Celebrities Without Make-up, Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks Without Make-up

FP_4747397_Banks_Tyra_CJNY_032510 - Tyra Banks Without Make-up

Tyra Banks was spotted in New York City yesterday when she was going to lunch… and she revealed her makeup-less face (and real hair?).

Tyra is certainly a natural beauty and has nice skin, but she’s looking a bit tired without her polished, flawless make-up.

In case anyone’s wondering, Tyra is 36!

FP_4747398_Banks_Tyra_CJNY_032510 - Tyra Banks Without Make-up

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FP_4747394_Banks_Tyra_CJNY_032510 - Tyra Banks Without Make-up

FP_4747780_Banks_Tyra_CJNY_032510 - Tyra Banks Without Make-up

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  • Mizzy

    honestly, if I ran into her on the street I wouldn’t have recognized her. But it also doesn’t surprise me because of all the celebs out there I would say she wears more make up than most.

  • GoGo2010

    OMG, I think she looks amazing!

    • Shelby Grey

      totally agree.. love the skin tone, it’s just like mine yayy :))
      people would always make fun of me and call me yellow-bone or whatever but now I have someone to look up to with that 🙂

  • b

    She looks pretty here–and for 36!! Versus, I’m a little disheartened by the fact that you questioned whether her hair is real or not. I think it’s a legit question generally, but I can’t remember too many times where you point out all of the fake hair on caucasian women. The whole black women/white women fake hair dichotomy is pretty unfair.

    • Versus

      I can not possibly believe that you could make this a race issue, I just can’t believe it…
      I will explain, though I truly did not like your insinuation:
      A while back, Tyra said on her show that she will wear her natural hair and even made a “National Real Hair Day” – and this hair looks like it. If she can openly talk about her real hair, then I do not see why I can’t and why you have a problem with my comment.

      • Caramel

        as a black girl..uh im definetly NOT offended. I saw that Tyra episode too…thats her real hair though. She showed it on her show and it was the same length as shown in this picture. People will say whatever…this isnt a race issue lol

        • Not real

          I saw her real hair, too and watched the show but that is not her natural hair in the pic.

    • Jenna

      Is this a joke? How on Earth is talking about Tyra’s hair a racist issue?????

    • Sam

      Only a fanatic could possibly have a problem with it, B. Especially since we are talking about Tyra here, who admitted so many times that she is wearing wigs and has no problem with it. And Versus DID point out before white celebrities with hair extensions.

      • Caroleflower

        Shes open about her wigs, but she never talks about her contacts!

    • MJ

      As a black woman, I see absolutely nothing wrong with V’s comment. B, I have no idea what you were thinkin, girl.

    • Nkeon

      I’m a black woman B and though I agree that loads of white women wear fake hair and no-one makes a big deal out of it this is Tyra Banks we’re talking about!

      The woman has practically made herself the ambassador the Fake Hair Society. She’s done a few shows on fake hair and has made it a big deal that she wears wigs.

      If this had been another black woman that doesn’t go about it then i’d see your point but I don’t see race as an issue here at all. I’m sure people are also aware that Cheryl Cole’s hair is fake as well.

    • Dayna

      Girl, you KNOW that’s a lace front!!! Hahaha…actin all offended…you ma’am, need to get outta here with THAT kinda drama.

      • Natasha

        ^^^^^^^^^^ lol I guess

    • candycorps

      I too raised my eyebrows when I read versus comment, and am more than pissed that felt the need to act like your comment was completely out of left field and they couldn’t possibly understand why you felt the need to question why the post felt the need to question whether that was trya’s real hair. For those of you who don’t understand where the double standard comes in let me break it down for you. First, the post is titled Tyra without Makeup and then goes on to discuss her “natural beuaty” of her face, to bring in the hair issue is A) almost as if Versus is trying to subltly reminding us that this isn’t Tyra’s complete natural look B) and surreptiously trying to minimize any praise we would have given Tyra by almost saying “she looks good…but her hair is fake”. The poster is right in saying we have seen previous post on caucasian celebrities where we see them without makeup and I have yet to see a post where Versus points out that although they look good without makeup their rocking extensions so it isn’t them being completely “natural”. And also I have seen this issue debated heavily beofre on this board so again how versus can be completley surprised that that would have offended some just screams fakeness to me.

      • Versus

        This is by far the most “imaginative” comment I have ever had on my site. And by “imaginative”, kindly understand “hallucinative”.
        Now since your comment is purely based not on facts, but on what your “imaginative” mind perceived based on someone else’s words, I’ll give you the actual facts and what I meant in my post:

        1. I love Tyra.
        2. I truly thought it was her real hair.
        3. The real hair looked pretty.
        4. She is a natural beauty without make-up.
        THE END.

        Congratulations for your fabulist abilities and thank you for the good laugh!

        • candycorps

          I’m glad I made you laugh but im standing by what I said, mostly based on the FACT that a couple weeks ago there was a nasty debate on a post about Vanessa Hudgens in jeans and some thought that was her hair and others thought it was extensions and the good hair/bad hair thing came into play and one poster rudly stated that all black had horrible hair and thats why they needed weaves. Or not let forget the FACT, that there was a post on Kate Beckinsale that Versus posted where Versus said she had a “hair cut” when she clearly just removed her extensions and lets be honest, had it have been a black celebrity im sure Versus would not of had a problem calling them out and stating the truth that they just removed the fake hair but for the white celebrity she lies. So sorry but best on the past tone of this board I don’t for a second believe it was just an innocent comment about Tyra’s hair and I’m not even into bringing in the “race” card as some are saying, but if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck….

          • S.

            You are absolutely delusional and I pity the people around you.

          • Casey

            And V has made plenty of posts about black celebrities who are well known for wearing wigs (such as Beyonce), but did not mention it.

            I think you’re having a very, very large opinion based on a very small and skewed pieces of information.

          • Sam

            Wow Versus, you are VERY tolerant for accepting that comment. But I think it teaches us something (maybe that’s why you left it): that no matter how nicely / positively you say ANYTHING, without having any hidden thoughts, there will be someone in this world who will interpret it in a negative manner and twist your words out of this world.

          • Selma

            Just because you THINK someone quacks, that doesn’t make them a duck. It just makes you an obsessed duck hunter.

          • Padme

            What the hell are you talking about? People make fun of white women’s fake hair all the time. Go see some posts about Lindsey Logan or Britney spears. Hell, I’m watching real housewives of NJ right now and we were laughing at the blonde chick’s ridiculous wigs! Stop imaging racism where there is none. Crying wolf causes people to discredit real issues.

      • Della

        I’ve been a reader since the beginning of the site and the race issue has come up once – when V didn’t include Beyonce and JLo in a gallery of some event. A fanatic then started to shout… only to find out that Beyonce and JLo had their own very special, separate post from that event, because V. thought they looked more interesting.
        Some people can’t be healed… they are full of hate.

      • S.

        Oh Candycorps, get help, PLEASE! Halucinative really is the right word here.

      • Casey

        Tyra has dedicated a whole season of the Tyra Show to discussing hair, particularly fake hair vs. her real hair. She especially keeps bringing her own experiences to the table, with wearing wigs or having her real hair showing, and she has stated that she would sport her real hair for the rest of the season (as a deal with Perez Hilton).

        I think V was bringing it up because that is what Tyra’s “thing” is right now, that is what she’s currently popular for. It’s like Kim Kardashian and weight loss, or Jessica Alba and her dieting, or X celebrity and their movie that’s coming out.

        I didn’t see anything racist about the post. Not everything is a race issue, and to twist everything to make it a race issue or to make it offensive not only makes your own experiences in life unnecesarily negative, but it undermines the movement to eliminate racism. It’s like when people say that people are only against Obama because he is black…that’s like saying he has no other qualities besides his race that people can oppose. Are you saying Tyra has no other qualities but her race, to discuss? Because I quite disagree.

        • Versus

          That is exactly the reason why I mentioned the hair – because Tyra herself speaks openly about it.
          And I completely agree with your entire comment, everything you said is so true.

          • TT

            Versus, I think you’re overreacting here. b did not say that you were racist. she asked for clarification. You clarified. It’s not necessary for you to deride ‘b’ just because you happened to disagree with her perception of your comment.

            I get it. I’m with you. I understand why you mentioned Tyra’s hair. But still, talking about how ‘hallucinative’ b’s comment makes you sound unnecessarily defensive. All you have to say is: ‘I mentioned Tyra’s hair because of so-and-so and NOT because she is black.’ Talking about how ridiculous b’s comment is accomplishes nothing and makes it seem like you would discredit any person that doesn’t agree with you.

          • Versus

            @TT, I didn’t call B’s comment “hallucinative” – that was a reply to CandyCorps, whose comment was much meaner and called me a racist, fake and a liar. I think she deserved the term and I agree, I was very tolerant. I replied nicely to B with an explanartion and nothing more, please look above.

  • Natasha

    I’ve seen her look worst so she looks okay I guess….to be honest 50% of models looks either amazing without make and the other 50 looks okay and aren’t as nearly as beautiful as they are with.

  • amm…scary! sorry

    • Dayna

      you really think she looks scary? i thought she had really nice skin…she does look a little sleepy.

  • camille

    i think she looks really good actually! we all start somewhere.

  • kate

    She looks incredible without makeup, much younger and prettier!

  • Jade

    definitely not her real hair (speaking as a bi-racial woman) you can tell. tyra’s real hair texture is not as smooth. but her does look very natural and pretty…so fresh!

    • NIKKI

      You can tell, not because of the texture (which is easily attainable by relaxing) but because her natural hair–which is relaxed, isn’t as thick. This is a front lace wig.

    • lala

      what does u being bi racial have to do with knowing whether that is her real hair so because she is not mixed her hair can only be one texture? ie not smooth

  • I think she looks like a normal woman. Good for her!

  • she looks gorgeous!

  • Jade

    hahah i mean SHE not HER


    I look like this without makeup but I’m 21. : v (

  • violet

    wow it wouldn’t even have crossed my mind that her hair WASN’T real- those wigs are so good then! i always thought wigs were really obvious but i suppose if you have the money you can get really good ones

  • Léa

    I thought she had green eyes !

    • Natasha

      I think her eyes are hazel so they change colors however maybe she wears contacts

    • Shelby Grey

      she does have green eyes.. but for some reason, if you look closely, her pupils are REEALLY dilated…
      if you go to “select your celebrity” and you click “tyra banks” you will see the post with the fishnets and her eyes are as green as green can get..
      she doesn’t wear contacts because on the Tyra show she showed a pic of herself when she was like, 7, and had the same green eyes..

  • jesus christ.

  • Aims

    She has very good skin but I am so suprised how different she looks! I dont look much different without my mascara/lipgloss staple combo – but thats all I wear…. I suspect if I wore a lot of makeup I would look really different without it!

  • B.

    She looks so young! I think she’s cute without makeup.

  • Mirabela

    I barely recognize her. 😉
    I think the skin must have some “breath”-time. So, i’m for no make-up sometimes.
    And i’m agree with B.: “She looks so young!”. She have no wrinkles … neither expression wrinkles.

  • sara

    I LOVE tyra….here eyes look puffy-ish but other than that – she looks like someone in her 30s without make up. I do not fret at all. She is a Deee – Vaaaahhh! Maybe she didn’t get much sleep last night?

  • Casey

    Aside from looking like she hasn’t slept for days (which she probably didn’t), I think she looks great. Tyra has always had such a stunning face and beautiful eyes. Even tired and makeupless, she still looks beautiful to me.

    At least, I know damn well that after finals and without makeup, I wish I looked as good as her.

  • Coco

    Without makeup she looks like a tired 18 year old

  • hott!
    she doesn’t look likw gilbert gottfried or will farrell like some other celebs w.o make up.,… erhmmm l

  • Sidney

    Some of my firends with just slightly curly can’t make it look that shiny, so if that’s her real hair, kudos. Heck, i have naturally straight hair and my hair never looks that sleak and shiny 🙂 Whatever the situation with her hair, she looks beautiful. I think, even though she looks a bit tired here, her eyelids are prob. a bit accentuated by nature.

    • Sidney

      darn those typos. *friends, curly hair

    • Sidney

      And even though she looks pretty with the straight hair, i wish she’d wear it curled more often. Not just a bit wavy like she does quite often, but actually curly, i think she looks really cute like that.

  • Jane

    Wow, she looks like a girl in her early twenties. I don’t think she looks tired — she just has dark circles under her eyes, which might be genetic. Her skin looks amazing and very, very youthful – I’d LOVE to look like that when I’m 36!

  • vkat

    Nice skin? ugh, so bumpy and zitty (though I am a fan of Tyra!)

  • Jen

    I have noticed Tyra looking better and better since she lost those 20 pounds last year. She has really refined her look by toning down the excessive wardrobe, hair, and make-up. It is most definitely a change for the better – I think she looks great!

  • Naomi

    She looks pretty good without make-up.
    Her eyes are just looking a little weary/tired.

    If that is her real hair, it’s really nice.
    I just prefer her with a fringe.

  • sally

    You can really see her natural beauty without makeup. The thing about makeup is that sometimes when someone looks pretty wearing it I’m not sure how much of the prettiness is because of the makeup. I didn’t realize she was quite THAT beautiful!

  • shelley

    she luks real bad….disappointing

  • Chelsea

    I think she looks fresh faced and beautiful personally – and I love that she’s clearly confident enough without the makeup to go out in public as a lot of girls aren’t. Sure, she could use a bit of concealer or something but it isn’t necessary by any means. Ask any 36 year old, they’d love to look as good as Tyra does at her age.

  • James

    It’s so obvious especially since shes shown her younger pic but her nose was much broader and the tip is too thin for her face. With makeup its ok but it’s really annoying none mentions it

  • she does wear a lot of makeup in her modeling and tv show photos. wow.. never realized how much!

  • Spencer

    Would any man say to Tyra, “Look, I can’t talk to you until you put your make-up back on?” not this one!

  • Aladeo

    That’s a damn lace front, you can see the face baby hair she tried, she did!

  • Josephine

    Tyra’s real hair looks about the same length and thickness. I remember her saying that just because she was showing her real hair didn’t mean that she wouldn’t resort back to wearing extensions and wigs at time. Beyonce wears extensions, wigs and her real hair. Look at Beyonce on the cover of Vogue that was her real hair or if you look at her on her ABC Thanksgiving special when she had the bang and ponytails that was her real hair. So her real hair is very nice, and she is using the fake to give her real hair a break at times. People like Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian do the combination of extensions, wigs and real hair also. So let’s point that out as well.

  • Josephine

    Just because Tyra was honest about wearing fake hair sometimes, doesn’t mean that she has to be the poster child regarding the issue. Seriously, does anybody think that the 20 pounds of fake hair that Angelina Jolie has on her head is real. Give me a break. But you will never see it commented on by a blog owner.

  • Isa

    It’s not a race thing. Tyra is known for always wearing a weave. I mean, she’s not afraid to talk about it either. There are plenty of white women and girls especially who wear fake hair. We just don’t accuse them of it because in our society it’s not a reaction to just assume such things. Does it really matter? It’s just hair.

    Anyway, she still looks good for 36 and no make-up. Some celebs look like monsters when they show their bare face.

  • Charlotte

    To me, it is a race thing. Many white women and non-black women wear fake hair. Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani, Angelina Jolie, etc…also wear weaves and wigs. But it’s never as dissected as when a black celebrity does it. Black women can have long hair naturally. I know I do, but the focus on our hair is annoying. It’s not like we also focus on their fake tans and fake lips. Another thing, if I was in the entertainment industry I probably would’ve to wear fake hair to keep my real hair healthy. You’re right it shouldn’t be a race thing since practically all women no matter what race and/or ethnic group have always did it.

  • chacha

    I think tyra is still beautiful even without make up shes a classie ghetto diva as well as a runway icon i adore her she get it from her momma lol shes everything a real woman stands for do da damn thing girl

  • CMB

    ok her eyes dont look green in those pics ….