Eva Longoria, Wow or Eww?

Eva Longoria at the Emmy Awards – Wow or Eww?


The good parts? Pretty dress and perfect for Eva’s shape (skinny legs, skinny arms, gains weight in the middle), but…

The bad parts? Something about the black, heavy eye makeup, vivid orange blush and flat hairstyle is a little off.

One more pic of Eva after the jump!

What do you say?

Eva Longoria at the Emmy Awards – Wow or Eww?

Photo credit: Getty Images

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  • TR

    Ewwwww….. She really blew it this time…

  • anya

    she loooked HORRIBLE. She looked like she was beaten up, with all that eye makeup going on. The dress with the bow would fit a 10 year old not someone in their 30’ies and she just looked uncomfortable.

  • Amanda Pants

    dress is weird, but sort of pretty – face/hair is disgusting.

  • CountryGal777

    What is up with her lately?