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Lisa Rinna Without Make-up on Twitter

Lisa-Rinna-Without-Make-up-on-Twitter - Lisa Rinna Without Make-up on Twitter

This is what it looks like before beauty team arrives. Just keepin it real ppl!

… says Lisa Rinna on Twitter while posting this picture.

Well, I like it when celebs “keep it real”… at least once in a while.

See Lisa with her make-up ON after the jump!

FP_3075441_Rinna_Hamlin_FRE_052809 - Lisa Rinna Without Make-up on Twitter

FP_3300792_RIJ_ORPHAN_072109 - Lisa Rinna Without Make-up on Twitter

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • suzushii

    She looks striking with or without.

    Without she looks very much like Angelina Jolie to me

  • Kristy

    Looks better without imo

  • elena

    well obviously she looks better with make-up on but without she is fine as well..not so scary like others do!:P her skin is quite bad though…

  • flora

    the second pic freaked me out the way shes projecting her face reminds me of that goosebumps novel cover about the scary Ventrolquist dummy. revenge of the dummy i think.

    • M

      lol. she’s keeping it real, ppl. except that’s not her real face!

  • faby

    wow she’s uggly with or without make up

  • Michele

    I don’t think she’s attractive with or without. It seems like the makeup is too much, and the not makeup is scary. :/ Just my opinion, though.

  • Emmy

    She looks really cute and young without make up

  • Grey

    She looks better without, but what’s with the lips? Holy crap they look disturbing.

    • Salma


  • neutra

    I can’t fathom how anyone thinks she looks good eitherway! She’s just another D-lister who has lost any sense of self-awareness and as a result gone and spent too much time and money at the surgeons. She looks utterly ridiculous in photos, so to think what she must look like in life is a very scary thought! And someone said she looks like Angelina? What, because of the huge over-inflated lips thats cost could have fed a small impoverished village for a year?! When she talks her mouth looks completely absurd. It’s not a look that people should covet, and if they do, their perception of reality is completely absurd.

    • neutra

      I really need to start proofreading before i post!

  • Kristen

    I think a more natural makeup look would benefit her…maybe some warm peach tones, light eye shadow…also, she might benefit from growing her hair longer. I believe she is beautiful either way, it just might be fun to try a new look…maybe that’s when people will actually pay attention to her.

  • Barbie

    Her lips are crazy.

  • Make up doesn’t really help her much cause her lips are such a wreck!

  • b

    the lips are terrible…actually looks prettier without…she should get rid of that awful, dated haircut and tone down the makeup. also, her kitchen is really dated…

  • No doubt the ‘Make up’ adds a bit little of her physical appearence, but her overall personality dominates the make up……..

  • It’s just too bad her lips look like sausages…

  • You guys are naive. Shes normal.

  • Cliff47

    Poor deformed young thing…

  • Marcus Rafael

    She’s not without makeup. If you have eyes you can see the very strong shadow on her eyes, and her brows are makeuped too.