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Nicole Kidman: “No surgery for me. I am completely natural”

Untitled-3 - Nicole Kidman: "No surgery for me. I am completely natural"

Here’s the story from The Daily Mail:

She may have sparked speculation over her never ending youthful looks. While sometimes her more ‘frozen’ features have caused rumours she could be undergoing cosmetic procedures. But now Nicole Kidman has spoken out to insist she is currently completely natural – although she has tried Botox before and disliked the outcome.

The 42-year-old actress – who is married to fellow Australian Keith Urban – has tried the wrinkle-smoothing injections but she now plans to avoid them in the future as she likes having control over her facial expressions.

She told Italian newspaper La Repubblica: ‘No surgery for me; I did try Botox, unfortunately, but I got out of it and now I can finally move my face again.’

Although she experimented with Botox, Nicole sticks to a healthy eating plan and rigorous exercise regime to stay looking good.

She said: ‘I am completely natural. I wear sunscreen, I don’t smoke and I take care of myself, and I am proud to say that. Anybody can do anything to themselves – I don’t judge – but personally I believe in being physically fit. That’s how I was raised. I can’t go in the sun because I’m fair-skinned. It was a nightmare when I was younger but it has its benefits now.’

See more old and new pictures of ‘completely natural’ Nicole next!


2224371_10 - Nicole Kidman: "No surgery for me. I am completely natural" 2231183_10 - Nicole Kidman: "No surgery for me. I am completely natural" 2248014_10 - Nicole Kidman: "No surgery for me. I am completely natural" 51030169_10 - Nicole Kidman: "No surgery for me. I am completely natural" 51084091_10 - Nicole Kidman: "No surgery for me. I am completely natural" 51084232_10 - Nicole Kidman: "No surgery for me. I am completely natural" 72442503_10 - Nicole Kidman: "No surgery for me. I am completely natural" 160214408_10 - Nicole Kidman: "No surgery for me. I am completely natural" 160214576_10 - Nicole Kidman: "No surgery for me. I am completely natural" 160362271_10 - Nicole Kidman: "No surgery for me. I am completely natural" Untitled-2 - Nicole Kidman: "No surgery for me. I am completely natural"

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  • Strawberry fields

    She might not have had surgery but I so believe she’s had something done. Fillers or similar. I’m no expert but its definitely still not natural. Shame. It always boggles me when actresses do this to themselves since their livelihood depends on their facial expressions.

    • Kristina

      She might not have had surgery but she is definitely still using Botox and she has also had lip injections!

  • elle

    hahahah thank’you!

  • Ece

    Why are these people so delusional? You are not completely natural. In compare to other celebrities you can be more natural but completely? Don’t they know there is a thing called archieves and there are their old photos? Come on.

    • Clarence Beeks

      She has a completely different FACE! I can’t stand people lying about their plastic surgery. It is so OBVIOUS!

  • Cal

    She looks more natural when she’s without make up, I still think she’s had some work done as everyone in Hollywood has. Gorgeous though.

  • schuk

    after reading her statement, there´s just “hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha” in my head 🙂

  • Bruce Jonathan Fick

    Leonine people have always been my personal friends,
    so I have deep respect for Tom Cruise. Though it’s not
    my business, and without meaning to be tacky or cheek,
    I’m always amazed and wonder how Tom ever let such a wonderful person as Nicole Kidman ever get away from him. Keith Urban is such a lucky man.

  • artemis

    Botox, botox everywhere! yeah, her lips too…her cheeks look strange. her teeth-veener thing but that’s whatever
    i’m ok with hyaluronic acid tho but botox often looks bad :/ wish there was another way

  • Ann

    Yeah, ‘totally natural’….

    Because IMPLANTS in your lips and breasts are TOTALLY NATURAL.

    Does she think everyone is really that utterly stupid? How insulting.

  • Bellerina

    She looks fantastic. Some people are blessed to age gracefully, if she is one of them- good for her. But I agree with her that the basics of not-smoking and wearing sunscreen go a long way to preserve looks.

  • I’ve always thought she was beautiful – she still is, but there is definitely a tightness in her face that can’t be entirely ‘natural’. Botox wears off, so either she is continuing to use it or she is doing something else to keep the tight look. Also her lips look fuller than they used to – and her boobs don’t look natural either.

    I don’t see why so many celebs won’t own up to it – it causes more discussion when it looks quite obvious that they’ve had work done, than if they just admit it. I’m afraid I’m one who does feel a little disappointed in women who have work done, but I prefer it when they are honest about it because they shouldn’t have it done if they think it’s something to be ashamed of.

    • Casey

      A lot of people are really antagonistic about people who have had work done. I don’t know why, as it is not something that affects them. It’s not just disappointment, or preferring natural beauty…some people really react viciously. I feel some people don’t want to get work done themselves but find it threatening because they don’t want to have to compete with those that do.

      So because of that, I understand why celebrities (and even people in general) tend to be very quiet about their plastic surgery. Although it would be nice if they could be open about it.

      • I think you have a point Casey. There is a stigma attached to cosmetic procedures and a lot of people do react quite strongly against it, so I guess you can understand why people keep quiet or deny it outright.

        I used to be more reactionary about it. It wasn’t really that I felt threatened, it was more that I couldn’t wrap my brain around going through potentially life-threatening surgery to change something so superficial. Or risking looking completely weird and obviously ‘done’ like many do! But, I am more moderate now – I realise if someone is willing to go to the expense and risk of cosmetic enhancement, then it’s obviously something very important to their self-worth and who am I to judge that? I still find that I am most attracted to people who don’t put such an emphasis on their looks though, so I’m always going to find people who’ve had work done a bit off-putting because it betrays a personality type that maybe I am not drawn to. But in the end, it’s not my life and it doesn’t affect me – you’re right.

        • serena

          @Erica Life-threatening surgery? That’s an exaggeration – all surgery has risks but getting a nose job, fillers, injections, etc isn’t very risky. For actresses, the payoff for this minor risk is huge since their looks are a huge part of their career.

          @Casey I agree with your comment. What’s interesting is most people have no issue with cosmetic enhancement if it’s temporary but long-term solutions have a stigma. Push-up bras are common but implants are frowned upon. Collagen lipstick to plump lips is common, but lip injections are frowned upon. Skincare products to erase wrinkles are the norm, but botox is frowned upon. Many women use cosmetic enhancements like makeup, hair extensions, contact lenses, invisalign, etc…this is the norm now.

          • kateuk

            Serena, any procedure that use a general anaesthetic is potentially risky. Although this is back in the
            80’s, a family friend’s daughter had a nose job, stopped breathing during the operation, and unfortunately, was unable to be revived.

          • Kimberly

            I admit that I have issues with wanting to permanently add something to my body, such as implants. It could be because I helped dissect the body (for a college human anatomy course) of a woman who had implants and there was this disgusting scar tissue around her implants. Why would someone want a procedure that causes such adverse affects? I personally feel that some people have some real self esteem issues and they think cosmetic surgery is going to fix them. I have a larger nose than I would like but it also makes me unique from everyone else. Is there a reason why everyone is so focused on their “flaws”? I don’t get it…

          • @serena – well, I take the risks of surgery seriously and there is always a chance something could go wrong. Doing it for something unnecessary doesn’t make much sense to me – but I’m over-cautious! There are also risks involved when using botox, fillers, etc – especially for women who can’t afford a good doctor, there are some real horror stories out there! Also, as Kimberly said, there are long-term risks and complications of cosmetic procedures – like scar tissue, etc – and implants need to be checked and replaced eventually. It seems like an extreme to me to go under the knife or have foreign substances injected into your face – even lipo-suction has risks. Not worth it to me – I’m not 100% happy with my looks (who is?!), but I guess I’m fortunate to be secure enough in them that I won’t seriously consider invasive procedures to change anything.

            I also think some of the non-invasive things women do to enhance beauty are too much for me – permanent make-up, hair weaves, laser hair removal, etc, etc. I think it’s sad that women feel they have to go through the sort of pain and time-wastage associated with a lot of personal ‘grooming’ we’re expected to do. I used one of those epilators once and could not imagine why a woman would put herself through that pain – same with waxing! Especially of lady parts – being expected to be bald down there with the stubble, in-grown hairs, etc, is absurd to me!

          • Kestrel

            Yup, people die. It is uncommon but it happens. Kanye’s mother died from it which was so sad, not only for him but she was a professor and a preacher.
            I had Botox for migraines and hated it – it was excruciating. Cosmetic Botox isn’t nearly as painful and it wears off quickly so I understand why stars do it. Anything to look youthful! Sad.

        • HazeL

          I agree that there is definitely a stigma regarding cosmetic surgery, and I feel myself sometimes judging someone for having it done, mainly for having breast augmentation. I think it’s because I’ve seen a lot of girls in the UK get it done to become ‘glamour models’. There was even a girl in the UK who stole 40k from the bank she worked at (a little bit from different peoples bank accounts) so she could have plastic surgery, hair extensions, new wardrobe all with the aim to get into glamour modelling so she could ‘provide her 3yr old daughter with a good life’ (bearing in mind none of the money stolen went to her daughter). All with the aim of getting into a career that will last a maximum of 5 years.

          On the other hand, I know girls who have breast augmentation to balance out their body and improve their self esteem etc and it really improves their lives.

          As for the risks, the main ones are from the general anaesthetic and infection. I have worked in operating theatres and seen young healthy people nearly go into respiratory arrest, so that is a BIG risk if someone is doing it purely for vanity, but most people will have spent years deciding on whether or not it is worth the risks, and if it is really going to improve your self-esteem then the benefits may outweigh the risks.

      • Mocha

        To be honest (and this might be kind of twisted), I find myself hoping that this slightly “taboo” mindset about plastic surgery is prevailing if only because if celebrities started becoming more open about it, it’s a step towards making people think it’s the norm. It’s true that people should be capable of coming to their own decisions and holding their own opinion, but in general, you can’t deny that celebrities culture goes a long way in swaying many people.

        I personally think it’s sad that our society might be heading to a point where they feel “threatened” by enhanced beauty and turn to the knife under pressure and competition. It’s a no big deal kind of situation to many people, but I think it could be a harrowing thing for some young individual out there somewhere say who has been teased for their looks. Our society has become increasingly sensitive and critical and normal every day youths, individuals are put under so much scrutiny for the silliest things. Although, I agree in some cases that cosmetic surgery can be a saving grace for people in the way it allows them to lead -normal- lives.

        It’s also not any of my business how people spend their hard earned money but I wonder about the price of all those cosmetic procedures. Those large sums could mean the world when put to use for more desperate needs.

        • I get what you’re saying Mocha – and I agree. It is sad and I hope it never becomes the norm to put so much money and energy into something so superficial.

      • Alyse

        I agree. I am 27 years old and I love how I look. However, I am a definite pear shape and that’s not something I can complain about, but my hips are so unproportionate to my lower body curves. I have a size 4/6 (us) hips and a 34a bra. This made me uncomfortable and unable to shop for normal fitting clothing, so I got a boob job. I’m now a 34d and I love it. I am not ashamed of this surgery whatsoever, but yet I still find myself scooting it under the rug if people say, wow, you have fantastic boobs. In the back of my mind, I’m always thinking there’s a difference in enhancing your natural beauty as opposed to altering it, but who am i to draw the line

    • Mia

      I think plastic surgery is like the steroids of the Hollywood. Actresses with perfect features (breasts, lips, wrinkle-free skin) get more roles because they are more attractive. But, only those who have already “made it” can afford all these procedures and enhancements, and it creates an unfair competition for up and coming stars. I don’t know if I’m making any sense, but I just feel like it stems out of the whole competitive atmosphere in Hollywood and no one wants to admit they may have an unfair advantage.

      • rachwestnz

        Ive had rhinoplasty and it was honestly the best decision ever! the one thing that made me feel ugly is gone and now i really do feel pretty, i also feel more positive towards others looks, less jealous. because i am now more secure. I am not saying that everyone should fix every minor flaw they may perceive to be there. But…if you really are unhappy with something then i say go for it, just always research and ask to see before and afters!

      • snoops

        I think they lie just because they are celebrities and like us to believe that they are somehow genetically superior.I honestly don’t think people are that cagey about it in ” real life”. I dont really get why someone would want surgery, its a bit alien to me. But then again maybe thats easy enough to say if you dont have any feature or body part that is unusually large/small/crooked or whatever to the point that its something people stare at/make comments about etc. Tjats another difference between “us” and hollywood though, in hollywood people get surgery on their lips, noses, breasts etc when they looked just fine or more than fine to start with. In real life people i know who had rhinoplasty etc did it to “correct” very large/crooked noses that they felt overpowered their whole face.

  • MissMarilyn

    I like her quote; being physically fit, eating healthy, avoiding cigarettes! That’s the right way to go 🙂

  • Jennifer

    I believe that she hasn’t had work done but she def isnt all natural. Toonnnnssss of fillers!

  • Mia

    Her cheeks and mouth area look completely different than they did in her 20’s. People age, but most faces don’t change THAT much. Also, I am shocked to hear she’s only 42. I thought she was closer to 50…not saying it to be mean, it’s just the truth.

    • jenna

      it’s true that she looks older than she is. she is an actress i thought was mid-to-late 40’s. i don’t believe she hasn’t gotten work done – her lips look weird now & her boobs are way bigger. i just watched “the paperboy”, and i was shocked by how weird her face looked. she reminds me now of how Meg Ryan looks after having too much work done. they look freaky – alien-like.

      i’m all for doing procedures to make you feel better about yourself, but i’m against it once it starts totally changing the way a person looks (meaning, once you start looking non-natural).

    • kateuk

      She’s 45, not 42. The Daily Fail misreported her age. I think she looks good but not natural, not by a long short.

  • Casey

    Well it’s hard to compre when the “new” pictures of her are back when she was experimenting with Botox. She could be off of it now.

    Either way, I feel like celebrities say this a lot…it’s like their way of not fully lying but not telling the truth either. Maybe she hasn’t had SURGERY, but Botox/fillers aren’t surgery technically, so by that, I do believe her statement.

    But I do think she has had work done, the work being fillers and Botox.

  • Hazal

    She looked AMAZING in Australia. But now she’s kinda scary.

  • CK

    it seems to me that botox was just a wrong option for her or just like a lot of celebrities she went too far with it (am baffled by doctors who prefer to go with patients’ demands only rather than his/her professional opinion of what and apprx. how the procedure could work for the patient), i mean you watch diff programs about cosmetic procedures and plastic surgeries and a lot of women look great after botox and other stuff even after years of using and don’t complain about anything, so like i said its a lot about finding a good doc that’ll help you figure out what kind of procedures would benefit YOUR face or body (if you need any that is) and what amount is right.
    but great that she’s staying away from the procedure she didn’t like, lots of celebs instead of stopping and waiting for some time before trying smth new just dive straight into it and end up with damage only.
    Nicole took a safe rout- healthy lifestyle, which i think is a great option and i love how she said “I take care of myself, and I am proud to say that”, cos lots of women feel bit guilty for time/money they spend on themselves only, which is terrible, though its worse that lots of them think its plain selfish and prefer to dedicate their lives to somebody or smth but themselves, its very sad…cos imho selfish is about appreciating yourself and therefore appreciating life and everyone around you, not about being self-centered.

  • Lee

    Obviously she had a nose job, Botox, fillers in her lips and cheeks, and awful breast implants spaced way too far apart. How did her face and jawline get reduced to more oval shape when she had such a square face before?

  • Winnie

    “completely natural” eh? ladies and gentleman, we have a female Benjamin Button on our hands! how exciting! 😀

    but on a serious note, i find it insulting when celebrities make these statements, as if the general public are too dumb to know the difference. do us all a favour and just don’t comment on it at all.

  • Splenda

    She’s not 42. She’s 45.

  • Pixie

    Clearly she’s had work done. But it’s her personal choice, and if she doesn’t want to admit to it, she shouldn’t have to. SO many actors have work done, big deal!!

    • Sophie

      She does have to admit it, because otherwise she is treating her fans with utter contempt, by assuming they are stupid. It’s not okay to blatantly lie about anything.

  • serena

    I think she looks best with red hair. Blondes are so common in hollywood and I don’t get it. Sometimes blonde hair gives women an angelic or ethereal look, like Amanda Seyfried. But natural redheads almost always look best red, it complements porcelain skin and makes blue eyes pop even more.

    • Hanlon

      A lot of red heads lose their hair colour faster than brunettes and blondes. When it goes grey it is especially hard to get colour dyed into it and blonde is usually the most suitable. I would guess Kidman is completely grey right now which is why she always has it blonde.

  • D

    Really? Who do people who have had plastic surgery think they are fooling when they play the – Im all natural – card? You can almost always tell if someone has had work done, even subtle work if you look at side by side images before/after. I have nothing against plastic surgery and would have so much more respect if the individual was open/honest. What I have a problem with is when those who have surgery lie in attempt to make those believe they are naturally flawless/look down on what they have had done themselves (which is PS).

  • blaire

    apparently Elizabeth banks got it right with the whole “better genes” comment…they are so advanced in dna that complete “face morphing” and “wrinkle deletion” is now a super ability done naturally by the celebrity super humans.

  • Megan

    I don’t buy it.

  • jamie

    shes pretty but has the same smile in every pic…she cant smile with her mouth open (probably due to the botox)

  • wonderwoman21

    It amazes me how white and porcelain her skin is. How does she keep it so white without burning or accidentally tanning? Any skin I have exposed tans, of course I’m much darker than Ms. Kidman.

    • Sophie

      It is called regular laser skin treatments.

  • Chelsea

    Her mouth was so small before!

    • Sophie

      Yes and I think her small mouth suited her much better than these full lips. She doesn’t have the face to carry off these lips at all, and was much more beautiful with thinner lips.
      All of this nonsense is just ‘fashion’ anyway. Once upon a time, beauty was associated with thinner lips, as they were considered more aristocratic than thicker lips. The only celebrity who actually looks great with thick lips is Angelina Jolie because she’s had them since she was a child and they suit her face.

  • Kimberly

    I don’t think she’s telling the truth here. I personally think that she has had work done, and I think she did more than experiment with Botox.

  • jemima

    She was so beautiful and then she started doing something to her lips. She was in her prime during Moulin Rouge for sure.

  • vanessa

    if she did get anything you can’t really tell. she’s pretty but i don’t think she is the most beautiful actress.

  • Another Kate

    She’s so completely full of crap.

  • Hanan

    in the 5th pic , she look WHITE !
    and she look the best @1990’s .

  • Liz

    God, Actresses who made their debut in the 80s are so lucky, no matter how they age they still look better in their “now” photos than their “then” photos. I’m looking at you too, Diane Lane and Catherine Zeta Jones.

  • Anastasia.

    Hey nicole, getting fat injected into your face, doesn’t mean its anymore natural than botox. Nicole’s from the same school of lies as Megan Fox and kim kardashian. Why is it always that the people who deny their surgeries the most are the fakest looking of them all. Nicoles upper lip has the classic sign of collagen. When the inside of her upper lip is visible.

  • snugglepup

    I actually believe her. Just the change of eyebrow shape and style can make a huge difference. In the “then” photo she’s not smiling so her cheekbones don’t look as prominent. Her lips have been quite full even before, but she might have had some fillers put in them. Just the development of make-up and different creams and lotions have an huge effect on how person looks when compared some pic from the 80’s and 2013. In the last pair her face is quite “juicy” and youthfully puffy almost in an unnatural way. Maybe that’s when she still used botox and other fillers. I think her boobs are real. If not I don’t really mind 😀

  • snugglepup

    I actually believe her. Just the change of eyebrow shape and style can make a huge difference. In the “then” photo she’s not smiling so her cheekbones don’t look as prominent. Her lips have been quite full even before, but she might have had some fillers put in them. Just the development of make-up and different creams and lotions have an huge effect on how person looks when compared some pic from the 80’s and 2013. In the last pair her face is quite “juicy” and youthfully puffy almost in an unnatural way. Maybe that’s when she still used botox and other fillers. I think her breasts are real. If not I don’t really mind 😀

    • Sophie

      I don’t believe her at all. Her breasts are not real. You need to compare her breasts from earlier shots. A woman doesn’t increase her breast size as she gets older- at least not in an upward, bouncy way like she has.

  • Oh well.. she probably isn’t all natural, but at least she’s fit and doesn’t smoke. I do think it’s smarter to own up to having work done though, but her (PR) manager probably told her not to.

  • sdasd


  • binks

    I don’t believe her, personally I thought Nicole was pretty when she first came out and I LOVE how she looked in Moulin Rouge from her features, her skin, red hair, height, etc. but somewhere along the lines her face changed and she looks completely different from before so I don’t buy the completely natural story.

  • Leandro

    She’s only 2 years older than Gwen Stefani.

  • loos

    This coming from a woman who clearly continues to get botox or fillers, gets her lips pumped up and had her skin bleached. Hmm, natural indeed.

    • serena

      Botox, fillers, and lip injections for sure – but skin bleached? She’s a natural redhead with pale porcelain skin…why would she bleach it…she’d have like no color left lol.

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  • daisy

    maybe since she’s had lip implants for so long she now considers them “natural”

  • Sophie

    Poor Nicole. She seems to have a psychiatric condition whereby she’s addicted to surgery, fillers, botox etc… The mental illness part of it is the fact that she won’t admit it- It’s extremely narcissistic because she actually expects people to believe her when she says she’s ‘natural’. The sad thing is that she looked so much better before she had all this stuff done. I understand her doing bits and pieces, but she’s taken this to a whole new level- and a bad one!
    Then again, I’m not surprised she’s out of touch with reality in some respects. She’s probably still recovering from the trauma of having been married to Tom Cruise. What a control freak! I will say, however, that both Tom and Nicole do seem to be wonderful parents and have never allowed themselves to vilify the other for the sake of their kids. In this respect, they’ve done a better job than Charles and Diana ever did. I think they’re all good people, but fame must take a hell of a tole at that level…