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Star: “Denise Richards Needs to Put Some Weight Back On”

FFN_g_50968982 - Star: "Denise Richards Needs to Put Some Weight Back On"

From Star Magazine:

Once a sexy Bond Girl, Denise Richards looked like a shadow of her former self at the Beverly Glen shopping center on Feb. 1, where she ran errands with daughter Sam, 8, Lola, 7, and adopted baby girl Eloise, 19 months. “her clothes were falling off her,” an eyewitness tells Star. “Her shoulders and arms looked superfrail, and her face was gaunt. She did not look healthy at all.”

Even her ex-husband, Hollywood trainwreck Charlie Sheen, is concerned! “Denise is skinnier than she has ever been, and Charlie is worried,” admits a pal. “He cares about her — if she needs help, he will make sure she gets it.”

But Denise is convinced that she’ll never find true love unless she’s at her absolute thinnest. “She keeps saying that as a 42-year-old woman in Los Angeles competing against twentysomethings, she has to work harder if she’s ever going to get married again,” says the insider.

Weight expert Alicia Hunter, author of The Accidental Diet: From Fugly to Fox, says the actress needs to put some weight back on, fast: “She looks to be hovering at around 108 lbs., which is 15 lbs. less than is healthy for a woman who’s 5’6″.”

A healthier looking Denise a few years back:

FFN_g_50139503 - Star: "Denise Richards Needs to Put Some Weight Back On"

See more ‘skinny’ pictures of Denise next!


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  • Isabel

    I don’t know, but she hasn’t aged very well I think. Even before she lost all that weight, there was something about her face.

  • Raquel100

    I just want to say that I highly DOUBT that the reason is that Denise Richards is getting super skinny and ripped bc she is worried about competing with 20somethings! Please!! Women in their 40’s tend to date older men in their 50’s & 60’s who (unless they are jerks who have no intention of getting married) aren’t and shouldn’t be looking at young girls in their 20’s! Denise is gorgeous – she needs to gain 10 pounds or so and lessen her stress & stop building so much muscle. I’m sure she is skinny from overtraining & stress – she has an insane ex husband, 3 very young girls to take care of, and I’ve read that she sometimes takes care of those twin boys from Charlie’s nutcase of an ex-wife. That’s a LOT!! I’m REALLY SICK AND TIRED of stupid magazines and tabloid blogs attempting to humiliate and make women insecure about their age. We’re all going to get there & it really needs to stop!

    • killerqueen

      Thank you! I agree that the reason she is so skinny has more to do with stress & raising 3 children than remarrying. Tabloids make women sound so desperate. Like having a man by a woman’s side is what is supposed to make her happy? Puh-lease!

      • Casey

        If you think that’s bad just look at how media treats Jennifer Aniston.

        Every article about her is how sad it is that she and so-and-so are no longer going out and how old she is getting and how she’s never been married and how she doesn’t have any children.

        In a lot of ways, we outgrew the 50’s, but there still seems to be an assumption that all women want marriage and kids, and that any woman who doesn’t have them by the time she is in her 40’s, she’s unhappy and she failed and we should pity her. Meanwhile if a man does that (such as Leo DiCaprio), he’s touted as “living it up” and having an enviable life.

        Idk, the presumption that women like Denise and Jennifer Aniston NEED to be married to be happy is really annoying. For lack of better words, maybe they just want to screw people and not get seriously involved. Maybe that makes them happy. Sheesh.

        • amber

          Erm, Jennifer Aniston was married. To Brad Pitt. For five years.

          And I think the only reason people talk about her getting remarried and having kids all the time is because she had been pretty vocal in the past about wanting children. That, and some people really really like her.

        • Sienna

          I agree 100% Casey. I hate how the media still makes it seem like a woman is only truly successful if she is “happily” married with children.
          Jennifer Aniston by example is a hugely successful (whether you like her genre or not) actor and a millionaire, she looks great, she seems happy and yet the only thing they seem to focus on when it’s about her, is the Jolie/Pitt-triangle and her new love interests (including the constant watch for an engagement or baby bump).

          I actually feel this pressure in daily life too, especially from women talking about other women. My aunt about her sister (after I told her I just broke up with my boyfriend – note: I am just 23): “Well your aunt Elaine never got married and has just found true love at 50, you see, anything is possible!”
          I live in a country that is very focused on ‘settling down’ in the classic fifties sense of the word and it sort of sickens me.

          On a different note: I have always found Denise Richards an incredibly beautiful woman, and yes, she looks a little frail but they are exaggerating as usual.

        • Fielding

          Biology is not destiny.

    • solaxia

      Yes!!! So glad someone pointed this out! I have no opinion of Denise as I know very little about her, but yes she does have a psycho ex husband! I am so sick of people touting him as some type of macho ‘individual’ hero. He is just an outright spoilt abusive brat. My sister always goes on about how fabulous he is as a person (but that’s usually her trying to push my buttons about me being in domestic violence situations and making it out to be my fault).

      It would be super stressful for her, as he probably has rights o the kids if they are his? Also, she has all the pressure of the media and the public. I mean, how would it feel seeing yourself on the front of a magazine that says you’re looking older than your age, are trying to compete with really young women, must be sad you don’t have a ‘man’ in your life. I say ‘man’ because I am convinced her ex is a boy, and she is FAR better off with out him.

    • swissmiss

      Thank you, that is exactly what I wanted to say!!!

    • Gemma

      When are people going to realize: you can’t have it both ways. You can’t propagandize super skinny bodies as the ideal with any amount of fat equalling shameful self-indulgence, and still have a subset of voluptuous women who are somehow immune to the propaganda.

  • Raquel100

    I wanted to clarify that what I meant was that MEN who are in their 50’s and 60’s looking to date women in their 20’s are usually jerks – sorry for the awkward wording of that sentence!

  • Mia

    I know every man has personal preferences, but I doubt there are very men out there who would only date a woman when she is at her thinnest. Further, we can argue about the kind of body men are looking for until we turn blue in the face, but I can tell you one thing for sure: very few men want to date a woman who is OBSESSED with her weight. Most men (and women) prefer to be in a relationship with people who are confident and not too uptight. Again, I want to clarify that the opposite is true as well, very few women would want to date someone who is obsessed with their weight. It’s frustrating and emotionally draining.

    • ginx

      Very well put!

  • Hazal

    She looked much better before. I’ve never been a fan of her face though.

  • Tea

    Her arms are pretty ropey looking and too thin, but she must be pretty strong and not ‘frail’- she’s holding her kid with one arm. It takes me both arms to lift my 5 month old niece. Also I think she’s a skittle or something which makes the xylophone and too thin arms happen more easily.

  • Candy

    these tabloids are so stupid, acting like they actually care about her health.

  • Natalia

    Very lean seldom looks good on regular women, it’s more for the models, and for young women. She doesn’t have that high fashion look to her, she’s more the average girl next door, plus she’s middle aged or close to it, and super skinny does not look right on her.

  • serena

    Good grief, these foolish tabloids need to leave her alone! It’s bad enough they stalk and photograph women who are just trying to run some errands, but on top of that make up extensive theories about their behavior. Maybe someone should write an article about this Alicia Hunter character, wonder if she would appreciate that?

  • Casey

    She looks better with slightly more weight, but honestly this tabloid article is ridiculous. “Clothes are falling off her?” Really, where? By the description I was expecting to see someone like Snejana.

    I think with another 10 pounds, Denise would look younger, but she’s hardly about to drop dead. And the reasons they give for her being thin are as ridiculous as the rest of the article.

    Sidenote: Did she have a facelift/etc? Her lips in one of the middle photos looks bizarrely stretched.

    • Adriana

      I agree with you.

  • Adriana

    I think she would best inbetween her then & now pictures.

  • Adriana

    I think she would look best inbetween her then & now pictures.

  • neutra

    These days she always looks “overdone”…. leathery, orange, and too much makeup. It’s a shame, under all that she is attractive, but the aesthetic she is going for is just hiding that.

  • Adriana

    By the way I thought that someone who is 5.6″ could healthily weigh at the least, according to BMI standards, was 115 pounds. So if Denise was 108 pounds she is only 7 pounds underweight not 15 pounds. Big difference Star!

  • Adriana

    To me she doesn’t look “too” (meaning she must put on on weight for health) thin, except in her face.

  • Ana

    She looks great! Really toned!

  • loos

    She looks too thin for her frame, clearly she’s not eating enough or exercising too much. But the media have got to stop with this bullsh*t about women in their 40s and beyond starving themselves and getting plastic surgery to ‘compete’ with women in their 20s and 30s. I understand that some women may feel that way but only because they are constantly told by the media that they need to compete with younger women. If you take care of yourself, then you can look great at any age. You don’t need to look 20 to be beautiful. I’d like to think that most men want to be with women their own age and those that want much younger women are actually not the type of men you’d want anyway. Those types of men are usually struggling with aging themselves and just after some bimbo that they can brag about snagging to their mates and makes them feel young, and/or want someone they can dominate and boss around because they figure someone younger won’t stand up to them. Frankly, I would rather be alone than try to appeal to men like that.

  • deppfan

    This is so unhealthy. If she doesn’t stop it now there will be irreversible repercussions like bone loss, brain damage and a wrecked metabolism.

    • deppfan

      Ad why fixating on the looks obsessively to find the man? When you find him/her you say he/she is the one for me. By his manners, talks, brain, heart andc yeah looks. She should be mature enough to see that marriage is more than superficial things.

  • annemarie

    If she was unhealthy she wouldn’t be able to hold her kid with one arm. She has always been skinny, maybe only 10 lbs bigger than she is now. And if people defend Melissa McCarthy by saying she has always been overweight, I don’t see why one should jump on Denise.

  • Abby

    Whenever I see her on screen she looks amazing and then you see candids….

  • Adriana

    Wild Things is one of my favourite movies and Denise was smokin hot in that movie.

    • Winnie

      me too (i’m a Matt Dillon addict, and that’s one of my fave movies with him). she was a knock-out in that. i watched that movie when i was far too young and remember hoping girls in high-school weren’t actually like that lol

  • Adele

    I can imagine her saying that thing about competing against women on their 20s as a joke, and now she’s being portrayed as a some kind of desperate weight-obsessed woman. Must be frustrating to be a celeb sometimes!

    I think she seems good on her recent weight, but gaining a few might make her face look a little softer which would suit her better.

    • Mia

      Even if she really did say that, who the hell knows if it was a joke or not? There is a lot of weird behavior in Hollywood. Celebrity attracts people with ‘special’ personalities, and all the fame and fortune obviously leads to distorted ideas and behaviors for a lot of people.

  • D

    Not surprised that this is a star magazine article lol… she looks fine, not scary skinny IMO. Likely not intentional rather stress/busy with her kids

  • cinnamon

    She looks old and drained. Has definitly something to do with emotional stress. But come on that woman has millions, as if she takes care of her kids all alone. Almost every celeb has a nanny. So i don’t pity her at all.

    And Yes I do believe that many actresses dont want to get old and/or compete with younger ones. Why else do many of them use botox and lift their faces so so much. I’m not saying its a bad thing, but I do see a true point there.

    Plus to the ones saying its ridiculous that women can’t be happy without a man..I do agree to a certain point. There are independent, successful and happy single ladies out there. But i know many in my family (from 30-50) who are truly unhappy to be alone. But we and this tabloid don’t know which applies to denise. But i wouldn’t call it complete bs

  • Jenny

    she looked SO MUCH better a few years back. when she was “heavier”.

  • mary

    Too thin for her frame…look at her arm in that last pic…thats not tone, more like loose skin and bone. looks old and worn out and could use 10 lb

  • Ysatis

    I saw a picture of her at a charity event. She ate a smaller portion than the other people at her table. And it was only salad. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2141204/Denise-Richards-opts-small-starter-attends-charity-event-Richie-Sambora.html

  • Tally

    Such a babe

  • binks

    I never got the super skinny look for women after a certain age. The super skinny look ages you more than just maintaining, she looks much better with weight on.

  • Louise

    Well… If they think she is unhealthy skinny tgen what would they about me? Im 5,8 and i weigh 108 pounds but ive always been that way and i eat a lot. I know i need to gain a few pounds like asap

    • deppfan

      Have you got your thyroids checked or anything?

    • Natalia

      5ft 8 and 108 can be normal. I am 5ft 7 and 104, eat a lot, exercise, am healthy, have always had normal woman functions. You should not have to get your thyroid checked if you have always been naturally slim, only if it’s a recent change.
      People need to understand that everybody is different and weigh different weights, and that while some women may have to starve themselves and become unhealthy to be really slim, some others are just that way naturally. Good luck to you.

    • Ana

      You don’t need to gain! I’m 5’9 and 110, and I work so hard to maintain it, you’re so lucky you’re naturally thin!

  • lc

    Talk about exaggeration! She does not look underweight at all.

    • Natalia

      I agree with you to an extent lc, her body does not look underweight, but on her ultra lean does not look as good as it might on a younger woman, or as good as it might on a model, who has the face and the overall high fashion look to her that makes ultra lean just look fierce…Denise Richards has that ‘girl next door’ look to her, more ordinary, and I think a more ordinary weight, may go better with her face and age.

    • Ana

      I actually think she looks amazing!!

  • Natalia

    @Versus, can you please tell me what words or sentiments I should avoid so that my comments will not be moderated or removed? Is it about excess fat? idk really b/c I’ve never name called here, last time fight alot, is that why?

    • Versus

      Natalia, I have responded to you before, so this is my last reply. Yes, you are being moderated and your comments DO appear on the site once I had the chance to read them. You are moderated because I have a duty towards my young visitors to protect them from extreme opinions such as yours (just like I moderate the occasional visitor who says that obese women are the only beautiful ones and anything below 250 pounds is ugly – yes, this is an actual example). For example, saying about a thin SI model that ‘she carries excess weight’ does not promote a healthy body image. Kindly do not forget the site that you are on – we feature a lot of body shapes and sizes in the hopes of promoting the idea that beauty is not limited to one standard.

  • TonyFae

    Hmmm…She does look quite thin doesn’t she.

    It could be result from over-exercising, maybe? She looks toned but i remember she had more muscle definition recent years back. Looked very athletic and sexy. Now she looks kinda torn down. Haggard almost…

    Sigh, its Hollywood so who knows anymore…

  • Sidney

    Hmm i think she looks pretty ok. A tad sinewy in the arms but that happens to think, toned/muscular women when they age. If she wants to be skinny, so be it. If it’s stress or such, well it happens, hope she’s ok. Also, agreed with the general consensus that they need to stop portraying women as desperate lonely creatures whose main goal in life is to attract men.

  • Debbs

    She looks gorgeous, especially in the white tank top and jeans.

  • jenna

    Surprising that so many see her & think she looks normal, healthy and even good.
    To me, I see her and feel a bit of sadness for her. She looks old, tired, and like she’s dehydrated (could be the leathery skin) and way too thin for her frame. I don’t look at her and think “healthy!”.

  • Pixie

    She looks a little too thin, a good 10 lbs would look better on her.

  • crumbs

    Man, her jawline could cut a bitch.

  • Sheri

    I love her jacket!

  • tee

    she looks really really sick

  • she look is very very sexy espcialy her figure is superbs