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Plus-Size Model Crystal Renn Releases Book Called “Hungry”

plus-size-model-crystal-renn-releases-book-called-hungry - Plus-Size Model Crystal Renn Releases Book Called "Hungry"

Plus-Size Model Crystal Renn (23) just released a book about her journey in the modeling world, a journey from size 0 to size 12: “Hungry – A Young Model’s Story: Appetite, Ambition and the Ultimate Embrace of Curves”.

Here’s her summarized story: At age 14, Crystal told that she had to lose 9 inches from her hips in order to be a succesful model. As a result, Crystal went from 175 lbs to 95 lbs in just 2 years. At 16, Crystal dealt with anorexia and was a size 0(US). But then, there was a turning point:

At 17 my body completely rebelled. I couldn’t loose more weight and I realized I was going to die for a job. The next day I was completely chastised by my agency for my size and one agent pulled me aside and said, “There’s an option for you. You can either go plus-size or do commercial work.” And I asked, “What’s plus-size modeling? I’ve never heard of that.” And she said, “Well it means you can be whatever size you want and model.” But she said it was for old women! But for whatever reason, everything made sense and I knew this was the route I had to take. I went and had a salad with salmon and walnuts and olive oil. I gave into what my body needed. I could be healthy and happy and still model., says Crystal.

plus-size-model-crystal-renn-releases-book-called-hungry-2 - Plus-Size Model Crystal Renn Releases Book Called "Hungry"

… and so, she was inspired to share her story in a book:

“I’d like to see everyone take on the attitude that there are women of all different shapes and sizes as `the beauty ideal,’ and that it’s not one type or another. There are women who are naturally a size 2 – you can’t forget them, and that’s discrimination the other way,” Renn said. “All women bring something different to the table and we have to appreciate them all.”

Some in the fashion, modeling and magazine industries have been receptive to the idea, she said, noting that she’s still working with her fuller figure in Vogue, Glamour, on the runway with Jean Paul Gaultier and in ads for Dolce & Gabbana. “I believe there is a cycle to everything – Wall Street, the housing market, and modeling, too. Back in the Victorian days, it was all about a full figure, in the ’50s, it was about the boobs, in the ’80s it was shoulders and in the ’90s it was waifs,” she said. “It can only go up from here.”, says Crystal.

Check out the videos after the jump!

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Now let’s talk!

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Karina

    wow. she actually looks pretty good. as long as she is healthy and happy then good for her. and even if she is overweight, she is still living her life and not thinking its the end of the world.
    some people who have battled a severe eating disorder and recovered from it have a very difficult time losing weight and some of them actually end up becoming overweight because their bodies hold on to any of the fat that they eat from even relatively healthy foods. i had a friend who battled and recovered from anorexia, and now she is overweight and she can’t lose weight as easily as she could before or like other people can – even the healthy way.
    its kind of sad. our culture seduces girls into that path and then once those girls recover, they get discriminated. and they were only trying to be pin thin like our culture wanted in the first place.

    • samba

      Yep! totally agree! i did that to myself too! metabolism is wrecked due to all the dieting havoc and starving havoc i placed on it! and tho i am not overweight it is still depressing being the heaviest i have been due to messing with my bod in the past =o( i never had any real issues with it…well, there were things i wanted to change or a might have upped my exercise now and again to lose a few…but i had a real issue when i had a bf that called me fat and bigger than other girls andbig bum and blah blah being 5’3 and 124lbs!…i was pretty muscular (dancer)…but after that…starved my bod and therefore now have to pay for it! whe n i look back it was only him that said that stuff to me (being an immature stoner and worried that i was going to leave so he put me down) while everyone else talked about how skinny i was! im glad that people understand the damage you can do (very few and far between tho!) sorry major rant there!

    • lmn

      but she isnt even overweight. my body shape is the exact same as hers and my bmi is 25, which is borderline between healthy and being overweight, but its much healthier than having a bmi of less than 20, many studies have shown.
      like her, i am hourglass/pear shaped. my weight goes to my hips, thighs and buttocks (booty butt). which is much healthier than carrying weight in ones mid-section – like an apple shape – which has been proven to increase ones susceptibility to diabetes and heart disease.
      i work for an internal medicine/dietician doctor, and he says that with my frame, i dont need to weigh less than 130-135. because my ribs and face will appear emaciated.
      i am really impressed with this story. i have always had body image issues. i have never resorted to an eating disorder but i weigh myself daily, often at different times throughout the day. i have felt depressed about not being up to par with what the media forces down our throats.

    • dfdddssss

      but the thing is she isn’t even overweight, she’s NORMAL, and all people should lean to realize that!

  • Instant

    Truly inspiring, and a great reminder to ALL of us that there is more than just one ideal and to accept that. I know I haven’t always done so, but I will try to be better about it in the future. Not a book that I would normally buy/read (I’m more of fiction/fantasy/sci-fi reader 😛 ), but I think I just may have to give it a try.

    • Casey

      I actually like her comment! She’s not like some plus sized models that say things like, “No man likes thin women!” I can truly feel that she is comfortable in her own skin. And she does look better when she’s not skinny…her bone structure and body were meant to be this weight. As long as she’s healthy and comfortable, I’m not going to bring her down. Good for her.

  • nina

    This world gone crazy, I mean she is a PLUS size?ooh come on!beautiful skin

  • Ella

    She’s not even over-weight, her BMI is 24.4 – Completely healthy! I don’t know why people hear “Plus sized model” and automatically think “overweight” or “unhealthy” That’s usually not the case.
    She’s absolutely gorgeous!

    • Karina

      i agree! plus sized just means you have a bigger bone structure! and you cant help that! its just how you are!

    • K


      I checked her BMI too. She seems totally healthy – her skin and hair are amazing (good signs she’s treating her body right)

  • Paz

    she’s gorgeous , just as she is (:

  • pia

    wow she looks so pretty in the black and white photo :O

    • Grey

      Naturally, she was anorexic in that one.

  • molly

    gorgeous face!

  • pipi

    the worst part about this is, we still have girls who are anorexic yet they are admired on vorgue and elle magazines. There are few exceptions (girls who are naturally skinny)
    I feel ad for those models that need to stay sick in order to get jobs bc thats what “we” admire.

    • ladyredlocks

      Well, no one’s forcing them to model. They get compensated very well for the trouble of being thin.

      • Instant

        How does that make it OK? Sure, the girls could stand up to it, but they are still rather young and eager to have that job, so they will do what they can and what they think they need to do. That may not be forcing them, but it sure as heck isn’t making it OK for them to be led to believe that’s how they have to be and that it won’t change.



        • Kristy

          I agree with you but I’ll throw a slight spanner in the works.. slightly off topic but still a valid point.. didn’t Marica Cross say that she was essentially paid not to eat.. coming from (I imagine) an intelligent, respected 40-something. It’s not always about age/immaturity/naivety.. These women have choices.

          • Kristy

            and Marcia.

  • artemis

    she’s lucky she has a great body shape….and she looks beautiful anyway

  • She has a beautiful body, from what I could see. But I find it crazy to say she is plus sized. Maybe I’m wrong with the American sizes (I’m from Europe) but I think it’s pretty normal for a 5ft. 9″ tall woman to have that dress size without being overweight. It could be a different thing if she would be, like, 5ft. 3″, but she’s just tall! I am 5ft. 5″ and wear size 6/8 (EU 36/38) and I don’t think I look much different than her.
    And I have to agree, she has awesome hair and skin, which I find rather appealing than 20 pounds less or more.

  • Milly.

    wow she is so inspiring and very beautiful. i’m glad she beat anorexia and is happy how she is now, with an amazing body and loads of confidence!

  • alisa

    blah blah blah. and now there’s discrimination against women who aren’t curvy.

    • Karina

      it isn’t discrimination against women who aren’t curvy. we’re just slamming the media and this culture which completely bombard girls with messages that wafer thin look is the only way to go. and we’re applauding crystal renn for standing up against that. if you’re naturally pin thin, that’s perfectly okay too. but u can tell when a girl isn’t naturally thin and is starving herself, they look prepubescent, emaciated, and their cheeks are sucked in. they have no glow at all. and most models who we see in designer ads are look exactly like that.

    • Karina

      it isn’t discrimination against women who aren’t curvy. we’re just slamming the media and this culture which completely bombard girls with messages that wafer thin look is the only way to go. and we’re applauding crystal renn for standing up against that. if you’re naturally pin thin, that’s perfectly okay too. but u can tell when a girl isn’t naturally thin and is starving herself, they look prepubescent, emaciated, and their cheeks are sucked in. they have no glow at all. and most models who we see in designer ads look exactly like that.

      • alisa

        i honestly think there are more messages now about how women should be curvy, not super thin. “real women have an hourglass shape.” women are expected to naturally have big boobs and hips & a small waist at the same time or else they look like a “12 year old boy” as i’ve heard so many times.. and if you have a little weight on you it has to be in the boobs or butt. yes its bad that there are some women who starve themselves to be thin, but its equally as sad that so many women have to get breast augmentations so they look like a “real” woman

        • Lillian

          But that’s the beautiful part about what Crystal is saying; at no point does she slam super skinny models at all, in fact, she doesn’t go against anybody’s type. She’s saying that everyone should embrace their natural size, rather than trying to fit in with the trend of teensy-tiny models, or feeling bad that you can’t have the same curves that other girls might have.

          • K

            Nice one, Lillian.

            To alisa: Though I think some celebs go on about how a women’s shape should be/is “naturally” hourglass shaped (like you said) – the proof is on this website that not everyone thinks huge boobs, a tiny waist and bigger hips is the ideal.

            Pear, apple and ruler shapes are praised here just as often. Versus does a great job of trying to figure out a body type and every time there is at least one person who calls that beautiful.

            Personally, I am naturally elongated pear shape (sort of like Mischa Barton or a heavier Rachel McAdams) and I actually *feel better* about being that shape for having seen so many people post how nice it can be.

        • thank you alisa because that’s what i try to tell people here. even though it’s just as bad telling young girls in order to be beautiful you have to be size 0 and not every girl can be that way. i don’t agree with that but i also don’t think we should tell girls that having a curvy body, hips, thighs and butt is beautiful because not all girls will have that. and i’ve heard people say a lot more than saying you have to be thin. the only thing i say is just love who you are regardless of what the media says but every time i say that, people want to get mad at me and come at me because i feel passionate about it. a woman is a woman no matter what shape she’s in.

          • Instant

            I see nothing wrong with telling girls that any (healthy)body shape is beautiful, AS LONG AS we aren’t telling them that ONLY ONE of those types is beautiful and all others are wrong. I have nothing against slim, even though my preference is for curvy, I have no problem with someone telling me slim is beautiful, just don’t tell me that ONLY slim is beautiful. AND I don’t accept people saying only curvy is beautiful, and that any of the others is wrong. We need to start connecting health with beauty again, too many women put the search for “beauty” over their health, and don’t even think of health when assessing themselves or another woman as beautiful.

          • instant i agree with you. all i’m saying is we need to accept women for who they are and stop putting them down because they don’t have a certain body type and i get tired of it.

  • Mizzy

    what’s crazy is that even at her lowest weight she didn’t look as skinny as some other runway models. I understand that some people are naturally skinny, but 5’9 and 95 pounds cannot be natural for any healthy adult!

    • elsa

      it’s bmi 14. that’s just a tiny bit under mine, and no, it’s not really healthy!

      • Ella

        I used to weigh that much at 5’2″ and people worried that I was anorexic.

    • Casey

      I’m 5 pounds over that and 5 inches shorter, and I look in the mirror and think I look anorexic! That cannot be “healthy” nor “natural.” I’m naturally thin, but my BMI is not 14. If it was 14 I think I’d be dead…

  • chinadoll08

    She looks much better in the size 12…the media should represent real people but maybe if we stop buying into the garbage it will stop…..and people read BMI for people who called her overweight..GeeZ

  • i’m glad she stopped starving herself and now she loves who she is. and i’m glad she says that there are women who are naturally skinny and people shouldn’t have to criticized them just for how they look. if you’re naturally skinny, then you should embrace it and not feel ashamed and if you’re naturally curvy then you should embraced that as well. i agree with chinadoll we need to stop paying attention to what the media says is beautiful because we get sucked up in it and then feel we’re not pretty enough, etc, etc.

  • elsa

    the joke is, she’s sucking her cheeks in on the “curvy” shots. what crap.
    sorry yeah i’m so skinny that i look like a pre-pubescent 12 year old boy or whatever rubbish, i cant help it. i think this is just pretty horrid for us genuinely thin people.

    • Instant

      What’s horrid for you genuinely thin people? I didn’t see her say anything bad against you(haven’t looked at the videos yet though, sometimes my computer hates it when I do that 😛 ), she said they opposite that the naturally thin people like you should be accepted too.

      I think you may be referring to Karina’s comment, now that I go back and look, so for the “cheeks sucked in”, I think she may have meant sunken in, not that they were intentionally sucking them in(like Crystal is doing). If you are naturally skinny, you probably don’t look pre-pubescent boy, and that’s not the type of body she was referring to in her post, she was talking about girls/women that are making themselves that thin when that’s not their natural way to be.


      • Karina

        Instant – that is exactly what i mean! that the cheeks sink in. thank you for understanding!
        elsa – i didn’t mean to offend you, but i really think you misunderstood my comment. exactly what instant said, its about girls and women making themselves so skinny, when their body is naturally not meant to be like that. as i said in my comment, you can tell when a girl is naturally skinny and when a girl is starving herself to be skinny. a girl who is starving herself has absolutely no glow in her face. i have friends who are naturally skinny and i have a best friend who went through and recovered from anorexia. there was a major difference in the girls who were naturally skinny and the friend who had anorexia. the naturally skinny girls looked fine, but my best friend just looked sick even though she was the same size as them. its just that she was not meant to be that tiny size.
        and if you are naturally skinny, instant is right – u prob do not look pre pubescent. when u starve yourself, your menstrual cycle and reproductive system goes all wack and you lose your womanliness, thus making you look like pre-pubescent.

  • Leigh

    Wow, I think I’ll probably read that. She does look great.

  • Elle

    oh. my. god!!!!!!!!!! so GORGEOUS!! awesome curves. I love it when women look like that =]

  • samba

    i saw some you-tube video of her and admittedly the pics they showed of her ‘plus sized’ were photoshopped but they looked GREAT! plus, they were no more photoshopped than any other skinny model spread you see in magazineS! and they looked BETTER!

  • lisa

    makes me think about my issues with eating. i should just stay how i am and be lucky that i can eat whatever i want without gaining weight – and stay slim. because if i don’t stop aiming to be skinny, i will probably end up “plus size” someday and i don’t want that either. i should be happy with being in between…

  • Emz

    Looks better skinny… Is that just me???

    • Kristy

      Cue outpouring of outrage.

    • amber

      agree. she was gorgeous ..not now!

    • Instant

      Unfortunately, no, it isn’t just you that thinks she looks better when she was anorexic and dreadfully underweight.

  • Mirabela

    She is gorgeous! 😉
    Thanks to God for creating women like her with that bodytype and that kind of personality.

  • Cristiano


  • Ramie

    pretty face…but she would look better with a little less weight.

  • Juliette

    Well, I do have an eating disorder and I love it if people would quit blaming the “media” as if it were some evil entity set on destroying little girls everywhere.

    I would still have an eating disorder even if every beautiful model, actress and singer were a size 18+.

    In any event, those pictures of her in the black dress are absolutely hot!

  • Josette

    Shes beautiful

  • machmalow

    Great job for this girl, now spread the word in Europe 🙂

  • Vermillion

    Gosh !
    She’s HOT !!!!
    Beautiful Classic Face with an Amazing Woman-ly Body
    Women Like Her , is not so much these dayz …

  • Susan

    95 pounds? Jesus couldn’t her agency have accepted a medium between that and her original weight like 130 pounds.

  • Nkeon

    Wow, she’s a hottie. Amazing curves.
    She sounds intelligent as well, accepting of different body types.

    That salad sounds quite nice; I think i’ll try it for lunch sometime this week!

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