Kate Hudson, Then and Now

Update on Kate Hudson’s Cleavage

Update-on-Kate-Hudsons-Cleavage - Update on Kate Hudson's Cleavage

Kate Hudson was all dolled up at the MET Gala yesterday (stay tunned for the mega gallery with lots of fabulous dresses!) and she gave us a peek at her (enhanced or not??) rounder cleavage, which looked perky without any apparent support / bra / padding.

See this post for another before and after comparison!

Many sources say that Kate’s fuller bust has nothing to do with plastic surgery, but is a result of her slight weight gain – take a look below (left Kate in 2008, right Kate in 2010):

kate-hudson-weight - Update on Kate Hudson's Cleavage

So what do you guys think? See one more on the next page before your share your thoughts!

kate-hudson-met-gala-liv-tyler-04 - Update on Kate Hudson's Cleavage

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  • MNG

    I don’t believe it would go to her boobs if she gained weight

    • eik

      no, definitely not, the thing with her body type is that when she gains she gains it around the hip area, not on the chest, that’s why she didn’t have big boobs to begin with. i think her breasts are definitely implants, they also look very firm and she doesn’t seem to have a lot of support. but she looks very good, with and without them!

      • JoJo

        yea, she’s gained weight before and it hasn’t made a difference. she’s so cute tho, i’m glad she didn’t go for some huge drastic change

        • Ivory

          My chest is a bit bigger than that and it looks that perky and firm without support.
          Also, I am dominatly a pear shape, but I do gain wieight to my chest, tho they stay smaller than my butt.
          I don’t think she would go for such small implants.

          • kate

            Well if you are almost flat to begin with then this is a very reasonable outcome. You have to take into account the person’s starting point.

            The whole point of a breast augmentation is it looks natural and not done, not huge melons on the chest so everyone knows you had implants, i.e. Heidi Montag!

            Being small chested girl myself, if I had implants I’d be more than happy with a very modest improvement.

  • Eve

    I am sorry, but still I see no boobs. What is the problem? She is still flat

    • kate

      So you think she is a AA cup now??? Just because she’s not got great big melons on her chest, doesn’t make her flat.

      Seems these days, anyone less than a 34C/32D = flat.

      • Aims

        Having smaller boobs is actually better – the drop less my friends!!! I would hate having big ones.

        • Yeahh, go small perky boobs! High five! o/*

        • kate

          Guess so, but I still would like mine a bit bigger as they are only a 32B and used to be a 34C.

          I’m a curvy hip girl so the boobs would help balance me out!

          • kate

            Well she’s pretty much flat in the before I agree, but in the after she’s not. I consider flat to mean quite literally FLAT not just smaller boobs than what one prefers.

          • kate

            Comment came up in the wrong place, that was to Eve.

        • Sharen

          you can have natural big boobs that don’t drop

          • Eve

            Yeah, so right. I am not digging all those “I like my small boobs”, “big boobs are sagging”. Okay, if I like my boobs whatever small or big I am not calling others “melons” or “spots”.
            And big boobs are not all sagging (I am sorry…sad truth for some who so “like” their small boobs). Some big boobs look good for long.
            (Actually, calling Kate flat I dodn’t mean anything bad. That is again just the truth)

  • e

    I don’t think she has gained enough weight to warrant that much of an increase in breast size. Also, she is more pear shaped is she not? Which means weight gain would be more likely to appear on her hips.

    • Ivory

      I’m a pear shape, but I still gain weight to my bust.

  • chris

    it’s because of her weight gain. she gains weight all over her body (like I do).

  • MaryBeth

    I think it’s just weight gain. I lost a cup size after losing around 10 lbs.

  • Julchen

    I don’t see any weight gain on her. You have to gain a lot that it goes to your boobs, and she doesn’t look like that.
    I’m sure she had a boob job, but hey, it looks good!! I love Kate’s body even more with boobs.

  • Because she is more of a pear shape, I think we would have noticed major weight gain around her bottom. Therefore, I’m almost sure she now has implants.

    I wouldn’t say I’m disappointed, I mean, she should do whatever makes her feel better about her image. The problem is what has most likely lead her to this. =/ I’m sad about the pressure she has probably been under.

    Anyway, she looks lovely, as always, and I’m glad she’s picked small implants. They suit her well, though so did her small chest.

  • kate

    Could be weight gain, implants or both. If she got implants they look very natural.

  • I don’t think she had implants – she looks like she gained some weight:)

  • Bri

    I don’t neccessarily agree that you have to gain alot of weight for it to go to your chest. I am pretty short and if I gain around maybe 10 pounds, I notice a definite difference in my chest size. It is definitely fuller. To me it doesn’t really look like she has gotten implants, she looks slightly heavier everywhere, and if she did they look very, very natural.

  • neutra

    I highly doubt it’s implants. They’re boobs- they fluctuate a lot for some people. My breasts went from an A cup to a DD in 2 months, and I am of a slim build and I had actually lost a couple of kilos over that time.

  • Cory

    i mean i can gain 5 lbs and have to go up an entire cup size so it could just be weight gain. it definitely looks like shes gained a little bit. i was thinking she might be pregnant because it seems like most of her weight is in her chest and stomach. and its weird that her rep hasnt addressed any of the rumors yet.

  • Aims

    Ummm she looks the same? A triangle bikini will make anyone who is about a B cup or less look much more flat – its the clothing she is wearing – I dont think she has gone up a cup or anything…

  • Polly

    Please post the photos of Kate wearing the black top with the skirt. Her boob job is very much vevident in those pictures. She was not even a cup size before, I’d say she’s a small B now. Which is perfectly acceptable, but I would rather not have boobs. Soo much less to worry about!

  • Casey

    I’m sorry, she still looks pretty flat.

    Oh she went from looking like an AA to looking like an A, breast implanst!!!!!

    …No. Please. My breasts vary a cup size every month due to hormonal changes. There’s lots of things that can make breasts look slightly bigger sometimes than other times.

    That’s such a small change I really can’t imagine she went through the effort to get breast implants…for half a cup.

    • kate

      That’s not an A cup in the after shot, trust me. She would have to be at least a 36 band for that to be only an A cup. She’s probably a 32C/34B after and 32A/34AA before.

      • Casey

        I don’t think it’s quite a B cup either. Maybe a very small B. I don’t know her band size so (shrug).

        • kate

          Think you’d be surprised just how much cup sizes can vary from band to band.

          For example, a 32C is actually smaller on the cups than a 36B.

      • Casey

        Also her breasts only appear big in the first photo. The last two, there doesn’t seem to be that much difference from the before shots.

      • Sharen

        There is no way that’s a 32C, she has a bigger band size and smaller boobs than that.

        • kate

          A 32C is what most people imagine as a 34B/36A. And what you may think of as a 32C may really be a 30D or 28DD.

          • Sharen

            I happen to be a 32D and I used to be a 32C. My torso is smaller and my boobs bigger than that. A 32C looks curvier than she does.

          • kate

            Well not all 32C’s will look the same. Positioning and shape of the breasts will affect how they look.

  • jenni

    i think her breast could possibly have gotten bigger due to her weight gain. when i go up just 10 lbs, my bust size goes up almost 2 cups. she’s a very petite girl,and she definitely looks a lot thicker than she’s ever looked. i’m just going to give her the benifit of the doubt. or…she might be pregnant.

  • Kae

    I don’t know about the implants. It looks as though she’s gained a little bit of weight and it went to her chest. As some women age, their fat distribution changes.

    • If so, it would finally make some sense that she’s gained weight on the bust, when she used to be a pear.

  • Minnie

    Eh. I don’t know. If hey are surgically enhanced, I like that she went with a small implant instead of something absurd like F cups. I’m not entirely convinced that they are, but I’m not convinced that they aren’t, either.

    Maybe I just don’t care enough 🙂

    She looks good.

  • nat19

    whether or not theyre implants, at least they’re so natural looking that we can debate whether or not it is enhanced.

  • mermaid

    my guess is that she actually had a boob JAB. its a procedure where a doctor injects filler into the breast and increases the size by about 1 cup (which is exactly her increase). it looks and feels more natural than implants.

    i also think jennifer aniston recently had this procedure.

    • Kae

      That is a strong possibility, more likely than implants.

    • kate

      Could be, although macrolane is getting a bad rep now due to complications with lumps.

  • Heyd

    Or maybe she just started on a different kind of contraceptive pill or something? Hormones could really do the trick, no need to be pregnant for them to go bananas.

    They do look veeery firm, though.

  • ay0x

    I love how everyone’s like SHE DOESNT GAIN WEIGHT ON HER BOOBS. Because you have her body, right?

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