Sofia Vergara, Then and Now

Sofia Vergara in Leather Pants

186163053_10 - Sofia Vergara in Leather Pants

Hottie Sofia Vergara attended USA Network’s ‘Modern Family’ fan appreciation day at Westwood Village in Los Angeles the other day, where she rocked tight leather pants and red lips.

And check out how Sofia looked back in 2002:

671501 - Sofia Vergara in Leather Pants


186162949_10 - Sofia Vergara in Leather Pants 186162950_10 - Sofia Vergara in Leather Pants 186163000_10 - Sofia Vergara in Leather Pants 186163035_10 - Sofia Vergara in Leather Pants 186163047_10 - Sofia Vergara in Leather Pants  186163055_10 - Sofia Vergara in Leather Pants 186163059_10 - Sofia Vergara in Leather Pants


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  • je$$

    she’s gotten thin she looks good. Beautiful woman!

  • Iana

    She should have been Esquire’s woman of the year: sexy, successful, and not a total bubble-head (though Sofia’s not exactly a brain surgeon either to scare off the Esquire fanbase! :P)
    IMO from the neck down she’s flawless, a perfect 10. Neck up, her face is kinda scary but it may just be the 10lbs of makeup she always wears. and the caterpilar brows dont help

    • M.Jay

      I was always a bit put off by her face too…shes certainly very attractive, but has very cat like features that are over the top. I love bold eyebrows, but hers are a bit much even for me.

  • Liv

    She has way better style now… and I find her more beautiful now that she is older… all I have to say is… GET IT GIRL..

  • M.Jay

    MILF alert. She has a lot of sex appeal. I like the red lips.

  • sofia

    for once a celebrity covered up on the red carpet. sofia is so stunning!!

  • torre

    To me she’s pure perfection, but the eyebrows are too much!! If she picked them out, she’d be even better. One hot woman there 😀

  • linda

    I like her, and she’s beautiful, but her brows is just a teeeeny tiny bit to close to each other for my liking.

  • Jelena S.

    damn, i like her shoes.

  • lc

    Overrated imo.

    • lila

      Completely agree. I just don’t see it, she’s fake & over the top like 90% of Hollywood.

  • lydia

    why does every hollywood woman get that hideous pinched nose nose job, not a good look. ever.

  • Winnie


  • Marike

    she looks hot hot hot! sexy woman

  • Alex

    Love her! Always beautiful, intelligent and funny. She’s gotten thinner and I think it suits her but I feel like she’s lucky that people don’t draw a lot of attention to her weight because she fluctuates a lot. I’d guess between 120-140 if she’s at 5’7.

  • Snugglepup

    The main differences between 2002 and 2013: Her eyebrows were more suddle, not so in your face – she looked more sweet and cute! Also she’s lost weight, and I don’t know if that’s good when you age, as you tend to look older if you drop weight.

  • Fabeuless

    Other than the early nose job, it is very hard to tell what she’s had done which is the mark of a gifted surgeon. I love the brows, they help with the youthful appearance. Her body is just beyond amazing. Skinny leather pants are really hard to pull off and she is pretty much doing it.

  • Marty

    Hot woman!

  • Carla

    oh man I have that exact outfit from 2002 still packed away somewhere never to see the light of day again! Except I never had boobs like hers to fill it out hehe! Sofia is and was very hot, she’s just polished up her look more these days.

  • solaxia

    her body is always sexy! Her face is not her best feature imo, but she looks pretty here.

  • She looks great to me – her body is fantastic and although her face is not stunning, she’s still really pretty. Her hair looks great and it’s nice to see her in an outfit like this – she still looks sexy, but in a more subtle way.

  • tequilla

    in that 2002 pic she looks like mariah in 90s..

  • jesse

    i love her body! what a sexy woman!

  • hanan

    leather pants are soo ugly , i can’t believe they’re back !!! they remind me of people who are covered in tattoos & peircing.
    i hope they would go fast.

    • sara

      I love my tattoos and piercings, they are beautiful to me and make me feel as though I’m still somewhat made up, even on no makeup days. As someone who works in the body art industry, I can honestly say I’ve never had any customers come in wearing leather pants, or co-workers for that matter.

  • hanan

    beautiful women, but her hair color is kind of orange !! doesn’t suit her.

  • krissymonn

    She’s the ‘pretty version of average’, she’s not beautiful like a model. Plus, her face is hideous without makeup, saw a photo of her without makeup in People magazine and nearly lost my lunch. But pulled together with the makeup and clothes and hair extensions she looks presentable. Would not want to trade with her though lol.

  • duciudisquss

    All the short, fat Latino women love her, compared to them, she’s great, yet still not a gorgeous model so they’re not threatened. To me however, she’s ugly. Flabby body in a bikini, and scary without makeup.

  • Mimi

    YAY! has anyone noticed stretchmarks on her hips?? she’s human!