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Did Shakira Lose Too Much Weight for Her New Video?

shakira-weight-loss - Did Shakira Lose Too Much Weight for Her New Video?

Above on the left, Shakira shaking on stage in June 2010 and on the right, Shakira in her newest video, ‘Loca’, where she looks considerably thinner. Like that’s-not-even-her-shape thinner: her torso looks positively elongated, her face looks thinner and her hips are less curvy.

Must take a look!

Shakira DID confess before that in order to lose weight for her videos, she diets intensively and literally cries of cravings:

“I needed a whole month to get back into shape. I danced, worked out and had to stick to a strict diet – only fish, spinach and a specially-prepared dessert with tofu. For the first time in my life I was dreaming of chocolate and cake and always woke up with tears in my eyes.”

So, question: Did Shakira Lose Too Much Weight for Her New Video?

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  • jenni

    I think she looks amazing

    • Brian

      too much, eww. give straight men something to look at, jeez. Everyone is either a 0 or a 20.

      • Patrick

        well, i’m a guy, and straight aswell, and i think she looks smokin.

        • babe

          if you are fan of this site i think you are not straight aswell:D

          • southerngumdrops

            i’ve got to agree with “babe”….if you’re a guy coming in here to comment on girls’ shapes and weight, then you can’t be straight.

            none of my straight guy friends would do that. my gay guy friends, however, would.

          • sdfds

            Or they come to appreciate girls’ bodies as opposed to critiquing them. its what straight guys do ;]

          • monkey

            thats stupid, men and women can look at whatever they want without questioning their sexuality

          • Brian

            thank sdfds. it’s a shame women are so hard on each other that they make themselves imserable to look like a starving person the say it looks good, it really doesn’t, that’s why the photoshop alessandra ambrossio to maker her veins and weird ligaments and bumps go away so she looks .(unless you have some predeterined thing believing flesh is sin, which is awful, move to poorer place on earth and trade with them, then you can be starving because you have to be, not because you have “will”v- You have weakness to all the peer pressure so you starve not to be huiliated.. and this gets rewarded and ever critisze . think about the original reasons everyone wants sticks anyways, it has nothing to do with looking good. this is all maichist/sadism going on here, really, she cries every morning, and you’re like good job!

            2.where can you look on the internet (non pron) to see beautiful ladies sites like these, which sucks because it dictates to all the girls who read this that they should look this way, and then ther no regular wan be found. either too much or too little, because this is pure harm.

  • Diana

    She did lose weight, but still looks amazing, though the right pic isn’t doing anything for her. I, personaly, prefer her before, with more curves.

  • Diana

    By the way, her video is super nice!

  • kate

    Obviously this should be about the limit as far as weight loss goes, but she looks incredible….really tight body, amazing abs, tiny waist and curvy round booty!

    • monkey

      Those are not just abs, I have the same body as hers and I’ve been her size and smaller, if you see closely, her ribs are showing in that picture. I think she has gone a little too far, but its her choise. She should be careful because to me it seems that she is definetly feeling the pressure.

      • Casey

        That might be because she’s sucking her stomach in. I think it’s called a stomach vacuum, it’s an exercise and also a frequent movement during belly dancing. Either way, the bottom of your ribs should show when you do that. If they don’t, there’s a good chance you’re carrying too much belly fat for your frame, or your ribs are really inverted in.

        • catc

          i agree. she looks good.

        • monkey

          it’s not just when she dances, when she is on her rolling skaters, standing straight, it still shows

  • eik

    It’s probably for the first time I don’t find her extremely sexy and attractive. I mean, she is always beautiful, but she doesn’t look at all like herself in her video, at least not her body. If I would have seen a picture of her body without her face I never would have guessed it was her.
    Also, her video looks like it’s been photoshopped a lot, because even though she might be slimmer, it’s like she has lost her hips. She looks way better when she has her beautiful curves.

    • Mary

      Even if its photoshopped…she lost a lot of weight. and yeah she lost her hips! 🙁 nooo, she was much better before. I hope she changes back…But i like the song

  • Thora

    No–She looks great! She and I have quite similar body-types. I’d love to tone up as she has!

    • b

      I think she looks amazing too! If I were to have a celebrity body twin, it’s Shakira. I gain in all of the same places. 5-10lbs, for me, is the difference between her left pic and her right pic. I doubt she lost a lot, but if she’s anything like me, she probably had to work like heck for it.

      She’s totally my motivation!!

  • DQ

    I think she looks great in general, but in terms of having a good body for her bellydancing, she did go a bit overboard. She lost her curve in her hip and is too straight now, there isn’t anything to shake! Besides the bellydancing bit, she doesnt look amazing. I’m envious of her abs!

  • AlexD

    heres a video of her video getting filmed where imo she does not look as thin.
    the first thing i thought when i saw her loca video yesterday was “what the hell did they stretch her out”
    what do you guys think

    • AlexD
      • size0??

        Oh my I didn’t know they could photo shop a video! Your right she does look different in this video above. They did stretch her body out and make her look much thinner in the first video. I think she looks really good!!

        • amazon

          oh they have lots of tricks -airbrushing, lighting, filter lenses, to name a few! just try playing with your settings on the tele, wide screen makes everyone look short and fat- its fun 🙂
          did you think that everything you see on the tele/at the cinema was real? watch a celebrity on a talk show, maybe not an american one!, and then watch them on shows like gossip girl, watch gritty shows like the shield, and you will see a huge difference in skin tone, body shape, colour etc.

      • sara

        wtf omg how can they possibly do that…i needded to see it to believe it she does looks different…i love her curvy body i think she proves women u dnt have to b stick thin to be sexy..but she looks goo anyways

    • myriam

      Thanks for the video!! Yea I thought the same, they totally stretched her out, they did the same with some of Beyoncé’s videos… totally useless since she looks great the way she is

  • Isa

    Woa! She lost a TON of weight.
    I mean, she still looks phenomenal, but she really did lose a lot.

  • jjj

    She really looks amazing. Not at all, she is really perfect looking there. Just an awesome transformation.

  • jenna

    ugh GOD exactly what i want to look like. skinny but sexy. perfecttt

  • Katheryn

    I think she looks amazing in each! I guess she might as well look fabulous like she does in the left picture and still eat her chocolate cake, rather than crying to look like the one in the right. ^^

  • jjj

    It’s just amazing what a good work-out and strict diet will do for your body..

  • sydney

    it looks like her face pasted on a picture of anna kournikova

  • ginger

    love the change

  • Kimberly

    She looks like she’s lost some muscle in her upper body. Muscle wasting is not good for you at all. While I think she looks okay, I’m not so sure this is how she should be.

  • i prefer her with curves but she still looks great.

  • Mondezzio

    Oh wow! I think she looks amazing!
    Her body is exactly what I want mine to look like.
    Also I would just like to point out, that it must have been very uncomfortable when she went into the water wearing leather. (in the video obiviously)

  • Jemima

    But wwhhhhhyyyy

  • Miki

    I feel the same about Lady gaga & beyonce’s mv: telephone…

  • holly

    too much? no i think she lost it too fast to be healthy..

  • lizzy

    she looks stunning. i think this is just about perfect. she is in great, great shape. that’s what a really healthy diet and exercise does! though i do think that there seems to have been some editing to make her slimmer too (this is often done for britney and beyonce in their videos). regardless, she always looks so beautiful to me.

    • Emma

      … But living off of *only* (and she did say only) fish, spinach, and tofu dessert isn’t a healthy diet.
      She might look great, but if you’re waking up with tears in the morning because of your diet, you’re doing something wrong.

      • lizzy

        it’s a healthy diet, period. eating healthy foods is a healthy diet. but restricting yourself to the point of tears is not healthy. let’s end it there.

  • She looked good before, but now she looks great! I’m not into hip hop but other than that she has such a powerful, feminine energy about her. Not like the other “dolls”, she seems genuinly strong and powerful.

    • This is hip hop? I thought it was just some kind of crappy pop… whatever, her music has only gotten worse and worse over the years..

  • Michelle
  • Michelle


  • i like her with some curves. she lost too much weight.

    • emmz

      i agree she just looks too thin . the fact is ,clearly shakira is not a naturally thin person, she’s always had curves ( hips /ass) some people who are sayin oh she looks great i have the same body …it prob looks great and normal on you guys who are naturally thin .that suits you ,but think back shakira has always had a curvy body . no curves on her is just wrong ,also she looks like she’s lost alot of muscle and that’s not healthy it takes alot to burn muscle so she obviously has’nt done this the healhty way .
      still love you her :).

  • Vizzy

    I miss the old shakira body. She doesn’t look horrible or deathly thin, but it looks like the unobtainable body.

    Before she was my inspiration because she was thin, toned, and had just enough to seductively shake (as in boobs and butt) while she was dancing. Now there’s really nothing to shake…

  • Jordan

    Her hips don’t lie — unfortunately, they’re not saying anything right now because they’re too hungry.

    • Anon

      Good call.

  • mel

    She looks amazing in the video!

  • cocop

    She definitely looks a bit stretched out in the video. Either way, I prefer her with a little more something to shake…not that she doesn’t look absolutely amazing now. Good for her for working hard to tone up, but I hope she doesn’t lose those famous hips.

  • TJ

    Saw her on letterman and she looked like her old self, a bit fitter and darker after the summer. The video looks stretched out. If she was too thin, she’s back to her normal weight now

  • Cecil

    god i wanna say she looks too thin, but i know it’s just cause i m so jealous

  • maddie

    she could even afford to llose a bit more

  • Cristina

    It’s stretched, not actual weight loss. Yeah, i love the comments how she could lose more. Lol, that’s ridiculous. Maybe she should get surgery, chop her hipbones off, to fit the standards some of you have. You may lose all the weight in the world, you don’t lose your bones and therefore body shape. Her hips will not shrink miraculously, it’s bones over there….

  • x

    When did she get dreadlocks?

    • Chrissy

      when they used wax to twist up her hair, she does this look on occassion, no actuall dreading needed.

  • Princess

    She looks incredible beautiful and wow her dancing.I like her in both sizes curvy and less curvy she`s always beautiful to me and the video it`s nice really energetic!

  • lp23

    I don’t think it is too drastic yet but shakira loves her booty too much so i think she will gain the weight back. Dancing and all that touring is probably why she is looking thinner.

  • Lisa

    IF YOU WAKE UP WITH TEARS IN YOUR EYES EVERY DAY, then yes, you have gone too far… Poor girl..

    • Serafiina

      That was exactly what I was about to comment.

      But I still think she looks sooooo goood in the video.

  • Candy

    Wow..she looks perfect!

  • artemis

    <3 wow that;s close to me i wanna lose a bit and look like her 😀

  • Eve

    She looks amazing anyway slimmer or bigger. She is naturally sexy and pretty. Love Shakira.

  • tink

    Too thin for her usual self. Looks much younger than she is. I find her very pretty but her music is awful.

  • lily

    totally not hot. i really preferred her with some meat on her bones – she looked gorgous! but now…

  • Beetle

    yep, she is loca 🙂

    don’t like her hairdo as well… or the clothes, or anything in this video for that matter

  • anka

    YES, she lost too much weight. She’s too skinny!!

  • fabz16

    Just continuing from Michelle’s comment where she posted the link to show she was stretched out you can defo tell in the still photo at the top of the page anyway because her shoulders look narrower and you can’t make your bone structure smaller. Personally, I think she looks less attractive ‘skinnier’. It doesn’t suit her at all and her waist-hip ratio looks rubbish compared to what it was before.

  • terri

    Why would she ruin her body she looks o much better curvy!!!!!!!

  • tj

    Oh for goddness sake, she lost a little weight and toned up even more, what is the problem? She looks a damn sight better than that Christina Hendricks woman you alll seem to love so much. Christina is unfit and soft. Shakira looks toned and very healthy, yet she still cops flack for it?

  • tj

    “She looks way better when she has her beautiful curves.”

    Uggh comments like this annoy me. You don’t lose ot gain curves from putting on weight. Curvy is a body shape and not a size or weight. I am so sick of “curvy” now been used to describe overweight women.
    You don’t become “curvy” from putting on weight.

    • Versus

      Actually, some women DO lose their curves when losing weight. Your body shape doesn’t usually change with weight loss / weight gain, but it does happen, especially if the change is dramatic. 2 women whose shapes change with weight loss:
      Jessica Alba and Lindsay Lohan – they both lose curves when losing weight, check before and after bikini pictures, their WBH ratios are definitely different.
      Your bust-hip ratio can change with weight loss and yes, some women DO become curvy from putting on weight – particularly the women who do not gain weight on their waist.

    • size0??

      I totally agree. I am so tired of fat women calling themselves curvy to feel better about themselves. Curvy is not fat. You can not be fat and curvy.

      • Versus

        If ‘curvy’ is a shape and not a size, then ‘fat’ and ‘curvy’ do not exclude themselves, do they?
        I believe you can be overweight and curvy and you can also be underweight and curvy (rare, but possible).

        • kate

          Very true, a woman with measurements 33-22-33 is just as curvy as a woman with 45-30-45. One might be a size 0 and the other a size 16, but both equally curvy.

        • Exactly.
          I never understand why people say that you can be curvy and thin but fail to see that it works the other way round as well. I agree that curvy is a shape not a size but some women can lose (or lessen the effect) of their curves when they lose weight. Though this of course will apply to women that are curvy in body type anyway.

      • Mary

        Agree too.
        Great commentary.
        Fat is fat.
        Thin is thin.
        Slim is slim.
        Curvy is curvy (not necessarily fat!)

        • amazon

          i think curvy is about shape, but i also think size does comes into it. people focus on the WHR way too much. have you ever seen the wHR of an anorexic? It can be very high. Some weight is required to create that soft round look, so people like alessandra ambrosia( or whatever her name is) are too long and stringy overall no matter what their WHR to be called curvy IMO.
          shakira does look stretched and that might be her idea, she is short and every time i have seen her in public on talk shows etc she wears the most ridiculously high platform heels. i am the same height as her and i know people can be cruel about it.
          the thing about her body is that she does look like she has lost muscle especially on her arms. last time i saw her she looked equally low body fat wise but had built some impressive biceps! but that takes a lot for a woman to build that kind of muscle and if she dropped those exercises from her regime the muscle might go quite easily?? I’m not sure about that but would be interested to know as I would like to lose a little muscle bulk from my calves.

    • EVE


  • Daniel

    I think she was smoking hot in her first video. She looked different from other little pop singers. There was something really special and sexy about her. Now? She’s like all the others… too skinny, no curves at any place…. So sad. She was such a beauty. I want to scream out loud to all those celebes: for the sake of men, stop loosing so much weight! Slim is nice, but skinny?? Ewww…

    • she’s not that skinny because she still has her curvy body and there is nothing wrong being skinny. like men will care if a woman loses her shape because they might still like the woman.

  • Mrs. L

    Personally, I think what made her so appealing was how she would move her body…she had these phenomenal hips/arse/thighs to move, attached to a small waist! I think the trend in hollywood, where you have to have ribs protruding to be sexy, is a load of bull. I find a curvier look more feminine and more sexy! I prefer her “whenever wherever” days look to this. Oh, and I don’t think that these celebrities “get skinny for men” …as far as I can tell, most men could care less what the tag on your jeans say.
    Stretch marks, cellulite, short, tall, slender, chubby, double DD’s, double AA’s…women are beautiful creatures!

  • Nina

    She is a pear, right? How can her legs be so thin? I mean expecially tights and she doesn’t have any saddlebags.

  • leonore

    I don´t think she´s too thin at all. She´s just toned – look at her arms; they´re not skinny. She has small boobs and protruding ribs; that´s her body type. I´m like that too and that does not mean i´m skinny overall.

  • skirmute

    OMG, I love this video! Barcelona, the best city in the world! And Shakira looks really hot. I don’t think she’s too skinny, she’s really toned and fit. However, she looked good before, so I think she’s beautiful either way.

  • Ivory

    She looks amazing before and after!
    I love how she always looks so happy. And I like how this video isn’t as oversexualized.

  • rebecca judes

    it’s just the way she is standing in the right photo i think. but she does look like she doesnt have any muscles anymore

  • jooleeo


    girls… man dont like skelletons for girlfriends, and i think girls also dont like skinny biatchs for girlfriends!

    • tell that to victoria secret models who are married and some have babies.

  • K Justice

    She looks so much better before. C’mon gals, get real. She looks emaciated and starving in the video.

  • C

    She looks way hotter in her video “underneath your clothes” and she wolf. Shakira has the most natural looking feminine body (in my opinion) in music.
    I think its awesome how she was able to lose excess body fat but i’d prefer her to remain curvy.

  • She looks good, but i prefer her before with a little bit more hip and booty. Much sexier.

  • Yanyan

    Her dance moves are more appropriate with some curves… She went from sexy to skinny. I honestly feel sad for her.. But yes, she still looks good. But ya know, she’s way better with a bit meat on her bod. Nice abs, though! but kind of bones showin out..

  • she fine piece of ass

  • cindy

    She is too skinny.Not healthy. She was just beautiful before. Why think everyone that skinny looks good??? This is why teens and womans get eatingdisorders.

  • lc

    She was stretched. And quite obviously, too. This video was photoshopped. She’s not that thin, nor have I ever known her to be this thin.

  • biancaneve

    If she needs to work out intensively and eat exclusively fish, spinach and tofu to maintain this weight, then it is not a healthy weight for her. And anyways, she is naturally slim with beautiful curves at the right places on the “before” picture. She shouldn’t restrict herself that much to please other people who don’t have a clue about what GORGEOUSNESS really is about. LOVE her smile, one of the multiple things that make her attractive!

  • biancaneve

    …and, to those who wrote that she was not TOO skinny, I would suggest for them to stop focusing on the body, and try to understand that the mind is just as important. We tend to always compare people to each other, but she says she ”was dreaming of chocolate and cake and always woke up with tears in -her- eyes.” That is certainly a sign that compared to her….natural self, let’s say, she IS too skinny.

  • big feet bunny

    i think she did lose to much weight and in the wrong way. living a healthy lifestyle is a great way to lose weight and you don’t wake up crying every day! her butt and hips are gone and that was the sexiest part of her. she looks great but she didn’t need to lose so much weight in such an extreme way. her dancing seems to have suffered from it.

    • Elena Ericksen

      i agree fully. i mean yes she’s still very gorgeous but thats so not her shape! she has like no hips anymore and she needs her hips!

  • Dr. Truth

    First of all, that has to be one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard.
    Second, I think she looks great but I have to wonder, what’s the point? She lost weight just for a video? Why? Isn’t she just going to go back to eating other foods again besides fish and spinach? Stupid..

  • Elena Ericksen

    i think she’s too skinny. she looks anorexic. she looked so much better curvy and i hope she gains the curves and her old figure back soon.

  • Lauren

    I think her face looks weird now. Its really skinny! and her ribs look SO weird! I can see why people envy her body in the video – she has a nice flat stomach and abs.. but with that comes no hips a weird face and ribs sticking out! she looked better with hips.

  • Kels

    NOOOOO!!!!! Why?!?

    I’m disappointed.

  • Sanne

    She looks wonderful. I love her look, don’t love her sheep-sound.

  • Marie

    i love shakira and shes seriously been my inspiration for my weight loss (not dramatic weight loss or anything, just you know). I love her body especially in La Tortura video, she looks so hot. She looks good here too, shakiras hot no matter what actually. On a side note, im excited for the new album, hopefully it has shakiras old style before she started singing in english.

  • She still looks good, but why would she put herself through hell and starvation when she looked even more amazing before…? Crazy. Or Loca.
    I know spinach and fish are healthy, but u should have more variety.

  • CK

    i think since coming in american showbiz she’s changed a lot, and now she’s Hollywoodized, happens to lots of singers and actors… sort of makeover (that sometimes comes out as makeunder)
    In the video she does look much thinner than usually but i agree with the above it does look like the’d stretched her somehow, so the most obvious to me is that she’s very toned now that’s all and she looks fine, but considering she belly dances a lot i’d say she’d better go back a bit to her previous weight

  • Esther

    Wow what the hell, she did lose weight. I prefer shakira curvy. This looks so weird

  • Effie

    Versus, I believe you posted a couple pictures of Shakira in her golden-pants outfit shooting the clip earlier this summer.

    Though she is tiny, fit, and toned, she was very obviously stretched (for no fathomable reason) in the video. I think you would need to post that earlier photo of her next to the one on the left to get a more accurate impression.

  • tara

    too thin that simple her body was perfect before

  • wannabe

    As much I love this song…
    Personally I do think she lost most of her curves but weirdly enough I think her look makes guys go loca ;P

  • Anna

    amazing!!! she is sooo toned!!!

  • Miriam

    Errggg… I though that she had an incredible shape in She wolf but there, she crossed the line between been in shape and been skinny… she doesn’t have any curves, lost her boobs, arm, most of her muscle mass… geez…!

  • Ikram

    Too skinny now.. so sad….

  • Laura

    I’ve always prefered Shakira the more natural possible, since she’s naturaly gorgeous, muscular and curvy. She did lose weight and muscular mass in this video(abs, arms, hips, breasts), but it DOES look like the takes where she is in her golden bra and pants were “elongated”. In her video “La Tortura” she also looks very skinny when she dances covered in grease. I guess it’s what she does for all her videos. Btw, she is in tour now and she doesn’t look skinny like that, she looks her normal self(sexy hips and all).

  • jamie

    Wow, she looks incredible. I never thought she was very good looking, but the tone to her body now is absolutely gorgeous. And she’s glowing too!

    • pinacolada

      me too i never liked her but just saw her three weeks ago in concert becaus emy sisters wanted to go and she was even tiinier and toner in person and her hair and skin was glowing she looks amazing!!! her abs are amazing now! before she was kinda blah but her muscles and shes so firm!

  • Calro

    So glad to see this was airbrushed and that she still has hips and a bootie. I don’t think she can diet that stuff off.

  • Laura
  • rahlee22

    I DEFINITELY prefer her with more weight, it makes the type of dancing she does look sexier. While she was shaking her hips in the video “it” was just not there. I feel the same way about J.Lo.

  • davvies

    I do think she has lost TOO much weight as she looks really, badly thin in this vid and when i watched it i was so shocked as her hips are completely gone and that was a amazing quality in her body that many women would kill to have and her stomach was too thin and skinny in this video. She was perfectly fine the way she was and many girls and women looked at her body as a beautiful and sexy one, and i know many lads did too. Why does she think she needs to loose weight. I hope she gains it againt because she even said she wakes up with tears and thats no way to live specially when she doesnt at all need to diet.

  • Sturf

    Yeah, she LOOKS great, but if she’s torturing herself to fit a certain image (that she can’t even sustain for a significant period of time) then that’s unhealthy. It seems kind of pointless to restrict yourself to the point of tears, all to look super-skinny in a music video. For what? So she and her fans can look back on it and say, “Yeah, I remember that ONE video when she looked really fit.” She was beautiful before, and still is, but she didn’t need to lose any weight. How can you belly dance without a belly??

  • jus~chillin

    she looks horrendous! y do we have to succumb to the pressure to be rake-thin? she looked ill.

  • LAMAR in Germany

    YES she lost WAY WAY TOO MUCH
    its not even sexy anymore
    i said the sam thing on a video on youtube and pople went crazy saying i was crazy she looks sick now

  • yes, too much … but she’s still hot

  • Eb.

    How can any of you guys say she looks good. For real man, she TOOOOO DAMN SKINNY, Its not cool. Sexy IS curvy. She was perfect before what did she wanna change for? She’s a great singer but I think she should go back to her normal, healthy, curved, toned sexy self. Which she will cause she’s naturally curvy just like Beyonce, Scarlett Johhansan, and Kim Kardashian are, and to be honest THOSE are the bodies people really lust over. Megan Fox, Taylor Swift, Kristen Stewert are naturally skinney, she’s not. I expected more from her and it’s really a shame cause her curves are gorgeous. Whats wrong with her? and whats wrong with you people for liking this fake @ss look? Her reasons to wanna be this skinny and you people saying she looks hot when she doesn’t are the reason people still have twisted view of what true natural beauty is and why we still have size zero models modeling cloths on their anorexic bodies starving themselves to be “beautiful”. Shakira I’m sorry for the truth, but please do yourself and womankind a favor, eat that chocalate cake and go back to your real curves.

    • Unique

      you’re so right..not beautiful at all!!

  • Unique

    I Think she look too skinny, not nice at all, she look sick like this

  • Burckybear

    a bit too toothy

  • lala04

    That new body looks good, just not quite on her. She looked so much better with her old body. She made belly dancing look really sexy and pretty in her old body. The first time I saw this video, I was really surprised, and I couldn’t believe it was her. I never exspected her to look like this. Although, in the left picture, she does kinda look a little muscularly..

    Check out the difference between this video:

    and her new video.

  • M

    What a major turn off. She looked great before, but this is anorexic. It just looks unhealthy.

  • Mimi

    Noooo Shakira what have you done….your beautiful curves are gone! I can see your ribs when your dancing. Your beautiful but I miss the curves.

  • Sam



  • alexandra

    damn she

  • alexandra

    damn she looks thin i dont believe her when she says she was on a diet of spinach bla bla all i think is that maybe she was to emabrased to say she wasn’t comfortable with her body and she wanted to lose weight some people lose self confidence with their body but she used to look so much better she had a body almost like beyonce and now she looks like paris hilton
    but that is just what i think maybe there i another story behind but hopefully she will go back to her old self
    lol :(:(:(:(:(

  • Reality check

    Reality Check – pictures taken from the filming of this video –

    She’s not that skinny in real life

  • jazz

    Wat the f*** did she do to herself she looked better the way she was….Y would she do that she lost her hips,her boobs,and her ass is thiner OMG she need to go back to what she looked like before she had to not eat to get like that lol i think she looks pretty the way she looked before so she need to eat a lot to get back the way she used to look like

  • heather

    Too skinny!

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