Body Comparisons, Danielle Lloyd, Who Is Hotter?

Who’s Hotter (Plus a Cleavage Battle)? Danielle Lloyd VS Lucy Pinder!

whos-hotter-plus-a-cleavage-battle-danielle-lloyd-vs-lucy-pinder - Who's Hotter (Plus a Cleavage Battle)? Danielle Lloyd VS Lucy Pinder!

Here are 2 boobylicious British beauties, both 25 years old: Danielle Lloyd and Lucy Pinder, showing off major cleavages.

Here’s a close-up:

whos-hotter-plus-a-cleavage-battle-danielle-lloyd-vs-lucy-pinder-2 - Who's Hotter (Plus a Cleavage Battle)? Danielle Lloyd VS Lucy Pinder!

Your task? Deliberate!

Best cleavage title goes to… Danielle Lloyd VS Lucy Pinder!

Best overall hotness title goes to…  Danielle Lloyd VS Lucy Pinder!

Pick your favorite!

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  • Bianca

    which ones which??

    • pia

      i guess lucy is the one of the rigth? 😛
      what wrong with lucy’s mouth? xD anyway, i think that this pictures are more flattering with lucy, so i prefer lucy… both battles

  • Looola

    It is VERY hard to tell and they both look the same! I will say Lucy Pinder, but I think just because of the way they are positioned, lol!!!

    • may

      they do look very much alike don’t they….if they aren’t the same person they must be related

  • Roro

    one on the right best cleavage and the one on the left best looking

  • anonymous

    Holy goodness, Lucy’s are so pushed together, guys probably want to lose themselves in there 😛 I would say Lucy’s are better because of them being pushed together, looks more appealing.

  • Both lovely ladies!! Very delish!! 🙂

  • Ariel

    Ew neither

  • sandra

    Lloyd, the one in the blk and white i think, shows off her cleavage in a sexy un-overstuffed way. As a girl with huge boobs, i know how hard it is to show off boobs without looking pamela anderson-esque.

  • I think Danialle are more beauty.

  • klara

    danielles has a very cute face, but both look a little playboy-bunny-like in their outfits.

  • slitt

    lucy is prettier an her boobs are natural so she wins

  • Holly

    With regards to the outfit: both are trying too hard.
    With rgds to the face and cleavage: girl on the left is prettier.

  • Serafiina

    Lucy, she looks better and she also has natural boobs.

  • larisa

    the ones on the right are so squished that it makes my girls hurt just looking at them!

  • Cait

    lucy, her boobs are prob too much the main focus but they are natural so she cant help it and otherwise her look is classy, good hair and dress and make up, whereas danielle is fake in all ways possible, definitely lucy!

  • Rellie


  • EmmSee

    lucy wins both

  • Freedom

    Very hard battle
    Danielle Lloyd has a girl next door charm to her. But its clear her boobs are fake. but since that the only fake thing on her I would have to say she wins. And she is not hotter but she she is prettier

    Lucy Pinder, lost b/c her cleavage, although natural, looks painful.just a better choice of ensemble, and she would win.

  • bex

    lucy’s are natural and she’s a lot more classy than danielle so she wins

  • hhh

    i think both of them r very hot.
    sexy ass and boobs.

  • hhh

    i think both have delicious boobs.
    lucy have very juicy boobs while danielle has bouncing boobs.

  • Lucy I love u

    Lucy’s because I have lots nuts mags and in them Lucy is always showing of her breast fully and her nipples look so juicy Daniel only shows her bum