Dita von Teese, Then and Now

Ever Wondered How Dita von Teese Looks Without Make-up?

ever-wondered-how-dita-von-teese-looks-without-her-glam-make-up - Ever Wondered How Dita von Teese Looks Without Make-up?

I’ve been wanting to see Dita without her extra glamorous make-up on for ages (I know I’m not the only one)… and I just came across these older pictures (2006) that made my wish come true!

There’s a dramatic difference between the fresh face and the retro-glam face, but I can’t decide which one I like better.

And on a body-related note, Dita looks slightly thinner and more toned these days. And positively whiter.

How do you like makeup-less Dita?

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ever-wondered-how-dita-von-teese-looks-without-her-glam-make-up-2 - Ever Wondered How Dita von Teese Looks Without Make-up?

ever-wondered-how-dita-von-teese-looks-without-her-glam-make-up-3 - Ever Wondered How Dita von Teese Looks Without Make-up?

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  • taylor

    She looks a lot younger without makeup! I like it!

  • without !

  • Missy

    she looks younger and much prettier

  • Serafiina

    Oh she´s pretty without make-up!

  • krystyn

    Wow…she is still pretty but very plain without makeup.

  • charlotte


  • Jen

    Wow, alot LOT better without make up!

  • Lola

    Wow, she looks really pretty without makeup, kinda girl-next-door pretty.

  • jjj

    Wow, she looks good for a change..

  • runner_girl

    I agree with everyone else, she looks way better without all that crap on her face. She has such beautiful skin in the no makeup pictures. We need to let Carmindy (Sp?) get a hold of her :P!

  • klara

    hehe, does “i came across” mean “i searched like crazy” ;)? however, the make-up-less dita is a pretty girl, but fade (imagine her with blond her and shes even less noticeable). i think she noticed that pretty soon and thus established her – indeed very unique, special and pretty – betty-page-look. i like her better when she’s made up.

  • Mirabela

    she looks lovely 😉

  • e

    It was bound to be a big change, we all know her dark fringed eyes and red lips aren’t natural, but WOW! I’m quite taken by how naturally beautiful she is.

  • pOtAtO

    so different! yet so gorgeous! The glam Dita is her signature look, you can’t take that away for her 😛 I don’t remember where but I saw an article saying that she workouts out a lot so that’s why she looks thinner and more toned than in those pictures. Having a great bod is part of her job!

  • may

    I don’t think she’s pretty either way but at least with all the make up she stands out and looks different. No one would take a second look at make up less Dita and she wouldn’t have a reason to be famous

  • She’s attractive without make-up but completely alluring with.

  • K.J.

    wow she looks fantastic in the last picture… she DOES look younger!

  • pia

    wooooww!! she looks so much better without make up!! i always thought that she was ugly.. but now i know that she is pretty 😛
    she must start to use less make up =)

  • LadyDelish

    She looks so much better without makeup. I didn’t realize that she was that pretty.

  • Kellie

    I lust for this woman. I love her made up face more. She’s gorgeous.

  • Freedom

    she looks very pretty. so fresh faced. she could and should go without make-up more often…

  • cloclo

    She looks better without make-up! With make-up on she looks like a vampire or something, she needs to update it : )

  • Stephani

    WOW, she looks so gorgeous, I love the last picture.
    She looks striking without make-up. She has enviable cheekbones.

  • brittany

    i love both, beautiful.

  • Lily

    I like the last pic. But since she is a natural blonde, I’d be very curious to see her return to her roots…

  • Monique

    UHMMMM……so she is human after all !!

  • Vera

    She looks SO MUCH better without all the makeup. I never even thought she was pretty before really but now I see she does have natural beauty.


    Wtf @ people think she looks better without make up…
    She definitely looks better with make up, flawless and glamorous

    But then we are human afterall, I thought she had some kind of secret beauty formula to keep her skin flawlessly pale. But turns out it’s the make up that I was looking at

  • wendy crawford actress

    an amazing women a idol in burlesque and beautiful in the flesh.

  • lululala

    She looks like Meryl Streep!

  • I love her in so many ways. I became obsessed with vintage lingerie and then I found her act and realized we pretty much favor the same era (40s all the way!) Although I suppose it’s clear she loves retro everything by the cute little vintage inspired (or embellished) dress she has on. Without makeup she looks fresh and sweet, but she pulls that off with makeup too. Rare indeed!