Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham & Nikki Cox: Bony Chests Exposed

victoria-beckham-nikki-cox-bony-chests-exposed - Victoria Beckham & Nikki Cox: Bony Chests Exposed

There are PLENTY of skinny women on Hollywood’s scene… some naturally skinny, some intentionally skinny, some extra skinny, some scary skinny. I can’t speculate (loudly) on the category these two bony ladies came from, but I know one thing: that they love to show their bony chests to the world, hence the low-cut tops.

Nikki’s picture wasn’t exactly taken yesterday, but I noticed the resemblance between Victoria’s super-bony chest and Nikki’s, so I though it was worth a post.

Say your thoughts!

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  • BlackEssence

    So happy Posh removed those large implants…the bones don’t look as bad with the two balloons struggling to survive.

  • Elizabeth

    hey wow, I hadn’t even noticed Posh’s implants were gone (or at least, a lot less large) before BlackEssence mentioned it.. When did this happen?
    She looks a little better, although chest bones have always repulsed me quite a bit..

  • BlackEssence


    I believe she had them removed in ’07 when the Spice Girls reunited.

    …and I hear you on the chest bones…

  • Barbie

    xylobones again

  • Chloe

    About the xylobones…it can’t be helped because i have those too and i’m of a healthy weight. weight distribution i guess? 🙁 bah.

  • Shannon

    i love chest bones! i wish I had them more. I have to say that nikki looks terrible…her face has had way too much plastic surgery…she looks swollen and odd.

  • runner_girl

    I don’t always mind chest bones, but posh is ridiculously underweight, I don’t who the other woman is but she doesn’t look as emaciated

  • Carol1121

    Nikki Cox looks horrible, chest bones are NOT attractive, neither are false, silicon enhanced boobs that are trying to go under her armpits rather than towards each other to form cleavage! Yet, she gets hired despite her horrible look. If an actress was chubby, she would not get hired due to her “negative look” yet, they continue to hire and promote these women who look like they are on deaths door…she has no real talent to justify it either, shame on them!

  • Leanna

    Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones……….

  • J

    im so sad for nikki cox, what happened? she used to be somewhat cute…

  • Rhiannon

    My chest maybe a little skinny, but I would never ever want to look like these ladies. It makes me sick to my stomach.

  • i love to also get some beach body but it requires a lot of diet modification and exercise ‘;’