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Miranda Lambert Talks About Her Weight Loss

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The whole story on how Miranda lost a considerable amount of weight from Daily Mail:

She’s one of country music’s biggest stars. And now Miranda Lambert is also one of the slimmest, after dropping a dress size thanks to a new healthy regime she adopted just in time for her 30th birthday. Miranda, who is married to The Voice judge Blake Shelton, revealed to US Weekly that low-calorie cocktails helped her on the way to shedding the pounds, saying: ‘I refuse to give up drinking!’

Swearing off her favourite ‘beer and Cheetos,’ The Fastest Girl In Town singer has created her own signature cocktail, which she mixes from rum, raspberry lemonade-flavoured Crystal Light and Sprite Zero. ‘I call them Mirandaritas!’ she exclaimed.

After spending her 20s on a series of yo-yo diets, the blonde beauty was motivated by the prospect hitting the bit 3-0. ‘I just wanted to get healthier and go into my 30s in the best possible shape I could be in,’ she told People magazine. ‘It’s all downhill from 30!’

As well as opting for healthier food choices such as green juices, chicken and sweet potatoes, Lambert also advocates portion control, indulging in a little of everything. ‘She eats part of what she normally does,’ a source told US Weekly. ‘It’s working!’

But it hasn’t been an easy transformation; the country crooner has been exercising rigorously, even taking a personal trainer on tour with her. Although she once admitted to hating exercise, Miranda stuck to a 70-minute daily workout designed for her by trainer Bill Crutchfield. Shadowboxing, jogging on the spot, lunges and core-strengthening exercises all played a part in her transformation, while at home on the Oklahoma ranch she shares with Blake, Lambert rides her horses and hunts.

Friends estimate she may have lost as much as 25 lbs, while the star herself claims to have dropped a dress size, saying: ‘People think I lost more, but I’m 5ft 4, so when I lose, I lose everywhere.‘ However, 37-year-old Shelton was quiet when it came to encouraging her to shift the pounds.

When asked why he wasn’t encouraging his wife of two years, he reassured her: ‘I have never had a problem with any way you look. You are beautiful to me at any size and every size.’ However, despite recent rumours of marital problems, it’s clear he’s a big fan of her new look, and took to Twitter on the night of the CMA awards earlier this month, saying: ‘My wife is so hot it’s ridiculous.’

Glowing from the compliments – and the award for Female Vocalist Of The Year – she received at the CMAs, Miranda declared: ‘I might have some Cheetos tonight, just to celebrate!’

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  • anushka

    Wait. She was on yoyo diets?
    Wasn’t she the one who said skinny singers/actresses make her hungry?

    • Liv

      Yes… and she never gave anyone her recipie for how she best prepared them.

      • kay

        Lol, Liv I think you are my favorite commenter.

      • MerryHappy

        Well now I imagine she marinates them in stevia, lemon, and diet sprite as a special mirandanate. Then she adds 2 tbs of barbecue sauce on the side.

      • anushka

        Lol. Typical ” Oh im soooo comfortable with my body, but you know im going to change it anyway”
        Just like Christina Aguilera. xD

  • MJay

    well, she looks A LOT better now. Can’t say I am a fan of her personality though.

  • Really don’t know much about her, but I think she looks better now and it also sounds like she’s being honest about her reasons for the weight loss, which is kind of refreshing! Sounds like she’s doing it for good reasons and in a healthy way – can’t say anything against that!

  • wonderwoman21

    I’d hate to make myself overweight off something as crappy as cheetos. At least make it something worth eating, like medium rare steak or peach cobbler with whipcream.

    • kay

      she did say beer was a problem too =)

      • wonderwoman21

        Lol i’m ok with beer calories!

    • MerryHappy

      Exactly! If I gain 10-15lbs it’d be over some damn good Thai food and Mexican food, not something like Cheetos or even beer–I don’t drink so I can’t cut alcohol to lose weight haha.

      • wonderwoman21

        Mm pad thai! Carne asada burrito! Cheetos be damned

  • cherryblossomz

    I feel ya, Miranda ’cause my life is a series of gaining and losing the same 20 pounds.

    But she’ll definitely be back to her old self within a year or so.

    Calling it now.

    • hehaw

      I was about to say the same, ill give her a year until she looks like a balloon. Same for Jennifer Hudson, all these celebs lose and gain its exhausting to keep up with. Whos thin and who’s fat, I always have to say “who’s that”? Oh Oprahs a pig again, oh christina aguilera lost weight.

  • lc

    Sounds like she did it in a healthy way at least, but she still sounds like a hypocrite to me.

    • MerryHappy

      I don’t understand her sort of begrudging attitude about thinness. Like “skinny women make me hungry” and now she’s thinner? Maybe her attitude changed about fitness and diet though for real.

      • lc

        Yeah, exactly. I thought she was comfortable with her own body?…Now she’s like 30 lbs. thinner? Hmm…maybe it did change, hopefully lol.

        • MerryHappy

          I used to be like a huge brat about diet and exercise. I ate whole pizzas, fast food, and never worked out. At 5 5 I was still 125 but I was just really rude to anyone who breeched the topic of fitness, very ‘oh, I don’t have to, why would anyone want to? ‘ like 4 years ago I just started working out and eating healthier because of my sister (she moved in and wanted a workout buddy) and I love it. I couldn’t see my life without it or without eating better. Maybe the same thing happened to her, onlytit’s because she’s getting into her 30s and fears her metabolism slowing?

  • good for her. thats sweet what her husband said.

  • Claud

    I can’t stand her white trash mentality. Any woman that says after 30 it’s all downhill is clearly manipulated by sexist- ageist propaganda. Bull. I am 25 and think I will be more self aware and confident in my 30s because there’s no reason why not. Men get sexier and women get old is very outdated.