Jennifer Connelly, Then and Now

Radar: “Jennifer Connelly looks far too skinny and that’s not attractive at all”

FFN_g_50991574 - Radar: "Jennifer Connelly looks far too skinny and that’s not attractive at all"

Before you read the article, check out these pictures of a very skinny Jennifer running!

From Radar:

Beautiful actress Jennifer Connelly has always boasted a slim figure, but new photos of her looking shockingly skinny have prompted speculation that the avid exerciser has been going overboard in the gym to the detriment of her health.

“She looks far too skinny and that’s not attractive at all,” nutritionist Majid Ali, who has not treated the star, told in an exclusive interview.

At 5’6 1/2″, Ali estimates that the Reservation Road actress, “Can’t be more than 100 pounds. It appears that she over-trains.”

Dressed in dark workout clothes, trainers and wearing headphones and a very intense expression on her face, the New Yorker’s face appeared gaunt and sunken, with her legs and arms noticeably thinner than ever before.

Jackie Keller, CEO of meal delivery service NutriFit agrees that 41-year-old Jennifer looks too thin.

“The legs remind me of some of the recent Olympian runners that I watched on TV,” she exclusively told Radar.

“Many things go into what is considered to be a healthy weight — including previous weight levels, body shape and of course, muscle tone,” she explained. “It is possible that as a regular runner, she has very thin but powerful legs and a long, lean frame. Many runners do and we saw a wide range of body types and sizes at the Olympics.”

See more pictures of Jennifer on set of her latest movie plus a shot of her from 2003 next!


FFN_g_50991576 - Radar: "Jennifer Connelly looks far too skinny and that’s not attractive at all" FFN_g_51009005 - Radar: "Jennifer Connelly looks far too skinny and that’s not attractive at all" FFN_g_51009010 - Radar: "Jennifer Connelly looks far too skinny and that’s not attractive at all"

FFN_LouisVuitton_35_102703jpg_99590 - Radar: "Jennifer Connelly looks far too skinny and that’s not attractive at all"

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  • misscheeks

    “She looks far too skinny and that’s not attractive at all,” nutritionist Majid Ali, *who has not treated the star*, told in an exclusive interview.”

    a) so you’re bitching about her “attractiveness” or lack thereof?

    b) so you haven’t treated her?

    Hmm ok Mr Ali

    • misscheeks

      Just sounds like fake-concern to me.

      • Casey

        Even more, sounds like he just wanted to be quoted publically.

        If it wasn’t so fake, I would ifind it concerning that a person calling themselves a nutritionist is so off on estimating someone’s weight.

    • Sofia

      I didn’t like that quote either. A nutritionist should be more concerned about a person’s health, not their attractiveness

  • gsl

    Lawd jesus! I agree, not cute at all.

  • Isabel

    Too skinny, specially in the pics where she’s jogging.

  • ary

    she’s still attractive imo, but her thighs do look frail and her face isn’t glowing, that’s for sure.

  • Jenny


  • Natalie

    instead of focusing on whether her extreme thinness is attractive or not, this person should be focusing on if her weight is healthy or not. And healthy in terms of having a high enough weight for her body to preform at its best, not it terms of what is considered pleasing to the eye. This is why girls get eating disorders.

  • jenna

    She’s obviously taken things a little too far. She used to look vibrant and glowy, and now, not so much. Her legs are scary skinny….I really, really hope that nobody on this thread says they wish they had her legs!

  • HB

    She’s so classically beautiful in my opinion. Yes, she looks a little too skinny right now, but she’s aging a little, and sometimes you thin out. Hope she’s okay.

    • Gen

      God, she is so beautiful, isn’t she.

      Her body in her 20s was AMAZING. Obviously she wouldn’t look the same if she were at the same weight today (you know, gravity being how it is and everything), but her weight does seem too low now. We’ve covered a million times how its not fair or right to judge someone’s health based on their appearance, but her weight here really makes her looks like she has some illness.

      • mEEE

        In my opinion, she is not only one of the prettiest but most talented actresses in Hollywierd. That said, those “jogging” pictures would leave any bystander a bit concerned about her health.

  • Sidney

    Blegh again people faking concern in order to be able to put someone down. She looks a tad thin for my taste, but these sort of stories just rub me the wrong way, be it about a skinny or a fat celebrity. But tabloids will be tabloids so…

    • Casey

      I agree.

      I don’t think this is any different than the Melissa McCarthy post, aside from the fact that these weren’t as vicious.

      And I don’t like to always claim that there is a double-standard when it comes to criticizing thin women or fat women, but there kind of is, and this post is slight proof of it (I understand that the description here isn’t as vicious, but even if it was, there would still be a lot more people agreeing than defending).

      • Casey

        these comments*

  • Hater

    Maybe she’s doing this for her movie, for a role or something dunno…. But she looks extremly thin!

  • Debbs

    She is gorgeous and she has been this thin for a long time. I find these comments and speculations to be RUDE!

  • Stace

    I think Jennifer is so incredibly beautiful, but I do think she has been looking a bit gaunt in recent years. She’s probably on of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood when she has a bit fuller face.

  • lc

    She is so beautiful, and I think she has an amazing body.

    • Lau

      Really lc? You think this body is amazing?
      Really? I hope not.

      I think you’re a pretty rational person from your comments, but all wrinkles (not just due to age mind you, but due to extreme thinness) and bones can not be amazing.

      But all people have different tastes.

      • lc

        Yes, it’s a little excess, but I still like it. I like the lean, not much body fat look. I’ll probably get flamed for that but oh well. Her shape is what I really like, I think. How she carries weight.

      • Sands

        I was thinking that first photo is photoshopped – that front leg looks a little too extreme when compared to her legs in the other photos. She is no doubt VERY lean, but I’m a bit suspicious of that first one..

      • Tally

        Wow those pictures are kindof shocking,,i would never want my thighs to be smaller than my calves! I think her legs look better when she has more weight on her FOSHO but either way she is stunning. Requiem for a dream<3

      • Jacky Daniels

        oh thats akward! where are her boobs she used to have boobs almost like kate upton!(only with better body!) i dont know if you guys remember or you are too young but in the 90s she was smokin hot and not so skinny at all!

    • Ana

      I love her body too! Her arms are exactly like mine but her legs are thinner and i love them. One day, one day.

  • While I do feel that she’s not as attractive as she once was because she has become so thin – I think a supposed professional saying she’s ‘not attractive at all’ is ridiculous and offensive. He doesn’t care – no one cares when they say things like that really.
    I still can’t get over how much skinnier she is though – she used to be one of my idols growing up – voluptuous and just a little bit ‘big’ for Hollywood.
    I can’t lie, I am disappointed she has done what so many actresses have done and become extremely lean (these photos are a little shocking to me, actually – she looks frail) – but it’s not my life and she’s still a beautiful woman and very talented actress.

    • Winnie

      i agree, i used to love her body when she was younger. she was stacked in the best way possible! so curvy and sensual

    • lol

      So it’s alright for you to say she’s “unattractive” but not him? and of course you think everyone looks better when they were heavier. like we don’t already know.

      • Your bullying bias is showing lol. Where in my comment did I say she is unattractive? I said she is not as attractive as she used to be and that she is still a beautiful woman. I know you want to hate everything I write – but you’ve very obviously reached and twisted a bit too far on this one.
        And your opinions absolutely never surprise me either – don’t see it stopping you though.

  • Jacky Daniels

    she was such a hottie in the 90s and she is to skinny now.

    • Neri

      Totally agree! I’ve always admired her green eyes, black hair and her feminine body… She was so beautiful in Blood Diamond and A Beautiful Mind! Oh and also Requiem for a Dream.
      I actually think she looks sick now. Like she’s suffering from an ED or some sort of substance abuse problem… She looks tired, gaunt, worn-out and ill… 🙁

  • CK

    i don’t believe she has an ED or over-exercises, i mean not every single person in H-wood (just like in real life) works out primarily to stay skinny, there are loooots of other reasons (incl. stress-relief), and Jen also doesn’t fall into category of actresses whose career relies first and foremost on looks, plus i think she used to be bit plumpier or smth in the beginning of career but she was also young and the change wasn’t any dramatic, mostly i remember her as being quite skinny. and some time ago i remember there were the same speculations bout her “thinning away” but i also read that she’d lost someone (dad?) that could’ve also played part , when am depressed or anxious(and am quite often) its incredibly difficult to eat and process any food(i also am no foodie in general), but i try to stick to as much routine as possible (incl yoga) and as a result unintentionally lose weight.
    I also think that every person has an individual weight spectrum that ranges from the skinniest to the fattest points both of which and all in between can be considered a healthy weight for this individual, maybe she’s at her thinnest point. But maybe am biased cos i looove Jen she’s a very talented and versatile actress, and her strange beauty makes her even more interesting in my eyes.

  • Adele

    You know something is wrong when one’s thighs are smaller than their knees. Her upper part looks good, but she needs to gain some weight on her legs.

    • Darkred

      Wish it would be possible to only gain in certain bodyparts 😉 i am the same, my legs look very skinny while my upper part looks normal. Just like the pears which gain in the bottom. Its about the bodytype where you loose weight.

  • Pixie

    I’ve always found her to be beautiful. There’s nothing wrong with her body, she looks great.

  • JaneParker

    In that first picture she reminds me of her character in Requiem for a Dream – who was an heroin addict. I’m not saying she is one, obviously, just that she looks really fragile and sad. Her skin doesn’t look good as well. And the pointy knees are scary. However, I think she looks good in that dress, so I’m conflicted.

  • Kik

    Well, when overweight woman is called “fat” – it is offensive and she has the right to be as big as she wants to. When thin woman is called “too thin” – it is an expedient concern for her health and more important – for her “wrong” public image and bad example for women. The truth is: you want to be healthy and fit – work your a*ss off, you prefer comfort eating – have your rich dinner and don’t blame thin celebrities.

    • serena

      I’m so tired of this argument that’s constantly regurgitated on this site. Being skinny is obviously considered attractive. That’s why most celebs are thin and if they’re “curvy” they lose weight to be attractive (Miley, JLaw are recent examples, even slim Candice S. dropped a few sizes). Fat women like Melissa McCarthy are called “hippos” and “tractors” and compete for the handful of roles that go to fat women. Jennifer Connolly has been famous since her 20s and only recently looks so thin. That doesn’t mean 2 random nutritionists who have never even treated her should make comments about her weight – that is uncalled for. But please stop pretending thin women are being persecuted; that is bs. Jennifer doesn’t even look nearly as thin as some models who make millions off their looks and are “thinspirations” for girls everywhere.

      • Casey

        But in some ways, they are.

        I know you may be tired of those comments, but I’m tired of people acting like by being thin alone, you attain some privileged status of being treated like VS models and actresses, and that your self-esteem is monumental and completely immune to verbal attacks directed at your figure, whether justified or not.

        The reality is, most thin women in the world are not VS models. They’re not actresses. Most thin women are skinny-fat, because like most people in general, they don’t really regularly work out with trainers and don’t eat the best. Most thin women don’t have perfectly proportioned body structures that carry thinness well…they are pears, with super bony upper bodies, or apples, with scary thin limbs and a straight torso. Those who strive to be thin are often sinewy and wrinkly because they don’t have the facial structure to look young while doing it. Most naturally thin women have poor musculature/bone development to begin with.

        There really needs to be a distinction made between thinness and idealized thinness. There is a difference. Being the former doesn’t give you the privileges of the latter.

        I see people so quick to (rudely) express their opinions regarding thin people or thinness in general, and then hide behind the “Well thinness is ideal!” farce. Well, most thin women, like women in general, don’t fall into that ideal, and deal with the same self-esteem issues as anyone else. It’s especially bad since, like being tall or being a redhead, you stand out, and become the target of people’s own insecurities with their weight.

        • serena

          Casey, I’m not pretending that thin automatically equals attractive. I’m fairly slender and no one’s putting me on the cover of Maxim lol. Nor am I pretending skinny = high self-esteem. But it bothers me when people pretend fat chicks are praised and thin girls aren’t. I don’t even mean obese like Melissa, but I’ve heard girls like Demi Lovato get so much hate for being fat. Thin women are definitely criticized too, but only if 1) they lose significant weight leading to ED rumors or 2) they’re very underweight like Mary-Kate Olsen was. Maybe it depends on your definition of “thin” – I don’t mean skeletal, more like a size 2, at the lower end of normal bmi, which is the perfect size in our culture. I’m a size 4 which is not huge but I was hospitalized a few months ago and dropped 10 lbs in 2 weeks, everyone complimented me for it lol…the sad part is I was flattered by it. Look I’m not saying it’s ok to criticize anyone’s body either. But because so many people in America are fat, just being thin (even if you’re not pretty) significantly boosts your attractiveness.

          • Debbs

            Great comment serena – I agree.

          • Casey

            Oh, I think we do have slightly different definitions of thin. For me it would be like 00-2, which is generally criticized. I would say 2-6 are the most praised. But yeah, I agree with everything you said in the 2nd comment.

            I just thought it was important to point out because, from reading some comments on here (and I assumed your’s was too), people really do believe that thin people (even those that are size 0) have life easier. I was once that thin, and to put it shortly, I was hardly receiving compliments for it.

            And I happen to have a fairly proportional body structure with a WHR, which people tend to be forgiving about, so I can only imagine how people are to those who happen to be a pear or apple size 0.

            A lot of that may have been uncalled for and it may have resulted from envy/insecurity, but it still made me hate my own body for a long time. Now that I’m older + weight training, I have filled out…but I know if I ever dropped a size I would be criticized again, which would lead to feeling insecure again.

            To me, who was on the cover of a magazine mattered little compared to what people around me were saying.

          • serena

            Yep very skinny ectomorphic women do get a lot of hate. But personally I can usually tell by looking at someone if they’re naturally skinny or not. I have a friend who’s 5’7 103 lbs and it is natural. Otoh when Hilary Duff lost a ton of weight she looked like a scary bobble-head. I think bony people subconsciously remind us of death, as mean as that sounds. Sometimes it even grosses me out that my ribcage is visible even though I’m a healthy weight.

        • Lisa

          Casey, I never tire of your comments. Perfectly said. I know no one wants to hear comments from the skinny peanut gallery, but it’s not easy when you’re smaller, whatever that size or fitness level that may be.

        • Ana

          Yeah but have you noticed the difference between the “harsh” comments thin people get vs what far people get. I’d rather be called “too thin to be attractive”, skinny, fragile, anorexic, need to go to the hospital, corpse, thin as a rail as opposed to a female hippo, tractor, whale, pig, burden on the health care. I can guarantee you that MAJORITY if not all women would rather be called too thin, than too fat, and a lot of women would take it as a compliment, because its associated with less eating, more exercise, less lazy, etc. like Serena in honestly tired of this argument. Overall, thin women do it get it easier. I was once 200 at 5’9, now I’m 125 at 5’9And man oh man, to I get addresses differently. People tell me I’m gaunt, too skinny all the time, but it’s more in a caring way. But when I was fat, I literally got told to eat a salad and was told to starve myself but a guy in my grade. Rarely do thin people get compared to animals and tractors, unless its something to do with the face. If there is anyone woman here on this site, that would rather be called a fat pig as opposed to rail thin, then please say so. I doubt there are any. Yes I’m biased because of my experience and yes I also know that thin women get criticized because I do get often called out for my unfeminine figure but its no where as bad.

          • Casey

            ” I’d rather be called “too thin to be attractive”, skinny, fragile, anorexic, need to go to the hospital, corpse, thin as a rail as opposed to a female hippo, tractor, whale, pig, burden on the health care.”

            Personally, I’d rather not be called either. I’d rather the weight I am not garner any sort of vicious response from anyone, seeing as how it’s nobody’s burden to bear than mine.

            “Anorexic” “stick thin” “skeleton” “boyish” and “wind can blow you away” may be nice to hear for those putting an effort into being thin because it confirms that they are succeeding, but they are not even remotely compliments for those who just happen to be thin. (Flip side: those like me who put in an active effort into being larger like hearing things like “your butt looks bigger” because it confirms that my effort is paying off).

            I also feel, because people assume that everybody likes being thin and apparently being thin is so much better, it invites more negative comments. Obviously, on the internet, everybody says whatever they want, because there are no negative repercussions.

            Generally though, commenting about someone being overweight face-to-face is considered rude. You still see it happening, of course. I’ve had overweight friends who have been told to exercise more or, their food choices questioned (“Are you sure you don’t want to have a salad instead?”) But it’s generally accepted that, that’s rude.

            Not so much with being thin. When I was thinner, comments like “Do you even eat?” “Why are you so thin? It’s not attractive.” “Is that all you’re going to eat?” “Are you anorexic?” Were fairly common. And this came from COMPLETE strangers. And those were some of the nicer comments. I’ve seen/heard worse directed at others.

            And I know people word it under the guise of concern (sometimes), but it’s not. It’s very insidious. There’s NOTHING positive about someone assuming that I’m starving myself to be thin because I’m so naive and too stupid to know better (because that’s how the average person REALLY feels about eating disorders). It may sound better than someone being called a hippo, but it’s not. You’re not considered lazy, but you are considered psychotic, neurotic, and stupid instead.

            So long story short, I’d rather not be called either.

          • Nobsnob

            So true.

        • Ana

          Also I forgot to mention that personally, I’d prefer if my body was called “disgusting” “gross” for being too thin as opposed to for being too fat.

  • Dani

    She does look awful..and she does look like she has an ED. If not, she looks like she’s incredibly sick. No one is that thin from simply exercising. I feel bad for her. Never seen her that thin. Much better with weight on.

  • jamie

    Im not convinced those running pictures are untouched by photoshop – they seem a bit off to me… from some angles she looks ok-or one leg looks ok and then from others she looks very very thin

  • Mia

    She does look very thin, but you can tell she’s always had thin legs. I don’t believe exercise could cause this amount of weight loss though, I would imagine it’s more dietary. I run 45 – 50 miles per week, and I am not even close to being that thin, and I don’t know ANY serious runners who have legs that skinny. Just look at pictures of Kara Goucher and Shalene Flanagan, and they have much thicker thigh muscles than this.

    • serena

      I agree, I’m a swimmer and know lots of swimmers and runners who are very thin, some admit they don’t even menstruate regularly, and they look bigger than her. Because they eat a lot to fuel those long workouts. I bet Jennifer’s weight loss is due to diet, not excessive exercise. Hope she’s not ill.

  • Tia

    What shocks me the most is her miserable expression and how dull her skin looks. I am too young to remember her older movies when she was apparently way bigger but I do recall when she looked slim yet healthy. even while taking ageing into consideration, I don’t think she should look like that unless she was forcing herself to be skinny.

    • Lisa

      I know everyone does it, but it’s kind of annoying when people try to read expressions on this site. How do you look happy when your face is neutral? If she were walking down an empty street with a big grin, people would be like, wtf?A lot of celebs, hell, most “regular” people have dull skin without makeup and lighting helping them out. I don’t think you can always look at someone and tell what they’re feeling.

      • Tia

        @ Lisa: I know what you mean lol .and I don’t expect people to walk around with a cheshire cat grin plastered on their face (I know I don’t). I was talking more about her body language, the way she carries herself from the pics I have seen of her recently. I obviously don’t know her personally so I was only referring to APPEARANCE.

  • Jenn

    Even though most comments lean towards “she is too thin”, the fact that there are some comments defending her as looking beautiful or attractive blow my mind. She USED to be a beautiful woman, and now she looks deflated, defeated and unhappy. To see her and not worry for her (not even so much for her physical health, but moreso her mental health), that’s crazy!

  • Devan

    Seriously, this girl looks so unhappy in candids lately. Here are some more pics of her looking scary skinny and unhappy:

    If anyone really thinks she looks good and envies her, I can’t say I understand at all.

  • Hazal

    Very pretty face but her legs look painfully skinny. They are also skinny in the picture from 2003 but still look nice.

  • petpeeve

    I just “love” the weight estimates for celebs….who does these weight estimates? and boy are they off! I’m the same height, and in my over-training days looking very similar to her running pictures, I was between 115-120lbs. Nowhere near 100lb. I think she could stand to gain about 10-15lbs, especially for her age she would look better/younger with a little more body fat, but she is nowhere near “scary skinny” in the least.

  • Lisa

    “who has not treated the star”

    Enough said. BUH BYE. I could look at her and offer my medical opinion the same way. Meaningless.

  • Sara

    One word-GROSS!

  • LadyL

    Aside from the issue of what she looks like, can we talk about the fact that these images are recycled from an article that was published four MONTHS ago?

  • vanessa

    way too skinny. makes her look really old in the face

  • neutra

    Body-wise, she is far from my ideal. She does look unhealthy. However, she still is the most beautiful woman in the world to me – her face is exquisite, and the way she dresses and holds herself… she is just so elegant and sexy. Yes, not quite as sexy as she used to be because she has gotten so thin, but there is an innate seductive quality about her. When she is photographed with her family (and what are a beautiful family they are) she looks radiant. I think she looked the most incredible in Blood Diamond.

    • neutra

      To me, she still looks facially a lot more youthful than a lot of actresses in their late twenties and thirties. Megan Fox for example…

  • Splenda

    I have a friend who was at Yale with Jennifer Connelly and at the time (20+ years ago) told me the actress had an ED. My friend lived on the same floor in their dorm and claimed Jennifer exercised obsessively and barely ate.

  • MissMarilyn

    Jeez. These are harsh comments. I honestly think they’re worse than the ones towards larger actresses and with a lot less people defending her. Don’t you see that calling her “anorexic” or “sickly looking” is just as bad as calling someone fat “disgusting looking” or “lazy” ??

    anyways, i can hardly see her body. and palidity, wrinkles, and a sour facial expression don’t necessarily have anything to do with weight. All I can see are her legs and while those ARE very very thin I’m not sure they’re so thin that they’re in the dangerous territory. The only thing that looks weird to me is how her neck veins stick out but she had the same problem in 2003. I definitely do not think she looks disgusting. She actually has a lovely face.

    AND WHAT THE HECK if you’re trying to make someone seem too thin why would you compare their legs to an olympic runner. what a derpy doctor. clearly not the brightest in the bunch.

  • Adrianna

    Well im usually a fan of very lean legs that are just moderately muscular but Jennifer’s legs are just too thin imo.
    It really does look like they are just bone and that is not the look I like.
    Im not going to comment whether Jen and her legs are healthy but from what I know having such a low muscle mass is not ideal for health, energy and aging.
    And her legs don’t look like runner’s legs.
    Runner’s tend to have the same level of leaness and shape as Jen’s but they have a bit more muscle which is what I like.

  • KC

    At first I was like, “what’s the big deal? She looks fine.” And then I saw the jogging pictures and I was like, “OhmyholyhellyourthighslooklikemyforearmsandIcanwrapmyhandaroundthemeventhoughIhavesmallhands!”

  • anonymous

    Jennifer Connelley – too skinny? Yes. Unattractive? No way!
    Yes her legs are too thin for me and she could gain some weight, but she has a beautiful face. She’s one of the few natural beauties in Hollywood and easily looks better than most women half her age. She also has a nice classy style and she is talented.

  • Adrianna

    I like how these articles always go for the magic number of 100 pounds for a dramatic affect. It’s never 107, 105 or 103.
    I suppose all they are looking to do is sell a story.
    Im not even sure if Jen’s legs are quite as thin as they are in the photos above.
    Who really know with all the photoshop that goes on.
    If her legs were in fact just a little more muscular I would like them, maybe they really are but in order to sell a story they made her legs thin enough so that most people would find them too thin. Throw in the numbers 5.6 & 1/2 plus 100 pounds BAM instant seller.

  • Winnie

    besides how skinny she looks, she looks so OLD! in the first pictures especially. so much older than she is and a lot older than she does with a bit more weight on. so sinewy. such a far cry from her figure when she was younger. she’s actually thinner here than she was in Requiem for a dream and Marion was supposed to be a crackhead…scary.

  • Anastasia.

    Wow what happened, she doesn’t look good at all. Those leggings were a bad choice

  • D

    Some people dont gain weight in their legs, I wouldnt say she looks too thin – just drab and sick in these pictures as she is pale. She needs some summer sun and she will be fine

  • siennagold

    Yikes. Those jogging photos were even worse. Jennifer Aniston is older than her but she has a better body in my book. When you’re 40 and over, it doesn’t look good to be too skinny because you end up looking older (unless that’s what you’re after. lol)

  • Nobsnob

    Those legs on a 40-y-old woman are scary.

  • Duemilatredici

    she looks like crap

  • retrobanana

    shes a thin lady

  • caracara

    The jogging pictures she looks artificially skinny, very unattractive like the body doesn’t fit on her, but the clothed ones she looks normal, photoshop maybe, don’t know who she is though.