Christina Ricci, Wow or Eww?

Christina Ricci in an Interesting Dress – Wow or Eww?

Christina-Ricci-in-an-Interesting-Dress-Wow-or-Eww - Christina Ricci in an Interesting Dress - Wow or Eww?

It’s got an unexpected stiff neckline, rhinestones, fringey feathers and see-through lace with a touch of under-boob – well, this dress is certainly not boring… but does it look pretty on Christina?

Christina Ricci’s Dress – Wow or Eww?

Cast in your votes!

Take 2 closer looks after the jump!

Christina-Ricci-in-an-Interesting-Dress-Wow-or-Eww-2 - Christina Ricci in an Interesting Dress - Wow or Eww?

Christina-Ricci-in-an-Interesting-Dress-Wow-or-Eww-3 - Christina Ricci in an Interesting Dress - Wow or Eww?

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  • artemis

    weird as hell
    i really like her make.up

  • MaryBeth

    I think if the material wasn’t bunchy around her waist and if she had worn sexier shoes that went with the dress, she could have rocked it.

  • Sidney

    Under-boob view is hardly ever a good look, but on this occasion, i actually like the top part. The fringe skirt… Not working imo, and the shoes could’ve been chosen better as well. I feel it’s a shame it could’ve been a cute, cooky and bold look, but now just looks kinda weird and sloppy. But she probably thinks it’s good just the way it is.

  • bestguest

    It seems too overwhelming for such a petite woman, I think she’s like 5’1″

  • Chester

    The dress isn’t very pretty but she is! She has been of my favorite actresses since i saw her in the Adam’s Family all those years ago haha.
    Quite a unique beauty.

  • Princess

    It`s a big EEWWWW for me,don`t like the idea of the top especially!

  • snoops

    she usually bores me to look at, so I vote ‘wow’, because at least this is eyecatching, and I like the underboob, looks good only with a small pert chest. The shoes are very blah though.

  • b

    crazy to admit it, but it wouldn’t have been so bad if the waistline wasn’t drooping to make her look as if she has a protruding belly.

  • Allie

    I actually like it. It’s LBD vamped up.

  • Bri

    Definitely not a fan of the dress, just a little too out there for me, but her face is looking very pretty (and I’m not normally a big fan of her looks)!

  • violet

    not a fan of that dress. love christina ricci though.

  • your mom

    oh my god, f****g ugly dress!

  • eww

  • Jemima98

    I like her makeup, but that’s about it.

  • fittingout

    I can appreciate the attempt but the dress seems to be trying to do too many things at once. On the other hand, it’s nice to see her out and about :-).

  • Ella

    She herself is pretty, but whether the wearer of this dress is tall, short, fat or thin, I don’t think I would like it on anyone!

  • Tess

    The feathery shirt part is pretty cool but as for the rest; there is just waaaaaay to much going on for my liking. It would be interesting to see what it looked like from the back, not that it would change my opinion.
    She’s very pretty though, and i like the shoes 🙂

  • hideous dress, but she can totally rock it 🙂 and i looove the shoes

  • molly

    Woah, just too much going on. Plus, I don’t like the under-boob view.

  • Star 77

    Eww! Just don’t get the dress! Then again I never really got her either so……..

  • susie q

    Love the top part of the dress. Would have looked better (esp. on her figure!) if it had a nude lining and if it were skin-tight with the lace material for the skirt part instead of that weird fringe thing. That skirt material doesn’t look good on anyone unless you’re a flapper heading off to studio 54.

  • Lisa

    It does her body no justice at all!

  • this chick

    no way she to skinny for that dress a lady with more meat can work it like Christina Hendricks