Christina Aguilera, Wow or Eww?

Christina Aguilera in a Multicolored Outfit – Wow or Eww?

christina-aguilera-in-a-multicolored-outfit-e28093-wow-or-eww - Christina Aguilera in a Multicolored Outfit – Wow or Eww?

As we said in previous posts, Christina loves to experiment with clothes, makeup, styles and all that. And here she is, ignoring the old rule that says something like “Don’t wear more than 3 colors in an outfit”.

Let’s count: massive pink scarf, yellow & white top, grey hat, black pants, red shoes – that would be 6 colors. Too bad that we can’t see the bag – cause I bet it’s blue. Or green.

Christina Aguilera in a multicolored outfit – Wow or Eww?


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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Lindsay

    lol i want to say ewww. but it somehow all works and looks good. i guess only xtina can pull that off. 😉

  • ajka

    actually, in my opinion this outfit is so much better than what she usually wears… I would leave those red shoes at home and take some casual grey ones instead. No lipstick, congratulations!

  • Kasia

    she looks so cute! i love her style here.

  • jess

    Love love LOVE the hat.
    think she should lose the glasses and if the scarf were gray it would make a world of difference.
    but.. Still really like the outfit and will probably hijack.

  • adrienne

    i like her. i didn’t recongnize her first. she looks better than usually.

  • Lisa

    She looks like a hobo