Scarlett Johansson, Then and Now

Scarlett Johansson’s All Black Look

170251452_10 - Scarlett Johansson's All Black Look

28 year-old Scarlett Johansson looked sleek in black as she attended The 67th Annual Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall in New York City the other day. How do you all find her look?

And a step back in time – Scarlett back in 2003, when she was 18 years old:

2060628 - Scarlett Johansson's All Black Look

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170249412_10 - Scarlett Johansson's All Black Look 170249416_10 - Scarlett Johansson's All Black Look 170249476_10 - Scarlett Johansson's All Black Look 170249804_10 - Scarlett Johansson's All Black Look 170250059_10 - Scarlett Johansson's All Black Look 170250061_10 - Scarlett Johansson's All Black Look 170250062_10 - Scarlett Johansson's All Black Look  170251521_10 - Scarlett Johansson's All Black Look

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  • Hazal

    Never got her appeal.

    • vintagevs

      I get her appeal in some old movies and photoshopped pictures:

      but when I see candids I’m also completely unimpressed.

      • kia

        this is the beauty industry story

    • Emeline

      I kind of agree, well I’d say she’s too over hyped imo. I find her nose a little big (mine is similar to hers) and her head/face looks really large imo. Other than that, she’s quite good looking, especially when she has light blond hair

    • Rachel

      Ditto. She’s not a particularly good actress and everything about her is rather unappealing (to me, at least). I always wonder how people like her get famous.

      • Debbs

        Did you see her in The Other Boleyn Girl? I thought her acting was superb.

    • alyssa

      Really? I find she has old Hollywood look to her – lush, sultry and smouldering. She has a nice shape her acting is okay, her voice is her weak spot, along with her taste in tattoos

  • Izzie

    Her facial expression O_o wtf?!
    Someone should tell her that this just looks ridicolous and NOT sexy at all. (she´s obviously trying to be “hot”)
    but as we all know: less is sometimes more… 😉

    • ayu

      Agree, you can see even the boogers in her nose!
      Her eyes look pretty here, though.

    • kia

      let me reveal you the big secret: ALL celebrities does fake the facialò expression in front of the flashes and they actually pose at evry single event once at the time in a kind of uneven row. even the celebs less sexually labeled or more involved in a serious career do it because it is part of the job. they softly sqeeze their eyes,they watch in a strange way at the camera,they smile freezely without moving for a bunch of milliseconds. if you se the live of red carpets you will notice. maybe scarlett had a not so good pic here, but she is ”trying hard to make the face” as everybody does,even charlize theron who is very beautiful. (I love scarlett’s looks though)

      • Satya

        I actually read somewhere that she smokes a blunt before these things…

    • Emeline

      Lol I know, she always tries to look sexy with this fake ~half open mouth~ . She looks ridiculous, she should be more natural. I like her outfit here though

      • Meh! Such a try-hard and in no way sensual or as sexy as she seems to think she is and how media has hyped her.

      • wonderwoman21

        Shes trying to catch flies with her mouth!

  • She looks miserable here – certainly makes her look older and harder than she does in the 2003 photo. Nothing exciting about the way she’s dressed – very funereal overall!

    I’ve said it plenty of times about her – she looks better a little softer and has become less so in the past few years. She looked stunning in Match Point in 2005 and also in ’08 in Vicky Cristina Barcelona. She’s lost some of her appeal to me along the way, but I still think she’s got hard-to-deny sexiness overall.

    • annemarie

      Scarlett is the only non-skinny celebrity whose body I really liked. She carried her weight so well and looked beautiful. But after all her you-yo-ing her body shape changed – her breasts and whr aren’t the same and she doesn’t look as good as she used to when she gains weight.

      • I have always wondered where her body changed, as she was about the same weight and shape for many years. It seemed to start with Iron Man 2 – she still had her very curvy figure in ‘He’s just not that into you’ in ’09 but after Iron Man she didn’t quite look the same. Her waist seemed more bulky and her boobs shrunk – she had less body fat and more muscle mass, I guess. Since then, you’re right, her body shape just hasn’t been as special, even with weight gain.

        • annemarie

          In Iron Man 2 she still had that hourglassy shape, and afterwards I remember pictures of her in a lime-coloured dress where she still had this shape but gained weight. But then she started losing-gaining every several months and I think it’s somewhere in that period that her shape changed a lot.

          • Yeah, maybe you’re right – I just thought maybe it was the weight she dropped for Iron Man that started it all (the director said she trained really hard and didn’t eat much – so she definitely lost some weight) but, yes, she still had her curvy figure, but she was obviously thinner than ever. I don’t really follow her closely enough to see when she developed the bulkier abs and lost her boobs – so I guess it was after that. Still, in The Avengers she looked curvy (maybe not quite as much as in Iron Man) – so maybe some of the costume trickery accounts for that? In April there were these pics from the Captain America set and she looked much thinner and less curvy than I expected.

            The mystery of Scarlett Johansson’s fluctuating curves! 🙂

  • wow the hair makes a big difference, looks like a blonde version of one of my friends exes

  • truwordz

    OMG such cool eye make up. I love Scarlett johanson, shes actually my favourite. she rarely ever looks bad [but maybe sometimes a bit boring] . she looks beautful here as always.

    • Soňa

      Me too! She´s just gorgeous, doesn´t age at all. She looks a little bored in these pics, but she´s radiant when she smiles!

  • ramona

    She used to be so much prettier with more weight on. Her body probalbly looks good like this, but she lost her appeal with the weight imo.
    Her face just looks better rounder, like this she looks a little bit scary. And actually I prefer her really blonde, somethink like this:

    • truwordz

      hmm have to say i cant agree about the light light blondeness. It can look really nice but sometimes it looks a

    • I agree ramona – that hair colour suited her, as does being a little fuller. She looks a bit gaunt here.

  • neutra

    She just has that raw sensuality about her. Sometimes I think she is attractive, othertimes not… but that doesn’t mean I can’t see her sexual appeal. She just ‘has’ it.

    • Rosa

      I’ve always thought that about her too. Sometimes she looks pretty to me, sometimes she seems quite average. I don’t know why…. But she does have a certain appeal.

  • D

    Another all-hype celebrity, she isnt as hot as the media has made her out to be…just as kate upton

    • kia

      for me, the both you mentioned are VERY hot and beautyful, more than lots of other celebrities. and I don’t drink the media stuff,I only see pictures and movies ,I don’t even live in the us

  • Pixie

    She’s still a hottie!! I do think she looks better with a little more fat on her face though.

  • solaxia

    I never got her appeal before, but I think this is the best she has ever looked personally! Her legs look a lot more shapely than usual. I like the outfit. It’s simple, but sometimes simple is nice.

  • Uma

    Close your mouth, for crying out loud. She looks ridiculous with that facial expression. But I do like the make-up!

  • swissmiss

    She looks like she just had a valium….

    • kia


    • Heather

      Yah some people can do the open mouth thing and not look super obvious, but she just looks sorta stoned.

    • Mara

      Exactly what I was thinking 😀
      She looks out of it. Weird.

  • Liv

    I think she looks great. She has matured and become more beautiful as she has gotten older, in the photo of her in 2003 she is beautiful but looks like a teenager (because she is)… but now she looks like a really classy, beautiful, elegant woman… you go ScarJo

    • dutchie

      I agree. I don’t understand all the criticism of her looks now versus when she was younger. I think she looks to be pretty much the same weight as before, just perhaps a bit more toned (or spray-tanned) now. I think she’s one of the few celebrities who could genuinely say they just lost baby fat in their cheeks as they matured (as opposed the those who intentionally lose a big pile of weight and then attribute it to that). She seems to be very much her own person and she looks fab!

      • kim

        i agree as well. women’s bodies change in the mid to late 20’s and i think she looks great now- more fit and mature than before. i do think, however, that she doesn’t look like she is having any fun as her eyes look dead in the photos.

  • artemis

    she looks better now, overall

  • ellll

    I watched some interviews of her from over the years the other day and I have to say she looks more gorgeous on film rather than in still photographs but I didn’t realise how arrogant she came across, mostly in the more recent interviews.. I do think she is gorgeous though and she definitely knows it and I can see why men love her.. her tattoos are awful though.. especially the ‘lucky you’ one on her ribcage – how tacky!

    • Liv

      Maybe she’s a spokes woman for Lucky Brand… haha

  • mary

    facially, she’s an attractive woman…her acting is hit or miss. I think she looks more secure and attractive now.

  • lillaliket

    I’m not a fan of this look, but she is so freaking hot in He’s just not that into you! I want her to look like that again!

  • serena

    Well her style has surely improved! I think she’s a pretty girl. Her eyes are very wide-set which I think is attractive.

    • Tea

      I noticed the wide-set eyes too. I love wide-set eyes, like Scarlett and Gemma Ward. And her fake lashes are done really well too, just a few at the corners and not scary spider lashes like Kim K.

  • happygolucky

    Have always thought she’s really pretty.
    She is nicely styled here, but yeah, the sexy faces look dumb.
    Her weight yoyos a fair bit, doesn’t it? and she’s a terrible actress. Sucks the life out of most movies she’s in.

  • DD

    Can anyone pretty please tell me the designer of her blazer? I think its very chic!

    • happygolucky

      I believe it is Saint Laurent.
      Tuxedo jackets are having something of a resurgence at the moment, so you can likely find something similar for a lot less.

      • DD

        Thank you so much!

  • Jenny

    She’s lost the sparkle in her eyes that she had before. And her overall appeal. She used to be hot, now she’s not.

  • Lisa

    She’s like a piece of Wonder Bread with legs.

  • Nene

    She looks slimmer here but much better when she is a little bit more rounded.Scarlett is one of those women who lose their sexiness and appeal with weight loss.
    I will never forget how hot she looked in Vicki Cristina Barcelona.Am of the impression that she looks better in videos than photos.
    She is one of the few women who lighter shade of blonde suits.Also bright coloured lipsticks look hot on her as she has the perfect lips and colouring for it.The dark shade she is wearing here adds a few years to her.
    And man,i love that blazer.

  • wb

    i like her eye makeup really simple and delicate but the lipstick is too dark imo

  • binks

    Scarlett still looks effortlessly pretty to me, it seems like she is the type of girl that is hard to make ugly…lol. But I agree with those who said they preferred her pre yo-yo dieting body. She looked great a bit fuller and softer.

  • Jennifer

    I’m not saying that she’s not pretty, but I think she’s overrated. For years it seemed like she was a sex symbol and every guy was into her, but I just never thought she was THAT beautiful or sexy.

    She looks so bad in these pics with the way she’s posing and trying to look so hot. Trying way too hard here.

  • I’m a huge fan of her legs!

  • Lydia

    she looks pretty damn lifeless, probably no energy due to weightloss/unhappy

  • Tea

    Her face looks flawless to me, she could be 24.

  • lc

    She is stunningly gorgeous. Never liked her persona though.

  • ebby

    why so serious?

  • retrobanana

    not a fan of her face or her hair color it looks drab…but the outfit is cute and her lipstick is hot…her body looks nice but i always found her overrated

  • Winnie

    meh, she’s had better days

  • domeeM

    No matter how hard she tries, she has absolutely no class…

  • Chelsea

    Did anyome else notice that her lipstick has been placed over her lip lines to make her lips look fuller? Katy perry’s make up artists often does it on her too but scarjo naturally has full lips so it looks more natural.
    I find scarjo to be gorgeous. I do prefer her old curvy figure though

  • sunshine


  • cameron baum

    I think she looks gorgeous. I’m seeing lots of negative comments about her and I just don’t really get it.

  • Desiree

    I have a huge crush on her. She’s a fantastic actress with an incredible body, regardless of her weight.

  • Rj

    I think she’s just lost some curves in while bulking up but also isn’t wearing the spanks and push up bras anymore.

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