Christina Milian, Wow or Eww?

Christina Milian in Skeleton Leggings – Wow or Eww?


Here’s one slim fit looking girl in a pair of (are they see-through?) leggings… and she’s not wearing a long top. And the leggings are not plain, they’re with a skeleton pattern.

Christina definitely has the body to pull pretty much anything off – but what about this ensemble?

Christina Milian in Skeleton Leggings – Wow or Eww?

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  • susan


  • Ewww!

  • stephani

    yuck, I don’t like it. Has she lost weight, she looks like a bobble head here.

    And her face is ALWAYS soo shiny.

  • raluca

    ewww… i normally reallyreally love her, but that’s just too much.

  • ilovesugar

    yeah not nice!

  • i like it .. girly and cute

  • Jessica

    She’s very pretty. However, I gonna say eww. Becuase 1, Skeleton theme isn’t really my style and 2, NEVER wear leggings alone. Always wear a long dressy shirt or a skirt with it.

  • Linda

    I love it to be honest. She’s skinny and fit enough to pull it off (^_^)