Audrina Patridge, Wow or Eww?

Audrina Patridge in Leopard Tights – Wow or Eww?

audrina-patridge-in-leopard-tights-wow-or-eww1 - Audrina Patridge in Leopard Tights - Wow or Eww?

OK, so Audrina has the (skinny) body to pull off anything that her heart desires – well, maybe not low cut tops that reveal a rather debatable area *wink*. She certainly has the (skinny) legs in order to pull off tight white pants, shiny leggings or whatever else the rest of the world doesn’t dare to wear. But what about these leopard tights? Does she pull them off or not?

And on a more body-related issue, I’m spotting a bony aspect in the chest area. Again.

Audrina Patridge in Leopard Tights – Wow or Eww?

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  • anya


  • e

    Somewhere, a Corvette is missing it’s “Posing seductively on the hood” girl. Oh, my mistake, it’s a Monster Truck.

  • arianna

    She looks really tacky. If she wore a shirt under the black dress, lost the leggings, accessorised and chose decent shoes she could look good.

  • lola

    pretty much ewww

  • susan

    She pulls it off well cause she’s got such an amazing body

  • Barbie

    never been a fan of animal prints especially leopards and tiger etc..EW

  • Shannon

    She needs a stylist stat! I personally think she has a great body but her fashion choices are horrible I mean animal prints BOO!

  • change.

    now thats what u call sexy, shes not showing her massive breasts nor her legs or anything else. thats truly sexxy without overdoing it. im loving it.

  • zoe

    it looks really tacky, but ive got to admit she’s probably the only one who could pull it off with those legs.

  • Luke

    ew… lose the leggings, get a shirt underneath and stop posing for Playboy, and make better use of the body.

  • jasmin

    she looks goood
    i like her figure

  • Eh i

    It looks WOOOOOW!!!!!

  • Pseudonym

    i think she can pull it off but they’d look like hell runover on me. i dislike the white bra under a black shirt though. she should have worn something underneath especially with being in front of cameras with flashes.