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Kelly Osbourne Is 118 pounds at 5’3”

FP_4545052_Osbourne_Kelly_KIV_021710 - Kelly Osbourne Is 118 pounds at 5'3''

After losing 42 pounds, Kelly Osbourne is the proud owner of a 118 pounds figure – or 160 cm and 54 kg. People Magazine’s got more details:

The British bombshell, who is engaged to British model Luke Worrall, confessed Tuesday that she currently clocks in at 118 pounds, and couldn’t be happier with the attention her svelte figure attracts. For Kelly, dropping the pounds means she’s suddenly a welcome fixture during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week as opposed to being an outcast.

“I still wake up every day, and I turn around and look at myself and say, ‘I can’t believe this is actually happening,’ ” she said during G-Star Raw’s fashion show held at NYC’s Hammerstein Ballroom. “I can’t believe that I’m coming here and I’m being perceived like this, and everybody wants to talk to me and ask me what I’m wearing and send me clothes where usually before – I won’t lie – a lot of the PR companies were really horrible to me. They didn’t want to give me clothes. They didn’t want me to wear them. They just didn’t like me.”

Here’s Kelly in October 2009:

FP_3809657_RIJ_PREMIOS_MTV09_SET1_101509 - Kelly Osbourne Is 118 pounds at 5'3''

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FP_4545055_Osbourne_Kelly_KIV_021710 - Kelly Osbourne Is 118 pounds at 5'3''

FP_4545049_Osbourne_Kelly_KIV_021710 - Kelly Osbourne Is 118 pounds at 5'3''

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  • Britt

    She looks great! Her arms look kind of big though in proportion to the rest of her. But shes super cute.

    • Alyssa

      I feel badly that she was treated this way. We all know that the bottom line in Hollywood is looks, but still, that must be a doozie of an attitude to grow up listening to.

      I found it hard enough in a regular high school, imagine being surrounded 24/7 with hollywood ideas. No thanks.

      I hope she’s healthy…

  • Léa

    I think she looked better before. Now it looks like she shrank (im not sure it’s the correct word, I’m not american). She is cute but she looks so fragile ! I feel like I could break her, just by holding her hand lol (I don’t want to hold her hand by the way ^^ )

    • Minnie

      Actually, I would consider her thick and muscular. (Not thick as in fat, but she’s got some serious muscle on those legs.) Now I’m curious…what country are you from?

      • Léa

        I’m french ! But yes you are right she has thick legs… Still I prefered her before !

        • Minnie

          I think she looks very healthy now. Of course, we all have our own personal opinions. As long as she’s happy that’s all that matters, though.

          P.S.- I love France

      • Rachel

        Yeah she definitely works out, her legs are cute! Mine look like that, biking and running!

    • Dayna

      Fragile? She looks normal. 118 @ 5’3″ is perfect.

      • Fluffykins

        118 lbs at 5’3″ is only “perfect” for a small framed woman, is kissing underweight for a medium framed woman, and would just be plain underweight for a large framed woman. Kelly looks somewhere around medium to large framed, so IMO she is courting underweight, and shouldn’t try to lose anymore. I think she should have only lost 25-30 lbs, no more than 35, and definitely not 40+.

        Also, she should stop and think about the type of people she is now being accepted by, and why they are accepting her. To me, it seems they are only accepting her because she is getting very small, which isn’t the greatest thing in the world to change, she should be looking to people that are praising and accepting her for getting healthy and kicking bad habits(i.e. drugs and excessive alcohol use), and encouraging her to think about her health in this issue, and not just her size/weight.

    • Mirabela

      Agree with Lea.
      I like her befor and now, the same way.
      But she looks so fragile and her eyes are … sad. 🙁
      Before, she have a strong look in her eyes … like a determination or something. 😉
      And, yes, she have a different type of bone structure. It is obvious (pronounced maxilar, cheekbones, strong legs).

  • miaowface

    I think she looks really cute here, but I don’t think she should lose any more weight. I think because her legs are so big (I don’t mean fat, the muscles in her thighs are really prominent,) she looks out of proportion when she’s this small. Plus she’s kind of got a big face and she could start to look lollipoppy very easily.I like her makeup though, and think she looks really pretty.

  • nay!

    i think her body DOES look good like she lost the weight in the right way but when you look at her face, well obviously wasn´t meant to be this slim

    • Elizabeth

      All I thought.

  • jenny

    there is no way she is 5’3” 118. I’m 5’3” and 117 and i’m significantly slimmer than this… i’d say shes more like 125.

    • kate

      I dunno, your frame will only let you get so small. She looks large build so she will never be a tiny little thing no matter what her weight.

    • MIA

      Yes I am 115 lb and the same height than her and I have slimmer legs.

    • sola

      i am 130 and i am smaller than this. i think its hard to tell someones weight from the way they look =o)

      • sassy

        i don’t know if that is true, i’m 110 and 5’5” but yes im skinny :D, ( I just wanted to say that ’cause everyone is sayin their weights) LOL

    • chechebelle

      AGREED. i’m 5’4” 120, and i’m wayyyy thinner than this. especially if she put on a lot of muscle, 118 is low. why do celebrities always LIE??? there was an ad for kendra wilkinson’s reality show where she claimed that, now that she put on baby weight, she’s all upset to be in a size 26 jeans.. because she used to wear a 23. no way was that girl a 23. she has flesh. she exists. nicole richie might be a 23. posh as well. but if you have some presence to you, you’re most likely bigger than a 00. it’s not a bad thing.

      • aNonnyMooseOne

        The same reason that the women on weight loss product commercials claim to be “a size two” when it’s blatantly obvious that they are lying their ass off — unless Elephant-Size Two is an acceptable size for a human.

    • Jessica B

      Yeah, I thought the same thing…but you never know. I’m 5’4″ and 118 and I am also significantly slimmer. But she looks like she’s got a lot of muscle. She looks healthy!

  • Cary

    I’m really surprised (and doubtful) that she is 118 lbs. I have a friend who is 5’3 and 123 lbs and her cheekbones are literally as sharp as daggers and she is incredibly skinny almost to the point of heroin chic. I know everyone carries weight differently, but STILL. It’s kind of like Kim K. saying that she’s 109 lbs. I wish all these “reality” stars would either own their true weight or shut their mouths.

    • suzushii

      I think your friend is an exception. I’m 5’4 and 112-114 pounds and while I am slim I do not look heroin chic at all, and my cheeks are bubbly :P.

    • Biz

      i am exactly the same weight as her and i look slimmer than this but i also have a much larger bust line (34DD) and no butt whatsoever. but overall my legs are thinner and arms are thinner. but like everyone says, body types are so different. she looks phenomenal, i’m happy for her if she is happy. i don’t know about her eyes looking sadtho…it’s just a photograph.

  • kate

    Whatever her weight, I hope she just maintains it now. She’s obviously large frame and will start to look bony if she lost any more IMO.

  • Mizzy

    i have to say im really in awe of her..she’s one of the few celebrities who actually needed to lose weight and didn’t take it too far, she looks really great. As for people comparing their height and weight to hers, just keep in mind that everybody carries their weight differently. I totally believe she weighs around 120 pounds, her midsection is positively TINY.

  • walnuts

    tiny waist, i didnt expect that! i think shes healthier and happier now. her quote is kinda sad though, i wish she could boycott the designers that were not nice to her before, they dont deserve her support.

  • Jemima

    Holy crap she weighs less than I do.

  • Naomi

    Well done on the weight loss, but it does look fairly disproportional.
    It looks like her head and limbs have been put onto a slim body.
    I’d say put on a little bit of weight(not too much), just to even it out.

    She needs a nice curvy body to go with those curvy legs.

    • I’d like to see a picture of her in a bathing suit… I bet she has a fantastic pin-up body…
      I feel like the yellow dress is adorable, but possibly misleading.

  • Hydrangea

    Everyone is different, with different bone structure, different weight distribution, and so on, so it’s quite possible that if your friend, sister, second cousin twice removed is the same height as Kelly is but looks different, it doesn’t necessarily negate the number Kelly claims. Either way, she looks great and she looks like she’s toning up. Fabulous. She should definitely be proud.

  • Daniela

    Looking good 🙂

  • Sherriann

    I love Kelly’s style and I think she looks FABULOUS!! She looks so happy too!

  • Aims

    Looks better thats for sure. Much more healthy now.

  • Casey

    The first picture is a weird angle, her hips aren’t that small and hips don’t magically disappear when you lose weight. But I have seen her in other pictures and she has lost a LOT of weight.

    What I’m really surprised at is the fact that her skin looks tight, and not stretched out. At one point, she used to be almost obese and now she’s small. You would expect some loose skin.

    • amazon

      she was never THAT big and she is very young. i wouldn’t expect loose skin, likely she has stretch marks. but who doesn’t!

  • Sara

    She looks really good– adorable. & thinner than 118 at 5’3 I think!!

  • Lux

    She has a spot under her right arm. That’s embarrassing.

  • Gaby

    I think all of you who say Kelly isn’t that weight based on your own or your friends weights are idiots,*cough Jenny! Everyone has a different bone structure and muscle mass. She has alot of muscle so that’s why she might look “bigger”. JUst be happy for her, she looks beautiful!

    • walnuts

      i agree– and why do we assume kelly is lying about her weight? maybe your friends are lying about theirs?

  • Sam

    how much do you think is the difference in weight between the october 09 picture and today?

  • Uma

    This is quite something. She is one of the few celebrities that, when losing weight, actually built some nice muscle mass instead of losing them all and than bragging about their bones (m. kunis anyone?). So good for her, that’s the right way to do it. And she looks fantastic with pale skin, i just hope she won’t start tanning now that she is slim. Also, i do not know if she should lose anymore, she clearly does not have a small bone structure, and she would just end up looking like a bobblehead.

    • foofydoofy

      Agreed. Although Oompa Loompa bobble heads are very fashionable in Hollywood …

  • Schnucki

    I think she should stay like this, but only with healthy living and eating.
    But I have to say (doesn´t anyone else think the same?) that it is very sad that only this weightloss makes her so popular right now as she says in that statement herself. And what´s next? I hope she will not fall deep again.

  • Hannah

    I just find it really sad that she’s actually gotten more popular just by losing weight. Like “fit the mold and we’ll give you clothes”. That’s horrible!

  • Sidney

    I think she looks really fit and muscular. She has indeed a big head and guite a thick build just overall, and it’s funny she looks like she could be on the verge of becoming a bobble head when her weight isn’t that little at all (with a BMI of 21). I’m surprised many think she looks more heavy than the said 118 lbs / 54 kg, i’m 5’3 too, and i don’t look skinny at 118 lbs, just normal but not even all that thin really (not my warped view, but what my family and friends say etc..) Anyways even though everyone’s built differently i have no reason not to believe the statics.

  • Vivi

    I think she looks great, if not a little grumpy in the top pic. She just had a more musuclar/big boned frame. Her waist is tiny and it makes her bigger (more muscular) arms and legs looks out of proportion. I have a similar problem, I naturally have really defined arms and shoulders which is good since people ask me if I lift weights all the time (nope, just genetics, never even been in a gym!) but in the wrong clothes or long sleeved shirts they can just look fat. I’m 5″5 and around 130, btw.

  • Kt

    she looks gorgeous, i like her this size, woudn’t want to see her losing anymore weight but she looks so good!

  • amazon

    i find her quote incredibly sad. isn’t this the girl that swore she would never conform to the stupid thin equals accepted standards in hollywood? i think her own obsession outweighs theirs. i don’t know if this attitude exists to the extent that she maintains. i know that most of my own weight issues stem from internal insecurity. I personally feel better when slimmer, but i expect people to love and respect me regardless.

  • amazon

    oooh and i love her haircut!

  • Rede

    She looks much better now, but her legs are still horrible. Just the ugly truth.

  • chica

    I think this is a case of good outfit and good angle rather than any significant weight loss. Her arms are still big, her legs are still big, her face is big, and it’s like she knows she only looks slimmer here cos of the outfit and pose cos she always has her hands on her hips to try and slim her arms. Even in the last picture when she’s about to sit down/leave the front row, she still has her hands on her hips cos she knows her arms are still big and the only way to stop them looking fat is by maintaining that position at ALL times.

    And everyone goes on about other celebs being famous with no talent, what talent does Kelly possess?

  • suzushii

    She looks great but I hope she doesn’t lose anymore. Her arms and legs look out of proportion but she DID lose a significant amount of weight. It takes time for your body composition to change, but it does (it gets all rearranged if you maintain your weight for a long time).

  • ohwowlovely

    I believe that she weighs 118, but she isn’t 5’3″. LOL that’s a joke. She’s around 5’1″ imo, and that would make her BMI 22.3 which makes a lot more sense than it being 20.9. My BMI is 22.0 (4’11”, 109 lbs) and our bodies look very similiar.

    • pannonica

      yep I’ve met her and she is 5ft 1 ish.. 5ft 2 at the most.

  • Animaniac

    She looks less of a bad girl now – prettier and more genteel. It’s in her expression and her downplayed make-up. I love her outfit and the way her body looks now, and I’m glad her face did not become gaunt in the slimming process; wouldn’t have looked like her if that had happened. Good for her!

  • liza

    i believe her- muscle makes you look “bigger” but actually weighs less than fat, and she is definitely muscular.

    • Sidney

      ?? Muscle weighs MORE than fat, (if there were to be two identically shaped and sized women with 2 diff. body fat % the 1 with lower body fat % and more muscle would weigh more)

      • Eve

        Exactly! Musles are compact but heavy. That is why people who do sport regularly might look very thin but weight really a lot.

        • kate

          Actually it depends how the weight distributes. I’ve seen girls with thick thighs muscular thighs and broad ribcage/shoulders that actually appear heavier than others the same weight. Of course they look much leaner just not necessarily smaller.

  • Tammy

    I hate to say this, but I definetely think she will gain it all back.

  • BlackEssence

    I think she looks great, but she should stop here. Even her before pics are not bad at all.

    I think the biggest change was from 5 years ago.

  • pannonica

    there is no way she is 5ft 3.
    I met her last year, I am 5ft 5.5 and was at least 4 inches taller. we were both wearing flats.

  • NOT-mean, just honest

    Kim Kardashian, Kelly Osbourne, Jennifer Love Hewitt..
    she’s actually about 130lbs, maybe more because she has very large/muscular legs..
    Do these girls think Americans are stupid…LETS BE REAL.
    (ohh yah and Kim K & HugeHips Love Hewitt are emaciated, size 1s..LMFAO @ hollywood egos

    *dont let the stylist lie to you my little piggy
    god knows she wont maintain this weight & by fall she’ll be in Star Magazine – celeb weight gain feature.
    POW….what can i say im not mean, just honest

  • jjj

    Good for her. She is looking pretty good, I would have to commend her for working hard and losing the weight. I don’t understand why anyone would put her down for losing the weight.

  • essss

    I’m happy for her 🙂

  • B.

    Good for her! She worked hard for that and she deserves the attention. Although it really is unfair that she’s only just getting a lot of attention now that she’s thinner.

  • lollipopoo2345

    she looks okey now. This state is optimal for her, I suppose.

  • Alexandra

    She looks really nice here….actually, she looks very nice lately, she cleaned up her image pretty good.
    Well done, Kelly! 🙂

  • b

    I know this is terrible, and I say kudos to her for losing the weight, but i never thought the day would come where she’d weigh less than i do. UGH. Gym time.

  • b

    p.s. I totally believe that she’s 118. She’s tiny. Look at her waist.

  • Am Bar

    I think she looked better before. Some people are just not meant to be thin and she’s one of them

  • Chey

    yeay i think she looks really good
    i like the way her legs look now ..like a shapely i think
    wow it must have been awful to be treated that way before and i hope she’s proud of herself and never forgets the way she was treated before

  • sophie

    lol she is not 54 kg. Im 54 kg and 5’3 and look much thinner than her.. not that its a good thing i dont aspire to be the skinny type.. i just dont think its accurate her weight.

  • Christina

    Her legs still look big but her waist looks great! it’s a definite improvement!

  • bobby

    She’s barely 5’1″ this picture of her barefoot next to a measuring stick proves it. http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/75351608/WireImage
    Now at 5″-5’1″ her weight makes perfect sense

  • Susan

    I believe that she weighs 118 but I also think she is one of those people who will always look heavier than they weigh. Katie holmes, for example is 5’9 and apparently weight under 130, and I am the same height and weigh like 160 but look slimmer from the waist down. It’s all about genetics and frame

  • She looks way better love her new hair.

  • KatoAto

    No way in hell is that girl 118 – I am 5’2″, look just like her in pictures, have the same stocky body type, same small waist, and I weigh 135. There should be a rule that, if celebrities are going to crow about their weight, they should be monitored by an independent medical practice or something. I’d like to see a pic of them standing on a digital scale with the weight clearly displayed. Otherwise, they just lie and mislead. I would say she’s 130 at the skinniest. She’s just as bad as Kim K, lying like this.

  • mick

    Lol i just saw her on the Osbournes calling Christina Aguilera a “stick”


  • Diana

    I thk kelly has to realise tht its nt tht shes skinny now but her new clean fresh style is wht is attractive n i agree w e others nvr base hw a person look based on ur friends. Im 5’3 n weigh 110pounds but im nt exactly small either cus of my bone structure.

  • Eve

    WOW! Shes lost a lot of weight but shes looking better then ever so good on her!

  • Tiktok51

    Her legs are hudge they look fat but i noticet in few picture that these are not fats but its muscle i mean her body is fit but her legs look like female bodybuilders 😛

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