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  • livefree

    Everything about that first pic is disgusting.
    After that its ok, it’s a performance outfit obviously, so it’s allowed to be tacky and sparkly and all of that jazz.

    And I will NEVER be able to get over that trashy, hideous leg tattoo.

    I am surprised at how narrow she looks in that last picture. Throughout all photos her face is stunning and her body is good.

    • rosie

      i can’t get past it either!! and i usually like tattoos!

    • brittainb

      agree…everything in that first pic is FUGLY…who is she? I do not know of her, except for this site…I also do not understand why stars aren’t wearing pants when they perform nowadays…?

  • mermaid

    EW. its just a reminder of the fact she is actually trashy. its unflattering on her, as well.

  • beckers!

    I don’t think her tat is too trashy. The outfits are terrible. No need for those trousers. Also they’ve tried to give her a waist and in doing so not flattered her body type at all. That said, she always looks facially stunning.

  • Jemima98

    She has a really nice body but excuse me what are you wearing.

  • Love it, love her, love her bod!! She is absolutely gorgeous and fit enough to pull it off. I’m glad to not see the same old boring, skirted stage ensembles!

  • Anna

    oh no…who decided those outfits were ever a good idea??!!
    i dunno…maybe it’s because i dont like cheryl cole at all in general…but that tattoo is possibly even more disgusting than her outfit choices

  • MNG

    another singer who perfoms in their underwear :p

  • natasha

    she has no hips

  • natasha

    Versus, is she a V shape?

    • Versus

      Yes, she is. Her shoulders are visibly wider than her hips, she has boobs and slim legs. However, when she is at a higher weight, she gets curvier hips… like Lindsay. At lower weights, they both lose their lower curves.

  • Padme

    Awful outfit, great body (except the hideous tattoo!).

  • jellyfish

    eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww. not a fan im afraid. n the pantsless look is plain weird.

  • GoGo2010


    But I think the tattoo looks sexy, and I usually hate tattoos!

  • b

    GAG SAUCE! And the shoes…oh man.

  • cheryl cole is stunning , enough said.

    p.s i agree …getting that barbed wire tattoo was not a smooth move.

    • Musaafiruun

      So right! The outfits are aweful, except that Cheryl is so stunningly gorgeous that she looks sensational in anything

  • Naomi

    Isn’t she bored of the pants with the slits in them?
    I certainly am.

    The first pic, definitely ew. The others…not ‘wow’ but not ‘ew’.

  • KatoAto

    What a beautiful girl…but she needs to get that tat lasered off

    She also has no hips b/c of her weight loss

    However…still a beautiful girl

  • ladyfrommars


  • madeleine

    best body

  • John

    Remember that time she beat someone up in the toilets… No! Ahhh, that’s becuase everybody chose to forget it when she became “The Nation’s Sweetheart” – A meeting I must have missed! Either way she is a pretty girl, I’ll give her that. Oh, and her tattoo is pretttttty terrible!

  • I just dont get it. why is everybody so crazy about her? yes, she has a nice figure, but almost every woman in showbiznis has one. and her face? I have a problem with recognizing her in the pictures. to me, she is not memorable at all.

    moreover in these outfits and with the tatoo she just looks… must say “eww”.. like an amateur, not very talented singer who is trying too hard to get attention.

  • Serenee

    EWWWWWWW! The outfits horriffic and having no hips whatsoever looks very odd on a woman. Her tattoo is gross too.

  • Serenee


  • artemis

    weird body type