Wow or Eww?

Leona Lewis in a ‘Red Lips’ Dress – Wow or Eww?

Leona-Lewis-in-a-Red-Lips-Dress-Wow-or-Eww - Leona Lewis in a 'Red Lips' Dress - Wow or Eww?

Leona Lewis showed up in a red lips dress she designed herself at the Los Angeles premiere of Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. She has a nice figure, but how about this dress?

Leona Lewis in a ‘Red Lips’ Dress – Wow or Eww?

And how do you like her new, darker hair with bangs?

Check out a close-up after the jump!

Leona-Lewis-in-a-Red-Lips-Dress-Wow-or-Eww-2 - Leona Lewis in a 'Red Lips' Dress - Wow or Eww?

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  • Stephers

    The top part looks like she’s wearing a couch. Unfortunately. But the rest of her looks gorgeous!

    • monkey

      yeah, it looks cheap

    • flossy

      You’re right she should have stuck the lips on her arse that way she’d always feel appreciated and have a comfortable place to sit.

      • Katy

        LOL @ flossy- always feel appreciated! gold.

      • lol!!

    • PAULA

      And The Oscar goes to… Leona Lewis for “Nicki Minaj”!!!!!

  • Kelly

    ewww top, but she looks great

  • vi

    the straight hair makes her face look too long. and that top is really stupid but the hair colour is lovely and so is the skirt.

  • Issa

    they’re not even ‘pretty lips’, it looks like they are plumped 🙂

  • I want those shoes…*drools*

  • SlicknSexyfied

    Issa, she’s ethnic and have always had those lips anyway.

    She’s gorgeous and has a great body; I just think the outfit is stupid.

    • I think Issa meant the outfit lips – not Leona’s! And she’s right – the outfit lips look kind of ugly!
      Leona is very pretty and has a great figure – but those lips (on her chest!) look stupid!

      • Issa

        🙂 I seriously could not have guessed there would be confusion about this! ofcourse I meant the outfit lips 🙂

    • Kiki

      You know what SlicknSexyfied ? Everyone is ethnic :p

      • SlicknSexyfied

        Take it up with Webster’s: “being a member of an ethnic group, especially of a group that is a minority within a larger society: ethnic Chinese in San Francisco.”

        Ever heard of ethnic food? Besides, in the U.S., Canada, & Australia, “ethnic” is a term used to describe a non-Caucasian.

        I’d bet you your last paycheck if Wesley Snipes & Ed Begley, Jr. were standing next to each other & you asked the masses to choose which of the two would be considered ethnic, their unanimous response would piss you off. Sorry.

  • lucy

    EWWWW What’s happened to her!? She looks so…..EWWWWWWWWWWW

    • nhana

      Agree! Not cute…

  • lizzy

    i like the idea of the outfit alot, i think it’s cute but there is something off about the lips themselves. and i don’t think it really fits her but then again she is wearing it so i must be wrong. her hair looks nice, her body looks great, but her face… not for me.

    • lizzy

      and when i say “fits” her i mean in terms of character or what not, as it clearly fits her body nicely.

  • CB

    Not liking the new look. Perhaps she should stick to singing and let the designers stick to designing.

  • Peach

    I don’t like the top part, it looks like a lip shaped pillow.
    The bottom and the shoes are too cute.

  • seijidan

    I dont get hollywoods obsession with those shoes. They’re ugly and they look cheap tbh. Lips for a top is never a good idea. I guess she wanted more character to come out of her. Other than that, she looks good

  • ahh haha soo tacky but I actually think it’s cute!! it doesnt look toooo unflattering or anything, just kinda silly! but in a good way! hair makeup look great too and body is pretty banging…howeverrrr ummm whatttt happened to the second photo that makes it soooo different from the first?? i mean in the 2 side by side pics…the one on the right looks about 20 pounds lighter!

    • artemis

      optical illusion

  • Nataleigh

    She’s got a great figure but the dress is a no.

  • artemis

    i love her bangs <3 funny cuz i wanna cut mine soon too.
    nice body and i dont like the dress

  • It’s quite ugly, don’t know why they try so hard to be original if it’s to end up being ridicule.

  • amazon

    way too much foundation??? almost didn’t recognise her, she normally has a lovely golden glow, but her skin looks heavy and sort of greasy??? don’t like the pale lipstick either- on anyone really.

  • Laura

    that is the ugliest thing ever.

  • Hazal

    Wow to the hair colour, eww to the rest.

  • KM

    Come on, we know the answer to the question

  • DB

    I love the dress..but it just doesn’t suit her I think. I’m not saying her body type doesn’t fit her, but the hair and makeup iis too much

  • Shal

    I think it’s appropriate attire since she’s at Justin Bieber’s movie premier lol…

  • paulliebtmich

    she just had her second nosejob!!!!!

    • s

      I wasn’t aware she had had a nose job at all?

  • Julia

    I hate it !

  • Anne

    lol! im not even ganna tell you what i think the top part of that dress looks like
    but thats leona? why does she look darker and smaller nose? she looks like sheree from real housewives

  • Emily

    Terrible. But a Bieber premiere deserves it.

  • She is gorgeous. The skirt looks good but not the top haha

  • lola

    ok so that haircut makes her look old and gives her the longest face ever,she is also wearing soooo much makeup it’s unflattering.As for the outfit,i like the idea of it …the shoes are awful but i like the way the skirt hugs her curves….her body looks great

  • aj

    her fringe is too long and her skin looks dirty or something, like she has too much makeup on her face

  • mia

    She looks gorgeous, but the dress….ewwww.

  • chelbell

    I actually like the whole look. Its different without being over the top. The top is a little out there but the rest of the outfit compliments it.

  • Although the outfit, hair and makeup is still a lot more low key than what I’m used to seeing her in, those lips (the item of clothing) just off set the whole look in a negative way IMO. Everything about her get up there is fabulous except for the slight excess (lol) of facial makeup and the lips on her chest (that sounds so odd lol).

  • kat

    Love it! She’s gorgeous! She looks like she has lost some weight and she looks great with that hair and even with the lip top. She’s working it, it looks great!

  • it’s tacky but cute. i’m liking this on HER though.

  • N_S

    Am Sorry but big fat NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! omg so tacky!

  • outfit: eww.
    Hair: not fan of the cut, but I like the color.
    Make up: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    What’s wrong with her skin (only the face)? It looks darker and a bit “dirty” like snooki

    • Anne

      oh fudge i thought yoiur profile pic WAS snooki lol

  • Princess

    Ugly outfit,don`t like her makeup and i prefer her with lighter hair colour and with curls

  • Ana

    hmmmm No

  • The skirt fits her great but the top is a no. I don’t like her hair much either, I think goldenish hair and her skin colour go so well together, her natural colouring is so beautiful, why ruin it?! Looks better with her natural curls as well.

  • cepskinny

    Not to be pervy… but these particular lips look like a certain female body part below the waist… very tacky. Is she trying to be Katy Perry? Reminds me of the dress she wore with the eyes over the breasts!

    Also, why is she at Justin Bieber’s movie??

    • Anne

      EXACTLY what i said,,,, they look very prevy lollllllll im surprised guys arent making comments about that i thought their comments would be off the charts

  • denitsa

    hehhe i like it it looks really nice and different :))) plus she has a great body that can pull off an outfit like that 🙂

  • Bianca

    Is it me or Leona lost weight recently?

  • Léa

    Biggest ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    I ever put on that website !


    And Leona Lewis is… Nicki Minaj!!!!!

  • paulliebtmich
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