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  • Annie

    She is plastic perfection

    • Nat Shermans


    • b


      • Jacky Daniels

        well i never understood what is exactly perfect or beautifull about this woman. imo her style is nothing special, face-nah,shes not even pretty, body-yuck looks like dried chicken, and hairstyle hidious-her hair looks grease all the time.

        • Indigo Lace


        • jemima

          “dried chicken” oh my god so mean but so funny

        • guru

          her husband cheated on her and women are sympathetic to that. also she is not a threat, most men find her repulsive. and yes her style sucks, she tries to look so corporate all the time and i think she mistakenly thinks that is the way to look classy. I think she looks tacky. all the bronzer, the greasy hair. she is just so boring.

        • Dani

          I would so facebook this comment… I couldn’t have said it better :))

          • dekoelfe

            Is “to facebook” a verb now? I didn’t know that 😉

    • Jess

      lol. Who strives for that? Yes. I want to look like tupperware, please.

      • Powwow

        Lol exactly. I don’t
        IMO she was prettier before Hollywood got to her…

    • annabanana

      My boyfriend: “She looks terrible! like mick jagger except worse!”

  • Priscila

    She looks gorgeous! I love her body and style.

  • Mia

    Forget her body…what is going on with her face on that cover?? they made her look horrible IMO.

    • Kay

      I think they made her look more like her younger self than she has in a while! She looks great!


      • Stefani

        Wow… I had not seen all of those photos before. She must not eat to maintain her figure, god, I could never be a celebrity.

        • Hannah

          I kind of guessed that when she got a plate of fruit as her birthday cake. If someone gave me a plate of fruit for my birthday treat I’d throw it back at them and demand a massive chunk of triple chocolate cake with buttercream and sprinkles!

          • carrie

            ha thats funny!thank god we can enjoy food…

  • sia

    i love everything about it except her face, irl shes scary thin thou seen her with a tank top on.. she looks nothing as good as in the pics tbh..

  • AJ

    They photoshopped her arm strangely. It looks too long and is sticking out of the bottom of her jacket like an alien lifeform trying to escape.

    • Sheza

      I know, it looks really freaky!

  • Rose

    I love her! I know she looks pretty bitchy on pictures but from the few interviews I’ve read with her she actually seems like a sweetheart. Plus it looks like she’s a good wife and mom and still manages to have a career-that’s something that I personally find admirable. And her body looks amazing considering she’s given birth FOUR times-you can tell she puts a lot of work in it and it’s definitely payed off! So kudos to her for that!

  • Jay

    her face is so bizarre looking to me. ape-like, almost. but i do love her fashion sense!

    • jamie

      agreed, especially before she fixed that nose.

    • jenna

      Thank you – i couldn’t put my finger on it, but she does resemble an ape here. Actually, I never ever thought her face was attractive. Always surprised by how many women think she looks good. I know that none of my male friends think she’s pretty, but yet a lot of my female friends think she is?!?!

    • JaneParker

      Yeah, ape-like is the perfect definition. I feel kind of mean for saying it, but yes… I like some of her fashion choices and she actually comes across as sweet in interviews (she said she never smiles because she thinks it makes her look ugly, which made me like her more, I thought she was just arrogant before). But she seems to be too uptight, too fashion obsessed, too obsessed with being skinny. I feel she would be much happier if she relaxed a little, but maybe she’s happy this way, what do I know…

    • Sienna

      Like an ape indeed. It’s because of the huge space between her nose and mouth!

  • They have photoshopped her face to the extent that I mistakenly thought I was looking at the movie poster of ”Rise of the planet of the apes”

    • Eline

      Hahahaa! Lol.
      I agree on you, they photoshopped her way too much. She looks better in real life, hate her poses though (always the same).

    • Indigo Lace

      XD. She wouldn’t even need them to do her face for the movie. She already resembles an ape so much.

  • Polly

    Is this VB or Megan Fox…? Whats with the blue eyes? She looks good, but she’ll never be a runway model. No matter how bad she wants to.

    • she is not tall enough to become a runway model and i don’t think she has the “look” to become a runway model

  • dzhii

    I just noticed how beautiful her eyes are, i don’t know if she really has blue eyes, but they might just look blue in the lighting

  • Amanda

    Love her body and style.

  • lc

    OMG Victoria! Love her body, style, unique beauty. Fierce!

  • Pixie

    Great body and great style, but wtf happened to her face?!!! 🙁

  • she has the same face in every picture… she is fit and toned but i find her unappealing and boring

  • Hate the photoshopping, love her <3

    • Debbs

      Same 🙂

    • Winnie


  • Ana

    She is just so perfect, Her skin tone is lovely, her hair is amazing, fake or not, and her body is perfection in every way!

  • Sasha

    Hihi funny 🙂 in a club in a crazy green top and – panties!

  • jamie

    i like her tiny figure and style. she always looks on point.

  • Taur

    She doesn’t look as skinny as she really is in this shoot? Usually she’s scary skinny. I like long hair on her better than short hair. I hope she keeps it.

  • Polska Blondynka

    I admire this woman so much. I mean who looks like this after 4 kids? She’s a sweetheart too.

  • ingie

    Can’t see the photo trough all the shopping.

  • Megan

    As okay as she has looked in her day, you can’t argue the math:

    human + plastic + skeletal + age = antisexual

    • lc

      Maybe she’s not trying to look sexual? Why must sex be the basis for everything? This shoot is probably supposed to be fashion-y/artistic.

      • Megan

        Oh. I wasn’t referring to this photoshoot. As I said, she holds up well now. By “antisexuaI” I was referring to her future looks and attractiveness. I just think she is going to become grosser as she ages because of the things I said in my previous post. Many people try so hard to be very skinny, to fill their bodies with plastic, and I don’t think human bodies age well in this state. And to me, sex and attractiveness go hand in hand. But that’s just my opinion.

  • vanessa

    she’s too skinny… way too skinny. in the ninties she wasn’t stick skinny but yet she still had a nice body. I asked my boyfriend what if i was that skinny. and he made a face at me. was like Hell No!

  • Nikki

    Soo much love for VB

  • Emily

    I’ve never found her appealing and she looks too skinny. That said, the photoshop doesn’t help.

  • Marta

    there is something wrong with her face on the cover, so bad photoshop work.

  • She is great thinspiration! Too bad she always looks so sulky… (Come on, your husband’s David Beckham, you’re gorgeous with a banging bod, and you design a line of fabulous dresses.)

    • Missmarilyn

      I agree that her life is like a dream-life, and I like her style and the interviews I’ve read she always seems nice enough. But I don’t find her physically attractive at all, facially or body-wise. Maybe because she always looks like she’s sulking or angry.

  • KatAnne87

    I rarely say something like this, but I just find her completely unattractive. Too skinny and always looks angry.

  • Linnie

    Ape-like? Really? I mean the photoshop job looks really dodgy, especially on the cover photo, but ape like? That’s mean imo.
    I absolutely adore VB. Had the pleasure of meeting her once, we were on the same flight and she was so sweet and funny and very charming. She smiled too.

    • Tinkerbell

      Me too I’ve always thought she had one of the most unfortunate faces among all the female celebrities… Ape-like, that’s exactly what it is! I’m not mean or jealous, it’s just my opinion.. actually it’s been my opinion for like 5-6 years.

  • Kimberly

    No. I like Victoria’s fashion sense but I have never found her to be particularly attractive. I really don’t like her nose and her eyes are rather dull.

  • Cristina

    Her body looks like a barbie in the last photo. God, I want to see her in real life.

  • serena

    Too much photoshop! She looks great after having 4 kids. Heck, she looks great period.

  • D

    I actually like her with long hair better then her famous short hair

  • Kimberly K

    She is not a model, but she does have some amazing fashion sense and I respect her for it. She is particular and consistent with her diet and appearance. She has never claimed that it is easy. I like her dresses and I have a few.

  • Aafje

    Too much duckface

  • Loos

    Gosh I hope they photoshopped that first photo – her head looks bigger than her butt! Far too skinny for my liking and no real talent to speak of except for her fashion sense. Although, I don’t know though how much of her fashion label and her style is actually hers?? I suspect that like many celebrities, she relies on a stylist and again like many celebrities, she’s not actually the one designing the clothes for her label.

  • deppfan

    She looks pathetic as usual

  • anonymous

    She’s a pretty woman, but she would look better with more weight on her… She’s too thin and she always has the same poses. Im sure she has a pretty smile, but I never see it! I don’t know much about her style, but from photos Ive seen she looked elegant… Not a huge fan of her overall, but she’s ok.

  • artemis

    i don’t really like her face. her body looks better than usual but it might be an illusion. her fake boobs ruined it anyway.

  • Adriana

    I prefer strong features like dark thick eyebrows & defined check bones.
    Rounded faces with no defintion from check bones/jaw or from lack of eyebrows/eye lashes is a forgetable face to me.
    I like Victoria’s current figure.
    She was too thin a few years ago but has DEFINITELY put on some much needed muscle & body fat, it is very clear when you compare her current figure to older pictures that can be seen on this website.
    Anyway since she got a more proportional chest, grew out her hair or got extension & gained weight she now looks very attractive to me.
    Way better than her Spice Girl Days & definitely better than her super skinny days.
    Her fashion however has always been good!

  • solaxia

    I think she looks really pretty in that last picture!

  • clara

    never been a fan of her looks but she looks ok here!

  • Laura

    I think she’s really pretty! She has a different look to the generic blonde cookie cutter look for sure, but I think she’s so striking and beautiful. Not sure if men find her ‘repulsive’ as someone said earlier either? My brother finds her really hot – but not when she was scary skinny a while back. IMO she’s still a bit too thin but better than before. I like how she’s honest about what she eats and isn’t like, ‘oh I eat so much pizza blah blah’ like other celebs – apparently she mainly eats loads of fish and loads of veg and hardly any carbs. She def should relax a bit, she could put on a stone and still look great. Hell, 2 stone! I wish she would do more TV interviews because she comes across so nice and really funny when she speaks but you so rarely hear her – she’s just photographed and doesnt smile because she hates it!

    • Adriana

      I like the way she looks here, her weight looks fine to me but I agree with you that she would still look great if she were 1 stone heavier, 2 stone though!? I don’t know about that, she might start to look a bit rounded all over which I don’t think would suit her petite frame or her fashion style.
      Anyway we all have different views so I respect yours…
      I guess I was just shocked to hear someone say she would still look good if she gained 2 stones!
      That sounds like ALOT to me, isn’t that like 24pounds or 12kg?

  • annemarie

    So many comments, and yet the most important thing goes unnoticed – the skirt in the 2nd picture needs to be ironed!!! It’s a photoshoot for a rather prestigious magazine and the skirt looks like it was chewed!

  • Autumn

    I wonder if the people who are trashing her for being thin, realize she has had a problem with Anorexia for a long time. She has put on a bit of weight from when she was really bad off, and I think she looks terrific and I am extremely Proud of her.

  • burckybear

    The least sexy lady on these pages. Terrible

  • Nene

    Her face and body has never done anything for me to be honest but she has nice legs which they should have shown more in the shoot as it’s her best feature.

  • Another Kate

    I like her. I think she’s made the most of her pretty but not spectacular face. I don’t even think it matters that’s she not classically beautiful. She has style, elegance, and discipline. If you ever see her in an interview she’s very smart and has a great sense of humor. I admire that pulled together well groomed look that she has.

  • Ellia

    Some of these comments are so harsh! I think she’s got great features–beautiful browns, nice jawline, striking cheekbones. She only looks strange on the cover (not “ape-like”) because she is pouting her lips in a way that the lighting picks up on.

    I find her interviews to be refreshing. I read something awhile back where she said that she’s not gorgeous, but she works with what she’s got. Even if people complain that she has a “bi***-face,” I have yet to see a candid of her looking awkward, pulling a weird face, etc. She knows how to make her features work her her, and I think she’s a pretty woman who wears clothes well.

    • Ellia

      *meant to write “beautiful brows,” oops!