Kelly Ripa, Kylie Minogue, Who Is Hotter?

Who’s Hotter? Kylie Minogue VS Kelly Ripa!

whos-hotter-kylie-minogue-vs-kelly-ripa1 - Who's Hotter? Kylie Minogue VS Kelly Ripa!

Kylie’s 40 and she’s 5’0” and Kelly’s 38 and 5’3”. Both petite, yet one curvier than the other, one more toned than the other (I think you can figure which one is which).

And since they’re both wearing midi dresses in vibrant colors, let’s do a:

Who’s Hotter? Kylie Minogue VS Kelly Ripa!

Choose your favorite!

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • ivonne

    Kylie for sure!

  • e


  • susan


  • D33D33

    definitely Kylie!!!!!!!!

  • i have to go with kelly since i can’t stand kylie ;s
    kelly is toned, rather small for my ‘taste’ but .

  • Bryan

    Kylie is the absolutely best! All-around winner hands down. YEAH!

  • Holly

    I have the same shoes as Kylie’s!!!
    Besides, she looks better than the other one.



  • ilovesugar

    my god .. totally kylie. she’s got nice soft tone and knows how to be cute n sexy

    kelly ripper is like a little girl on amphetamines – aged thin and pre-adolescent body shape. no sexiness there.

  • Deyla

    How come they are sooo short?? o_O That’s interesting.