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Robyn Lawley in Cosmopolitan Australia (Then & Now)

Robyn Lawley Cosmopolitan Australia December 2012-000

Robyn Lawley Cosmopolitan Australia December 2012-001

Size 12 US model Robyn Lawley (who started out 2 years ago with the ‘plus-size’ label) is featured in the current issue of Australian Cosmopolitan magazine, where she shows off her figure in a bohemian-vibe shoot.

And a step back in time – Robyn in the same magazine 2 years ago:


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Robyn Lawley Cosmopolitan Australia December 2012-000  Robyn Lawley Cosmopolitan Australia December 2012-002 Robyn Lawley Cosmopolitan Australia December 2012-003 Robyn Lawley Cosmopolitan Australia December 2012-004 Robyn Lawley Cosmopolitan Australia December 2012-005 Robyn Lawley Cosmopolitan Australia December 2012-006 Robyn Lawley Cosmopolitan Australia December 2012-007

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  • Chelsea

    I feel like I got ripped on the gene lottery. All these pretty models and celebrities…

    • linda

      Lets make a club!

    • solaxia

      My dearest, that’s what they want you to think! Don’t buy it! I’m sure you are gorgeous. Not everyone likes all the ‘pretty celebrities and models’. I know I was never impressed by them before I got too into the media stuff. Even now, I see far prettier girls that don’t necessarily fit the stereotype of these celebs and models, and are totally gorgeous. Have more confidence and love yourself! It’s pretty cool that you don’t look like these people actually…you must be unique ;o)

      Also, I’ve mentioned this before…but generally people who are interested in this type of stuff are of higher attractiveness than most.

      • pressplay

        Your last point sounds interesting. Why do you think so? Are there any studies which proof that? Just curious;)

        • linda

          Well then I must be hands down gorgeous! No but really, your comment really did brighten my day Solaxia 🙂

    • JJ

      Well they’re models and celebrities *because* they look a certain way–ie, not like the average person. Take care of yourself, try to look the best you can, and then don’t worry about it 🙂

  • haha

    Suddenly, I feel like I am a plus size!

  • I have always liked her!! I can’t tell if she looks like she’s lost weight or not; in some pictures it looks like she might have but she always seems to have thinner arms and legs; it seems like she usually carries most of her weight in her stomach and that’s pretty well covered up in most of this shoot.

    Anyways, she looks great! I like the shoot and think her body looks fabulous as does her face.

    • Mishael

      MissMarylin, you have such pretty facial features and I like your hair color. I hope that I don’t sound too creepy.

      • solaxia

        she does! MissMarilyn reminds me of Christina Applegate in her younger years facial feature wise..she was a stunner! Still is.

        • aaahh!!!! 🙂 thank both of you!!! :):) no Mishael you do not sound creepy haha. sorry i’m very awkward at responding to compliments but thank you both very much 🙂

    • Chris

      I don’t believe that she is a size 12! I’m 6’1 and wear a 10-12, and I feel like she’s much thinner than I am! It’s really sad that she’s considered a “plus size” model because she’s anything but plus size. I think she’s absolutely gorgeous!

      • i agree, but keep in mind that plus size is only relative to the fashion industry. She’s plus sized compared to Karlie Kloss and the like but compared to everyone on the earth she is no where near plus sized ahah

  • Pandora

    Lots of “burn tool” shadows added to slim her down a bit I see. I hope she doesn’t go the Crystal Renn route and lose her buxom bod. She has a naturally slim face, so I think if she lost a lot of weight she would look a little scary. She’s lucky to be so tall, it distributes her weight nicely!

  • Annabella H.

    Am I the only one who thinks her head looks really small compared to her body? Not that her body is large in any way, it’s gorgeous. It’s just the size of her head that makes it somehow creepy when you properly look at her…

    She is definitely one of my favourite models. And no, this is not what I would consider plus size. This is normal, plus size is when you’re overweight. “Model” size is when you wear a size 0 (and are most probably underweight).

    • haha i think her head actually looks pretty proportionate but its kinda hard to tell with all the hair everywhere.

      plus size in the modeling industry doesn’t always mean overweight, though. To me Robyn looks like she’s in between plus size and standard model size, but I think she is gorgeous and that her body looks amazing!!

      • Annabella H.

        Sorry, I didn’t express myself clearly enough. I meant that this is what I don’t consider plus size. I know this is plus size in the modelling industry, but in the “real” world that I live in I would be happy if this was considered “normal”, “plus size” overweight and “size 0” underweight or very thin. To me, it’s just misleading and wrong to say that a healthy, slim girl is plus size. It just gives the wrong impression, almost saying that this “slim” plus size girl should be even thinner.

        Ugh, am I making any sense to you?

        • Michelle

          yes! calling models “plus sized” that aren’t FAT and then justifying it by saying “that’s what they call models that aren’t ‘normal’ model size” is very harmful to some women’s self esteem. I get what you are saying.

        • deppfan

          Yes you’re talking about head to body proportion. Vertically the average is 1/7.5 but hers is like 1/8.5. Plus her head width is too narrow for her wide shoulders. So yeah you make sense. Though I’m notsure if it is unattractive or not.

    • lc

      Yes, I see it too. Her head always looks too small for her body imo.

  • Lala

    I love that her belly shows in one of the pics. Super cute.

  • Camille

    I love Robyn and I would die if anyone called her fat. I think she has a great body and a great leader in the plus size “revolution” if we can call it that. II think the big thing about and when you see them, mostly VS, is that it is very impressionable on teens. Don’t get me wrong, VS models eats and workout and that’s great. They are super healthy. But to the rest of the world that hears them say how beautiful they are won’t be able to get that body. If VS models were all darker (like Polynesian) then that would promote pale people to tan. Natural for one side but unnatural for the other. And just like tanning one can over-diet. Just refreshing to see a beautiful variety of bodies represented.

  • Ash

    I wish she stops losing weight and maintain this physique. She would scary skinny if she continues losing weight! That is unhealthy!

  • janae

    I think her body looks very healthy and gorgeous…so I do not mean this to come across as negative in any way, but to me as a very short (4’11), small person, she looks almost mythical or amazonian to me, she’s like a huge superhuman goddess. I guess when I see very tall fashion models that are much smaller than her they don’t seem larger than life like she does. Kind of the same presence as Tyra Banks. Hope that makes sense.

    • Mara

      It does make sense.
      I had a teacher who was really tall and on the heavier side of normal and she really had more presence or something.

  • natalia

    She’s fat, but an attractive fat. I hope I don’t get chewed forthat one, nice looking girl

    • Camille

      Hi, Ive noticed your recent post lately and while I do respect other opinons, I dont understand Your definition of fat. Everyone, even Vs mods, have fat but it seems like your using that word too generously. For Robyn, Id understand big. Fat? Sure when compared to Freha Beha but Robyn? Can you just explain to me what you think Fat is?

      • natalia

        I wanted discussion and I got it I supppose 🙂 I’m tired but since you asked me nicely I will just say it is not my definition of fat, it’s the dictionary’s, it says fat is ‘having excess fat or flesh’. When I say someone is ‘fat’ they could be a little fat, barely there fat, or a lot of fat, it’s what excess that counts. So what is excess? you can kind of look and tell, it covers muscles, it’s lumpy, it can roll, now all of these can be miniscule like barely noticeable or a lot.People here say I am obsessed w/ fat, but they are the ones who keep responding to my comments! I don’t mind you though

        • Camille

          oh, so in essence everyone is fat because boobs are fat. If Candice S. grew to a 36 C or whatev, she would be “a little fat”? Sorry, I’m just not used to hearing or seeing the word tossed around so easily and I have no problem with your opinion it just new to me, especially how you say it, guess in a lack of words, nicely?

          • natalia

            Breasts are glandular tissue and fat, not just fat, doesn’t apply to the excess fat people can get on the rest of their body. I think you’re reaching…..

        • mary

          you are ruthless, but I get what you are saying to a degree…I do find this girl to have excess fat…however, someone like erin heatherton, imo not so much. we all need essential fat for our bodies to function…so our reproductive organs work properly….I agree that people were hunters and gatherers, but do you really think they looked like HF models? HELL NO. They were lean and muscular, like doutzen kroes. do you find her fat? to me its about body fat %….I am 5’4″ and 110 pounds (also big boned) which is probably “fat” to you, but I have lean muscle and bf% is around 14%…my body tone is similar to doutzen’s, who is very thin but muscular…just because someone weights more than 100 pounds does not make them fat….but like I said, I agree than many of the women you called out do have a little extra fat…though that is not necessarily a bad thing.

      • serena

        I think Natalie uses the word fat differently than the rest of us…by fat she means “body that contains adipose tissue to store energy and cushion the joints”. So no need to get offended anyone 😀

    • Daniela

      She has a gorgeous face but is a bit fat for my taste. However, I think her face would suffer if she lost weight so I´m not sure I wish she would lose.
      Anyway, she is very blessed with that face of hers. Since I´m not nearly as lucky I work on what I can improve, which is my body and staying as skinny and healthy as possible.

  • Dani

    I have to say that I don’t like her at all… I don’t mind her body which looks like a normal body not fat not skinny, just normal… I don’t find her pretty…The face expressions she makes are not sexy at all, the 2 year old picture looks photoshopped and she looks a bit bloated. I like her skin, tan and hair…

  • Candy

    Not a fan of plus size but like these pictures.

  • La la la la

    She seems straight sized to me.
    Pretty girl, too much tanning!

  • mary

    shes a pretty woman, i like her full lips and face, but she looks orange in most of these photos.

  • Dani

    Sometimes she looks a little strange to me. From certain angles her bone structure in her face looks odd. Other times her face is very beautiful.

    As for her body I think she has a great figure for a plus sized model. Her legs seem to be the thicker part where her belly (even though it isn’t teeny ) is still slim. Sometimes I have seen size 12’s and 14’s who carry more of a belly pudge. I am guessing her height makes her weight distribute more evenly

  • La la la la

    Oo I misspoke I mean in between straight and plus

  • serena

    This girl does not look plus-sized to me. I know she is 6’2″ so a larger size can look smaller on her, but really I would guess she is no bigger than size 8 or 10.

  • XYZ

    nothing special, move on. she looks like heidi “race traitor” klum. only idiots can envy such women….

    • Race traitor? Seriously?

      • JJ

        Someone is just trying to start trouble, so it’s best to ignore them and ruin their fun.

  • Mara

    I’m not the biggest fan of her look (don’t mind her figure, it’s mostly her face that sometimes looks off to me), but I really like the shoot. The close-up of her face is stunning.

  • Julie

    Does anyone else here has the feeling that SvC suddenly changed?! I don’t know, something just seems different ..

    Erin Heatherton suddenly seems FAT and is eating too much and Robyn is also not good enough! I used to LOVE this Site, come here everyday and read the comments, a lot of them we were thoughtful and nice! This was sort of a “safe place” in the Internet craze where you could also gather good information about diet/exercise and nutrition but now..

    Let me tell you guys it this way: I’m 5’4 and around 250 lbs! For you that must sound INSANE but that’s my body, i had issues was lazy and for years and personal reasons overeating! Through this site i sort of “accepted” my body at the moment, became interested in losing weight and especially exercise, so much that I’m thinking about joining a gym and eating and cooking healthier! But when I read that ERIN HEATHERTON who is for me a GODDESS is STILL NOT GOOD ENOUGH and has too much fat I don’t know what to think or why I have to even TRY!

    Sorry for my rant and my bad english (german) but i had to get that off my chest! Sometimes when I read “fat” next to a picture of a clearly healthy/skinny girl I just lose all hope because then I will be never good enough ..

    • Jacky Daniels

      dont bother yourself too much over that..its great that you are trying to lose weight, do it for your health. there is stil a real world out there with lots of good and normal people who dont judge people based on how many pounds they have..:) i have fat friends, i have beautifull friends, i have not so beautifull frends and they all work, have boyfriends, some of them have babies and have very fulfilled lifes. who cares what someone writes on internet.

    • annabanana

      i understand what you mean, but i would really encourage you not to feel that way. it was really only one commenter calling erin fat, and the vast majority disagreed with her. “being good enough” isn’t about what you look like or your weight… in fact no one should worry about being good enough in any way. You are good enough. Making an effort to eat healthy, exercise, and lose the weight you need to is a way of taking care of yourself, and I’m sure would benefit you in many ways, but making you “good enough” shouldn’t be one of them.

      • natalia

        I didn’t call Erin fat!!!! I said she had some excess fat on her that she didn’t have when she first signed w/ VS, that was due to her, admittedly, eating more and working out! yeesh, it is normal to gain fat when eating more while lifting weights, I don’t know if she was lifting, but she did say she was eating more, but no body builder would say if they gained fat while 1 yr of building muscle and eating extra, that they didn’t gain it, it’s one thing to call somebody a big ole fattie, and it’s another to say someone has more fat on them than they did a year or two ago. I did the latter.

    • natalia

      You’re right, I should actually keep my mouth shut. You are absolutely correct, I don’t ever mean to affect anyone negatively. FOr me, I am so skinny that even when I gain fat, and I have, 5-7lbs, it looked ridic. on me, looked like it didn’t belong on me, I mean it actually covered up my ass curve that I had built from lifting. Inotherwords, I am super aware of fat just b/c I’m a stick, fat just sticks out tome. I never said that Erin or anyone else looks ugly, or is a fattie, or even looks bad, I just said I noticed more fat on them then before. I do feel like shyt now. Don’t listen to me, I’m a perfectionist, obsessed w/, well, anything I sset out to do…sorry

      • natalia

        I am just a perfectionis in everything, everything I do, body/fat is not different, I drive pple crazyy sometimes w/ it, it is good in a way, I achieve a lot, get things ‘done’ lol, but your are right, I shouldn’t really speak out loud about how I see things, most things I see are not perfect enough for me, clothes, pple, me, I should not actually let pple hear my thoughts, b/c it may make them like me, and I don’t wish that on anyone. Again, just ignore me, I am in the minority, perfectionistic crazy.

        • natalia

          and the reason I don’t go to the other website mentioned is b/c they all sound like they have, not all, most, have eating disorders and my views would just be encouraging that, I wouldn’t want that, even though they do share my love of super skinny, and hate fat as much as I do, I can’t be a part of body abuse and not eating

    • natalia

      I am a crazy, over zealous, perfectionistic nutty person when it comes to fat, just ignore, I don’t think I’ll ever say another unkind word again. Sorry!

    • natalia

      Plus, if I have to be honest, I think the modeling has influenced this fear of fat that I have, we are just all the time looking for it, how to pose to hide it, they look how to photoshop it, it’s all I see. My family, (we live w/ 7 ppl) also come on this site from time to time, they think like I do too.

      • Casey

        Natalia, that is one of the most honest responses I’ve seen for any poster that was ever criticized on here.

        I thank you for that.

        The only other thing I want to add is to ask why/how you are perfectionist about such small/normal amounts of fat. I mean, I can understand a lot of fat being considered a flaw, but I think in another post you mentioned Barbara Palvin’s thighs.

        I guess I find it difficult to understand because when I saw her her thighs the first thing I thought is “Wow, I want her thighs! They are slim yet have shape to them!”

        I am not trying to lecture, I’m genuinely curious as to how those preferences develop. You are by far not the only one who feels that way, and your candidness before makes me feel comfortable enough to ask you.

        • serena

          My sister thinks just like Natalie does. We were raised with a mom who had psychological problems including bulimia; she would constantly weigh us and lament we were too fat (neither of us were bigger than size 4). At dinner our dad would pile salad onto our plates and tell us not to eat meat or bread because we were too fat. He would constantly make jokes ridiculing my weight (my sister is underweight so she was ok). So my sister became obsessive about body fat and she is one of those girls who frequents pro-ana blogs to discuss weight (though I have no proof she has an ED). I somehow ended up with a healthy attitude toward food though 🙂

          • Ahh that is horrible I’m glad you turned out ok

          • natalia

            See, interesting, my mom/dad never had food issues, w/ me, by themselves, food was never an issue, but, she was big perfectionist, I know that’s where I getit from

        • natalia

          I’ll tell you honestly, it is not about fat, it is about having a black and white, all or nothing personality, being a perfectionist, everything must be perfect, ppl/myself should be fat free, tall, perfect, my clothes, my papers I write in school, when I clean the house, etc, I could go on and on. My noticing every ounce of fat on me/others is an EXTENSION of my personality……I am part German, Iol, I am half joking, but…for me, that’s it, and I know myself well enough to realize that.

          • serena

            Natalia I wasn’t trying to imply you have an ED (I know nothing about your eating habits so that would be stupid lol). I was trying to give Casey an example of what leads girls to become obsessive about body fat.

      • Julie


        I think it’s great that you’re so honest with others and yourself, that’s refreshing and I only with you the best and I never wanted you to feel bad, I’m sorry!

        I totally get what you mean with the “model industry”! Before this site I never was interested in that before and now it’s like I’m living in this “fantasy world” of perfect people with perfect waists and they’re perfect healthy and clean eating plans, hello Miranda Kerr! 😉

        BUT it’s not all black and white – this site also opened my eyes about different body shapes/sizes and introduced me to a lot of celebrities I’ve never heard of before! Also a few “bigger” ones that SORT OF made me feel better about myself! I think you all now skinnygossip by now, yesterday i was on that site and it was like Barbara Palvin was a big flat “blob” that was rolling on the floor instead of walking HOW COULD SHE! I mean this site is just FREAKY AND DISORDERED! How to NOT EAT at thanksgiving, I can only shake my head when I’m on this site and sometimes I get hungry too .. 😉

        • natalia

          I know, actually, even though I am black and white type A personality, I don’t have that, that part of the brain? personality? that makes someone eating disordered…..maybe b/c I’ve always been thin? prob. more due to other things like parents, brain chemistry…..I guess I am in between the eating disordered on skinny gossip, but more anal about fat than the average person, like here is. I don’t know if there is a site for me??

          • lc

            I’m JUST like you, natalia. People mistake my honesty for cruelty sometimes, but, I am a complete perfectionist and it most definitely extends to fat. It’s a huge part of my OCD/perfectionism! You’re not alone, a all.

    • Casey

      Julie, you’re not the only one who noticed it.

      When the site had a hiccup, it seems like all of a sudden comments became more trolly/cruel.

      I don’t know if that was an absence of regular posters, or the fact that people took it as a chance to post things they wouldn’t normally under different names, but it was definitely noticeable.

      However, my word of advice. Never let your self worth or image be dependent on the opinions of other people. It never works, because people will always have different preferences, and not everybody will voice their opinions in a nice way.

      I too, like most people, had issues with my body and was very defensive when I read certain things. What this site showed me is that there is nothing wrong with my body…some people would like it and others would not.

      Nowadays I exercise as a way of making my body the best as it can be…not just appearance-wise but also strength and health-wise.

      So long story short, I know how it can hurt to read those things, but it is not worth putting the amount of weight in those statements as you are. The reality is, people are loved regardless of how they look.

      Focus on your health, and get to a weight body that is attainable for you and that makes YOU happy. Not me, not anyone else on here, but you.

      • Julie

        Casey, that’s exactly what I meant! It was like the site went down for two days and suddenly everything was different! Before it was sort of the same members posting thoughtful comments which were sometimes nice and sometimes not so nice and sometimes just persnal opinions but mostly well-put! And of course people disagreeing with each other or just plain “trolling” but somehow this time it got worse and I can’t exactly put my finger on it .. 😉

        Was anyone else a bit scared when the site went “down”? It became such a big part of my life that I felt a bit nervous and were always “checking” if it was on again! I was constantly thinking WHOAH WHERE DO I GET MY EATING/BODY QUOTES NOW!

    • Dani

      You are right… sometimes comments piss me off too… but take it easy with dieting, once you get diet crazed you’ll never get back to being normal in that way… I started dieting ever since I was 13 and I had body issues ever since I was 5 even though I was normal…. I think you should exercise more and change your current eating habits a bit do not go into extreme diets… I wish I could stop having this diet issues, but I can’t break the habits now….ED is a bitch!

      • Julie

        Now that i became so interessted in health/fitness and also reading a lot of health/fitness blogs i feel like I’m now a bit “obssed” too! Sometimes I’m like I NEVER EAT FAST FOOD IN MY LIFE AGAIN or I WILL NEVER EVER EAT SOMETHNG REMOTELY UNHEALTHY AGAIN and then I’m like doing sports for hours three days and barely eating enough meals and binging again and gaining everything back UGH! 🙁

        I’ve also joined weight watchers online four times and it NEVER WORKS OUT whether the “counting” stresses me totally out or I don’t know ..
        BUT I think you’re absolutely right! It is a lot of weight hat has to come off and that won’t happen overnight and I still want to be healthy and indulge in my favourite foods so I will “just” join the gym, take a few classes that I really like and just be more active in my day to day life! It’s just that in the last few months there were so many hurtful comments about my weight/appearance that there were times where I just wanted to get rid of my weight as quickly as possible and be “normal” again! I also went swimming this year for the first time in YEARS I will always afraid of what would people think of me and how would they look and now I’m just like F- OFF I’M DOING SOMETHING FOR MYSELF SO BACK OFF! I hate it when you’re already making an effort to be “healthier” and people look at you like you don’t belong there! It’s the same way I feel about the gym at the moment WILL PEOPLE STARE, WILL GUYS IN DIGUST THINK WHAT IS THIS FAT CHICK DOING HERE?! Or CAN I KEEP UP AND NOT MAKE A FOOL OUT OF MYSELF?! I know I’m like that always over-analyzing and over-thinking! 😉

        • I think its easier to set your self smaller goals first, so even if you want to lose a large amount first, it makes you feel better to set smaller 20 lb goals and reach them sooner and feel accomplished, then adjust your goal lower after that instead of just taking forever to reach one far away goal.

          • Julie

            That’s why i joined weight watchers because the tell you it’s healthy and you won’t lose more than a 1 kg per week! But I don’t know if I’m just not a “planning” person because on ww i feel like I’m always HUNGRY, I can happily stick to it for a week and then i “cave” in and eat everything in sight!

            Aafja, 45 lbs is a lot! Can I ask you what did you do? Did you just eat healthier all around or did you fool a “special programme” or count calories? And how long did it took you? It would be nice if you could answer this question because I’m always curious how other people are doing it or what they eat (the same reason I read health/fitness blogs!) 😉

          • Well I had been drinking 2 sodas a day so I cut down to 2 a week and that helped take away 10 lbs with out changing anything else. After that I just kind of counted calories. When you are used to over eating your stomach stretches and takes more food to feel full than normal, so once you figure out the amount you really should be eating, it takes a few weeks of feeling hungry all the time before your stomach will shrink, but once it does it is a lot easier. I’m not really an exercise nut I just do a little each week, so it is mostly just watching my food. I don’t always eat well but as long as the majority of my week is healthy its ok to over eat for a meal or two.
            It has taken about 2 years to lose it so far, I want to lose 15 more. I know some people can lose really fast and work super hard at it but I am not one of them lol.

        • serena

          I agree with Aafje that smaller goals work best. Losing 1 pound/week for example is very easy and realistic. After 1 year you’ll have lost 52 lbs! Then after 2 years you will be at a much healthier size.

          • Yeah multiple smaller goals is just rewarding. Also helps to give yourself a treat, like shoes you really want or something when you reach a goal.
            Also I tried a super strict diet at first and that didnt work because i would do well for a week and then stop and feel like shit for failing, but when you do a reasonable diet it is easier to stick to and you don’t feel like a failure if you get off of it for a few days. I’ve lost 45 lbs so far and i was mad at first because it was going so slowly, but my mother told me “WELL! it took you 5 years to gain all that weight you cant expect it to fall off overnight!”

          • Julie

            I think 1-2 kg per week is realistic! At such a high “start weight” like mine there’s always a lot of water weight like 5 kg or more that are lost very quickly in the beginning so if I lose 1 kg per week it would be 48 kg or more in a year, that’s what I’m striving for because “less” only sounds depressing and I will still be at such a high weight a year from now UGH feels like it’s not even worth it! Here in germany/europe we also say 1 kg per week is the normal range if you lose weight, in some weeks when I’m dieting I’m also losing 2-3 kg or more per week!

  • alex

    she has a too long torso , with respect to her legs, for my taste; but it is definitely an asset to appear more elongated. I have a short torso, generous chest and hips and i have to maintain a 22 cm waist not to look top-heavy or even overweight.

    • C

      Are you sure you don’t mean inches? Haha.

      • alex

        yep, otherwise i would be a freaking monster ; i think the tinest waist was 30 cm or something with hard corsetting.

  • Emeline

    Her body is not extraordinary (except her height!) and her head looks small compared to it. She looks pretty but forgettable. I find Tara Lynn’s face way more striking

  • Maud

    I think most “plus size” model are big boned. This why they could be slim and still look bigger.

  • jenn

    I find the combination of makeup/tanning/photoshop unsettling… She looks really dirty to me, I just want to wash her face.

  • Michelle

    well, f**k it, if she’s a plus size model then i am an extrasuperlarge person. Not even a model. Not even that tall. sigh

    • solaxia

      Lol I know…honestly most people irl would think this is slim. Don’t worry

  • Liz

    Facepalm. Plus-sized is a fashion industry term of art that is used to describe any model that doesn’t fit fashion sample sizes that at cut to fit models with 22-24″ waists and 33-35″ hips. It is not an insult, it doesn’t mean that if you share the same measurements as models with 28″ waists and 38″ hips you need to buy your clothes at Lane Bryant. I don’t understand why people can still be incredulous every time this website shows a Plus sized model and she looks like a normal healthy woman and not a school bus.

    • lc


  • meow

    i think her face is soooo gorgeous. if she had a thinner body she should so be put in victoria’s secret because face wise she’d blow the rest of the models out of the water. i think she looks a bit like isabel lucas in some of these photos.

    • pressplay

      I noticed the resemblance, too. Anyway, I like Isabel Lucas more.

  • lc

    Not a fan. I don’t find her attractive at all.

  • Jacky Daniels

    well, in every day life, and if she was my friend i would say she is a beautifull girl but in this model/editorial world she is just ok.

  • clara

    never heard of her but those pictures are beautiful.

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