Lady Gaga, Wow or Eww?

Lady Gaga in a Brave Outfit – Wow or Eww?

lady-gaga-in-a-brave-outfit-wow-or-eww - Lady Gaga in a Brave Outfit - Wow or Eww?

Lots of rubber going on here, not to mention that lots of skin is revealed.

Her figure certainly looks amazing, but how about the complete look?

Lady Gaga in a Brave Outfit – Wow or Eww?

P.S.: Lady Gaga wore this ensemble in London. In FREEZING London.

lady-gaga-in-a-brave-outfit-wow-or-eww-21 - Lady Gaga in a Brave Outfit - Wow or Eww?

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  • Jen

    Wow thats amazingly brave and she looks amazingly hot….

    • Cliff

      Hot…..NOT!!…….I wouldn’t hit that thing even with two paper bags on her head and your D..1ck

    • kev

      she is a minger, wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole

  • raluca

    crazy but hot. looks like she lots some extra pounds.

    • YOUNES

      salam cava azin

  • mia

    she looks perfect (I mean her body.. I don’t know about the clothing.. :D)

    • Tina

      Agree! Perfect body!

  • sassie

    OMG! i don’t know how but she pulls this off. her body looks slammin’

  • She looks hot but is nuts for wearing it during this cold winter in Britain!

  • missy

    Completely inappropriate in the cold weather. Or ever, except maybe Halloween.
    But totally hot… I love Christina, but its a good idea she stopped trying to ve lady gaga… she wouldn’t have pulled this look off!

    • hendrix

      christina who? isn’t her name joanne?

      • missy

        LOL… no I meant when Christina Aquilera tried to take over Lady Gaga’s image when her last CD came out… I guess she thought Lady Gaga wasn’t popular enough for people to recognize her “inspiration”.

  • runner_girl

    I still don’t who this person is, but she does appear to have lost weight since the last picture posted of her. I concur with everyone else, her body looks awesome! In a fit (Check out that tricep) not emaciated way. The outfit looks like she rushed out in a fire in only her (rubber?) foundation garments.

    • runner_girl

      Sorry, not the last picture of her in the white jumpsuit, but the “guess the booty picture” She looks good in all of them, though, just really small here.

  • krystyn

    You think it’s cold in London? Come to Toronto!!!!!

    Plus I love the outfit, go lady go!

  • pOtAtO

    She’s amazing! only her can pull a look like this! so hot! and the body is perfect!! wow!

  • change.

    lmao i cant belive people find this hot. its trashy. a bra in public, talk about wanting attention. shes very unattractive and that amount of makeup is ridiculouss! her body looks pretty good but shes retarded to wear that on her sexy body.

    • change.

      her foundation*

  • blake

    this is exactly what her image is about. she is a next pop diva, so shegot to dress up extraordinary. she looks fabulous,i love lady gaga´s style!!

  • Ella

    She’s brave, I’ll give her that, but that outfit is horrendous.

  • klara

    great shape. the colour and texture of the skirt remind me of the rubber sheets old people get under their bedsheets in senior residences..

    • runner_girl


  • Zoe


  • sophie

    well her body looks fantastic but OH MY GOD, wearing something like that in London at this time of year? she is crazzzzzy! I live in london and even right now I’m cold wearing an old wooly jumper :/

    • nin

      Hi Sophie I am in London too and I too can vouch to the fact that it is super cold right now. it just goes to show how brave and into that image she is. She has a really great figure, hence the confidence.

  • Fabulous

    wow great body!!!!
    Yeah its abit crazy to only be wearing this in LDN. I am from california and live in london and i have to admit it’s just freezing here, u can’t go out like that! but hey she’s the one freezing not me.

  • Valentine

    It kind of looks like she got rushed out of the house before she finished getting dressed – not a good look, at all. Plus, she must be so bloody cold!

  • e

    I think the outfit is HOT and kudos to Gaga for pushing the envelope!

  • LondonChicka

    gosh I live in london and I have to tell you its COLD——— She is defo brave cos when i go out know its lots of layers on lol

  • zoe

    ia. she’s got a hot figure, but this is trashy.


    ouftit? Scandolous.
    body? hot.
    Lady can pull it off
    its what makes lady gaga..well, gaga.(as in crazy)

  • Luke

    Outfit? Whorish.
    Body? Nice.
    She can pull it off, but she has no class.
    She’s crazy, that’s for sure.


      haha,funny 😀

  • ilovesugar

    she gets away with the ‘barely there’ peice…i love her look!
    i’d be happy with her tiny body

  • miha

    не фонтан на видео лучше смотрится

  • Lana

    I like the way Gaga dresses.A lot of people in Europe and in Russia dress how they want to and nobody creteacts them. In America people dont understand that. Sorry for them. By the way she looked great!

  • Luke

    Perfection, as always.

    Love this woman.

  • NetSurfer

    Wow! She is a straight hottie with a naughty body! yummy!!

  • GaGa4LadyGaGa

    She has a great body but I think she should have a bit more coverage in public but then i think a lot of hollywood will be cloning themsevles into mini gagas cause her style is risky and hot.

  • piledriver2006

    She looks so hot in that. All she is missing is a great pair of cum Fu*k me boots

  • jasmin

    she looks rather slim here!

  • Christi


    She is nothing but a tramp. It is sad that you have little girls shopping in Victoria’s Secret asking me for a “Lady Gaga” bra…..sad

    I quit last week.

  • Nikki

    LOVE it !!! for rillz

  • Casey

    I like it! I think I would like it more if the two pieces were attached and didn’t show her midriff… that look is kind of over.. but hey.. if you got the body! 🙂

  • She wears the most stupidest stuff ever.

  • Denver

    lady gaga is ridiculously lame. She’s a talentless hack that has to euphemize her style as “artistic” because it’s dreadful. Her self-presentation whorish and lacking in taste. I remember girls like this in high school. It’s hard to be attractive when you so desperately crave attention. Yuck.

    The wanton pop culture of the United States is reprehensible.

  • PRO 88


  • Tes

    Her songs (in my opinion) aren’t all the creative and totally suck!! And her fashion sense is ridiculous! Hopefully, she doesn’t start some stupid fashion trend…….or did she already?

  • PaPa GaGa

    Wow… All I can say is I had to walk out on her at the de l’Olympia in Paris for not being able to sing! Isn’t that what it’s all about the singing. The CD’s were trick produced on ProTools to make-up for the complete lack of vocal talent.

    As for the show. Message 1) get the prop guys dressed in black so they do not distract from your prancing on stage. Message 2) the guys moving your props on stage need a lot of practice. They look like total amature hour at the high school theater. Message 3) when you stay at the Landmark in London again don’t be so loud it is bad from. Have a little courtesy for the other guests.

  • Ed

    Holy WOWza! Nice!

  • ben

    woo,this is clothes

  • ithurtswhenipee

    This outfit works for “her” in the cold weather because it’s cock and balls will shrink up into it’s pelvic region.

  • Boom

    Hot. Really.

  • johnathon

    to all haters of anything if u dont like something,grow up and dont waste time posting rude ass remarks on websites. Keep rude comments to ur self! Im ashamed that nobody tells yall rude people this. Lady gaga maybe a horrid singer but u dont see me wasting time about it. So change the channel. Or take out the cd. I know some of u are sayin take ur own advise buddy, but i think she is hot. If i had a body like that damn right id flaunt it. So… Wat have we learned? Be kind.and if u dontlike something dont pay attention to it.

    • Napalm

      “Lady gaga maybe a horrid singer but u dont see me wasting time about it.”

      Uh…you just DID “waste your time on it”. Horray for redundancy!

      This entire article is asking people to give their opinion, there is no reason to scold people for doing what the article asks. Just because an opinion is negative doesn’t mean it’s irrelevant.

  • Gwen

    No, what you’ve attempted to tell us is that it is only OK to post an opinion if it is an opinion that you like and agree with.

  • Nathan

    That’s not rubber, it’s latex or PVC.

  • Nathan

    Oh and it is VERY hot.

  • omgzor

    Omg. Can u ppl think at all…. u say how can she have that outfit in that cold blah blah blah…. dont u think she’s about to enter a building… from a limo????!!!! How do u cloth urself when going to a party or some arrangement btw… if u had that figure and wore that outfit i bet u would love if someone said HOT even a male-figure dressed in tight t-shirt and denim’s…. right?! U get my point… if u dont u must be just as boring as watching a snail hurtling along in sand.

  • Mel

    omg, isnt she cold? well maybe shes going to a party, aren’t parties generally hot? so if she exits a limo actually a car, (seeing as some London streets are narrow). Then again i don’t think she wear rubber (latex) when it’s 90degrees out. so maybe the cold is a factor, maybe the bra/top? is insulated, or not. i like both opinions bad and good. i like a few of her songs, because i’m at the teenage phase (i’m 18) but i also have common sense and i can see why people would say shes ‘horrid’ or even a ‘tramp’ but i admire how (it seems to me) shes breaking boundaries and risking negative comments on her clothing choice. shes dressing that way because she wants to, and a major part might be because she wants attention. her outfits crazy? yes i would say so, but has anyone lately see fashion walks/shows? those outfits are stupid/crazy/ and who would buy it? so that’s my opinion and i got to go. like i said i like a few of her songs i think the rest are awful and yes i do watch the news and i am horrified at what parents are letting their children do, omg i’m still in shock when my lil sis told me they played lady gaga at her school dance and shes in 5th grade, i remember the high school played bad romance at PROM! i’m truly terrified at what our school systems and industry’s are doing to children (young girls in particular).

  • Mel

    P.S I think she should have had that skirt in red and the shoes in black. i don’t know the whole thing together seems weird, i admit it, but i just thought of several ways where she could have made it a little normal, but then again if she did she wouldn’t be Lady Gaga. >.<' maybe in America we need one or two famous crazy people and no i don't mean Britney Spears. sorry my sister pointed that out that's why i wrote Britney. i particular don't like Britney, Hannah Montana, and Lady Gaga, but i am impressed with only Gaga the others all seem like drug addicts who need a senior home to live in.

  • we don’t care.. .

  • Mel

    guess wat, i do. har har

  • Claudio


  • mia

    i think wow she looks great…..i think she has lots of guts to pull that outfit off…….idc on what she likes to wear i think she looks sexy in anything ;3 …….i think she looks basically sexy in this pic 😉

  • carrie

    SHE looks good, but the skirt looks like a bathing cap.

  • she look beautiful nd every 1 is free do what ever she like
    i forget something all russians nd most of europ… they are blonde nd beautiful

  • Bah

    The comments here are disgusting. What happened to our concept of beauty? Hey you guys are entitled to your opinions, but don’t perpetuate an image simply to perpetuate it. Have your own thoughts once in a while. It’s okay for people to not be skinny, and it’s okay for people to be outrageous and tacky if they want to.

  • troooooooo cool lady

  • Kitanalove

    i thought she looked stupid and kinda drunk.and she kinda looks like a dude.everyone has their own opinion but thats how i feel,along with the “hot n stylish shoes” that actually look like an animals let all that sink in a lil and ponder upon your mind.

  • Emma

    Absolutely WOW, she best person who walks on Earth. She so talented, beautyfull and kind person. I just don’t imagine pop and my life without this women. So huge respect to Mother Monster <3

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