • lc

    I think her figure is amazing now.

  • lc

    Anyone know if she models for VS anymore? And if not, why? Just curious.

  • Jen

    I am going to be honest and say I like the right better

  • Versus, what is her body shape (pear,ruler ect.). Because her before picture on the left looks nearly identical to my body, I’ve always wondered what my shape was. I used to believe I was an hourglass, but something tells me now I’m totally off. I could never figure it out for my self.

    • Alexandra

      haha, i have the same body type as her. now i look almost like her in 2008, at 5.7 and 132 pounds and 3 years ago, at 106 pounds looked the same like she does now.
      i am confused about my body shape also, cause i ve got hips aligned to shoulders, medium to big boobs, round bum and i tend to gain weight overall but my upper abs
      so i think we are somewhere between hourglass and ruler ( now i have like 36-27-38.5, and in my skinny days 34.5-25-36)

      • Yes! Yes! we’re exactly the same. Nearly exactly the same height ( I’m 5’6,off by one inch), same proportions and weight distribution as well. Only when I’m heavier did I fool my self into thinking I was an hour glass, because I’ve never been able to gain weight in my mid section and always carried my weight proportionately in my hips,breasts and thighs. I figured that was my shape, because I used to think of a Ruler as straight up,straight down with no curves. But on the other hand, When I was slimmer or at my slimmest, I lost every curve and begun to adopt a more noticeable ruler like shape. Which I think I’ve always had, just with added breasts and thighs it was harder for me to identify. I’ve heard that a true hour glass is short waisted with a tapered like apperance. Like what a tight belt would create for you waist,only natural, and large breasts and thighs and less proportion between the shoulders and the lower half. Or not as much in alignment as a ruler.

        I really think we fall like you said, somewhere between a ruler or a vase– a sub-type hourglass.

        • Chrissy

          you guys aren’t rulers… I’m thinking cello?

          • NO I don’t think so. A cello is known for having a very large buttocks and hips and thighs bigger than up top; out of alignment with the shoulders.

            None of which apply to me. My hip and shoulders are utterly proportionate. My best bet goes to wider ruler.

  • i like her much better before, with a little curve. Alot sexier.

  • Gigi

    My knee jerk reaction was that she looks better now, but the more I look at her, the more I think she looks better before. gorgeous girl either way

  • Polly

    She looks liked a stunny and sexy VS supermodel before, now she looks like all the other unkown runway models. She looks tired and ghostly.

    • solaxi

      ha ha stunny?

  • joku

    that girl is sick, so sad

  • callie

    the first picture! the only thing i see that wasn’t perfect on her body before was the small area around her bellybutton where she was not very toned, but that is getting technical. she simply does not look healthy now.

  • Kimberly

    I would choose somewhere in between. Her thighs are very fleshy on the left and too thin on the right.

  • Balthazar

    where’s the one more skinny pic after the jump?!?!?

    • Versus

      It’s right there, sorry if it didn’t show before.

  • AlexD

    honestly, i think she looks better now. if she was in a sexier outfit and smiling like in pictures on the left i bet more people would like her skinny. shes still bigger than ale. i wouldnt call this ghostly thin.

  • Ana

    Wow thats alost of weight difference in those pics

  • personally she looked better in the first picture. the second one doesn’t look like herself. some women look better thin and some look better with some curves.

  • Katy

    i like the weight in pic 1 and the lack of fake tan in pic 2. That being said, her body shape is nice in both-widening at the hips and long long legs. She looks very tall. But her face so much better in the before pics!

  • mew

    I like the after pictures better. Nothing wrong with being curvy but the thin and toned look it much more my taste.

  • tina

    I’m just wondering .. is it possible for your knees to become that much smaller by losing weight? I’ve always thought that you can’t shrink bones.

  • Erica

    To the people who think she looks better now – you really need to get help with body image, because she looks scary-skinny compared to before! She was always a model who looked like she was fit and healthy and yet still model-thin – now she just looks like any half-starved girl you expect to see haunting the runway!

    I really hope she gets back her healthier figure – it’s really sad to see an established model cave in to the sick, super-skinny-fetishists that rule the fashion industry!

    • leonore

      She used to be real thin before she put on that weight in 2008; she just went back to her earlier figure. As far as i know, she din´t make a name for herself in fashion for being healthier or bigger than other models. I think she looks way better now, but have always disliked her face.

  • jjj

    She looks best now. She’s got a very sexy body. I say good for her in losing the baby weight and keeping very fit and trim.

    • Sue

      Super flat tight tummy and legs TDF. Toned, fit and thin. I agree jjj she looks amazing.

  • Ciillss

    beforebeforebeforebefore, what the heck has she done to her lovely body 🙁
    also she looks much more vibrant in the before pictures.

  • Princess

    i prefer her alot curvy

  • It might be politically incorrect but I prefer the right one. Some people look good with some weight on, others don’t.

  • Eve

    She looked better before. Most likely because of her face which seemed so sexy on the first pic. Now – she is tired and exhausted.

  • healthyissexy

    she looked sexier before. now she looks like a 12yrs old girl.

    • Zoe

      Here we go again… the 12 year old boy/girl stereotype that is so often, wrongly and IRRITATINGLY associated with slim women. I’m sorry, but even though she looked a lot more obviously curvy in the before pics, it is evident she still has some curves in the after ones- and I don’t seem to recall ever having seen waist definition like that on a 12 year old girl.

      • amen. why do people have to stereotype thin women?

  • catc

    i like her better now, thinner.

  • I think Karolina looked better before. She looked happier at least. It suited her!

  • solaxi

    too thin now for my taste, but damn she was hot back then! i still think she was skinny but in a toned ‘meaty’ kind of way if that makes sense

    • Effie

      Agreed, solaxi!
      I hate to admit it but I’ve grown so accustomed to the stick-thin models that she actually seemed big to me at first glance in the older shots, before I managed to stop comparing them with the more recent pics.

      I now need to make a conscious effort to remind myself that women the kind of size of KK on the left are in fact still on the very low end of the slim range. I need to re-adjust my norms every time, because the way KK looks on the right has become my unconscious “average” for women. That makes me sad.

      • solaxi

        yep, i was exactly the same as you. I think its really healthy though that you realise this. Many don’t! And again, to cover myself and stop people from being offended. I know there are naturally very thin women, and good for them! It doesn’t mean that they are any more or any less the ‘ideal’ because I think the ‘ideal’ actually ranges from person to person. I just mean it’s easy for us to forget that not everyone is supposed to be that thin, nor should they need to be

        • Ellen

          Absolutely. I agree whole-heartedly.

        • jjj

          What people don’t seem to get is that when you are active and work out, even “if you are not supposed to be thin”, you thin out. Look at almost anyone who gets on Dancing with the Stars. You work out hard for the show, you almost automatically get thin and toned.

          Karolina looks perfect here. i don’t know how anyone couldn’t commend her more.

          • bella

            I disagree – I used to be a competition level swimmer, logging ten hours in the pool a week and four in the weights room. I was much heavier – not just with muscle – then, because the workouts were hard so I scoffed lots of food to make myself feel better…

  • lalala

    before definitely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • maddie

    way better now..b4 was bit fat

    • Ellen

      If you think that’s fat, then I feel very sorry for you.

  • ginger

    what did she do to lose all that weight??
    I think she looks beautiful now..

    • katherine

      thats what i was thinking too!
      how did she do that??
      if it was just healthy eating and plenty of exercise then its impressive

      • ginger

        These last 3 years I’ve been trying to lose way but no results.. I eat really healthy and do 14 – 16 hours of sport / week..
        Right now I’m like a size bigger than she is on her “before” pictures.. and I’d loooooove to look like her “now” ones.. I just don’t know what to do to lose this weight..

    • Ellen

      She either starved herself or went of a VLC diet. Seriously. That’s what people look like when they deprive themselves of the necessary nutrition they need daily. I don’t doubt she worked out a lot, but I’m sure she also changed her diet and only ate very, very low amounts of food. I don’t recommend this at all, because the second you start eating normally again, you gain it all back and then some.

      • Ellen

        And just for the record, I’m not trying to “diss naturally skinny girls”.

  • patricia

    I think she looks unhealthy. She looks healthy and beautiful in the first pics. It saddens me for us women that we would call eachother FAT in that first pictures? We will always continue the cycle of self-imagine problems and condoning society to determine what is beautiful. so sad.

  • She seemed like a comfortable weight for her. Now it looks like another skinny model.

  • size0??

    She looks better now. She was to heavy before to be modeling bikinis. The head scarf and outfit she has on is terrible and does nothing for her. Also she needs just a hint of color to her skin tone.:)

  • Beetle

    i can not believe how many people wrote that she looks better now!!! it’s somehow disturbing…

  • Kate1st

    She has muscle wasting now. Before she had a bit more fat but also more muscle so looked much healthier IMO.

  • Brittany

    I think she’s skinner because she wanted to have the same waist size as before.

    After pregnacy, your waist is pretty much up and down whereas before it has a curve to it. If you want the same waist size, you’ll loss a lot of weight and be thinner than before.

  • vivi

    I dont think she looks very good now, but I cant be sure by the picutes. I’d need to see her in different outfits/poses to make a real assesment. I also wish she’d say how she lost it, I’ve lost 5 pounds from diet and exercise but nothing more seems to budge and its frustrating me! lol

  • Charle

    She looked very sexy and vibrant before, but even now, she looks good. And most of all:

    NOT UNHEALTHY THIN in either pics.

    I was astounded to read comments which say that. In the second pics she lacks a tan a a smile. My guess is, that’s why people seem to think she’s unhealthy… as for the size in the second pic, it might not be what you’re used to. I’m used to seeing many 20-30 year olds on the street looking like that (Romania) and I always considered it a normal size. She doesn’t look as skinny as other high fashion models and she has muscles.

  • machmalow

    looked pretty good before, but in terms of thighs, i prefer now .. but overall she looks a little too skinny and unhealthy to me now.

  • Black Essence

    She looks okay now, but looked GREAT BEFORE!. Her body was just sexy and shapely.

  • Minik

    She looks good in both pictures, but her face is so much more beautiful when it’s a bit fuller, cause she has a pretty, but also pretty big mouth, it suits a rounder face better, in my opinion..

  • princessdi

    I dont like her in either pic, she needs to find a healthy weight. The lst pic she looks a bit too heavy, esp the thighs…and the second pic her thighs have like no muscle tone, they are just skinny…idk, its hard to stay at a perfect size, so if I had to choose, I would pic her body now and try to tone up, gain muscle.

  • vivi

    also, i find the no belly button just kind of creepy looking. i know its from a childhood accident, but if models have like a surgery scar or something they usually cover that up. so in karolina’s case I just wish the makeup artist had drawn in a little dent or something. kind of gives me the willies to look at

  • Mirabela

    She looked better in 2008 and … happier!!!!!!!!

  • kat

    she looked so much better before… now she’s just one more skinny girl from the lot… nothing special about her

  • kim

    i remember there was this one scene in the victorias secret fashion show where the clothes like broke on her.. i wonder if that’s why shes not a victorias secret model anymore? cause she got larger? but i LOVED her legs bigger!

  • aly

    I think she looks better now imo it makes her legs look longer and shes not scary skinny as people here have been over exaggerating.

    • Jamie

      ITA with u.I think she looks great. She was too fat b4 IMO.

  • Bonnie

    I didn’t think she looked her best in those infamous pictures (wouldn’t kick her out of bed though), and I don’t think she looks her best now – too skinny (she’s the same weight as she was in her teens when she did runway exclusively). Her best body was in between the two, when she has her VS contract and did weight training – she had curves, and muscle, but was still very slender. She’s lost all the muscle in her hips, thighs and butt now.

  • sam

    her lack of belly button reminds me of that simpsons episode – clones of homer simpsons without belly buttons!

    i agree with the idea that she looks very strange without it – they photoshop it on her in VS catalogues

  • Ingrid

    Neither. The problem is her face, especially her nose, not her body, which obviously is gorgeous and very model-like.

  • Mary

    Before she was a size 6-8 (S).
    Now she is a size 2-4 (XS).
    I think before she was looking more like a real woman..

  • Fili

    She looks so much better now, IMHO.
    Before, her thighs were just big -maybe muscular, though, but BIG – and now she looks thin and elegant.
    I don´t get the “real woman” hype over here – since when is your gender defined by your figure? Being an “unreal” woman by these standards, I find this term totally offensive.

  • jenP

    She looked more sexy before. There are some big differences in the pictures. In the first one she has a tan, is wearing a sexy bikini, her hair is down, and she’s smiling with her teeth. I like her paler skin now but her stomach looks even weirder. (I know she can’t help the stomach thing though).

  • CK

    no matter her size or make up don’t like her, don’t find her appearance and body any kind of appealling. As for her weight loss, she’s just following a new trend that has established now btw actresses and models to get freakishly skinnier after having a baby than they’d been before

  • rebecca judes

    i just think that she just started to workout more to tone her stomach other than that i see no difference.

  • honeybee23

    Her body looks great now (better than before, in my opinion), but her face was much prettier before. The angles are too harsh at this weight, I think, which is a sign that she’s built to be a bit curvier than she is right now.

  • Taylor

    Neither..I think she would have looked best right in the middle. Or maybe just leaning a little bit more to her heavier side.

  • I don’t do emaciated bodies…

  • caroline

    she looks totally toned! but she doesn’t look anorexic to me, like a lot of the other runwaymodels… i like it, but she is allowed to put on a little more weight. you have to remember that this isn’t a ordinary girl– she i s a supermodel, and her body is her job.

  • Charlotte

    She looks good on the left, on the right she looks good as well but slightly ill… there’s something that makes me think it isn’t a healthy weight for her.
    She just looks like pretty much every other runway model in the pic on the right, which is a shame really.

  • O

    obviously she looked better before! im so freaking sick of the fashion industry because of this

  • Lizzy

    I’ve never been a fan of Karolina… she has an average face and horrible skin tone – her skin is always saggy and prone to cellulite (even when she’s skinny). Though she’s about my size in the first picture, I think she looks frumpy… she actually looks like a model in the skinnier shots.

  • Christi


  • Cristina

    I don’t care enough about her to think she looks better in either of the pictures; however i cannot believe people are calling her toned. I swear, some people have not the slightest clue what muscles and muscle definition looks like. This woman has absolutely no muscle tone whatsoever. She is skinny and that’s it. And for those saying there is no difference: her thighs are at least 5 inches smaller.

  • Lu

    She looks so flimsy now.
    Before is DEFINITELY better and sexier.

  • Torchy

    I know she’s only about a size 4-6 in the first picture…but she looks happier and therefore better! Let the woman eat, she’s svelte naturally, there’s nothing to worry about!

  • I think she looks amazing with the curves..she’s too thin now!Anyone thinks that in the last pic the thing she wears looks like it’s been painted on it though!!

  • Lauren

    she looks so much better now. gosh. she was pretty ‘big’ before. not fat. but too big to look graceful and elegant on the runway.
    she looks GREAT now. ftw.

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