Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham in an Ample Dress

FFN_er_51202633 - Victoria Beckham in an Ample Dress

Here’s Victoria Beckham out and about in a very ample dress (her own brand) paired with killer heels.

Are you a fan of this look or do you prefer Posh in polished, skintight pencil skirts?

On another note, here’s a random tweet from Victoria:

posh - Victoria Beckham in an Ample Dress

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FFN_er_51202635 - Victoria Beckham in an Ample Dress FFN_er_51202637 - Victoria Beckham in an Ample Dress FFN_er_51202639 - Victoria Beckham in an Ample Dress

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  • Isa

    Maybe she’s bloated!?

  • Alecia

    Highly doubt she actually ate those cronuts.

    • charlie

      haha! that was my first thought too.

    • serena

      The cronuts were probably for her children, as Victoria has openly said she doesn’t indulge in sweets. Haven’t tried cronuts yet, but they’re the latest craze, after macaroons, cupcakes, etc…

    • blans23

      I was just about to write the same thing ;)))

  • Lea

    I love Victoria Beckham (but it seems like many people don’t like her)! She sounds very down-to-earth and genuine in interviews + she seems like a great mom. I like her fashion line a lot although she definitely looks better in other type of outfits.

    • lc

      I agree!

  • Liv

    That dress is stupid… it looks like she is wearing a curtains… I usually love her style… but jeeze… I get it you wanted to binge eat some donuts… but could you have worse some yoga pants…haha

  • Fenia

    I love and always will love V.She looks fragile and pretty all the times.I like her the most with skinny leather pants but she is so fashionable anyway…Like.-

  • samra

    What on earth is that?! OMG that is the most ugliest piece of clothing i have ever seen in my life. I wouldnt even clean my toilet with it!

    • silvy

      hahaha lmao I agree, it is actually the exact same color and texture as the mattress protector in my sons crib. Good for absorbing piss lol

    • MerryTonberry

      Call me crazy but I actually LOVE this dress. It is totally something I’d wear.

      • Liz

        I’m not a fan of the texture, but I do sort of dig the silhouette on her. It’s very cool/chic/man repellent, which is a vibe I dig more and more. Basic bitches can keep their bandage dresses.

        • georgi

          love this comment

  • Lini

    ….at least she doesn’t look that scary skinny anymore!

  • Pixie

    I usually luv everything she wears. But this dress is the fugliest thing I’ve seen any celebrity wearing!! HUGE fail!! 🙁

  • samra

    I still cant believe how hideous looking
    that dress is hahaha. What was she thinking??

  • samra

    I do love her though. Shes beautiful.

  • Alexis Christine

    Victoria is a beautiful woman, but why this is fashion is beyond me. I do not get it at all. It is terribly huge-like parachute material.

  • It’s a little hard for me to believe she would eat those things – I remember her having fruit instead of a birthday cake once, so she doesn’t seem like the cakey type! I kind of hope she did eat one though – why not once in awhile?
    As for the dress – it just makes her look tinier, but that might be her intention! Not my style, though I usually like hers.

  • wonderwoman21

    Bed ruffles

  • CK

    don’t dig the dress, love the shoes, in general love her personality and most of the time the way she dresses, and i do believe she ate some of those cronuts cos you can stay skinny and even healthy and still have UNhealthy desserts, its all about moderation&listening to your body.
    I’ve never tried this half croissant, half doughnut thing, wonder if they’re any good :~)

    • samra

      Well Heidi klum used her private jet to fly some cronuts over. Seriously people are going crazy for cronuts.

  • Mishael

    I actually like this dress. It looks fashion forward. If this dress was less hmm… ample it would look nice on her. But I still won’t have enough courage to wear it.

  • Winnie

    i adore her. so yes, while that dress wouldn’t work on…let’s say 99% of the population, she works it.

  • SA girl

    I love how she and many other celebrities stayed in shape after childbirth. She definitely is a fashionista, her shoes are similiar to Beyonces, but with a shorter heel (I think). I absolutely LOVE skirts and dresses (strangely old fashioned like that), her’s is quite different, would ideally prefer slightly more fitting, less ruffles, but not tight. I have quite a few 50s inspired Jackie O style dresses in my cupboard, ofcourse different to the one she is wearing. She looks trendy in my opinion, thanks to her petite frame, she doesnot look like a train wreck. Love the shades as well.

  • Heather

    So I’m the only one that doesn’t hate the dress?

    I admit my initial reaction to the first pic was negative, but looking at it “in motion” through the other pics, I actually sorta love it. I don’t think the fabric is at thick as it seems, it appears to have great movement.

  • Miss x

    It looks like a quilted horse-blanket.

  • Tst

    Better than trashy Kelly Brooke. She should give her advice.

  • clea

    i would’nt wear it, but I can’t say it’s that bad compared to what some people wear…

  • serena

    So this is ‘fashion’, starving yourself so you can hide in a shapeless tent that might fit a baby elephant. I will never understand…

  • Marike

    duvet? david must be looking for that blanket at home. so skinny legs!

  • mari

    I like this look on her…but I’m more open minded when it comes to clothes. Most people are like “I have a good body so I have to show every curve of it”…That’s so boring, in my opinion.

  • Jenny

    I think it looks cozy! 🙂 not something I would wear outside, but indoors? sure.. 🙂

  • lc

    Love her, but I doubt she ate the cronuts lol and I don’t like the tent dress.

  • nannou

    that’s probably her “lazy” look

  • Alias

    I love her, although I don’t love her outfit here, but come on Victoria who are you kidding you do not eat cronuts let alone that box darling 😉

  • Kimberly

    I normally love what she wears but not this.

  • cameron baum

    lmao I actually like the dress. I wouldn’t wear it because I’m not as skinny as Victoria but.. I like it on her.

  • Kelly

    wow, she totally pulls off that dress! I guess because she is so slim and she wears it with confidence.
    Not so sure she ate those cronuts though 🙂 From what I’ve read about her, she is very strict with her diet.

  • solaxia

    It looks like she has ripped off the lining of a mattress or mattress protector and put holes in to me a ghost as a dress up party! I usually like hers style…but not this.

  • Nene

    Her legs has always been her best feature,which is why she shows them off a lot.
    The dress doesn’t do her any favours at all,it makes her look very shapeless and oh-so plain.
    Maybe if it was snug at the torso,it would be better but still it looks like a parachute to me.
    One can be skinny,slim or fit and still indulge sometimes,it’s no rocket science.
    I know some women who have 5 kids and are as slim as VB without the strict diet/excercise regime.

  • Fay

    She looks amazing and I always liked her. The dress not so much

  • Lola

    This dress would have looked gorgeous on her if it was tighter around the waist. Generally, she has a good sense of style. I like some of the clothes she made. Her pencil skirts are great.

  • tequilla

    she is so annoying as always. is she stil important..?

  • Jui

    Only thing I can see are her arms and her calves…and her arms don’t look very defined, maybe she doesn’t lift? Who knows, too much hidden here.

  • maverick

    Well, Victoria dresses for fashion and not necessarily for men/sexiness, so it’s not really surprising to see her in this. I actually don’t think it’s that awful, not something I’d wear, but if you have the confidence to pull it off, why not.

  • Teiku

    She looks like she’s wearing a huge potato sack.
    I dont’l like those formless dresses.

  • Nobsnob

    I would have liked it if the fabric was different and if it was better cut, but the shape is original and kinda cute.

  • Pandora

    HAHAHAHAHAAAA. The 60s called and they really DON’T want this look back…unless its for a hotel bed spread.

  • snugglepup

    croissant-doughnut??? First time I see these, sounds awful 😀 Terrible dress. Is she pregnant? Haha.

  • rye

    lovee this dress it’s adorable

  • Jazjazjaz

    I really don’t get the hype about this woman.
    She isn’t pretty, her personality seems cold and unrelatable. And I don’t think she has great style. Have you seen ny of her idk, per 2007 photos?
    To me she’s just another untalented undeserving celebrity turned fashion designer.

  • anna

    i love love this dress on her! i think that she can wear anything that looks good on her!

  • Sheri

    I had never heard of cronuts until now. I had to google them and they sounds delish! And i doubt VB actually ate any… i wouldn’t have that kind of willpower.
    I usually love everything she wears but i’m not loving this dress, although i think if anyone was going to wear it it will look best on her.

  • retrobanana

    shes her own supermodel