Melissa McCarthy, Then and Now

Melissa McCarthy: “I’ve been every size in the world”

M-McCarthy-06212013-1 - Melissa McCarthy: "I’ve been every size in the world"

On her body size:

“I’ve been every size in the world. Part of my twenties, I was in great shape, but I didn’t appreciate it. If I was a 6 or an 8, I thought, why aren’t I a 2 or a 4?”

… says Melissa in More magazine.

Melisa back in 2003, when she was 32:

1943669_10 - Melissa McCarthy: "I’ve been every size in the world"

2 more vintage Melissa shots next!


2159428_10 - Melissa McCarthy: "I’ve been every size in the world" 2866705_10 - Melissa McCarthy: "I’ve been every size in the world"

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  • elleza

    pretty face

  • kia

    ..and so why should you think xxl is the best one? come on melissa, I think you felt better in a m-L..sorry if i’m wrong

    • Elysian

      I think that’s what shes trying to say . She didn’t feel good about being a size 6/8 and now that shes bigger she realizes that being 6/8 is actually good/small/orwhatever

    • Heather

      I don’t think anybody can speak for her. besides she feels better in her own skin now that she’s mature. I’m the exact same, bigger now than ever (I’m her age) but when I was smaller, I was riddled with insecurity and thought I was fat even when I wasn’t. It’s a messed up world. People are being gang raped on buses in India, and we are talking about a woman’s weight. I happen to think Melissa McCarthy is great as she is. she bring me a lot of laughter and light.

  • anne

    i think shes a lovely woman.
    who cares if shes not the hollywood standard?

    • JN1976

      I agree – I think she’s lovely, gracious and kind and thus VERY beautiful. Her eyes shine and sparkle and show the joy she brings to others with laughter.
      Out of love her quote concerns me as it seems she has a difficult time loving or accepting herself and her body the way she is and worries me (ED-type stuff). Esp bc her success in comedy appears somewhat reliant on her behaving ridiculously and the weight being part of what’s funny or inappropriate…this concerns me bc I realllllly think she’s got the funny “it” quality and her physical humour would stay even if she became healither but I wonder if her “team” is more supportive of her career and the role/type she became famous for or if she wanted to get healthier, if she would be supported…you know by her agent, manager etc…I’ve heard of both extremes being manipulated for fan/fame-gain (the thought that you should stay the same as when you got famous or continue in the extreme direction bc so many people are relying on you —- heavy comedians get heavier, thin models/actresses get skinnier)

      ps I think Rebel Wilson too is effing hilarious and still would be if she was at a healthier weight

  • Jules

    The only concern that should be attributed to her weight is in terms of HEALTH. I get that she could never be a size 2, due to her frame, and while I’m sure she does currently live a healthy lifestyle, I have serious doubts that ANYONE at her weight is 100% healthy. This is obesity, risks of heart disease and diabetes and more….

    I LOVE Melissa, Gilmore Girls was my favorite show and she looks happy. I just have such a hard time understand how a person could have SO much weight to the point of obesity and be 100% healthy. Surely its risky?

  • Aly

    I forgot she used to be that thin! She doesn’t need to be a size 2 or 4, but even at those pics which I estimate to be 10 to 14 (US), she looks a lot healthier. Did she go from Chubby/Overweight due to her pregnancies? Gained and then never lost it?

  • serena

    Sorry but that cover photo is just awful, why would they choose that one out of the many poses they could pick for her? She looks great in the 2003 picture. Back then she was plump and pretty but now she is obese.

  • dutchie

    Gosh, I bet she is so tired of being asked about her weight all the time.

  • wb

    the cover is awkward doesnt even look like her

    • Winnie

      you’re right, it doesn’t! at first glance i actually thought it was Nikki Blonsky from Hairspray!

  • anon

    She wasn’t really very attractive to begin with. Looks like just a normal, regular woman you see shopping in Walmart.

    • jenna

      Not every talented comedian needs to be drop dead gorgeous and rated on their looks.

      If I sat here and listed the top funniest male comedians, do you think ANY of them would be considered hot or sexy? Are Jack Black or Will Ferrell revered for their looks or for their talent?

      There’s far too much hate on this website regarding actors/actresses and the way they look. If every actor was chosen for their beauty/handsomeness, how talentless and boring would the entertainment industry be?

      • Candy M.

        We’re on a site, where the quote is her talking about her appearance, and what we’re supposed to comment on her acting skills? Nobody here is saying she shouldn’t be a comedian because she isn’t gorgeous, we’re just saying she isn’t gorgeous.

      • anon

        Yeah because saying someone looks like a “regular woman” is really hating on her isn’t it? I’d say compared to most of the vile comments on this site mine was pretty mild.

    • Emilie

      I don’t get the point of your comment. Not everyone is gorgeous that is famous and it’s really subjective. I don’t think Miley is gorgeous or Kristin Stewart. Looks like a girl you see working at Starbucks.

  • Winnie

    she honestly seems like such a sweet lady, the kind who probably has a loud boisterous laugh that’s enough to make everyone around her laugh. it reminds me of an aunt of mine :’) plus i have a soft spot for people with dimples lol

    anyway, i don’t like commenting on her weight, but honestly it wouldn’t hurt for her to lose a few.

  • solaxia

    This woman has a GORGEOUS face! Those eyes! I love the second and third pictures (plus, I dont think she looks all that big in those pics anyway). Love the hairstyle for her in the third pic. The last hair style doesnt fit her so well. I dont know why people say they are concerned of her ‘health’…I highly doubt they give that much of a crap about how healthy she is. They just want to seem more polite in their saying she is big.

    • anon

      It’s no surprise that you think she’s”gorgeous”

      • anon

        And it’s no surprise that, yet again, you sound like a jackass.

  • Hazal

    She definitely looked better 10 years ago. I also think that she gained weight due to her pregnancies. Maybe the age factor also plays a role. Well, it’s her life, so I don’t care as long as she feels comfortable with her weight.

  • Sophie

    I don’t understand how this weight gain happens. Sometimes I go for weeks having a really bingey-type relationship with food. I eat a lot, I mean a pretty shocking amount that I would not show other people and I have been chubby (125 lbs at 5’2) in the past, now I am smaller (not that anyone gives a toss). I just wonder what these women are eating. It must be amazing amounts of food and I think in many cases, totally unrestrained emotional eating.

    • Well, Sophie, I don’t think you’re being quite fair. I know quite slim people who appear to eat quite a lot and never gain weight – they even say themselves they are lucky because they don’t seem to have to put much effort into being slim. They don’t work out a huge amount and they eat junk often. Some people, it seems to me, have a faster or slower metabolism than the norm. Everyone truly is different – there are genetic propensities for weight. Some people have skinny body types and it’s very hard for them to gain weight to even look ‘normal’ – the same goes for some heavy people, they may eat and exercise moderately but are still a bit heavy.

      Now, when it comes to someone like Melissa, I think it’s likely she overeats – but probably not to the extent you might think. She likely doesn’t exercise in any dedicated way. Her metabolism is probably very slow and she gains easily. It doesn’t take that long of overeating and being inactive for the bad habits to form and then if you don’t stop that, your body wants to stay at the higher weight and it becomes much harder to lose.

      Idk, it’s a complicated matter, as far as I can tell. I know from my own body that I don’t eat that many calories most days (around 1600-1800 is normal and some days I may eat around 2000-2100 if I’m being really indulgent!). That’s not a vast amount of food. I’m not as big as Melissa (a bit smaller than her ‘before’ photos here), but when I was heavier (40lbs heavier) I didn’t eat a lot, I just did very little activity and I ate mostly simple, refined carbs and veggies with little protein. I have also gained 5lbs recently because my appetite has been increased by a medication I’m on and I’ve had chronic pain issues that make it hard to exercise (and have led me to emotionally overeat/eat junk at times).
      I think the quality and variety of your food has a big impact – just as much as the volume. I also think we’re all individuals and what wouldn’t cause weight gain for some will for others. It’s very hard to judge people on these matters – and you shouldn’t. Everyone has their struggles – weight is just a very obvious one!

      Sorry for the very long comment – I just wanted to give you a different perspective 🙂

      • TSAC

        I do agree with your point that a lot of heavier people don’t overeat to an enormous extent, but you do have to realize that most “naturally skinny” people don’t eat as much as they think they do as well. Of course, there are the genetic anomalies (especially in men) who have amazing metabolisms and eat 2500 cals a day or more and never gain. But most just have fairly high metabolisms, and although eat junk, eat in smaller portions than we’d expect. I have many friends who are very thin (all in the 17 ish bmi range, but they are healthy and have small asian frames) and say they eat all the time, but in reality they are having 1 slice of pizza for lunch and maybe some cheese and 1 pastry for dinner. So yes, although many thin people do eat “whatever they want,” most simply either consciously or unconsciously eat smaller portions.

        • I think you are right, many people do unconsciously eat less – or more. There’s an interesting BBC ‘overeating experiment’ doco ‘Why are thin people not fat?’ on youtube. I recommend checking it out – there certainly seem to be some valid, natural reasons why some people overeat and others don’t. And even how some people can’t really force themselves to overeat. There is also one amazing guy in the group who eats the required calories and actually gains muscle, not fat, even though he isn’t allowed to exercise during the experiment! Just shows again how everyone is different!

        • annemarie

          Same thing works for fat people. They say they eat so healthy but then it turns out they overeat huge amounts of those healthy foods, eating more calories than if they would eat a 500g bucket of ice-cream.

          I also saw something similar about why people who don’t diet are thinner than those who diet. It was about non-dieting people not having an urge to binge on food because they could eat whatever they wanted, so they didn’t want huge amounts of it.

      • Anna

        I agree with TSAC, in fact there are quite a lot of studies on this where they measured the calories consumed by thin people who say they can eat whatever they want and fatter people who say they eat hardly anything at all. It turns out that thinner people ate way less than fatter people even though they reported having eaten a lot more. My mum also doesn’t understand why she is big, she thinks she eats so healthily and small portions, but in reality she snacks all the time. Sure, metabolism does vary somewhat and may account for a couple of pounds in difference, but not for more than that.

        • Candy M.

          But their are people with very ectomorphic body types. For example, the nilote people tend to be very tall, very narrow with long limbs. Its not that bizarre to think there are people who are naturally very large. As with any extremes, the further you go the rarer it gets. Most people in the middle have an equal mix of endo, ecto, and meso. Think of it like a bell curve, most people don’t have extreme body types.

          • Sophie

            Sure, Erica I see your points but I don’t think I was being unfair really. I mean no offense, I’ve had weight struggles of my own and many women in my family struggle to maintain a healthy weight just due to family portion sizes and just the kind of family that is really into good food and cooking – a lot of fun but does not really give you the slender physique. I just think that when someone is this big they must be eating a lot. And I think I’ve seen that documentary, whereby a lot of overweight people thought they ate the same as their thin friends but in reality they just didn’t. I have a friend who is super thin and I was always jealous because she had all this food around her room like big packets of chips and she would eat fried chicken but when I really watched.. she was just eating a few handfuls and wasn’t focusing on the food all that much. Some people just aren’t as ‘into’ food and they forget about it etc.

            But anyways didn’t mean no offence 🙂

  • Yes, she looks better at the lower weight – still overweight, but not extremely so. Her face is very pretty, then and now, and she does have this light in her eyes that I think is very charismatic and joyful.

    She’s likely not very healthy at her current weight and it would be great for her if she went back to this smaller size – but that is up to her. She’s funny, talented and seems like a genuinely good person and her weight doesn’t come into that. It sounds as if she had a hard time staying in shape and always felt she should be smaller – I get the feeling she probably just gave up on that and after having her kids it got away from her.

    It’s hardest to be moderate really – for many people they are either very conscious of their size and fitness or they’re not really at all. Finding the balance is really hard, and like many of us, Melissa hasn’t. Hopefully she will in the future, but I’ll still think she’s awesome no matter how much she weighs – and her health is not my business. I think it’s bull if anyone truly thinks she’s promoting being fat and that simply being fat (especially in the public eye) is ‘immoral’ as some on here have suggested before.

    • Candy M.

      I agree, if she lost a ton of weight THAT would be unhealthy for her frame/metabolism. She may not be at optimal health now, but it doesn’t seem thin is either. In fact, for most it isn’t. As some who likes thin and who is young/naturally slim , I’m not delusional enough to say its necessarily promoting health. Most people can’t get that thin without extreme measures. The very thin people in the media may very well be healthy, they may not be. Thats irrelevant though because its unattainable and unhealthy for most, add to that someone is more likely to emulate candice swanepoel than Melissa. That all being said, I don’t think either have the influence their detractors want to believe they have.

      • serena

        Yes thanks for pointing that out Candy. People who live longer on avg are in the higher range of healthy bmi, not lower – it seems a little extra body fat (not overweight) is beneficial in the long run. I think younger women look best slim but as you get older it’s natural to gain, not to the crazy extent Melissa has though. I bet if she went back to her 2003 size, slightly overweight, she’d be fine. As it is I honestly doubt she is healthy as this size, though she seems to be ok with it. But I’m not pretending I genuinely give 2 figs about a stranger’s health.

        • Candy M.

          Yes Serena, that seems to make a lot of sense. Most peoples natural weight and body type is in the middle, so it makes sense that the healthiest weight on average is in the middle. Very few people are naturally super thin, very few people are naturally very large. Those people do exist though and there healthiest weights are different than the mean.

  • seijidan

    I dont think she was ever a size 6 or 8 in her adult life.. maybe before she hit puberty

  • BlackPinkGrey

    Such a cute woman ! > she is beautiful and hope she is happy.

  • roonie

    I really don’t understand how you can become this large.. Surely you realise at some time that you’re gaining way too much.

    • amber

      I’m quite sure she realized she was gaining weight. I don’t think she is dumb nor do I think she was surprised to wake up and find herself obese. And I have no idea why she gained the weight. Health problems, age, pregnancy, hormonal problems, who knows?

      But I will say I don’t think she would be as famous as she is right now of she weren’t obese. She is a good actress, but there are many good actresses. And she is pretty, but there are far more, much younger, much prettier women. Honestly, she fills a casting type because of her size: overweight, middle aged, female. There aren’t many roles in Hollywood for it, but there also aren’t many actresses for it. I can’t think of a single role she has ever played where being fat wasn’t apart of her character. And I bet her weight is written into her current TV show contract, with something along the lines of weight must be maintained unless approved otherwise. Frankly, unless she develops health problems or it becomes an issue in her personal life, I don’t envision her losing weight any time soon.

    • mary

      Of course you realize it…some people just don’t make health or weight their priority….to each their own.

  • MildaNee18

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  • vanessa

    she has a pretty face, and that means it doesn’t matter what size she is. I’ve seen pics of some of the skinniest models who are ugly, but because they are skinny they are told they are the prettiest things on the planet.

  • Sophie

    I think she is a very pleasant woman with a kind demeanour but I think she should lose weight because she looks like she is not far away from a heart attack.

  • kat

    her not appreciating it and always thinking “why aren’t i __ size?” is part of her weight gain pattern i think. she had a quote recently saying pretty much the same thing…something like ‘i don’t know why i am as big as i am, i don’t eat too much and I’m active’

    well you know what, obviously, something is not working if you’re consistently gaining like that…she doesn’t pay attention to what she’s doing exactly to get that way. i guess she doesn’t care tho and that’s her right.

    i used to think why arent’ i a 2 or a 4? when i was a teen or whatever – I’ve always been a 7 since puberty. and i started working out and my body changed so much but my size didn’t really, not a lot anyway and i learned to accept it. you can be a totally hot size 6 or 8 and by getting fit i did accept my size. and now i love it.

  • Heather

    All you sanctimonious folks out there who just can’t refrain from equating lower body weight with health need to take mental stock of the people you know who’ve died of various diseases. I work in medicine and quite a few of the oncology patients we get, and even heart patients from my days in ER, are skinny, what you guys can’t help but call a ‘healthy weight’.

  • Airn

    I knew she would look sexy if she were skinny

  • Airn

    Im 28 an id do her mmmm hm