Christina Milian, Wow or Eww?

Christina Milian’s Compromise Between Blonde & Brown – Wow or Eww?



Here’s smiley Christina Milian at Big Billy Clark’s Annual Debauchery Birthday Pool Party, sporting an interesting dye-job.

We have to discuss!

Are you a fan of the contrast? Is it flattering on Christina?

Christina Milian’s Compromise Between Blonde & Brown – Wow or Eww?

See her complete little red dress look after the jump!


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  • kayla

    she looks cute….just the outfit is horrible…..

  • sequined

    i never get her looks. trashy and weird.

  • I am not a fan of the skunk hair.

    • Ella

      LOL! Me neither.

  • Deea

    the dress is ok [even it’s not so pretty] but the hair is horrible

  • Ruby

    She has a cute face, but I dont like that hair! She would look much better with just black hair.

  • Emmily

    It’s more of an eww..

  • Sammie

    i think its diffeerent………..and everyone wants some kinda way to stand out so……

  • Blanca

    She has the cutest face!

  • Jess

    Two-toned hair is and always will be a sign of trashiness.

    It’s an ewww.

  • KG

    She is a cute girl. Her hair is certainly interesting to look at but it almost distracts me from her face. I would like to see her experiment with solid hair colors. Two toned hair just kills me at times.

  • abby

    Ewwww! 😛

  • Maryna

    I am not liking her hair. But even beautiful people have bad hair days I guess.

  • andnobody

    I think she just didnt get the colour right 😛
    its not flattering.

  • neonilla


  • coci

    this is just so unfortunate…christina milan has such a beautiful, almost flawless face…she’s very youthful and girly looking and it’s hard to believe that her age is closer to 30 than 20. To add to that this woman’s figure is in excellent shape. The hair is doing absolutely nothing for her though…she should just stick to either having black hair or a brownish shade if she wants to go lighter.