Lea Michele, Then and Now

Did Lea Michele Lose Too Much Weight?

lea-michele-weight-loss - Did Lea Michele Lose Too Much Weight?

A slimmer Lea Michele was spotted at the Teen Choice Awards last night – and the online celebrity gossip world already started to exclaim that Lea is looking ‘too thin’. Lea’s face, arms, shoulders and middle area are, indeed, showing off the results of the weight loss – check out the comparison above!

So – Did Lea Michele Lose Too Much Weight?

FP_5550915_RIJ_TEENCHOICE_SET1_080810.JPG - Did Lea Michele Lose Too Much Weight?

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FP_5550913_RIJ_TEENCHOICE_SET1_080810.JPG1 - Did Lea Michele Lose Too Much Weight?

FP_5550914_RIJ_TEENCHOICE_SET1_080810.JPG - Did Lea Michele Lose Too Much Weight?

FP_5550919_RIJ_TEENCHOICE_SET1_080810.JPG - Did Lea Michele Lose Too Much Weight?

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  • justme

    she looked much better in may

    btw. those shoes are awful

    • I agree. Ugliest shoes I’ve seen in a long time!

      I think she looked good then and she loos good now. But she always looked WAY older than she is. That’s what’s weird.

    • Leah

      i think she looked best in obctober, but maybe that’s just because i like that dress better

  • Hannah

    I don’t think she looks too skinny at all. :S I think she looks slim and healthy. She naturally has a small build, as you can easily see from the conparison pictures, so shes going to look small! She seems to have toned up more than anything, In my opinion, she looks better now than she has done. She shouldnt lose any more weight though, she looks nice how she is. 🙂

  • I don’t think she lost too much weight, I mean she doesn’t look dangerously skinny or gaunt in any way. A bit lollipop head-ish yes, but not sickly. I do prefer her her weight in may, but that’s just my personal opinion.

    • laura

      agree she is looking abit lolli pop head ish defo shoulnt lose ne more weight

      • bree

        agree! her head is too big for her body now

    • Agreed.

  • MNG

    she hasn’t lost too much imo, she looks good (but she shouldn’t lose any more)

    • Jj

      exactly now she just looks toned.

  • Lara

    yawn. she’s such an original.

    • jenP

      No kidding. She’s probably been smoking more to help lose weight. Doesn’t she worry about her voice? I know actresses like to go vegan for their “health” but really it’s a cover to lose weight because they’re usually smokers too.

      vid showing a pic of her smoking http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQT-9jMBb6k

      Still of the pic http://xyn.tumblr.com/post/296303240/lea-michele-tell-me-that-is-not-a-cigarette-in

      • Oh… I hope she doesn’t do that anymore, or will quit soon.
        I’m not starting on all the health issues that smoking can lead you to. It’s just that several people would kill for Lea’s voice, and it would be such a pity to know, in the future, that she didn’t take enough care of it.

      • Frank

        That was one picture of her with a cig over a year ago. Since then she has been trying to get healthier and all people are doing are judging her now. She has been photoed a ton and not one more with a cigarette. So I don’t thing she does smoke and that point it may have been just a party smoker, just like Dianna had a cig in a picture too a year ago and not one more since then.

        She looks healthy here and this was just a week ago.

        People need to stop judging other and the mean remarks are sad.

      • Jaon

        you don;’t even know what you are talking about that was taken a year ago and there have been no other pictures of her smoking. She lost weight due to her vegan diet. Don’t make stuff up that you know nothing about.

  • Compared to the first two pic,I say she didn’t lose much at all,she has a slender figure anyway and it seems like she lost most of the weight and the boobs,and waist.. And I could tell it’s because of the style of the last dress,the it has straps that makes her look a little more thinner..Tough,I would prefer the october outfit and look best:]

  • wow, i liked her the way she was. she looks good now too, but she didn’t need to lose anything.

  • b

    I think her body looks great without her head. I don’t think she lost too much weight, but I also think she’s not meant to be this tiny, if only because her head looks like she put on a mascot head on top. IT’S HUGE. IT’S UNFORUNATE. I’d rather weigh a few more pounds and be proportionate than look like the final result.

    Now that I think of it…it’s awfully fishy that her face is still fat. I hope she lost weight the safe way.

  • I think she looks soooo much more amazing now (not that she didn’t before)! although she’s looking a little like robin wright (penn) in that first comparison shot

  • ash

    the first pic !! oh my god she’s gorgeous !! it reminds me of selma hayek and a bit of monica bullici (spelling ) …im not saying she looks bad now though but i love her more back then ….whats more not to love ??

  • Kara

    In my opinion, her face looks much better with some weight on it. Her body may look fine, but her face looks distorted because she has such strong features. (In my own humble opinion.)

    And, her weight in October 09 isn’t even her highest. She has been steadily loosing weight since Glee started. (The first taping of Glee was done in, like, September of 08.) I’ve been watching her lose weight (you can tell that she’s lost a substantial amount of weight from the finale of the first half of the season to the premiere of the second, and she continues to lose weight as the taping of that season goes on) but the weight lose is painfully apparent now.

    It may be because her newly adopted vegan diet isn’t getting her the nutrients that she needs. In fact, it’s entirely possible.

    • Kara


      I think this picture illustrates very well what I was saying about her face. The first picture makes her look a bit chipmunky but that’s not the case. Her continued weight loss also ages her face.

      Btw, I LOVE her shoes.

    • Chrissy

      I agree with you. Her features appear better with some more fat/weight on them. Her body does look nice, but there certainly wasn’t anything wrong with it

      • Trisia

        I agree. Her face and facial features definitely look better when she is a bit heavier.
        I love love love her style!!
        I think I am the only one haha

      • Kara

        Oh, yeah, she’s had an incredibly enviable body all along. Especially her legs. I think I take issue more the way her face looks with the weight loss, rather than her body.

    • Mizzy

      I agree, her face looked much better before.
      As for the vegan diet, I know plenty of vegans who have no problem keeping weight on – some of them are even chubby. gasp! If it is because of her new lifestyle than she should probably consult a nutritionist, because she is doing something wrong.

  • Kelly

    I think she looks really good. From the side you can tell that she isn’t too thin. Her legs look strong and she looks like she has a lot of muscle. Her face looks really good too.

  • I think she doesn’t look too skinny but there was no need to lose weight. She looked perfectly fine before the weight loss. And I like her face a bit fuller. I totally agree with Kara, her face has very strong features, so when it gets too thin it looks angular and a bit masculine.

  • Mary

    I think she’s perfect now, but she lost too much weight too fast. She should stay the way she is now.

  • amy

    I don’t think she looks sick or anything, and I love her green minidress. she still looks great. BUT that being said, I think when some people are that thin, their head looks bigger, like, disporportionate from their body, almost. This is coming from someone who has a huge head, so I’m not trying to be mean!

  • JenP

    She does look pretty thin but she is kind of short so even a small weight loss is noticeable on her. Also she has a tan now and that makes you appear thinner as well. I actually think she looks better like this.

  • Chillwaves

    knew it was only a matter of time. with the exception of 90210, most actresses that i have seen in many tv series start out looking healthy slim and progressively end up looking scary thin. She looks good now but should not lose anymore. I like her mini-dress though!

  • Myra

    As of now, in August, she looks to be about the same weight/body shape as me. I have pretty thin arms but muscle tone in my legs since I run daily. And because I run daily I have a thinner build. Personally I think she looks healthy now, because I have never thought of myself as looking too thin.

    • Your thinner build is a given. Not criticizing you or anything, I just want to explain to you that one’s build is does not come from the type of exercise, but from genetics.
      I know you’ll see the same type of build in a certain sport (not all), like weight lifting, but that’s because to have results in that sport you need to be big. Some are naturally big, while others work hard to put weight on.
      Being a former athlete, I can say for sure that in this sport you can be any build and running doesn’t make your body frame smaller.
      Just saying…

  • essie

    Did Lea Michele Lose Too Much Weight?

    NO 🙂

  • siennagold

    She did lose weight but she looks good. She should not lose any more weight though. Love her shoes!

  • machmalow

    no way .. she’s gorgeous, beautiful skin, beautiful dress, great body

  • MoMo

    I dont think she is scary skinny, but her head is too big for her body so the more weight she drops the more she looks like shes about to tip over.

  • Kimberly

    Her body looks great, but it looked great before. Her face, on the other hand, doesn’t because her jaw is quite masculine. Her head looks to be out of proportion with her body now. It’s a tough one.

    I love that blue dress in the first picture.

  • brittany

    i think she lost a tad too much weight and she’s never going to be able to keep it off.. look at every other celeb girl who lost weight fast. (nicole richie, hilary duff, 90210 girls( except annalynne or whatever her name is..)))

    • Pete

      She has been losing weight little by little for a good 8 months or so, not too fast. People she is trying to get healthier to have more energy for her hectic schedule.

  • Ella

    She didn’t need to lose weight to begin with, but I do not think she took it too far either. Her head does look a little bit big, but I wonder if it is also the poofy hairstyle that is making her head look a little large.

  • RAchel

    Her body looks much better now that she is skinnier! Her face looks uglier though..

  • Jemima

    I definitely think she’s lost too much weight. She went vegan and then started working out even more than she already did.
    She’s looking like a bobble head, and I think that sucks because I think she used to be really beautiful. Now I’m turned off by how tiny she is.
    I think she looked better in 2009, before she went vegan.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad she made the decision to be healthier (that is, if she’s taking the proper supplements that one would get in an diet with meat) and be cruelty free, but I think she looked better with more weight.

  • O

    she isnt too think but she should definitely not lose anymore.

    • Pete

      SH isn’t ugly so how could her face be uglier. Nasty comment is unnecessary.

  • Casey

    Yes, she has lost weight. And from her interviews, I get the sense that she would be the kind of person to give in to the (imagined) pressure that everyone should be a size 0. She just seems very superficial to me.

    Regardless of the reasons why she may have lost the weight, she looked better in May. The bobble-head look is not attractive, especially on her.

    • Jemima

      I agree.

    • Howie

      I don;t agree at all. She didn’t give in to getting nose job,. She was as thin as she is now back when she was a Broadway. I have never gotten the sense from her interviews and the way other talk about that she is nothing but very confident and determined. No idea where that is coming from casue it simply doesn’t make sense.

  • Vall

    MY LEA!!!!

    She is losing too much, bb.

  • Daniel

    Oh God… She was so pretty in October… Her shoes look bigger than her legs… Ugly, ugly, ugly. I hate it so much when a pretty girl loose all that weight for… well… for what?? Society?? I hope not for men, because I think there are some things you didn’t get… While a lot of men like slim girls and a lo of them like curvier girls, ALL or pretty much all men love a slim girl with curves. The best of both world. But slim does not mean skinny! A very few men will like a skinny girl… seriously…Slim means healthy, like, let’s say, Hilary Duff or Christina Hendricks, for example… Sorry to be harsh, but that’s how I see things and I am so tired to see celebs loosing so much weight so that men like me won’t have hotties to look at anymore… We want more Scarlet Johanson!

  • She still looks good, she doesn’t look underweight or unhealthy to justify the criticism. But what justifies it is the fact she totally lost her curves. Where are her boobs gone?!?

  • Princess

    Imo she was the best in May.
    Don`t like her face

    • Howie

      just rude

  • Ash

    She doesn’t look scary-skinny or unhealthy now but personally I prefer her with a bit more weight.

  • Rachel

    Her waist is so small but her arms and legs seem like they’re a healthy size- and generally if someone loses too much weight too quickly, it’s the other way around- with spindly arms and legs, not a good look. I think she looks strong and healthy but she shouldn’t lose anymore weight!

  • Ninian

    Just the fact that she looked perfectly slim enough to begin with should be enough to qualify her as too skinny and unhealthy. There is nothing healthy about loosing weight when you’re fit and slim already! How anyone can say that this is ok is beyond me!! >=(

    She looks to thin, she IS unhealthy (just by the fact that she decided to loose weight at all, when she was already thin, NOT healthy no mather what!) >=( This world is such a sick place with all of these girls wanting to be sticks.. >=(

    I altso agree with the person above saying she seems superficial in interviews and such, and rumor has it that she is a perfectionist and altso a bit of a diva. Aparently she is determent to be the skinniest person on set. (Glee)

    I really hope she gets some help before this goes any further, because she has an amazing voice and is a great actor. It would be so tragic if she lost it all to an eating disorder. =(

    And btw, – I LOVE her in Glee, just so you don’t think I’m a hater. =/

    • kelis

      woah dont exagerate! so shes lost some weight doesnt mean she has an eating disorder!!

    • Minnie

      Maybe she was overeating before.
      Or maybe she is working a lot and doesn’t snack as much because of that.
      She has also become a vegan.
      *By the way, it’s lose not loose*

      She looks healthy to me.
      I’m not her doctor so I don’t know, but based on appearance she looks fit and healthy.

    • Liz

      You cant assume she has an eating disorder. I have a small build like Lea’s and my weight has dropped around about the same as hers but only due to healthy eating, a busy lifestyle and because I try not to eat when im emotional anymore. People have always said I was thin and in some clothes I looked normal/ thin but under them I had a little pot belly and other problem areas but due to a positive lifestyle change I lost weight. Does this mean I have an eating disorder. Who knows maybe she had lost weight due to similar curcumstances as mine which are totally healthy. I think she looks slim, toned, healthy and in no way boney. IMO I think she looks better now than she did in october.

  • Nessa

    Those shoes are too clunky, and I liked her when she has a little more meat on her bones. I guess she fits the hollywood standard now

  • annie

    She look all right but I sadly don’t think she’ll stop here. She should though. People who get too obsessed with body image often continue to drop pounds..

  • Katy

    I don’t notice any change, that being seing she is really small. I hope it’s not just because she has to play a teenager. Teenagers have all different body shapes you know!

  • Cara

    I think it’s because of the heels she’s wearing. She looks taller, giving the illusion that her weight is distributed over a longer body. Overall, she’s looks thinner, but she probably hasn’t lost much weight at all.

  • amazon

    she looks good at all the weights. i don’t like to say someone SHOULD be thinner or fatter, unless we are talking extremes, and even then its just an opinion. anyway losing a bit of weight as your star rises is quite normal, as are fluctuations, especially if your lifestyle is changing too.

    another opinion- bad bad bad shoes!

  • Kt

    I love her look in the October pic, the hair, the dress, her body – So I don’t like her August pic in the comparrison shot.
    But on its own, she looks fine, she doesn’t look scary skinny, just little. She still looks pretty, just I think on some angles, her thinner face looks a bit masculine but in most of the shots, she looks lovely

  • ellentjie

    Woah in the first pic of her in Aug 2010 I thought it was really photo shopped! She had like a lollipop look! When and how did she all of a sudden loose so much weight! She definitely has toned up! I thought she looked slimmer in that previous post in a gold and brown long dress

  • neonilla

    I think her legs look really hot now !

  • shante

    tbh from first glance it does look like shes lost alot of weight buh im guessing the super high heels, and the major tan is possibly contributing to such a huge difference in her body.

  • terri

    I think she looked better b4 losing th weight.

  • emely

    in my personal opinion she looked better before she lost all that weight. that is not to say she isn’t still beautiful; her look right now just doesn’t appeal to me as much.

  • Wow. She looked great before, her legs look good now but I would have thought the slimming had gone to far when her face looks so bony. Makes her look old too!

  • Kelly

    She looked better before losing all the weight.

  • Hello spray tan and bronzer! I know it’s summer, but damn! And yeah, girlfriend lost some weight.

  • Getting to thin now! anymore and she will lose her looks!
    I prefer her the way she was but that is just me. Hope she doesn’t go all “Hollywood” . I blame the vegan diet!

  • nicole

    she is way too tan! it ages her

  • Her weight loss is definitely noticeable in the green dress. She didn’t need to lose it. I wonder why she did?

  • aj

    Maybe she still looks real pretty but she lost that weight quick smart. The question of real importance is, “is it unhealthy losing weight so quickly” YESSSSSSSSSS we all know that

  • Rebecca

    Love the dress, not the shoes. I also think she’s too tan. Her natural glow in the champagne dress is great. She’s pretty and talented thought. I would love her body.

  • Anna

    yes, she def has! she had such awesome legs! plus her face used to look better somehow!

  • maria

    she looks awful she looked better the way she was. losing that weight made her nose pop out even more. i personally think she doesn’t look good she might look healthy but not good. she had no need to lose weight.

  • Kath

    How can you look at those pictures of her face and say she isn’t pretty. Sure she lost a few pounds but not as drastic as some of you are going on about. She was very thin when she was on Broadway, gained up a few pound after moving to LA and started working on glee. Decided she need to get healthy and went vegan. Let her be and worry about yourselves. So many catty comment sis is really depressing how nasty people can be.

  • Vi

    She lost all her curves

    • yes! u’re right! i am 100% agree with u!

  • i think she looks good, but i prefer the way she looked in may, because i think she’s loosing too much weight i know that everyone says that she looks beautiful that way, but in my opinion i think she looks skinny..

  • Lea Michele is such a wonderful singer. i love her voice, i hope that she doesn’t continue with the diet.. or something that she’s doing. GO LEA!! 😛

  • Padme

    She has a darker tan, higher heels, bigger hair, shorter dress, a weirdly angled head, and harsher facial expression. I think it’s mostly an illusion, scrolling down to the pic where she’s smiling normally she already looks 10x better. Doubt she’s lost more than 5 lbs.

  • She looks good. Hate the shoes, but the rest is A+.

  • jjj

    She looks really good now. It goes to show that the weight loss really works well for her. She has a very nice body. She certainly looks very happy and healthy.

  • Laura

    I can definitely see a weight loss, but I can’t even imagine her demanding schedule. I think it’s totally normal that she lost some weight because I doubt she has much time to eat. By the way, love her new bangs! They make her face look shorter and her nose look smaller. And that green dress with those shoes is spectacular!

  • PhishStyx

    I think she looks perfectly healthy in every picture. That’s not to say that she doesn’t look different, because she obviously does. I would say that she’s probably only lost a few pounds, because she’s obviously gained a lot of muscle. I’m sad that her curves are gone though, she was super sexy before. She’s still absolutely gorgeous, so I’m not complaining. It’s just a different Lea, and I’m sure I’d like her even if she gained like 50 pounds.

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  • Zaggy

    In the first shot she looks like a woman. In the third, a twelve year old boy. Where are her boobs? It’s sad. She was gorgeous before.

  • Diana

    I think she needs a little bit more curve on the bottom…her shoulders and wider than her hips and an hour glass shape is so beautiful on her..

  • Angelo Pappas

    She still looks incredible to me! Go LEA! Can’t wait for Dorothy of OZ, by the way. Just loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove her voice!

  • Brooke

    She’s hasn’t been on a crash diet like many are saying, what happened is she says that playing Rachel Berry requires A LOT of energy and to do that, she became a vegan. Thus the dramatic weight loss.

  • v

    you watch a show and the lead has a great curvy, not fat at all body but then becomes just one of the normal hollywood sticks… and you end up liking them that little less

    • figureskater


  • lbd

    i think she looks great…
    love, love, love the green and nude dress 🙂

  • Foll

    I’m so disappointed in her.
    She was a really significant inspiration and role model to me. And I can honestly say that few celebrities inspire me to appreciate my curves. But seeing her conform to this ‘skinny’ hype had left me feeling very let down. It’s a shame. Don’t get me wrong, she looks great, but she also look fantastic when she was curvy.

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