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Model Treat: Lily, Adriana and a Skinnier Behati

168746772_10 - Model Treat: Lily, Adriana and a Skinnier Behati

Model Treat: Beauties Lily, Adriana and Behati looked pretty for the cameras as they attended Victoria’s Secret Eight Annual What Is Sexy? List at Shutters in Santa Monica.

On another note, Behati seems to have lost a noticeable amount of weight recently – check out how she looked in 2008 -2009:

85344127_10 - Model Treat: Lily, Adriana and a Skinnier Behati

82652604_10 - Model Treat: Lily, Adriana and a Skinnier Behati

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168746750_10 - Model Treat: Lily, Adriana and a Skinnier Behati 168746752_10 - Model Treat: Lily, Adriana and a Skinnier Behati 168746756_10 - Model Treat: Lily, Adriana and a Skinnier Behati 168746770_10 - Model Treat: Lily, Adriana and a Skinnier Behati 168746771_10 - Model Treat: Lily, Adriana and a Skinnier Behatiย  168747324_10 - Model Treat: Lily, Adriana and a Skinnier Behati 168747327_10 - Model Treat: Lily, Adriana and a Skinnier Behati 168747334_10 - Model Treat: Lily, Adriana and a Skinnier Behati 168747338_10 - Model Treat: Lily, Adriana and a Skinnier Behati

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  • Shayla

    Happy Birthday Behati! Eat some cake!

    • Alyssa

      she looks like she caught a bad flu for a month…

      she looked very good before, she looks run down now

  • Debbs

    Adriana blows the other 2 out of the water. I’m just not a fan of Lily or Behati, not matter what her weight is.

    • Hazal

      Exactly! Adriana is gorgeous and the others are not (IMO).

    • lc

      You LITERALLY took the words right from my head! Was just going to post that!

      • Debbs


    • Emeline

      Agreed, Adriana is gorgeous. She’s not in the same league!

    • annemarie

      I agree. Adriana is gorgeous at any weight, the other too are nothing special at any weight.

    • Sophie

      I agree too, they can’t compare to Adriana, no matter the weight

    • Adriana is what one wants to see when you think VS, Sexy and fit but still sensual. Behati looks like she belongs on a runway and seems to be trying to look more high fashion. To be honest she has never fitted in with the VS brand in my mind. Karli and her are both great models but aren’t VS to me.

  • ?

    Behati’s legs :/ If she falls they look like they would break.

  • emily

    Adriana is so pretty!!!!! the other not that much compared to her..

  • Tinkerbell

    Lily & Adriana are gorgeous… Behati on the other hand seems gaunt & sick. I admire a fit, skinny body but her current weight looks unnaturally low on her. also, I’ve never found her face anything special – pure plainness.

    • Nobsnob

      I know right?? And her legs are a good indicator that it is all but natural. Lily A is also skinny but she has much healthier-looking legs.

      By the bye I LOVE Adriana legs, they are perfect. They have the combination of strong thighs coupled with thin calves and ankles. If you compare to Candice for ex, she doesn’t have thin ankles. Behati does have thin calves and ankles but her knees are bony and her thighs obviously too skinny. Adriana’s are perfect imho.

      As for the dresses, Lily’s one fits her perfectly, I like it! But Adriana’s one is too loose and too big in the torso area.

      • veronica

        YES adriana’s legs are perfect! elegant and thin but not anorexic!

      • Tea

        I was actually thinking Lily’s legs look the best here. And in general I prefer Candice or Miranda’s legs. I’ve always thought Adriana’s calves/ankles looked a bit disproportionate on her, like there is this regular/slim sized upper body and thighs perched atop these super tiny calves. BUT I still think Adriana is way more beautiful than the other two here. Obviously I’m nitpicking, she still has amazing legs, it’s only in comparing her to other models that I notice this.

        • Tinkerbell

          oh, I love you for liking Lily’s legs ๐Ÿ™‚ I also prefer them by faaaaar – she has a killer body. A teeny-tiny waist is my nr 1. preference on a perfect female body & Adriana lacks that.. still beautiful for sure ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hannah

    When I first saw Behati I thought she was absolutely stunning but now she looks too thin ๐Ÿ™ in this case I really hope the camera hasn’t added 10lbs because she’s so teeny now!
    Adriana as always looks BEAUTIFUL. I never used to see her appeal but now she’s my favourite angel by far.

    • Heather

      Yah, I was never crazy about Adriana either, but she’s grown on me. She seems like she would be fun to hang out with.

  • If I ever had to stand next to Adriana I would be sad. She’s so beautiful, remind me why miley topped the Maxim hot 100 list again?

    • Nobsnob

      Huhuh I know right? I would feel sooo ugly next to her.
      I remember a candid of her on the beach with a girl from the staff beside her, Adriana all tall and thin, perfect with that million dollar face, and the other girl was looking so plain and average next to her in comparison. I don’t intend to insult the girl, just saying that Adri puts the level so high most of us can’t compete.

  • Aafje

    Adriana looks beautiful and i love the dress. Lily looks good but her dress is a bit tacky. Behati is getting way to skinny for my personal tastes.

  • vintagevs

    If Behati looks this skinny in pictures I can barely imagine what it would be in real life. Her body was better before (though quite boring to me) but her face never appealed to me anyway, and I don’t understand how she was picked to be a VS angel, I don’t see anything dreamy about her. Maybe she’s here so average looking people can relate to her.
    I prefer Lily Aldridge with her mouth closed and her expression looks completely empty to me. She has a nice figure though, a shame they picked such a tacky dress for her.
    Adriana is a goddess. I was going to say she was aging gracefully but here it seems she isn’t aging at all. Also, watching her between these too kinda feels like a joke. But maybe it’s just me.

    • Ale

      Yup. Compare Lily’s teeth to Adriana’s and you’ll see why

      Sidenote: That right there ^^ is not natural. I think this might be one of those times where using the words “eating disorder” is called for

      • tellmewhatyouwant

        behati looks like ginny weasley from harry potter *mind blown*

  • JaneParker

    What ISN’T sexy is how skinny Behati is. It hurts just to look at her. She was so much prettier before. I’m not going to throw the ED word around, but that does not look healthy (or pretty) at all. Weird that Adriana seems to be the biggest girl of the three. But the one in blue (never heard of her, I think) seems to be naturally thin. The only one I would trade bodies with is Adrianna.

    • Liz

      You took the words right out if my mouth…it’s so sad to look at Behati now, she used to look so healthy, and fit and glowing but now she looks like she could be dying of something. I really can’t undestand what’s going on in the minds of people inside the fashion industry but seeing girls having to starve themselves (I don’t know if it’s her case) to fit into some ‘molde’ is a direct offense to human dignity and it needs to stop

      • JaneParker

        I know, how can the people at VS release these pictures as if this is sexy or healthy or something people should look up to? I know that models are supposed to be thin, but shouldn’t the people in charge have some kind of notion that this is way too thin? And VS is supposed to portray thin yet curvy women. How much is too much? And to think that there are girls who will look at this and wish they looked just like her (and maybe try to!). Look at her arms, they’re even worse than her legs. Disturbing, really.

  • serena

    I think Adriana’s got the best body, but Lily’s got a better shape, though Adriana has great legs, quite long. Behati is ok. I never found her that attractive, maybe because I don’t like round faces? But she is very cute, just a little thin for my preference.

  • Emilia

    uuuhhh Behati please pease eat

  • ary

    Lily looks damn sexy. She caught my eyes much more than Adriana. I find her face so interesting! Behati looks ill ๐Ÿ™

  • Miss x

    Adriana is the most beautiful woman in the world, and likable. She and Doutzen are my favorite angels, good inspirations.

  • Winnie

    Adriana and Lilly look so playful and sexy while Behati just looks out of place and rather plain (as usual)

  • Uh, Behati is so plain and boring! Get rid of her VS and make Elsa a angel instead.

  • carriee1

    Behati is so much thinner than the other two???? She use to be so fresh looking.

  • Angela

    Lily must be only 5’7 or 5’8. She looks so small compared to the others. Adriana looks the best here. Candice has the best body of them all though

  • Nobsnob

    Behati is soo cute in that old picture with the blue background!! I can see her appeal, she looked so cute and fresh and relatable. She had grown on me before she lost all that weight.

  • ck

    actually pretty sad…she looked so much more fresh and young before..

  • D

    Lily and Adriana look healthy and happy as usual – Behati on the other hand looks ill and unhappy evidently. She was at a good weight prior… reminds me of those pics released with Candice when she lost all that weight and got too slim. Hope Behati is alright, her head looks way too big for her body now.

  • Ro

    Aren’t VS Angels supposed to be rather voluptuous? I think of past Angels, like Tyra and Heidi Klum and wonder what happened. Now, its Behati and scrawny Chanel Iman. I think VS should protect their image a bit better. Too many anorexic looking models lately. This, coming from a skiinny girl, so no hating : )

  • PS

    Usually VS girls look gorgeous but to me they’re too skinny here – all of them. Those legs :/ and Behati, it’s just painful to look at her, she’s far, far too thin.

  • Jennifer

    Wow – Lily and Adriana look so vibrant and healthy! Behati, not so much ๐Ÿ™
    Thing is, we know Lily and Adriana are skinny girls, so to see Behati next to them looking drastically skinnier than either of them, that’s when you know something’s gotta be wrong.

  • ramona

    somebody should lock adriana up.. she’s just too gorgeous!! haha that sounds like a cheesy pick up line
    but seriously such a beautiful woman

  • Ozge

    I know everyone here loves Adriana but I think she seems to seek attention like a crazy person. She is posing with her leg up in one picture and hand up in another it looks try hard to me. I also remember the photoshoot with the freckled VS model(forgot the name) where Adriana was giving absurd poses and the othergirl being uncomfortable. I know she is quite pretty but i think she knows that too and acts like she is the boss around. And too much self confidence is repelling to me.

    • siobhan

      I think Adriana is just having fun. I prefer these events with Adriana because she doesn’t seem to take herself to seriously. A lot of times it seems the other angels are trying so hard to look sexy it gets ridiculous. VS is a store for women and I think a lot of women like Adriana’s sexy but still fun approach. How many VS pics of over the top back arching and I’m so sexy face do we really need to see?

    • justme

      Miranda Kerr kinda does that too, when photographed with the younger models. I can’t decide if they are more experienced and relaxed, given more leeway to play, or just don’t give a flip anymore… Its kind of charming individually, but doesn’t make them look like very good team players and its a bit awkward in group shots.

  • Pixie

    Adriana is a goddess. She always looks drop dead gorgeous. Hottest VS model, imo.

  • lex

    I know I’m in the minority but I don’t find Adriana to be beautiful or gorgeous. She’s pretty and has a great body but I don’t get the hype.

  • siobhan

    Adriana looks amazing. Her face is so beautiful and I love that color on her. I hope she stays an angel for another 13 years. VS hasn’t been able to find another angel who can compete with her. I personally find it very sad that Adriana is the only angel that isn’t white.

  • carrie

    behati is prob 5’9 and close to 120-125 lbs.she needs to STOP!

    • mary

      more like 115…i would be shocked if she is over 120 pounds.

      • Mandi

        Probably more like 110 or less. She looks much MUCH thinner than I did when I was 115 back in high school. (I am also 5’9”)

        • carriee1

          judging Behati from my height…..she is probably 105ish. She can even be 100. She looks very thin in these photos. Adriana and the other girl is perfect and thin but in a nice way.

          • Casey

            Wow this got low quickly.

            I think she is around 115 at her height. People forget that when you’re taller, you’re also wider than the average person.

            She is definitely too thin. 115 may sound not that thin, but for someone of her height and build (build is important), it is.

          • Candy M.

            Agree with Casey, Vlada R. is 105 lbs and she’s one of the skinniest on the runway, behati is super thin but not as thin as her.

          • A

            I’m 5’9″ and 105 lbs and although I have a different body shape than Behati, I’d say she’s probably around this weight or a few pounds less. In general I think women tend to overestimate how much of a difference 3 or so inches can dramatically change someone’s weight. Even the taller VS models won’t be over 120 lbs, with the exception of maybe the gorgeous Adriana.

          • lillaliket

            100 pounds would give her a BMI of 14.8, I def. think she’s underweight but not that much! 110-115 sounds more plausible.

    • kateuk

      I’d peg her around 110lb. She looks like a size 0 and to be a size 0 at 5ft9, you are not going to be anywhere close to a healthy weight.

  • mary

    behati lost a noticeable amount of weight since the last post…how did that happen so fast? She was thin and small boned to begin with, maybe about a 10 lb difference between now and the 2nd pic down…but definitely 10 pounds she did NOT need to lose. As for the other 2, Adrianna needs no words…the woman is simply breathtaking. I am not a Lily fan, but she looks very pretty here, i like her dress even though its from VS lol.

  • catherine


    • Candy M.

      Don’t go around calling people anorexic unless you know it.

      • Tally

        Erm…we r talking about models here, hows about you dont go around and pretend models are not anorexic….

        • Candy

          That’s very ignorant to think they are anorexic, some of them are but others are naturally thin or lose weight healthily.

          • serena

            Behati is naturally slim but has clearly lost at least 15 lbs. She used to look healthy with glowing skin and now she is frail. Looking at her legs, she has lost a lot of muscle as well as fat, which is a bad sign when muscle starts wasting away. Compare her to Adriana: they’re both 5’10” but I bet Adriana has got at least 20 lbs on Behati. So I wouldn’t be surprised if she did lose it in an unhealthy way, though I’m not making assumptions about an ED.

    • Daniela

      Calling someone anorexic just because they are thin is VERY disrespectful and ignorant. Iยดm surprised your comment was even approved by Versus.

      • Versus

        The comment was moderated. Kindly understand that I am not at the computer all the time, so mean, harsh and rude comments and will go through until I get the chance to read them.

        • Daniela

          Of course, I understand. Thank you Versus, for this great site and for always being attentive to your readers!

  • Candy M.

    Adrianas the best looking by far, lily and behati are pretty but not BEAUTIFUL. Behatis thighs are a little too thin, not enough muscle.

  • ayu

    Adriana really grew on me, she’s gorgeous and getting even better with age in my opinion.
    In candids, Behati looks like a fun girl to hang out with. Here she looks too skinny and the dress would look better on someone a little bit fuller.
    Lily looks good.

  • Behati’s face/modeling is ehh, but her bod is incredible! I would love to have that BMI ๐Ÿ™‚
    (And be healthy, of course; I just prefer a super thin aesthetic for myself, although I love curves on other women.)

    • Robin

      What? You actually think Behati’s body looks good now? Get some glasses! The girl is obviously way, and way too thin.

  • Kelly

    Adriana really shines next to Lily and Behati! Lily’s face looks quite mature for her age and her teeth look a bit strange to me.

  • Polska Blondynka

    How is Behati an Angel? She is so plain and not to mention lost wayyyy too much weight. What was she thinking? or was she pressured by VS?

    • siobhan

      Maybe Behati is feeling more pressure since she has left Pink and is now with the main line.

      • Polska Blondynka

        How did she make it to the main line? In my opinion, she’s not a great fit.

    • PolskaBrunette

      Maybe she lost so much weight because of the break-up with Jake Gyllenhaal.

      • Polska Blondynka

        You mean Adam Levine? Did they break up?

      • Winnie

        isn’t Jake dating Emily DiDonato? wasn’t Behati dating Adam Levine? i’m confused lol

        • Lau

          She is/was. Not Jake. I do wonder if they did break up, this just doesn’t look right to me, especially if you’re in a happy relationship.

  • vanessa

    Adriana looks perfect. behati looks gross. what happened to her legs?? they are so bony and unattractive.

  • wb

    adriana is beautiful as always

    lily looks really great here, i’m usually not a huge fan of her

    behati … was never a fan, and i don’t like how thin she is here and dislike how this is an ideal in the high fashion world it’s actually quite messed up when girls who look like adriana, lily are told to lose weight because they don’t look like behati. with that being said, i don’t think anyone should call her anorexic or make fun of how her body looks … i know people who are too skinny naturally, and when they gain weight they gain in the wrong places

  • Sigi

    She is a lot thinner but she could be like me who runs hours a day for seven days a week and eats a ton of food. All the cardio will make you lose weight fast. There is no way to tell if she is no eating or just working out hard.

  • I’m not a big fan of Adriana, but she looks by far the best here! Her face is very pretty compared to the others and she looks at a healthy weight – and happy too! Lily has a nicer body shape for me, but I find her a little thin and her face does nothing for me. Behati looks tired, weak and gaunt – her arms and legs are shockingly thin. I’ve never taken much notice of her, but I hope she gains some weight as I doubt this is her at her healthiest.

    • Mara

      I’m usually not too keen on Adriana, but she looks beautiful here, and so much more fun than the other two.
      I wrote the same thing in the Lily post: Both Lily and Behati have a natural look that I prefer what VS is typically trying to represent. But both have lost weight loss. In Lily’s case it’s less noticeable, Behati now looks like the typical tired, frail HF model. Has she been doing HFrecently?
      I hope she’s ok.

      • Mara

        Oops, wasn’t meant to be a reply. But I agree with you anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • lc

    Adriana SMOKES these two, imo. Behati and Lily are Plain Janes, no matter what their weight.


    Lily just looks amazing. She just exudes class. She’s not always the most striking at first but as soon as you look again, she catches your eye and she pulls you in. The proportions and features of her face are just right. Nothing is exagerated, everything is just perfect. Great gene pool !!! The other girls are also great looking. Behati is on the skinny side for an angel. She looks like a couture model with a very intriguing face. Adriana is, as always, a wow.

    • justme

      I agree! Love her eyebrows too! I would be curious to see her next to Adrianna with less matte makeup – A’s makeup has subtle shimmer that L’s doesn’t and I think it makes a difference in how fresh/pretty/eye-catching they look.

      Also, why is Adrianna in that long pink dress when the other girls are in body con dresses? It looks weird.

  • Sasha

    Adriana is gorgeous, Behati looks like a lollipop that’s going to faint ๐Ÿ™

  • Katheryn

    Am I the only one who doesn’t think Adriana is all that? She’s pretty but I don’t seem to have as much excitement over her : /

    • Polska Blondynka

      I think she lost her “spark”. She’s getting older and I’m sure she’ll only be with VS for another 2 years.

    • A

      Yeah, I don’t really get her hype either. I googled photos of her when she was younger, and actually think she looks better now than she did before. I still don’t think she’s all that like everyone seems to think, though. Different strokes for different folks, I guess!

  • tequilla

    adrianna looks like she could be behatis hot mother and lily is the less pretty sister ๐Ÿ™‚ i wouldnt be so harsh on behati. yes she is very skinny, she could gain a few but i find her face so cute. poor kid.

  • goldfish

    i love lily and behati’s faces, but none of them stands out in these pictures! and i don’t like what either of the angels are wearing. and the most interesting about adriana is her beautiful eyes.

  • cjko

    maybe the weight loss is because of her breakup? ๐Ÿ™ poor girl

  • Robin

    Behati is/was my favorite model. She has such a beautiful face. I really, really hope that she isn’t sick or anything. She looks really down…

  • Nene

    Lily – hot body.
    Adriana – Pretty face.
    Behati – Cute before,bland now.
    Lily’s body with Adriana’s face would be da bomb!

    On a side note,i wish VS would hire Emily Didonato cos imo most of their models have nothin’ on her and moreover she’d add more variety to their blonde majority.

    • Sheza

      Yea I wish they’d hire Emily too – she’s my favourite model.

  • paola

    adriana is gorgeous, the girl on the right has an UGLY body

  • Jennie

    Seeing Behati’s body reminds me that skinny doesn’t always equal greatness. She looks underweight and somewhat sick. imo, VS is kinda irresponsible to let someone like her represent them and make it seem like her body is an ideal.
    Meanwhile, Adriana is like a goddess in her flowy pink dress. She exudes healthiness and happiness.

    • Polska Blondynka

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Behati looked fresh and glowy before.

  • Dani

    All three girls are very pretty of course but Adrianna is just gorgeous. Like Jennie said, she exudes a healthy, happy glow.

  • jessie

    Wow!! Adriana looks amazing,beautiful and healthy! Lily is a beauty also and looks great! Not a fan of the other girl at all.. Looked better in the before pics shouldn’t be a VS model..

  • Sanne

    I’m wondering what Lily and Adriana said when they saw Behati like this. Or are they used to this.. Happened before with Candice.

  • Candy M.

    She’s the skinniest out of all of the angels. Lindsay and Karlie are bigger than her.

  • Candy M.

    And also I found this video of her,\
    Notice how in the picture of her with her sports team she is probably even thinner than in this picture.

  • snoops

    OMG behati makes me want to cry just looking at her. Really, really hope she is ok and gains the weight back quickly (maybe she had a bad flu or something or some emotional problems causing her to not eat and drop a bunch of weight accidently). Mostly I am furious at VS for using the poor girl in this state. Let her get her weight back up before you parade her around. Disgusting behaviour from VS and not the first time.

  • Rebecka

    So this is what VS wants to show miserable teenagers, a person with 0% fat. I’m sorry, but it doesn’t even look like she has any muscles on her body.

    • Angela

      Yea, it’s sick. I don’t know why VS hired so many runway models who are painfully thin. Teens are very influenced by what’s considered “sexy” in the media and this gives a bad message.

  • Cyn

    Adriana Lima is soooooo beautiful! sheยดs my number one girl crush (and Rachel Bilson), Behati is so thin right now… and she looks kinda sad in these pictures… hope she gets to her usual weight soon :/

  • Frida

    Ew! Behati looks so bony and anorexic, not saying that she is, but she sure looks like it! Just look at her legs! They look like pins! This really doesn’t look healthy. Adriana looks beautiful though, I don’t really care for Lily to be honest, so meh. :/

  • burckybear

    Terrible and despicable that the model agencies allow a women out like that.

    Pin her down and feed her!! she looks likde death

  • Brianna

    VS standards have changed, they seem to be hiring models that are more suited to the catwalk as opposed to modelling lingerie. Sure, all the girls are beautiful, but I would rather see more Angels that look superhuman like Adriana (even if itโ€™s not relatable.)

  • Padme

    Behati looks how I imagine Nicole Kidman would’ve looked if she decided to die of anorexia instead of taking up acting. This girl is really a VS model?