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Sophie Monk Opens Up About Her Plastic Surgery


‘Half of my lip was removed with the cyst, and I was advised to get filler in my top lip to help balance it out. I should have said no to the filler in the first place but I trusted the doctor. I’m so sick of people saying that just because of my lips, I’ve has surgery everywhere.’

… said the actress in a recent interview.

Sophie also mentioned that she should take better care of her body:

‘The stress of this business tends to come out through my body. Either I eat too much or I eat nothing. I need to be more responsible for my body.’

Click here to see how Sophie’s figure has changed in the past year!

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  • i don’t think she looks like she’s gotten any other plastic surgery, especially looking at the bikini pictures–her body changed as she lost weight so i doubt she’s had implants etc. it is unfortunate about her lips though, they don’t look natural…

  • Priscila

    Looks like her lips are the only surgery she’s done. Her nose looks different but I think it’s just the angle of the pics.
    But she lost a lot of weight….

  • Polly

    ‘Either I eat too much or I eat nothing. I need to be more responsible for my body.’ That’s how I am, it’s hard to find balance, and that quote probably speaks for a lot of women in Hollywood. That’s why one day they look anorexic and the next month they look normal. It’s crazy.

  • lc

    Her whole FACE looks different to me. I don’t believe this BS for a second.

    • mmmmm

      agree… doesnt even look like the same person……she so defensive, i guess it’s true that the best defense is a good offense…..

  • Gia

    I feel sad for her. For me she comes across as a very insecure person. She was quite successful in Australia but hasn’t been so lucky in Hollywood. She used to be really pretty and now looks like a niece of Pete Burns

  • beatrice

    She was stunning before, whatever she had done, it most definitely didn’t improve her face.

  • I don’t know why but for some reason I believe her.

  • amazon

    i read about this on another site- not the original interview- and it said she confessed to ‘too much botox and implants’. where is the original interview from?

  • maddie

    the interview im pretty sure came from who magazine australia….i believe her..
    she lost a lot of weight…im guessing just botox and the lips thing is all she’s had

  • Annie

    Baloney. This is as false as Nicole Kidman saying, “I tried Botox and I didn’t like it.” Sophie has clearly had rhinoplasty, and I suspect more. Her SO is a plastic surgeon, BTW.

    • vanessa


  • Grey

    How unfortunate. She looks like a Neanderthal.

    A cyst? Really? I’m not sure I believe it. It’s like the old “deviated septum” excuse.

    • flossy

      LOL “deviated septum” excuse.

    • Kimberly

      Good point! I have never heard of having a cyst in your lip but I guess it’s possible to have one anywhere in the body. But yes, I wonder if this goes along the lines of the “deviated septum” excuse.

      She looked great before. No surgery needed in my opinion.

      • Anonymouse

        Actually I have a cyst in my lip right now (on a waiting list to have it removed)…fluid accumulates in a saliva duct (retention cyst)…not a “cyst” in the traditional sense, but apparently not at all uncommon. Mine is quite small (maybe 2-3 mm across), but they can be up to 1 or 2 centemetres in diameter. A large one could leave quite a dint once it’s removed.

        That being said, these cysts are typically on the cheeks or lower lips (rarely if ever on the top lip) – so why she’d have fillers in the top of her lips to “even it out” is beyond me. That’s the part that makes her statement seem sus.

        Anyhow, it’s a pity, because she always struck me as a funny, down-to-earth kinda gal – like in interviews. Not at all “hollywood”. Her face these days really distracts from her personality.

  • IHeartCurvyWomn

    Dude, not her fault she developed a cyst and had to remove it and then had the pressure of Hollywood to “balance” her lips. I feel for her because I see and meet SO many women who feel and/or bow to the pressures of changing their bodies, and they’re not even in the entertainment business!

  • Jamie

    looks soooooo much better in the black bikini

  • Princess

    She looks totally diffrent i`m sure it`s not about her lips but she did other things for sure

  • N_S

    yah! ive seen some other pix! am pretty sure she didnt do anything to her face expt the lips! maybe botox? but yah not sure about the boobs

  • snoops

    filler isn’t permanant so if she thinks getting the filler was a mistake, why doesnt she stop? Her lips are repulsive.

    • Kate1st

      Some fillers are permanent. She may have had silicone injected which can cause problems down the road. The whole swollen mouth look can be due to an allergic or immune reaction to the filler.

  • Yazmin

    She has clearly overfilled her naso-labial folds and has a very large upper lip implant. AT LEAST. I can also see nose job,botox,possibly even more subtle tweaks…LOOKS LIKE A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSON. For sure.

  • Kate1st

    Looks like she had some kind of allergic reaction or immune response from the lip fillers and this has distorted the whole area around her mouth….wonder what she had injected.

  • flossy

    What disturbs me is that all these celebrities seem to get the same work done from the same plastic surgeon and they all end up looking the same! A Hollywood clone look that doesn’t suit everyone. Surely a great surgeon would look at you as an individual and want to create an original beauty who is this Frankenstein that is mutilating these women’s faces and why? I feel like I want to lead a group of angry actresses carrying burning torches through the village of L.A. to track this monster down!!

  • Vic

    What i dont understand is why she got it in her lower lip too, here you can see her bottom lip waaay bigger that what it used to be:
    Lips procedures never look good :S

  • siennagold

    My gosh what happened to her face! She looked SO much better before!

  • She was so beautiful, but maybe its true the reason

  • Aims

    I’m pretty sure the cyst would have been less freaky looking! LOL

  • Angie

    this is a bad pic, that girl is very pretty. n who cares if she had something done, its not like she got lipo n a new nose. its just lips n they look ok on her.

  • Dani

    Her face is totally different than the way she used to look like,she looks old.I like her body a lot and I agree with her the Hollywood stress is overwhelming,to get roles you need to lose so much weight and there is the competition.You have cravings then you have to stop eating,you binge,you purge,take drugs,drink a lot…there are so many factors involved,guys,women.She’s paid to look the way she does even if she has to do sacrifices.

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