LeAnn Rimes, Then and Now

LeAnn Rimes – Then & Now

dd - LeAnn Rimes - Then & Now

Left: A skinny LeAnn Rimes back in 2011.

Right: LeAnn this week in vinyl shorts.

See many more shots of LeAnn in 2011 and some recent ones (wearing the black outfit) next!


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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • lolli

    She looks SO much healthier! Good for her.

    • JaneParker

      She does look healthier, but the sad thing is I’m pretty sure she can’t wait to lose the weight again. Won’t comment on her face because I’m feeling particularly kind today 😀

      • cloud9

        baahahahah, well i don’t, holy horse face, get rid of those bangs, the lack of a forehead highlights your horse face leanne. i give it two years before he finds someone else and makes her get all anorexic

  • happygolucky

    I have always found this woman repulsive, but now her FACE!! 🙁 Either she has monkeyed around with fillers or has developed kidney problems.
    And hideous outfit. Those lovely boots are wasted.

    • Powwow

      ‘Or has developed kidney problems’ hahaha 😀

  • lexy

    god she looks so much better now. i do actually like skinny-looking people but she just can’t pull it off imho, it makes her proportions look weird as hell.

  • Casey

    She looks much better. Her legs are still toned but not scrawny or sinewy.

  • retrobanana

    she looks like fergie and michael jackson combined….why does her face look like that?

    • Casey

      Very accurate description!

      She could be doing fillers but then, looking at her younger years, I can see her face looking like that naturally at larger weights. She’s always had kind of an odd face.

    • mary

      cause shes UGLY

      • Puppe

        and you are ugly inside !

    • Indigo Lace


  • Ella

    Wow, she looks really good! I like her body now, and I’m sure it’s much easier for her to keep up – the before looks a bit unnatural if only because her frame seems too large for being so skinny.
    Anyway, she sort of rubs me the wrong way but it’s nice to see her looking really good, toned and healthy.

  • sarah

    I have never liked her body,there’s someting weird on her proportions:too wide shoulders and very tiny waist.
    it’s not a very feminine body

  • Bellerina

    Didn’t she just get out of rehab? It looks like she put on some much needed weight, hope she actually learned something.

    • AnnieC

      You mean her “rehab” for her Twitter addiction? That lasted under a month, and there’s no evidence that she actually went anywhere.

      • Bellerina

        *Sigh* It’s so annoying when celebrities use rehab as a pity party vacation. She isn’t the first and she wont be the last.

  • ****

    I feel this is just a giant situation fo “If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all.” (I realize that saying that is hypocritical to the point)

    At least she’s healthy? (healthier?)

  • char

    her face resembles bjork
    her body looks way better

    • Tally

      True true. But ive always been a fan of her legs

  • Hazal

    Her legs look so good now! Even if her face is still not-so-pretty, she looks much better at this weight.

  • Megan

    So much better with a little more fat!

    Those shorts remind me of super cheap softball shorts.

    • happygolucky

      Or goth Hooter’s shorts.

      • Debbs


  • Am I the only one here thinking she looked better back in 2011? She looks pretty good right now too, but I prefer her skinnier.

    The comments about her face seem to be a little out place.

    • Debbs

      I can’t decide – I don’t think she looks good in any of the photos.

    • megs362

      No, I think she looked better before too. As loathe as I am to apply the term to this woman, she looked a lot more elegant before. Hate that back of thigh sag she has in one of the side-on ‘after’ shots. I run and ride horses so I spend my life fighting the backwards curve of my thighs 🙁

      If I had to choose, I would have her before body – no contest!!

    • Gabe

      Way better before! This is a classic example of someone who did themselves a favor by slimming down. A lot of the time the difference between uninteresting and pretty is a good 15lbs.

    • Jennifer

      Not sure how you can see her before pics and not think she was scary skinny. She definitely looked ill last year. Now she looks healthy. I think it’s safe to to say it’s better to look healthy than ill.

  • AnnieC

    She has the bloated face of a person with kidney issues. Either she has some health problem or she’s tweaking her face with a plastic surgeon. Either way, she doesn’t look good.

  • mary

    shes one of the most unnattractive “celebs” and looks bad whether or not shes thin. before she looks emaciated with man shoulders so the weight gain is an improvement, but nothing will fix that face…woooof

  • Winnie

    the weight gain seems to have balanced her out. when she was thinner, her proportions looked odd bdue to her narrow hips, scrawny legs, and linebacker shoulders

    • lc

      Lol I love those proportions, weird I know but I love it. Cornet-shaped, or triangle or something.

      • Adriana

        I prefer those body shapes too as long as the person os healthy looking & is not too boney. Leannes chest was a bit too boney for my liking in 2011 but I liked the rest of her body. V shaped or inverted triangles I think they are called. I really liked Teri Hatchers body in Desperate Housewives. She has a similar shape to Leanne in the 2011 pic but without the chest bones showing.

      • Winnie

        yup! inverted triangle! i think that they can look great when they’re more proportionate (i.e. Kristin Cavallari) but when the bottom half is too small like Leann’s used to be it can start looking a bit weird

  • Linnie

    I like Leanne, I kinda feel for her as she has been on the receiving end of so much crap. Yes, she fell in love with a married man whilst still married, but it takes two to tango and how much longer will she have to pay for what she did? Everyone else have moved on, so should the press. *rant over*
    But seeing these pics have me confused, it’s like they are of two completely different women. Anyone else think she might be pregnant?

    • Heather

      I wondered the same thing! She was just so thin and she was maintaining it so for all Of a sudden to gain and her face looks puffy ? She’s not big, I don’t mean that but I just don’t see her as all of a sudden deciding to gain 10 lbs. nope…

  • La la la la

    Her body looks HOT and her face is fine. Her hair is too. Linnie, I think maybe they are trying to get preg? ‘Cause her hair is toned down too making me think she’s avoiding harsh hair dye. I actually really like her hair color..dark blonde’s my favorite hair color. It reminds me of RHW’s.

  • Pixie

    SO much better!!!

  • Sanne dutchy

    She looks way better yes, but what I am wondering is…
    How is she gonna explain this haha ? With all those explanations about why she was skinny: because she got older, lost the babyfat blablabla… haha
    Just funny……

    • Sharon


      She clearly starved herself back then and/or worked out way too much and when everyone questioned her drastic weight loss and maciated appearance she had all these claims of well I’m just getting older and I lost my baby fat and this is normal for me… Yadda yadda when we all knew she was lying and really needed help. I think she looks much healthier now but she just can’t run around lying to everyone and expect them not to hate her. Don’t tell me the sky isn’t blue when I’m lookin right at it; ill resent you for it and if you tell me enough lies ill resent you forever.

  • JennM

    She was too skinny before, for my tastes, but I liked her better blonde with no bangs, and her face looks gremlin-ish to me now, her nose and cheeks look different, and she seems like her eyes are always squinting..she has always had smaller eyes, but it looks really bad now. And, not a fan of the outfit for a little league game.

  • annabanana

    she looks 1000x better now

  • Laura

    Still not a very nice outfit, but body-wise I think she looks great! Much better than before.

  • MariMari

    Falcor has always had issues. It’s a moot point. We’re now debating whether she’s had work done? Obviously. Fillers? Who cares? It hasn’t helped her security or the outside worlds’ perception of her attractiveness. Have y’all read that she’s now suing her dentist for damaging her beauty? Glad she’s eating, at least for that small amount of time she’s not blaming others for her crazy.

  • KC

    Body wise I think she looks pretty decent. Everything else, including the face, oy what happened?

  • TonyFae

    Oh my god…she actually put on weight O_o,

    Lol wow.

  • lc

    I cannot lie I absolutely loved her body before, in 2011. I love her shape and tone.

  • vanessa

    she looked good in the before stage. her legs looks great in the old pics. Ugh. I hate those damn chicken legs she has now. She has a body of a teenage boy now.

  • rachel

    She looks SO much better and younger!!

  • Mew

    It seems she has gained a bit of weight.. how dares she, isn’t she afraid Cibrian runs away and finds a new thin barbie? I don’t care. However, I must say when she first emerged with her “dead skinny bod”, she looked pretty good. It wasn’t starved skinny, it was “I worked hard on my body, I have muscles and great tone” kind of body.

  • Lang

    Wow, she chunked up, but not in a bad way. But who the hell wears vinyl shorts and heels to a kid’s game?

  • lisa

    I think she looks better now. Face wise too; I don’t get all the bad comments about her face, I don’t find it particularly unattractive, she’s not “gorgeous”, but definitely not ugly.

  • Bizarre

    I wonder if her weight back in 2011 was in any way influenced by Brandi Glanville. Like feeling like she needed to be as skinny as Brandi or something to please her husband…she seems like the insecure type

  • seijidan

    I didnt realize how skinny she was then. I mean, I knew she was skinny, but not that skinny. The newer photos put that into perspective. She looks great to me either way. I won’t comment on her face. I just hope shes happy! every woman deserves to be happy

  • HeatherE.

    What the hell is she wearing? :0

  • otilia

    Her body nature is not being stick thin, it will always try to get back to a chubby look. If she wishes to keep on being skinny she will need to be on diet her entire life. Eventually she will fail. Nature always wins.

  • Scarlett

    She looks healthy, health matters more than weight

  • Sigi

    Thinner is always better

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