Cheryl Cole, Kimberley Walsh, Who Is Hotter?

Who’s Hotter? Cheryl Cole VS Kimberly Walsh!

whos-hotter-cheryl-cole-vs-kimberly-walsh1 - Who's Hotter? Cheryl Cole VS Kimberly Walsh!

2 hotties from Girls Aloud and 2 very different figures: one very thin (though formerly curvy) Cheryl and one classic pear shape Kimberly (who’s got amazing child-bearing hips).

Which type do you prefer?

Who’s Hotter? Cheryl Cole VS Kimberly Walsh!

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whos-hotter-cheryl-cole-vs-kimberly-walsh-33 - Who's Hotter? Cheryl Cole VS Kimberly Walsh!

whos-hotter-cheryl-cole-vs-kimberly-walsh-22 - Who's Hotter? Cheryl Cole VS Kimberly Walsh!

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  • anya

    I can’t stand Cheryl, and I think Kimberly is gorgeous, though not so fortunate shoes for her legs.

    • i think cheryl cole is gorgous how could you like kimberly she always opens her mouth and i thing she is ugly she tries to beat chery cole but it wont happen

  • runner_girl

    Cheryl hands down. That other girl has horrible legs. Sorry, but it is true.

  • Elena

    I really like both of them! They’re so different, but still both gorgeous! And I agree..Kim should chose different shoes.

  • Mirabela

    Kimberly Walsh

  • missy

    Equally beautiful girls…. just different types of beauty.
    Bit yeah, one has a horrible outfit & the other terrible shoes & hair…. but their beauty still shines through!

  • Serafiina

    Cheryl just because she has one of the most beautiful faces ever and her hair looks SO GOOD!

    • sarah

      her figure is lovely!! you must have a lovely figure too

  • e

    I have Kimberly’s exact shape (when I’m not pregnant) and I despise it. It is very frustrating to work out hard and diet hard and just not get the results you want, due to genetics. I prefer Cheryl, I find her prettier and her body is amazing.

  • Cait

    i think cherly is more beautiful but kimberley isnt looking as good as she usually does, that hair style doesnt suit her but she has got a really great stomach whether her weight is higher or lower. cheryl has actually put on a bit of weight recently compared to earlier in 2008 bt this is apparently purposeful. I think both are very beautiful girls and have great figures tho!

  • Marie

    Cheryl Cole by a landslide! Kim has CANKLES!!! (not to be mean or anything, but it’s the truth)

    • sarah

      Kimberley is gorgeous. She does not have cankles, shes just wearing unfortunate shoes. She is a slim girl, look at her tiny waist. The world has gone crazy if she counts as fat!!! shes gotta be a size 10, if not less!!!


    she is wearing an outfit that most people couldn’t pull off, but she is working it. the other girl’s legs are not so nice at all. cheryl looks curvier here and in all the right places, she’s toned, and is overall nicer too look at. more so than the other girl

  • Shannon

    Cheryl has a pretty face and i think her weight fits her she looks healthy IMO but my fav has always been Kim but that outfit does a diservice to her body!

  • change.

    wowww cheryl has killller legs. i see one healthy girl.

  • Sydney


  • tina

    Cheryl Cole is GORGEOUS. Most beautiful face, ever.

  • nevermindme

    I’m a man and I gotta say Kimberly. While Cheryl has got a pretty face there is not much else to her literally! I find her very overrated.

    Kimberly is more talented, beautiful and curvy. I like something to grab on to!

  • Fabulous

    KIM!!!! she is way more gorgeous! a real role model. Cheryl is to skinny and she did say she was very depressed when she was 9 Stone (126lbs) she thought that was too FAT!! ridiculous!!!! now she makes us all 120ish lbs girls feel like cows!! she is no role model. Its all about being heathy not a skeletor!!! KIMBERLY RULES!

  • Petra

    I love Kim and everything on her she is perfect and beautiful to me and I love her like a person..I like girls like she is and because of her i am watching girls aloud :DDD…haaahaa..


  • alison

    Kimberley walsh wins it for me. No matter how pretty cheryl’s face is her personailty messes it up, she’s trash. Kim on the other hand is a sweet hearted person with a killer stomach that she should show off more.

  • DJ

    Im only picking kim cuz i like her better, she should wear pants.

  • daniel

    cheryl, for definate

  • marissaa

    I like them both,they both (seem) lovely.

    But Cherly Cole is just stunning, i can’t think of anyone you could put her next to, that she wouldn’t be prettier than, so it’s slightly unfair on Kim =P

    Ha, Cheryl, but both stunning, and kim has a lovely figure, i’m sure half of the people posting aren’t even close to that, so shh. 😛

  • Jason

    Kimberley – she lives in Bradford near me (well I did a while a go) and I have snogged her. Might even have felt her but we were drunk!

  • Sarah

    Kimberley Walsh <3

  • al

    I can never work it out with cheryl cole there is something not that great about her she still has a cheap look about her and her hair is a bloody mess its like a lions mane and she can look quite orange.
    Not really a classy kinda girl atall shes also way too thin and thats not atall attractive the same with victoria bechkam they have little girls bodys and if men find that attractive theres something worying about it.
    Kimblerly has a great curvy womanly figure. Cheryl is a pretty girl but shes not exactly an out of this world super model is she, just a pretty girly girl who looks nice with alot of make up on. She also has brown eyes which personally i think never really stand out like an exotic blue or green. But she seems a sweet person and i think thats what mostly attracts people to her.

  • al

    kimberly has nicer cheek bones, cheryl looks gaunt like her face is ready to collapse. Its just the make up that lifts her face.

    • amy

      OMG you are sooooo jelous of cheryl cole shes gorgous shes num 1 in the WORLDS sexiest women! you must sooo jelous to say something like that…:@

      • charlotte

        jealousy has nothing to do with a persons personal opinion.
        Beauty is controversial.everyone sees it differently.
        i think cheryl has a great face, but i prefer kimberly because i like her big lips and womanly curves.
        that doesnt mean im jalous or anything like it, it just means that i have a different opinion then some people.
        accusing someone of being jalous for having a different opinion is not fair is it?

        • i was looking at all the coments but i think cheryl is nicer i am acsully a alcuholic i have big lips im am trying to beat charyl but i cant she is gorgous just go back and look at her she always smells nice are next song is called heart beat

  • Rellie

    she said something really inspirational once – she said its not all about being skinny and that if someone can look at her and say “shes looking a bit chubby in that picture” and make someone feel good about themselves then thats all she wants.

  • Annonymous

    Cheryl by a clear mile..however kimberly is buff too.

  • marcus

    Cheryl… too bad her man is a twat!

  • Amy

    cheryl looks so hot!
    kimberly is pretty too but she has cankles… (chubby ankles)

  • amy

    kimberlys lovley and curvy and preety but dont like them shoes:S cheryl is amazing she pulls that outfit off so welll shame she has a prick for a husband she could do so much better..xx

    ily-kim ND cheryl my 2 favs out of the band

    • he’s a twat (quoting a few comments above) and a prick?
      “video at 11”. 🙂

  • hannah



    2 sexiest women EVER BORN IN THE WORLD(lol im not gay)

    btw al ok yur a jelous :@
    ily kim nd cheryl

  • ginger

    face wise -Kimberly. Cheryle has one large eye and one smaller eye, and both her eyes are small. Plus the dimples that stretch to her chin (i don’t find cute)

    Body-Kimberly’s outfit shows off her curves more, but i’d rather be skinny like Cheryle bc that’s in style. Plus how did a girl her size get cankles?

    • now (Actually 2009, not now 🙂 ) that you mention her [cheryl’s] eyes look diff… i like that. yeah, the dimples are odd-ish, but should look good IRL.

      “Plus how did a girl her [kim’s] size get cankles?”
      Ahh, there’s a lot of “Cankle Augmentation” spam goin’ ’round” Possibly, Kim’s twatprick/pricktwat husband replied…

  • dany

    Cheryl is hotter. Kim wears too much make up and too much fake tan.
    looks orange. Cheryl is a natural beauty. Look at pictures of her before
    she was famous and she was just as beautiful then. Kim has a better
    personality though

  • Hannah

    I think that they are both beautiful in differant ways, Cheryl is skinny, but healthy, but kimberly is curvy and healthy, i’m glad that kimberly is not trying to loose weight because she makes girls like me feel better about our curvy figures 🙂

  • ana

    kimberly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!she is the best!!!! cheryl is just a girl with a lot A LOT of make up!we girls are much better than her…

  • ana

    dont forget she is very rich!!!she spend over 100.000 to make her look good..Cheryl trying to look her best…im not rich and i wouldnt spend all this on my nails and hairs,,better give to charity and dont confuse girls with ur skinny frame,Cheryl.

  • ana

    but as person,i think Cheryl isnt so bad,,,a bit fake,but its fine,she is on tv….so,come on,girls,look in the mirror !!!!!!!!!cheryl isnt something special…ordinary women

  • ana
    is the best

  • The truth is that Kimberley is the most beautiful woman in the world, and she sings better the Cheryl. Sorry but that’s just the truth but Cheryl is ofc beautiful 2!

  • Ling

    Cheryl is not that skinny and Kim is not that fat, either. But personally I prefer skinny girls, because it is just so much easier for them to carry an outfit, I mean any outfit!

  • chelsea

    kimbererly deffo better she got a relli nice figure not lik stick thing and shes well pretty and can sing better den cheryl bt cheryl is still pretty bt thts about it the looks get her everywhere tbh x

  • Jo

    I think both girls are beautiful, they are just different types of beauty. Cheryl could do with a bit more weight on her bones and Kimberley could do with exercising her butt and legs a bit more to improve their shape, but both girls have lovely faces. Although Cheryl Cole’s eyes are stunning.

    • ilovecherylcole

      i love them both personally. they are both different and both very sexy. i wouldnt say no to any of them. just wish they would both do some more sexy pics or at least some barefoot pics

  • i think kim is the best and shes prettyer (not 2 be mean) and cherril is working hard but for me kim is hottest even dow we got nearly the same name (not 2 be mean)cheril is cocky but i like her the way she is shes normal isnt shes but kim won for me……………………………….kim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is the best

  • i think kim is the best ,not 2 be mean cherril is coky but i like her for
    me kim is the best
    defanatily, yeas u herd it shes the best her the 1 and only
    KIMBERLEY WALSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SHES THE WINNE BET U…………….SHES WINNER

  • FACT.

    They are both curvy because they are both women.

    Kim is either fat or muscular , I can’t tell. To be honest it looks like she is swollen. Her body is weird. I can guarantee though, that if she lost some weight, she would look better. So it’s not exactly an excuse.

  • ben

    well heres a mans opinion IF (i wish) i had a choice between these two woman then i would choose kimberly. why? i love the shape of her face, her body and that smile just melt me. personally i prefer women with curves. cheryl is pretty no doubt but kimberly has some kind of added depth, its as though i see cheryl as all packaging but kimberly has the contents too. hope you get that lol


    Is it only me that would love to bend Kimberly over a desk and make pasionate love to her and work her ass so much she would sweat off some of that puppy fat

  • Kimberley and Cheryl look the same but Cheryl is more thinner because she’s 8 stone and Kimberley would be 10 stone.

  • Jon

    I can’t believe most people are picking Kimberley. Kimberley is chubby, her legs are too fat and she is wearing too much make up. Cheryl is hot! slim great legs, beautiful dark hair and eyes. Cheryl has an exotic look to her while Kimberley is very average looking.

  • ellie

    what the hell are you on about?! kimberly is not fat! standing next to cheryl cole is enough to make anyone look bigger then they actualy are beacause of her small frame. at least kimberly isnt a stick insect like some celebrities. she is a real roll model.
    she can’t help it if she has a larger shape then other people.
    so i say kimberly!!

  • Robert

    Kimberley would look so much better if she lost about 2 stone. But I struggle to find her attactive. I think most girls like to hate on Cheryl because they are jealous of her. They choose Kimberley because she is the most realistic option and doesn’t make girls feel insecure about themselves. Sarah and Nadine are also much
    more attractive than Kimberley.

  • Kimberley is very very cute so is Nadine.

  • bobby

    why aree people sayin kymberley is fat? shee iss not! andd cheryl isn’t that skinny! seriously i amm not just sayin thatt bcos i am not that curvy and i wudd LOVE tooo bee as curvy as kymberly! sooo tbh i wudd say kymberly! just bcos i wudd kill for her figur!

  • Alyssa Martinez

    Both beautiful x
    Kimberley has a nicer smile and all round face, and cheryl has a better figure. Although Kimberley still has a lovely figure and cheryl is still pretty face-wise xxx

  • joe

    is this some sort of joke?
    Cheryl Cole all the way
    I’m convinced the majority of commentators are fat lonely women.

    • pppccc

      C’mon,Kimberly is not fat!!!

      • Joe

        I know she isn’t, but I’m just saying that Cheryl has always been the prettiest in Girls Aloud by some distance, she’s probably one of the most natuarally beautiful people in showbiz, just by watching some early girls aloud vids.
        Dark beautiful eyes, nice exotic skin, adorable
        dimples and a nice petite figure these days.

        I’m not tryna be mean but I could see better looking girls than Kimberly straight away at the city centre.


      • not fat… and probably neither lonely, nor commenting here 🙂

  • simona

    lol! if you thing that kim is as beautiful as cheryl than you must be jealous, hate cheryl or actually you don’t know what is beauty. come on cheryl is absolutely pecfect and you know that :);):) kim is not bad but cheryl is amazing:D

  • t

    Kimberley has fat legs and big hips. Not attractive at all.
    I can see why she appeals to the “real woman” brigade though. Cheryl is beyond stunning, so is Nadine.

  • crazyromeo

    You guys are crazy. Kimberley wins it hand down. She’s curvy and beautiful. Cheryl is cute, but Kimba is hot damn.

  • Kimberley and Cheryl’s weight look a bit different
    because Cheryl’s a bit thinner than Kimberley in
    Girls Aloud, Nadine’s the skinniest in the group and Nicola’s the palest in the group and Sarah’s the tallest in the group. I’ve seen St Tranians 1 but I haven’t seen the second one yet. Girls Aloud is my favourite group, Are you going to do another concert next year? I better go now. I will see you again soon. Bye.

  • mel

    omg what has the world come to

  • Milly

    both girls look stunning and healthy. They’re both beautiful in their own ways; people are not made to be compared! urgh.. I absolutey hate it when people start comparing others! Fyi, there is no proper definition of hot or pretty or what ever.

  • burckybear

    Kimberley is too fat….

  • trev

    kim is sexyer shes got more features like a nice big bum and boobs and lips

  • I think Cheryl is beauitful but in kimberlys new video with aggro she is so HOT!!!!
    so I vot sexy Kimberly

  • nomie

    kimberely hands down …. even as a black gurl i wish i had those hips and ass…she’s the dream shape for any black woman !!!!!

  • John Parkin

    Straight men will go Kimberly and fashion slaves (Most women and Gays) will say Cheryl-she has a very nice face but no thighs or ass.