Body Type and Clothes, Jessica Alba, Wow or Eww?

Jessica Alba’s Pants – Wow or Eww?

Jessica-Albas-Pants-Wow-or-Eww1 - Jessica Alba's Pants - Wow or Eww?

Do you guys think that these pants are flattering… on any type of figure?

Jessica Alba’s Pants – Wow or Eww?

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Jessica-Albas-Pants-Wow-or-Eww-2 - Jessica Alba's Pants - Wow or Eww?

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  • MirandaWannabe

    She looks like a baby. Those trousers hang down like they’re hiding a nappy. Bleurgh.

    However (in her defence, weak though it is) they do flatter her calves. And the rest of her outfit is pretty. Unfortunately, its hard to look fast those nappy-pants.

    • Leah

      haha i thought that about her calves as well, especially in the first photo
      she could have looked so cute if she’d worn jeans or something instead…

  • bst

    Don t know why anybody wears pants like those but anyways….her hair looks ill.

  • RAchel

    removed by admin* so should anyone else who thinks this is ‘wow’ 🙂

  • i love her entire look!

  • amazon

    jessica is striking me as someone who is trying too hard on the trend front. people i consider really stylish don’t follow fashion, they just pick the odd one of two trends that they really like and that suit them. I’ve seen jess in pretty much all of them lately, cage shoes, florals and leather, nautical stripes, 3/4 trousers, harems, denim dresses etc.
    she’s so pretty she doesn’t need to try so hard. the top part of her outfit with skinny jeans or a pair of cut offs would have looked lovely.

    • exactly!

    • ChelBell

      I second that

    • FF

      If she got them free from a retailer then she may merely being polite.

      Not to mention, she’s got a body that can actually pull off most of the trends as they depict them in magazines. I’d wear what I liked and looked good regardless of whether people thought I was trying too hard. I’d think their opinion is their business. Maybe she does too.

      It’s actually interesting when celebs wear lots of trends – if you have a similar body type or skin tone you can see what may or may not suit you. People complaining about that seem a bit disingenuous. When she dresses simply they call her boring! She can’t win – I’m glad she doesn’t try anymore.

  • Ups

    These pants are so modern in Europe. You can buy them everywhere for less money and they are perfect for hot weather and outdoor partys. In Spain all girls and women wear them. I love them, but she wears them wrong…

    • im sure they’re comfy:-)
      even in london where i live atm, loads of girls wear them.
      But I don’t think they really flatter the female shape. I think pretty much all female body shapes are beautiful, alot of people just dont know how to dress for their figure.
      But if she or anyone else wants to wear them and their comfy, why not?
      women shouldnt always have to feel the need to look “sexy” when sexy really comes from the inside and how u carry yourself (imo).

      ups how would you wear them? any style tips on how to make them look cool?

      • Ups

        I didn’t mean that she shouldn’t wear them. I have for example qide hips and a j lo bum and i unfortunatly can’t wear them, because they make me bigger, but when i’m at the beach just for relaxing i wouldn’t care what people think… even in the city. I think she should wear a black pants and she should wear a sleeveless shirt in a bright colour and the shoes should be (don’t know the english word) gladiator shoes. The women in Spain also wear lots of metalic jewelry. It looks natural. And comfy…

        • uhm… No, I have to disagree, the women in Spain don’t all wear these ugly things… some people do, but I wouldn’t say it’s a majority, mostly teen girls and some young women, and they definitely don’t wear them like Jessica, I don’t know what she is doing but they just look weird on her. And there isn’t a majority of people wearing tons of metallic jewelry either.

          • snoops

            hmm yeah I was kinda baffled by the comment too, havent really seen these pants worn much in spain but when I was in england, south of england, I saw these pants worn quite a bit. Very rarely did they look nice, the odd person pulled it off. I just dont understand the trend at all.

          • Ups

            I didn’t mean every women in spain wears them with metallic jewelry. Two years ago i made a backpack tour through andalucia and especially in granada a saw many young women wearing those pants. Some friends of me lived there and they did that, too. Didn’t want to anger you! It was just a notice.

        • oh sorry i didnt mean to say that you said she shouldnt wear them! i was just asking how you would wear them cuz they look really comfy and i was interested in getting some style tips! sorry, didnt mean for it to come out wrong 🙂

          yea i reckon they would look quite cool with gladiator shoes!

      • amazon

        i like casual better than sexy or over dressed looks, but i still don’t want to look like i wandered out in my jammies!
        i do have a couple of pairs of harems but i only wear them for comfort in the house.
        If you want to wear them outside, i would say go for cropped ones, try loads on to find a length that suits you, flat at the waist, and wear with heels.

    • that’s true. she wears them totally wrong!

  • Ikram

    It looks like she got a big poop stuck on her butt :S It doesn’t suit her at all

  • Daniel

    Those are some weird pants, ladies. Weird. Really. I don’t know anything about fashion, anyway. So maybe they are really trendy and I don’t know it… Anyway, I would prefer my wife to wear those kind of pants only when she goes to bed… Unless she really wants to wear them… But… Ewww…

    • artemis

      agree lol

  • Mizzy

    well, they look like adult diapers, so definitely ewwww. I think I remember my mom owning a similar pair back in 1986, and I was emberassed for her to drop me off at school with those pants on.

  • jay

    she’s wearing them all wrong!
    you never wear heels with those! you wear sandals, a plain sleeveless shirt, and some beautifully colored accessories.
    she modernized the look to much, its supposed to look bohemian/ gypsy like. braided hair is a plus!
    she makes it look like over sized tights.

  • machmalow

    who the hell could like these .. monstrosities ?

  • I agree the pants look silly. But Jessica is still beautiful no matter what she’s wearing.

  • Amerie

    a big ewwwwwwwwwwww

  • alia

    i love the whole thing put togeather like this!!

  • Queen Mab

    i have a gay friend who loves these pants and really rocks them.

  • CC

    Seriously, I will never understand harem pants.

  • nannou

    I’m between Eww and LOL

    • HAHA! I own a few pair of these… and my boyfriend haaaaates them. But they’re super comfy and stylish with the right shoes/top/bag. Takes a bit of balls to wear them and feel good, Jessica doesn’t strike me as someone who has a lot of fashion balls.

      • udkcoco

        I wanted a pair! My boyfriend also hates them! In fact he hates most of what I wear. He’s like ‘you and your tiny pants and your bright high skirts slouchy boots and those jesus sandals! What’s wrong with you!?’

      • Jade

        eeewww but I think she’s just chilling so it’s okay.who said that she has to be always styled ?

  • Sanne

    I like it. Her hips aren’t big, so she totally pulls it off!

  • Mocha

    Someone needs to remove the dump she took in her pants. Wow

  • mmmmm

    just shows you how people will where ANYTHING if it’s “IN”, no matter how ridiculous it looks…

  • Princess

    I never use to like these Aladdin pants,it`s like you shit in the pants LOL

  • Kimberly

    Not flattering on anyone. She looks terrible here.

  • Someone PLEASE explain these pants to me! I don’t get them. They remind of when a toddler poops in their pants and they sag in the seat. I think I am going to dub these “Poop Pants” from now on.

    • Ikram

      OMG yes ! I can’t explain these pants though, I’m just like you. I’m like “?????????????????”

  • Dani

    They can be ugly, but comfortable and they are quite popular in Spain. I’ve usually seen them worn as shorts, and those that made to be pants don’t usually hug the leg like that. They aren’t so tight.

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  • lisa

    did anybody else notice her hair? what happened? did she remove her extensions and is that what it looks like when you do so?

  • K Justice

    Why does such a beautiful girls always want to look homeless?

  • Jemima

    Those pants are just tragic on anyone.

  • dee

    These pants were so common in Israel, when I lived there last year. I don’t know why, they are the ugliest most unflattering pants in the world. It makes a woman who is 100lbs, look like she is 200lbs from the waist down. My SIL used to wear them all the time, lol. I tried them on once, but I just couldn’t do it. I’m sorry, even if they are “IN”, they just don’t look good on anyone. I’d rather wear less ‘hip’ clothes and look good, than hip ones and look ridiculous. BTW, men don’t care about fashion trends, and are very unattracted to diaper pants.

  • FF

    The pant’s – maybe – just not in that material, that’s what makes them unflattering. No problem with the rest of what’s she’s wearing though. And I really like her shoes!

  • nessa

    lol I’ll give her a pass because it’s jessica alba.. haha if someone who wasn’t as attractive wore those pants it would be horrid.. haha

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  • Vin

    Oh dear.
    I saw someone wearing this recently. Actually, it was a mum pushing a stroller. I couldn’t establish if she was in denial, wishing she were the baby being pushed in the trolly, or was severely cramped/ bloated and chose a slightly less than discreet way of expressing herself…

    Either way, this trend screams 90s boy-young teen wearing extremely baggy pants. i’ve never quite understood how designers ambitiously spin things feminine, i mean it’s not always good…

  • shell

    Ewww, not keen on the pants. Hareems can look cool, but not when they’re so extremely baggy!

  • Naomi

    They look kind’ve okay in those 2nd and 3rd pics, but that 1st pic is AWFUL.
    And funny. XD

    I’d say worn right, these pants can look very fashionable.
    But here? Ha no.

  • she pooped herself!! lol.. hmm id rather keep them as pj’s then wear them out IMO

  • Out of all the choices of clothing out there, she (or her paid stylist!) chooses to look like she crapped her pants? Ewww.